Mother Earth: A Lost Connection

Physicists know that everything is connected at the sub-atomic level, but they can’t explain why all material things appear to be solid and separate, yet aren’t. It’s kind of the same for People of the Spirit: They may walk through walls or travel to parallel dimensions, but don’t bother with explanations. They have loving, healing work to do.

What if we, and all of matter, are connected at the most fundamental of levels, so that everything I think and do affects you, and everything you think and do affects me? And together, we all affect our home, planet Earth?

pathway.jpgWhen my children were young I remember mopping the kitchen and hallways, then hearing them barge through the door. “Stop!” I shouted. “I just mopped. I need the floors to be clean for just five minutes!” Unless you’re a parent you may not understand, but I’ve often wondered if Mother Earth feels something like that, on a grand scale of course. In my mind’s eye, I see her pedaling like crazy to clean the air, the water, the soil of all the blood we’ve spilled, only now I fear she can’t keep up with what we’ve done. I believe there were ways to ‘modernize’ that didn’t destroy the planet, but I don’t know if it’s too late for a Do-Over. Is it? Does anyone know?

I think we got off the Life-Path when we industrialized. Families had been linked to the earth, to seasonal cycles and rhythms for our livelihoods, and we shared and bartered more with each other then. But the drive for more and better and faster has always been there, hasn’t it? When those among us chose the more/better/faster path, we all wanted the things they had. Who didn’t want indoor plumbing, electricity, heating, a telephone? What family doesn’t want four bedrooms, three baths and a car and laptop for every member of the family? Who doesn’t want designer shoes, an I-Pod and, “Oh, my God!, have you seen Tabitha’s I-Phone?” (That’s what I said after I saw an I-Phone the first time.)

Somewhere along that acquiring-path, though, a connection to what is real was lost. Lost, I pray—not severed—because sometimes we can find things that are lost.

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Book Review, “STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST,” and A New Idea to Save the Melting Polar Ice Caps

Note: This is a book review of Thomas O. Mills’ book, STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST, from the Chairman of the Manataka American Indian Council, who, after reading the book, was inspired with a new idea to correct the melting of our polar ice caps. It is, indeed, a very interesting letter to other members of the Manataka Council Fire and I share it here with you, hoping to generate more interest in Tom’s thoughtful book and Chairman Michael Burton’s fascinating idea.

By Michael “Eye of Eagle Feather” Burton

Manataka Council Fire

Dear Beloved sisters and brothers,

Thank You to those who are contributing their monetary and volunteer support for the sacred site…the outpouring of contributions has enabled us to clean and prepare the site and prepare a new garden.  Our initial plan is to plant heirloom species of corn, squash and beans. We are about to get a permit for water lines, though we have not planted due to the rains…maybe this weekend!!!

sTONEHENGE If this was EastToday, I write about a book Lee Standing Bear gave to me, written by Thomas O. Mills entitled “Stonehenge ~ If this was East.” In this publication, Tom Mills explains the Stonehenge site and many ancient mystery sites around the globe, using the Hopi creation history passed to us through thousands of years of oral tradition. It simply shows, when these sites were created ‘East’ was radically different, and they were perfect astronomical computers during their time. Current knowledge grossly underestimates their age and can’t figure out why they aren’t precisely aligned with the heavens today.

The axis we turn on would have to shift significantly for these things to line up. It makes sense and when taken as a whole, with all sites considered and realigned with the ancient axis points, they are a testament to a message from the past, built in such a way that NO ONE COULD ALTER THEM THROUGH TIME. It was that important!

He then goes on to relate these to the global warming occurring today. The planet’s wobble is becoming increasingly more erratic due to the loss of the stabilizing effect of trillions and billions of tons of ice on both polar regions. The worst thing that could happen is not that many costal cities will look like Venice, (Venice probably won’t exist) but the sudden and catastrophic “realignment of our axis points.” In the Hopi story, these wobbles have been altered somehow four times by the creator. (Mayan history also speaks of the four ages, and Egyptian also. Jesus even prophesied that the end times would be predicated with great earthquakes, like nothing ever seen in this modern era.) But the fifth time, the creator does NOT fix the wobble. All of this explains, in our ancient history, sudden increases of volcanism, a product of earth’s crust being pulled apart; the great flood, ice ages, Antarctica’s original tropical climate, and what happened to these ancient civilizations we have evidence of, but grossly underestimate their dates, and know not where they made off to.

