When We Get Past This . . .

I never had a problem with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I figure God created the whole universe, so whether He or She made us to evolve from animals, or we were simply planted here one day, or we were created through some mysterious process currently unknown to us, doesn’t seem to matter so much. Whatever our Creator’s plan is, I’m certain it’s much more expansive than anything we can grasp, at least for now.

There’s still so much that both science and religion don’t know, and I think it’s far more honest to acknowledge this and say, “You know, we really don’t understand how this (or that) happened. Everything’s a theory at this point.” If any of us ever do stumble upon ‘the truth,’ it will probably be the physicists. Even now, they’ve discovered we consist of vibrating atoms that are made up of mostly empty space. Isn’t that cool? Is the empty space where our souls reside? I don’t know, but why not tell our school children the truth and encourage them to (ad)venture forth and discover?

I think we’re spiritual beings with the potential for insights and powers so wonderful that the next hundred years of discoveries could boggle our minds–if we can plow through the current wave of darkness sweeping over America. It’s as if a heavy dark blanket is smothering our country, pressing the ‘heart’ out of us. We need to remember: It is only a dark blanket. It is nothing compared to the Light emanating toward us from the heavens, inspiring the sparks of light residing in our souls.

When we get past this, we will look back at world history, at egomania and war and shake our heads, because we have mostly lived like animals, with ‘survival of the fittest’ our credo. In our future, I can see a planet where the hopes and dreams of a woman holding her sick child somewhere in Africa are as important to me as mine are. I mean, why am I more important than her? Why are you? Why should her child not have a safe environment, a decent home, clean water and good food to grow a healthy mind and body?

Maybe ‘survival of the fittest’ was a reaction to this darkness, but we’ve nearly destroyed our beautiful world in so living. Our future is ripe with possibility to transcend the mess we’ve made, to make the next evolutionary leap. We probably still won’t know everything (that would be boring, anyway), but maybe we’ll work out how to get along, how to make sure every soul has a loving environment, a family and friends, access to education, health care and meaningful work. Maybe our condition won’t be measured by our material wealth, but by our spiritual wealth. Now that’s a dream of the heart worth focusing on.

True Power

There is so much we don’t know about life, including, and perhaps most importantly, that we really are all children of the Light. To us, the light is the sun; the moon is our light at night. But what if, as our bodies are physical symbols of our souls, the sun and the moon are physical symbols of the Light of Love, the force that animates the universe?

Is it crazy to wonder if the sun and the moon are great beings that make light for the great being that shelters, clothes, waters and feeds us–our dear Earth Mother? With all the advances in science, there is still so much we don’t know about the cause of all that exists and our relationship with the cause. How many of us remember to be grateful that the sun continues to shine every day, or give thanks for our nourishment that comes from the Earth? We would very quickly starve without our motherly source of food. If ever a mother gave unconditional love, it is Mother Earth, but how much poison can the Earth’s body–the soil, water and air–absorb before our planet can no longer function in the way God meant her to?

When my mother was a child, two of her older brothers went off to World War II. She and the rest of her siblings worked the farm with their parents. I don’t in any way envy them their outhouse or that there was no running water, which meant they hauled in, heated and shared the same bath water. But I do envy their sturdiness, their connection to the land, their ability to produce from it what they needed to survive. They were bonded in the truest sense of the word and back then, they knew from whence their sustenance came (it wasn’t the grocery store), and they gave thanks for the light that spurred everything to grow.

I once heard a teacher say it’s important to take children to live concerts so they can see where music comes from. The same thing could apply to electricity and running water. We’ve had them for so long now, we forget they are generated/corralled and carried to us from somewhere else. It’s no great mystery to us—we just flip the switch and turn on the faucet. I forget to be grateful for them every day. How about you?

War, on the other hand, represents the dark forces, and the misuse by those in power of the dedication and lives of the honorable, hard-working men and women on the front lines. Greed is of the dark forces. Power is a mighty call away from the Light, but this kind of power is also an illusion. It’s not real because everything comes from God and everything belongs to God. We own nothing that is of the physical world; if we did, we could take it with us when we leave these bodies behind. True power is the Force as in “May the Force be with you,” and the old saying, “God gives and God takes away,” has never been more true.

Even now the “financial masters” brainstorm, devise, toss and turn, grasp, and manipulate to prop up that which cannot be propped. Balance is not about how much profit any individual can make (or steal). A true economy is built by those providing genuine services and products of quality, and by the business owner showing gratitude in meaningful ways to their customers, their employees and to earth for her resources and inspiration.

This is a powerful way to honor our Creator.

