A Letter from Parents to Our Children

To Our Children:

ParentsParents are human beings—perhaps searching for answers at 60 as much as we did at 20. Try not to judge us, for the possibility exists that you might end up in exactly the same place.

“We’re not perfect!” you say?

“We know this,” we answer, because every time we hurt you, a deep pain lodged in our hearts. We lie awake at night wondering if our heart notches, and yours, will ever heal.

Please remember that you didn’t come with a manual that explained your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your hopes or your goals. We bumbled along, knowing only from day one that every breath you took depended on us being there.  You don’t remember, but we were there, caring for you and your life to come.

We acknowledge that our efforts were imperfect. Yes, while we raised you, we struggled with our own natures, desires, plans and life choices.  But we were there, every day, making sure you had a place to lay your head, to eat, to hang out with your friends, to grow—a place to call home, where you would always be welcomed and loved.

Maybe it wasn’t all that you wanted it to be—maybe it was hard and painful—but we did the very best we could with what we knew then. Just as you grew every day, so did we.

Remember that life happens in cycles and that someday you might also find yourself a parent while searching for life’s answers—up the river without a manual, making mistakes, regretting them, but carrying on anyway because that’s all you can do.

That’s all any parent can do, except loving like we have never loved, and giving like we have never given—imperfectly but with a passion for our children that, before you, we didn’t know existed.  You don’t know it, but you pulled out of us the best we had to give every moment of every day. Of that, we are certain, and we hope that someday you will know that we did the best we could with who we were and what we knew back then.

You are loved, more than we can express. Thank you for being our children, our students and our teachers. Together, yet apart, we march on. Go and do everything better than we did in this Great Circle of Life.

Memories of the Sphinx by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole

From Michael Brine

Major Wellesley Tudor Pole was a remarkable individual who wrote this article in 1919 near Cairo, Egypt, where he was recovering after being wounded by the Turks, whom the British had been fighting in WWI. Major Tudor Pole went on to work with Winston Churchill and the King in WWII; it was he who created what became known as “The Silent Minute” during which, just before the nine o’clock news, the whole of the British nation would stop and spend one minute sending out prayers for peace.

It was my privilege to have worked briefly with him in 1961 during the restoration of the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, England, where the ‘Cup of the Last Supper’ is reported to have been buried–another story–and to attend his talks given on a number of evenings in what became known as “The Upper Room,” which was over the Chalice Well Administration Building. He was truly a remarkable and compassionate individual. He left us in 1968.

If interested, writings of mine maybe found at < www.missionignition.net/btb>. If you wish to comment my e-mail is: <wild.brine621@gmail.com>. 

Best wishes,

Michael Brine

The Sphinx: Memories

By Major Wellesley Tudor Pole 1919

Wellesley Tudor Pole circa 1965

Wellesley Tudor Pole circa 1965

The Sphinx at night! It is the wonder of the world. Travellers speak of it as an inscrutable monument hewn from rock, expression unchangeable. It is not this to me. I have never seen the same Sphinx twice. This is no simple carven image rising from the desert waste, gazing eternally toward the east. Let us sit down upon the sand awhile. Those eyes! What do they see? The mouth. Surely words lie behind it? Those ears. Are they not listening in the silence? Every curve of face and figure expresses power and life.

This image is more than a rock-hewn idol. It is a great symbol, and it is more. The Sphinx expresses life elemental, life that can be felt by all who stand before it. The questions I have come to ask die down upon my lips. Those eyes pierce into the recesses of my being, into the secret chamber, hidden within, where the answer to all questions can be found.

I begin to understand. I have brought with me the solution to every problem. There is no need to ask the Sphinx to unlock the gate of knowledge. All that I need to know, I know already. The Sphinx has one great message to those who make pilgrimage to its feet. Tonight the message took this form: ‘Cease searching in the outer world to solve the mystery of life. Within yourself, there is a chamber. It lies hidden at the end of a long, winding corridor. This chamber is your secret sanctuary. There you will find all that is needed by your soul. Stay with me awhile in silence, and I will lead you to the door. The door is locked, but the key is in your hand. It has always been there, invisible, while you have ranged the wide world searching for it. Use your own key. Retire within. I will not come beyond the threshold. In showing you the way, my task is done.’