With his figures of how much ice is melting and what the consequences will be…we should have formed a plan…we being humanity…and stopped sticking our heads in the sand…it is probably going to happen, for we may be too far along to reverse the carbon dioxide and methane now in our atmosphere. As usual when you wait till the last minute, drastic measures are called for.

I can see only one way, so “bear” with me…it’s a little on the SI/FI side of solutions, but I feel the creator has helped us to progress, so the technology is now available to make a solution possible. The problem will arise that when you begin to talk of this, people are going to perceive you as crazy, until they read Thomas Mills’ book.

So…here it is. With the Third World beginning to industrialize and fossil fuels in such use, and our slow uptake of green-friendly technologies (which always take a back seat to PROGRESS) what we must do, and quick, is shade our poles from the sun! I propose a continental size canopy in space, to reflect enough solar radiation back into space and act as an umbrella over the North Pole and South Poles. This will NOT be popular in Russia, Greenland, and with other peoples living high up past the 50th parallel. We have the technology to put these unfolding shields far enough out, in geo-synchronous orbit, to change how much radiation reaches these areas. It must be done in the next ten years and may be needed before then. In the mean time I call on each and every one of us to do what we can, in a good way, to capture CO2 and be carbon-zero in our day-to-day lives, as much as possible.

Otherwise, fasten your seatbelts, it could be a tumultuous ride!!

With humble gratitude and respect for nature, I ask that you let me know if you are given a better idea!

Michael “Eye of Eagle Feather” Burton
Chairman, Manataka American Indian Council
Member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

In the Company of Holy Week

The greatest story, on so many levels

The greatest story, on so many levels

The Christian Holy Week, I am reminded, begins on Sunday, March 29th, with Palm Sunday. We will remember that Christ rode through the gate of Jerusalem on a white donkey, to ecstatic crowds littering his path with palm branches. He knew, though, their cries weren’t real, that in a few days they’d call for his death. They were caught in the moments, not grounded enough to understand what was happening. Of course, even his disciples didn’t know what was happening then, so how could the rest of us?

The next day, Monday, he stopped by the Temple and the Christ reminded the merchants that God’s house was not created to build businesses. This made a lot of powerful men angry so that, when he returns to town on Tuesday, members of every group he offended are waiting with their trick questions. He answers them strongly, and then shares a story and they begin to understand it—they are going to kill him. Tuesday night, his stories to the disciples become more than stories. They can see the great dividing line being drawn among humanity: Some will serve the light, others the darkness. They begin to understand how much he needs them to carry Cosmic Love into the future.

Wednesday night, he has dinner with his closest friends. Mary Magdalene washes his feet with oil and her long hair. On some level, she knows who He is and what is coming. Thursday night, Jerusalem is quiet as all head indoors to prepare for Friday’s Passover celebration with family members. Like everyone else, Christ Jesus enters a quiet room, with the disciples, his closest relatives–in Spirit. They will have their last meal with him that night, though they know it not.

Before they eat, Jesus the man with Christ the God, washes the feet of each of his disciples, showing them how much he loves them, telling them that he wants them to love and care for each other, ‘humbly, like this.’ I once heard a man say about that act, “It was also his way of thanking them for being there. It was a small group who stayed with him and who would carry out his message of Cosmic Love.” The man said this with such reverence, I fought back tears.

Some say that at dinner that night, as Christ tore the bread, saying, “This is my body,” then handed them the chalice of wine saying, “This is my blood,” light as bright as the sun entered the bread and wine and they took Christ’s light within themselves. They would need it, as their own sacrifices of the soul would follow his greatest of all sacrifices: ‘I give my life for all who know not the divine path. I have come to take them home for they belong to me, not to the darkness.’

Judas leaves the meal, breaking a Passover law not to leave the safety of home or meet the Destroying Angel, which, of course, he does, but not until he brings those who most fear the Christ to his place of prayer, the Garden of Gethsemane. From there, soldiers will drag him from politician to politician, city and state leaders calling for his death, which he has already willed into being. The crowd calls loudly for his crucifixion. He is beaten, spit upon and a crown of thorns is pressed into his head. He carries, for as long as he can, the wooden beams he will be hung on at Golgotha. Nails are hammered through his wrists and feet into the wood, which is then raised between the crosses of two criminals.