The Path of Non-Violence

Path of Non-ViolenceThe great spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda says–I’m rephrasing here–that we humans create our environments with our thoughts, literally. An aggravated mood might bring mosquitoes to us. Fear or anger overtaking a city can stir up tornadoes, or draw a hurricane. (Prayer and meditation have the opposite, calming, effect.) Large-scale acts of violence such as the events of 9/11 can lead to war. The acts themselves do not cause war—our reactions to the events, our thoughts and fervent emotions, lead to war. And, who among most of us doesn’t love payback? I find it difficult to resist the revenge-stories where a father goes after the perpetrators who killed his wife or child.

My children are familiar with the teachings of the Bible because they were raised in Catholic school. Jesus’ words, ‘If a man strikes you, turn the other cheek to him,’ were in a reading at mass one day, and that night my eldest (as a fourth-grader) asked, “Mom, do we really have to just take it if someone punches us?” At the time I said, “You have to protect yourself. You can’t stand there and let someone beat you.” I thought ‘turn the other cheek’ had no practical application in our world.

I didn’t understand then that Jesus’ words are about forgiveness, not cheek punches. I still believe we have to protect ourselves if someone attacks us, although I did once ask myself, “What would Jesus have done if punched?” I was reminded that He offered no resistance when arrested, beaten and forced to carry heavy wood on His back to His own death. “Ohhhh,” I thought. “I see.” To this day, I can’t comprehend the totality and impact of His sacrifice.

There have been others who gave their lives to the path of non-violence, such as Martin Luther King, whose great life we remember today, but it is certainly not natural to us. Think of the Protestants and the Catholics, Muslims and Christians, or the people of Israel and Palestine. You killed my daughter, my wife, my mother, my son. You will pay. Just when we believe a compromise/solution has been reached, a crazed retaliator starts everything up again, and the families of the latest victims commit to retribution until their dying breaths.

So, will our world ever be a peaceful world? Something would have to shift in our consciousness. We’d have to commit to non-violent solutions and to action. We’d have to expand our minds to realize every soul on Earth has the same hopes and dreams we do: to live in a loving family in a safe home, and to find fulfilling work within a cooperative, positive society. We’d have to plan to secure a future for our grandchildren and their grandchildren, and show great care now for Mother Earth in the choices we make. If our consciousness expanded, we’d choose the path of non-violence. We’d be the one who says, “I’m listening. Please tell me your side of the story. Let’s work this out together. I forgive you. Can you forgive me?”

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Vulnerable and Cold, Held Up by Love

Photo courtesy of http://www.globalgiving.org

Photo courtesy of http://www.globalgiving.org

Last night I watched a young woman standing at a parking lot exit near Trader Joe’s with two children in tow, one in a stroller and the other about six I think. Her sign said that she had lost her job and, ‘Please, can you help us?’ She lifted her hand in a shy wave held close to her body as people passed by. This gesture and her sweet smile expressed her vulnerability and somehow made her beautiful, in a glowing kind of way, similar to the saints painted by medieval artists.

My son was coming to pick me up after an MRI and I had walked a bit to loosen up my cramped body. It was cold and the parking lot was packed with lots of people like you and me coming and going, preparing for holiday celebrations. I saw one woman stop and give the young mother a bag of groceries, hug her, whisper a blessing and kiss her on the cheek. Others handed her money out the window, like my son, who was generous, also.

As we drove away, I burst into tears. He looked over: “Mom?” My tears were for this sweet woman whose faith in humankind is not shaken, but also because I know there are so many others like her in our country, finding themselves in difficult circumstances a few days before Christmas. If you’ve never suddenly lost a job, you cannot know the terror that strikes in your chest at the thought of being homeless with your children.

This season of brotherly love always brings out the best in us. Though we do not yet grasp the true significance of a god-being choosing to become human to help us, the seasonal spirit of holiness touches our hearts and minds and we are better people for a period. Thank you for the help you give, for the difference you make.

I believe that someday we will understand that the darkness we see in the world is a reflection of the war going on in the invisible world–a war for control of us free-willed beings–and that without the birth of the god-man we call Jesus Christ, we’d really be in trouble. Not that there is not enough trouble anyway, but without His essence within us and our world, the dark forces of war, greed, terror and division would definitely pull ahead in a race against time for our souls and the life of our planet.

Perhaps in the coming year, more of the veil over our eyes will lift and we will see there is a great big battle going on, kind of like in the Star Wars movies, over who is in charge on our planet and whether or not we will be ruled by stone-cold, dark-hearted beings or by the being who created us with light and whose mark is Love.

Perhaps, also, we will remember that we are God’s heart, God’s eyes, God’s hands and God’s feet, and that we each must do our part in the unfolding drama of God’s Great Loving Plan. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to grow beyond our attachments to the things of the material world and make a difference, now.

Has the Destruction of Earth Been Planned?

black stalks ingold skyWhen I was falling back asleep this morning, these thoughts came: What if Mother Earth is not in turmoil only because of the way we have treated her? What if she is cleansing the filth of man’s inhumanity to man? Imagine what her destruction, the depravity and our fears feel like to her. What if she is taking Home some of those who truly have no hope for a future on this Earth?