This is what the Sphinx said to me tonight. I believe it gives the same message, in a myriad ways, to each one who stands silently before it, listening.

The moon is rising across the river. The desert becomes a silver lake. The silence deepens. The message of the Sphinx is with me. The key is in my hand. I hasten down the corridor. I pass through many avenues within my mind. I stand before the inner door, key in hand. The door is open. Here is sanctuary at last. I have no need to seek elsewhere, for within the sanctuary I can see the light. Within the light, the prophets of God Omnipotent are walking. Peace dwells therein. I hear the Sphinx speak once more: ‘Those who attain true inner peace become God’s messengers in a world at war. Shed forth the light from your secret sanctuary until it is caught up and reflected everywhere. Then will a world at war become a world at peace.’

Weather-Engineering, Worldwide Drought and ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theories’

I am going home for a family reunion next week to a community in which the sky is regularly filled with white chemical streaks. I hadn’t heard much about “Chemtrails Conspiracy Theories” when, years ago, curious about the white streaks in the sky, I emailed a local TV reporter and asked if she knew why white planes flew back and forth across the valley leaving spray-trails behind them. She responded that those were emissions from planes taking off from the airport. I wrote back, “But these planes don’t leave the area; they just crisscross the valley, spray and then disappear.” She said she would check on it. Of course, I never heard back from her.

For some reason, even though media personnel are also breathing in the chemicals and toxins being sprayed over our communities and around the world, media employees don’t acknowledge, or are not allowed to acknowledge, the fact that these planes are poisoning our air and water and earth–poisoning us.

A Typical Spray Pattern, Courtesy of thegreaterpicture.com

A Typical Spray Pattern, Courtesy of thegreaterpicture.com

I just watched a weather-engineering video from Dane Wigington of http://geoengineeringwatch.org and it is alarming. The evidence regarding weather-engineering, or geo-engineering, presented in this film is staggering. Watch it for yourself. The 200 or so people who control everything that happens to the world (including in the U.S., where ‘we’re happy as long as we can watch our sports and Walmart is open’) are changing the weather with these chemicals and toxins. They are causing life-destroying DROUGHTS.  They can now manipulate the spread of toxins emitted in one area, to other areas. Their goal is to make the planet uninhabitable and those like you and me who don’t have underground, fully-stocked-for-a-hundred-years, weaponized castles are not going to make it. To these ‘great ones,’ we are no more than pain-in-the-ass bugs.

Dane Wigington is a courageous and sincere man who points out that these controllers use the terms ‘weather’ and ‘climate change’ to condition us to expect changes in the weather. Carbon emissions, right? We all know about them. Wigington says the earth could survive if we reduced the carbon emissions created by human manufacturing–but that the earth cannot survive the weather-engineering-spraying. (He shows clips from children’s video that have chemical trails in the sky, to condition our children. NASA has a chart on its website calling the chemical sprays clouds.) When the controller-groups/scientists/ agencies/governments are asked about this spraying of chemicals around the world, which we all can see, they refer us back to ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theories,’ which is what they want us to read. THEY DO NOT WANT US TO SEARCH FOR ‘WEATHER ENGINEERING’ or ‘GEO-ENGINEERING.’

His is not a science-fiction movie, yet we watch Wigington’s presentation of the evidence (and the important movie linked below called “Look Up”), shake our heads, and then go about our business. We don’t really believe what he says–even though we can SEE the streaks in the sky and know about the alarming numbers of our children with autism or asthma and we with COPD who are getting sicker by the day, and the hundreds of plant/insect/bird, etc. species that are dying off every day. This cannot be real because no one would really do this to other human beings, right? We, the 99%, would not do this to other human beings. (The people piloting the chemical-planes likely believe that what they are spraying is to counter the drought.) They, however, that infinitesimally small number of controllers would, can, and are doing this to us.