When his chest is pierced by a sword and he bleeds into the Earth, his soul follows his blood into the Earth, into the Kingdom of the Dead, carrying his light to the children of God who belong not in the dark places. That is Good Friday. It is Good Friday because the God of Goodness reigns in the dark places until Easter Sunday morning, when we remember that a distraught Mary Magdalene will go to his tomb to anoint his body, but she will not find it. She will find Him alive, Master over Death and Darkness, Teacher, and Lord of Love, instead.

The message of this God-man’s life, death and life? Be not afraid, for I am with you, especially when it seems the darkness is going to take you. You are not alone–ever. Call to me and know in your heart that I am coming to stand beside you, to guide you, to hold you–whatever you need from me. I will answer you because my Father in Heaven has sent me to do so.  P.S.–I love you.

25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and Anti-Vaxers

Vaccination picMy children are grown–vaccinated in the 80s and early 90s. If vaccinations were then what they are now, I would have resisted vaccinating my children with all my will power. Why? Because I wanted my children to lead healthy, happy and full lives.

Thanks to Mike Hopkins of the blog Stranger in a Strange Land for finding this article (originally published at

by Julie Lévesque

Global Resarch Canada,    25 February 2015

During the recent measles outbreak, the mainstream media blamed the epidemic solely on non vaccinated children, even though people who were vaccinated caught the disease and some vaccines have proven to be inefficient in the past. Without the slightest nuance, the mainstream media constantly portrays people reluctant to accept just any vaccine as “anti-vaxers”, irresponsible and misinformed people, relying on irrational fears and the one and only “fraudulent” Andrew Wakefield study linking autism to vaccines. (Watch Lina B. Moreco’s documentary Shots in the Dark, which features Dr. Wakefield and thankful parents of his young patients with autism.)
In reality, many so-called “anti-vaxers” are not ALL totally against vaccines. While some people may be totally against any kind of vaccination, many, including doctors and health specialists, question certain vaccines, ingredients in the vaccines and/or the vaccination schedule. This is not based on a survey but on my own perception resulting from the fair amount of articles on vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry that I’ve read over the last five years as a journalist. There are a large number of doctors and health specialists who have done truly independent research and who criticize vaccination based on scientific studies and solid evidence.
Why is the media so keen on portraying Big Pharma critics as crazy, uneducated, unscientific and irresponsible people?

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We’re Meant to Be More and Do More Than Work

HummingbirdOh, how all living things, all beings, and our planet (which is still trying to nourish all of life) need us.

Most of us are pretty busy, especially today’s parents and children, but all of us have responsibilities, at the very least to earn a living wage (not that this is easy to do for many Americans). We’re meant, however, to be more and do more than just work.

We come to Earth to grow into our best selves, to know with certainty that when our last physical day comes, we Loved in the ways we could and made a difference in others’ lives. We learn eventually to steer ourselves toward heart-fulfilling works, finding a place or cause where we can volunteer, making contact with our Higher Natures so that we may walk through life leaving a trail of compassionate acts behind us. I see more people like this almost every day. There is something in the air, a love-spirit sweeping over our world, catching us in whatever ways it can, through even the tiniest cracks in the tiniest softening spots of our hearts.

There is a force working against us, though. The darkness around our world and in some people in power has taken center stage. Ruthlessly gaining power and wealth are actions intended to weaken Goodness and destroy life. The more a person craves for himself, the more he must focus on acquisition, and that means stepping on (or worse) whoever happens to be in his way. Whenever you shake your head and ask, “Have they no heart?”, know that though some people are simply caught up in themselves, many are likely doing what they’re doing on purpose, in service of the forces of destruction. They have lost touch with their souls.

Whenever we are kind, whenever we stop our own rushing minds long enough to see another person or creature in need and do something to help, we are acting on behalf of Goodness and countering the dark forces. In this way, we really can make a difference. In fact, with the imbalance of power and the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the wealthy and those who are struggling to live on low wages, it may be the only way we can make a difference—yet these acts of kindness are of immeasurable value to the force of Goodness. Let us do what we came here to do and show others that Higher Love is not only real, it lives within each of us and we can tap it whenever we decide to do so. May the presence of the force of Love within you shine brightly in our world.