We’re All in This Together

Love HealsI complain about the traffic where I live. I feel lost in the mad rush, incapable of the maneuvers necessary to go at that pace. I also wish the neighbors with whom I share an apartment wall were quieter. But this morning, while walking my terrier mix, Roxie, I thought how sad it would be if there was only me. I might break under the longing for my children and family but the truth is, I’d also miss the companionship of other humans and the sense that we’re all in this together.

Imagine climbing aboard a subway train that didn’t go anywhere. Fun vacations by yourself? Attending classes without instructors or fellow students? Going to work to do what? Why? What would I do, or you, if we woke up tomorrow alone in the world?

Hundreds of years ago, we humans were ‘in this together’ in smaller communities. We really did need the talents and participation of every person to survive, even if one or two were terrible gossips or mean-spirited. We traded and all pitched in. We believe things aren’t the same today, but if the 18-wheelers stopped hauling food from one area to another, we’d soon realize the importance of agriculture and transportation. If there were no doctors and hospitals, disease and accidents would simply take us when they happened. We complain the loudest when we lose electricity and heating and air-conditioning. It does make me stop and wonder about us piping in water from hundreds of miles away and building homes where the temperature drops below zero or stays above 100 degrees for months at a time. We like to brag we’ve got Mother Nature beat—all I can say is, ‘It’s a good thing she loves us.’

We truly are all in this life together. What a wonderful mix of people and cultures we are, each of us a Child of God/Love/Great Mystery. I sense a rising of love and respect for each other, as though our eyes are collectively opening. Caring is contagious; kindness is spreading. Remember, all that we have, however little or large our piles, comes first from our Creator and second from our planet. We own nothing; we take nothing with us when we cross over. Share your love and assets and be reminded of how great life is, how wonderful our chance to be here, living in a time of real change for our planet and for us.

I don’t know if we were once more enlightened people and lost our way, or if something new and true is upon us, but let us be caught in the wave that washes away the blood, the cruelty and the greed of the last five thousand-plus years. Let’s join arms and care for each other. We are all linked by Love—it’s time to wake up and make peace. Peace be with you, brother. Peace be with you, sister.

Any thoughts?

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