Do you know how important the ozone layer is? Do you know how damaged it already is? What will you do when food becomes less and less available? How are your home gardens and plants doing this year? Are you having a harder time growing them? I am. Did you ever suspect, like parents in Africa, that you would have to watch your children starve, knowing there is nothing you can do because the world has died?

Wigington says there is not much time left, but there is still a little time. We must organize locally, write letters, create petitions and protest, bringing the subject to the forefront–getting it in the local news again and again until there is nothing the media can do but pick up our stories. We must stand up for ourselves and the future of all life on our planet. Will you watch these videos? Here is a map of weather-geo-enigineering Meet Up groups already organized. Will you join a group in your area? Will you organize one?

For information about the climate-engineering movie, ‘Look Up’, go to http://www.skyderalert.com. To subscribe to their newsletter, go to http://www.skyderalert.com/user/register. To buy a copy of ‘Look Up’, go to  http://www.skyderalert.com/store.

If you find yourself doubting what I’ve written here, I am begging you to watch Wigington’s video. It’s so much evidence, it’s almost too much–but it’s not. It may be just enough to make us get up off of our couches and fight for our right to survive, to live, and to grow as our Creator meant us to, on this beautiful planet and our home, Earth.

Celebrating Five Years of Being a Blogger

Love HealsYesterday was my five-year anniversary for blogging (and hosting very special guest writers) at Notes Along the Path. I remember how nervous and excited I was at the one-year mark. I had made a promise to the Lord of Love that I would write from my heart (about love, forgiveness and compassion, etc.) for 365 consecutive days, and I did. I was calmer at the second anniversary and feeling pretty blogging-wise at the third-year mark. The fourth anniversary may have come and gone without notice—I can’t remember—but it’s five years now and that’s kind of a big deal.

In June, 2009, I wanted to share what I’d learned on my spiritual journey: I had sincerely wanted to serve God but I also wanted what I wanted and that was that! I took the ‘Coyote’ journey—tricking myself, lying to myself, everyone else and God. Of course, God knew all along what path I would likely walk to gain wisdom; and some of my friends pointed out the confusion created by my spiritual dishonesty. Ultimately, it was a moment or two of grace when I felt how much God loves me—and you—that allowed my healing to begin. I began to let go of my guilt and recommended in my writing that we all do the same. Guilt is separation and destruction. Self-forgiveness heals our squished hearts and brings down the walls between us and God and us and those we love.

I have written a lot about how necessary forgiveness is for healing, and how powerful our repetitive thoughts are, literally creating our circumstances. I wrote about growing up and beyond my ‘Coyote’ journey, how our karma is linked with our destiny, and about the power of kindness and mutual respect that every person on the planet deserves. I added notes about facing our fears and our shadow-selves (the inner-trickster), about the gifts of nature and our Earth Mother and most importantly, bar none, that God is LOVE and that peace truly is possible. Peace begins with us, you and me. We decide to look within and transform our own imbalances and become peacemakers. That, after all, is why we are here. And yes, I do know that transforming our me-me-me selves makes for an arduous journey but that journey, also, is why we are here. We’re not here to rush through life, hurt other people or accumulate piles of stuff which so often lose their meaning a short time after we buy them. We’re here to grow up and find the path of light, to share, to make a healing-difference in our own and others’ lives.

What have I learned about blogging in these five years? Here are some former posts about blogging,


Why Do We Blog? by KP

The Blogging Journey

Blogging for 364 Days Changed Me

The Nuts and Bolts of What I’ve Learned After Two Years of Blogging

On Blogging at WordPress, By Sven Eberlein


but in looking back, I can say that blogging is not just about self-promotion, stats and competition. It is about writing meaningfully so that the reader learns something about himself or his life, or is inspired to grow beyond selfishness, or gains some important information she needed. Writing this way creates true value. I know now how easy it is to lose heart, to feel like your writing, your blog doesn’t matter—and now I also know that it’s okay to feel that way. It is good to withdraw once in a while and reflect. If we’re meant to tackle writing meaningfully again and support other bloggers, we will. I have accepted that even if only one person’s heart was touched in the past five years and 700 posts at Notes, I have been a part of something larger than myself.

