We’re Going to Make It, No Matter What

We CanWe live in troubling times and it’s very hard not to be discouraged by our personal difficulties, those of our family members and friends, and by the news. Wars, the horrible status of refugees, terrorism, mass murder, weather disasters, politics and the effects on us of destructive, large-scale greed-frenzies are enough to get anyone down. A lot of us Americans are having trouble sleeping. Even our children are having trouble sleeping.

When life seems to be getting darker, we need to consciously hold ourselves together. We need to decide that we are going to make it, no matter what. Stop and look around you. Take slow, deep breaths. Good questions to ask are, “Am I okay right now?” Be grateful if you are, for life is a treasure that can’t be fully understood until we’re on the other side. Then ask yourself, “Where can I help? What can I do?” Nothing helps us to see the light like making a difference for someone else.

If you’re not okay right now, you may have to look to social and non-profit services which, thank Goodness, are there to help when we fall. Try not to take your anger-stress out on others; they’re already really stressed, too. Practice as much kindness as you can and remember, “This, too, shall pass.” We, because we are strong and caring people created in the image of Love, will come through these times stronger, more ourselves, and our country and the world will be better places because of it.

See Change as an Opportunity, a Guest Post from Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

See change as an opportunity, rather than as a hardship to bear.

You have all brought upon yourselves these natural and unnatural disasters. It is now time to take responsibility and act in a mature and self-reliant manner.

There are those who believe that science or technology will light the way of tomorrow. These are tools to be used to gather and store information, so you can see where there is a great need in your world for the development of Man.

For in our haste to develop new technologies, new industries, new devices with which to develop and manufacture material goods, Man has forgotten to cultivate his own inner world, his own inner strength and wisdom.

Now, there are many weak and delusional souls who propose to know the way, but they do nothing more than project their own ills out onto the world. For Man must begin to develop his emotional balance and think in new ways: No longer a predator, a hunter-gatherer of information that is used to produce income to further his own material development at the expense of all other creatures on our planet.

For the time has come for Man to begin to use his mind and imagination to solve his emotional and psychological problems, which have resulted in an outer landscape as scarred and distorted as the inner landscape of Man.

Few will hear the call. Few are called and even fewer will accept a new way.

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