But the best part of blogging is making friends around the country and even the world. I know some amazingly thoughtful people who are passionate about what they do and as they share their stories, they change the ‘vibes’ around all of us. There are, after all, only two ways to live here on Earth: we can serve either the darkness or the light, and bloggers with great heart are lighting up the world.

P.S.–If you would like to read more on the subjects of this blog, here is a link to a free E-book of my collected posts from 2009-2013: A Lighter Way of Being. Thanks for reading here today. May the Lord of Love bless you!

Saving American Ginseng, a Guest Post by Madison Woods

Madison Woods, Naturalist

Madison Woods, Naturalist

By Madison Woods

First of all I want to thank Pam for inviting me to post this on her blog. My name is Madison Woods, and as a naturalist and person with a strong connection to nature in general, I’m keenly interested in the plight of one of our native plants, American ginseng.

Sustainable American Ginseng 

With the release of a television series called “Appalachian Outlaws,” there’s been a huge flux of interest in ginseng and I’ve been getting a lot of visits to my website because of it. The plant is already endangered and poaching has always been a prime threat. Because of this television program, I worry that people will only see the plant as potential cash and not realize that indiscriminate digging of it hurts the odds of its survival. My hope is that with the information I’m providing, many of these same people will become interested in becoming good stewards.

My passion for many years has been Ozark medicinal plants and ginseng is one of my favorites. I’ve been collecting information and photos and recently wrote a small book called SUSTAINABLE GINSENG. I want to encourage people to grow and harvest it in a way that enables and encourages the plant’s survival, and to discourage people from seeing it as merely a means to a profit.

The book is only 56 pages long. It needs reviews to gain more exposure. If you are interested in how ginseng can be stewarded by landowners who have the proper habitat, or if you’re just interested in ginseng in general, please consider buying a copy from Amazon (it comes in paperback and Kindle) and leaving a review.

If funds are an issue, I’ll be happy to email you a PDF copy. You won’t be able to leave a review at Amazon (I don’t think), but if you like the book you could talk about it or mention it on your blog. And if you don’t like it, then please send me your feedback in an email so I can improve it for the next edition.

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

American ginseng is one of my favorite medicinal plants and I know on our own land, it’ll survive. I’d really like to encourage and teach others how to help it survive on their own properties too, and I need help to get the word out.

Author Bio

Madison Woods is one-half of the creative team at Wild Ozark™, LLC.  We offer a variety of ways to help people reconnect to the land and Nature. We do this through stories, information, and sharing our lives in the wild Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. As time allows we’ll also begin offering handcrafted items made in the Ozarks. Find out more by visiting our website: www.WildOzark.com

SUSTAINABLE GINSENG can be purchased through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HW50LQ4 or at our website: http://shop.wildozark.com/?product=sustainable-ginseng-paperback

Articles and books about ginseng are available at our online store: http://shop.wildozark.com

Secret Destinations, A Guest Post by Annette Childs

secret-journey‘All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.’  Martin Buber

By Annette Childs, PhD

This quote closely matches a life philosophy that I have come to hold so very dear. Life so rarely turns out the way that we think it will, and so often the things that we think we know about people, places, and relationships turn out to be incorrect. I use the word incorrect with the utmost reverence- incorrect only in the sense that our ability to see is limited and renders us unable to see the bigger picture until we are in it.

Trusting that there is meaning to the things that happen in our lives is probably the single most important life skill that I work toward with clients. Therapy rarely has the ability to ‘fix’ anything in a person’s life, but therapy does open up the possibility that one can re-envision what is happening in their world and make use of it.

When I was a young woman I read Viktor Frankl’s book  Man’s Search for Meaning.  He credits his ability to find meaning as the reason for his survival of the horrific death camp experience at Auschwitz.  After reading that book, I was completely sold on the belief thatif we can find meaning in something, we can survive it. When I use the word ‘survive’, I do not do so in the traditional sense. Over the years I have seen many hundreds of people who were in the last days of their lives learn to survive their death (symbolically) by an ability to grasp onto some meaning in their demise.

Meaning is big medicine- it imparts hope, relieves pain, helps us to sleep, relieves depression, and a hundred other things. If we could find a way to put meaning into a capsule and dole it out to the masses, this world we live in- it would be a different place.

Well…. meaning is not available in capsule form – but we can self medicate by learning how to seek meaning in the experiences that come our way.

Meaning is always there…. it is the secret destination that is part of the journey the whole time.  Meaning rarely waves it’s arms and introduces itself at the outset , instead it is usually waiting down the tracks and around the bend just out of our sight. If we just keep moving forward we find it… and it always feels like home.



HUGE Event on Relationships, Health, Spirituality (and More) Starts Saturday, A Guest Post from Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley, Adventurer

Mike Dooley, Adventurer

The reason I’m writing today is because something awesome is about to happen that’s too special not to share.

This Saturday, the Hay House ONLINE World Summit kicks off one HUGE event with new talks from Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh, Marianne Williamson, and 93 others! I’m also one of the presenters and I’ll share the highlights of my six-hour “Leveraging the Universe and Engaging Life’s Magic” course, which teaches how to do exactly as the title promises!

It’s FREE to hear 30 of the interviews from these experts about health, wellness, relationships, spirituality, and happiness. Or, for $7 you can listen to ALL 100 of them sharing their BEST tips for living a rocking life.

It starts this Saturday, May 31 and runs through June 9, 2014.

All the best,

Mike Dooley


P.S. Speakers also include a world-renowned expert in theta-healing, a popular quantum activist from India, Canada’s most sought after health coach, Asia’s leading wealth consultant, a Brazilian-born Australian professional footballer, a British entrepreneur, a renowned German coach, an Australian hospice nurse, and many more. Prepare to be astounded.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, His Life and Work, An Overview, A Guest Post By Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

In today’s world, would this be a voice crying in the wilderness?

Young Krishnamurti, image courtesy of Google images

Young Krishnamurti, image courtesy of Google images

Krishnamurti was born in Madanapalle, a small town in South India, on May 11, 1895. He and his brother were adopted in their youth by Dr. Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society. Dr. Besant and others proclaimed that Krishnamurti was to be a world teacher whose coming the Theosophical Society had predicted. To prepare the world for this coming, a worldwide organization called the Order of the Star in the East was formed and the young Krishnamurti was made its head.

In 1929, however, Krishnamurti renounced the role that he was expected to play, dissolved the Order with its huge following, and returned the money and property that had been donated for this work. From then on, for nearly sixty years until his death on 17th February 1986, he travelled throughout the world talking to individuals and large audiences about the need for a radical change in mankind.

Krishnamurti is regarded globally as one of the greatest thinkers and spiritual teachers of all time. He did not expound any philosophy or religion, but rather talked of the things that concern all of us in our everyday lives, of the problems of living in modern society with its violence and corruption, of the individual’s search for security and happiness, and the need for mankind to free itself from inner burdens of fear, anger, hurt and sorrow. He explained with great precision the subtle workings of the human mind, and pointed out the need for bringing to our daily life a deeply meditative and spiritual quality.

Krishnamurti belonged to no religious organization, sect or country, nor did he subscribe to any school of political or ideological thought. On the contrary, he maintained that these are the very factors that divide human beings and bring about conflict and war. He reminded his listeners again and again that we are all human beings first, not Hindus, Muslims or Christians, and that we each are like the rest of humanity—not different from one another. He asked that we tread lightly on this earth without destroying ourselves or the environment. He communicated to his listeners a deep sense of respect for nature. His teachings transcend manmade belief systems, nationalistic sentiment and sectarianism. At the same time, they gave new meaning and direction to mankind’s search for truth. His teaching, besides being relevant to the modern age, is timeless and universal.

Krishnamurti, Image courtesy of Google images

Krishnamurti, Image courtesy of Google images

Krishnamurti spoke not as a guru but as a friend, and his talks and discussions are based not on tradition-based knowledge but on his own insights into the human mind and his vision of the sacred, so he always communicates a sense of freshness and directness although the essence of his message remained unchanged over the years. When he addressed large audiences, people felt that Krishnamurti was talking to each of them personally, addressing his or her particular problem. In his private interviews, he was a compassionate teacher, listening attentively to the man or women who came to him in sorrow, and encouraging them to heal themselves through their own understanding. Religious schools found that his words threw new light on traditional concepts. Krishnamurti took on the challenge of modern scientists and psychologists and went with them step-by-step to discuss their theories and sometimes enabled them to discern the limitations of those theories. If ever there was a message that needs to be heard in today’s world, it is his.

I lived and worked in Malaysia for several years in the late 1950s, during my banking career. Along with several others, we founded a Lodge of the Theosophical Society in that country, and I can say without reservation that we held Krishnamurti in the highest regard.

Please feel free to communicate with me. Past articles are also available at: www.missionignition.net/btb.

Two Mourning Doves Ask Me to Mourn with Them

I took this picture to show my mom where we had moved to. I left out the yellowed, dead parts of the plants.

I took this picture to show my mom where we had moved to. I left out the yellowed, dead parts of the plants.

I live in hot, dry Southern Arizona where cactus and other succulents thrive. They, of course, have their own type of beauty, but they tend to stick and prick and people say that the Teddy Bear Cholla will reach out and grab you!

When we moved to a new apartment in January, there was a huge group of what I think are spiky green yucca plants to the left of the walkway. Many of the spikes were yellowed or brown , it was hard to see the individual plants and one of them had grown into the pathway to the door and regularly stuck us. I asked if it could be trimmed back and was told a few weeks later that they planned, instead, to move the plant in order to save it’s beautiful, balanced shape. ‘Perfect,’ I thought.



New and improved neatness

New and improved neatness

Last Thursday morning landscapers came, dug out its rootball to move it and trimmed back what I know now were only two other plants. “Yay,” I said and thanked them profusely. It looks awesome–no dead stuff before our front door and window (bad Feng Shui)–and nothing to stick us when we walk by.

Thursday afternoon I saw a bunch of twigs and some larger, dried leaves on our front door step. ‘Hunh,’ I thought. ‘I guess the wind blew them in.’

By Friday morning, there was a good-sized collection of twigs and though I did note that they were very similar in size, I didn’t yet understand. I picked them up and put them on the dirt near the plants. Two Mourning Doves came off the roof and flapped their wings very near my head.

Twigs appearing on front door step.

Twigs appearing on front door step.

The light bulb goes off. ‘Ohhh, these are twigs to build a bird’s nest.’ I looked in the direction they had flown and said, “You know, you can’t build a nest on our front door step. It’s not safe here.” Saturday morning the twigs were back with even more of them. I sent my ‘unsafe place’ thought again and put the twigs back on the dirt.

Later, I’m inside working on a collage when it comes to me: They had a nest in those bushes, probably in some of the dried and dead spikes that were removed–and they want me to know it. They wanted me to know that what I was celebrating had hurt them. I went outside later and sent them my sincere apology. I explained that I hadn’t known their nest was there and that I now understand that what represented dead energy to me can make a good home for critters. (Mother Nature always knows best, always uses everything for something and always makes new life from what has died.)

The Mourning Doves stopped moving twigs onto the door step as soon as I understood.

About the dove as a totem, from ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews, “The dove is a ground feeder, reflective of keeping contact with Mother Earth and the creative possibilities of the feminine energies on earth. The brood of the dove consists of two eggs. Two is the traditional number for the feminine and creative energies. The voice of the dove is the rain song. Out of its mourning, it invokes new waters of life. It reminds us that no matter what our our life conditions, new waters and new life are possible.”

Mourning Dove, Cabin Lake Viewing Blinds, Deschutes National Forest, Near Fort Rock, Oregon. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Mourning Dove, Cabin Lake Viewing Blinds, Deschutes National Forest, Near Fort Rock, Oregon. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

God bless your next brood, my friends.