Of course, floods cover entire plains and tornadoes demolish complete towns and tsunamis wash away whole communities. Are those victims all inhumane or all compassionate people? All human, with all our imperfections, yes, but most of them likely decent people. So what is going on?

Life is not only about living on Earth right now. It is about our evolvement as a species and Earth’s evolvement as a planet. Bloodshed has ruled us for the past ten thousand years, if not longer. It is time for us to live in peace. Our job is to learn how, now.

It is obvious, however, that some people have blocked the light from themselves and have sucked the essence of Love from everywhere and everyone they can. Bewildered, I have often asked myself, “But why destroy the source of their profits?” That’s when I was thinking accumulation was their ultimate goal. But what if amassing fortunes is not it? They know they “can’t take it with them,” just like we all do.

What if they can take life essence, energy, they have turned to dark power, to a place of their own creation? What if, like in a sci fi movie, their purpose is to destroy the Earth and to make certain we humans never live in peace? What if we are all living in a story of love vs. evil and of light vs. darkness? It sure seems like darkness–war, genocide, slavery, out-of-control greed, the destruction of Earth’s eco-systems, hunger, homelessness, abuse of every imaginable kind, wages-slavery, intolerance, dominance, etc.–is overtaking our planet, far beyond what our personal materialistic desires or our problems at home or at work could do. They are working in shadows, building darkness–and we either add our thoughts and actions to this darkness, or we add them to the light.

A wave of light is also moving across the planet. Perhaps our lives will be taken in a natural disaster, or perhaps we are being asked to give ourselves, maybe even our lives, to the cause of peace. If we drop our ideologies and stand united for peace and for all our brothers and sisters, for all life, the angels and our dear Earth Mother will rejoice and help us create a miracle. Can you hear their song?

Our Need for the Divine Feminine and the Great Dark Cloud, A Guest Post from Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

We have created an unbalanced world because we allow rule by dominant male energy, which so often ignores the nurturing and compassionate energy of feminine energy and the Divine Feminine.We have also given our power to some of the most divisive religions imaginable. By all means, enjoy your own religious/spiritual beliefs but when we attempt to impose these beliefs on others–often creating war in doing so–we cross a line we should not cross. Each soul born on earth is born to choose his or her own walk. We only have to look at the Middle East to see this sad situation at its worst. However, it also exists within our own societies and grows less subtle each day.

Regarding the issue of living in a harmonious word, we also need ask ourselves if it is necessary to kill other life forms to satisfy our appetites. As I leave these ideas with you, I include below an important message from The Aquarian Passion Play.

Thank you ,
Michael Brine

The Planetary Deadline  from The Aquarian Passion Play

“If we could look down from outer space upon the Earth with clairvoyant vision we would see the auric field of the planet as a murky ball of seething mist and fog. We might stand aghast at beholding this great dark cloud of subtle matter, which would evidence itself to be of a density and thickness that indicated not only impenetrability but also those conditions that are unfavourable to life and which make all things appear unclear and distorted.

Thus it would be appreciated that there is a pressing need for change and global decontamination, for preparation for all those upon Earth who would be ready to weather well the approaching purificatory storm and, moreover, who would take advantage of it. The effects of the cumulative and harmful thought-patterns and attitudes of humanity are pervasive worldwide, and are sorely evident today not only in the lives of mankind, but also upon the physical planet.

Man has generally treated the Earth with gross disrespect for far too long. He has regarded his home together with its mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms most carelessly, and has repeatedly demonstrated an attitude of negligence that expresses the erroneous view that the resources of the planet are for his own selfish use and exploitation alone. Humanity, as a whole, has completely overlooked the fact that Mother Earth – Gaia – is a spiritual being, engaged in her own evolutionary development, and lovingly endeavours to provide a perfectly balanced environment for the peaceful and harmonious existence of multifarious life-forms, including human beings.”

Really Old Bacteria and Our Short Lives

TemptressLast night I watched a show on PBS called Australia’s First Four Billion Years. I wasn’t going to watch it, but the introduction said that evidence of the beginnings of life on Earth still existed in Australia and I was curious. They reported that the earth was made from a fiery explosion, chunks of stars that came together through magnetic attraction. Back then, stuff from space collided regularly with the earth and it was an unsafe place for life.

The first life was bacteria born in shallow areas of the ocean; those very same microbes can be found in mushroom-shaped mounds in Australia today. After two long Ice Ages that froze the entire Earth for millions of years, something else was in the ocean: plant life and flat creatures vacuuming along the ocean floors in search of food. More creatures followed—I didn’t understand whether the trilobites evolved—and competition for food was born. Fossilized evidence of early sea creatures can still be found in very old rocks in Australia.

I sat here wondering: Some life forms have survived for billions of years and we humans get about 80 on average, after (maybe) 100,000 years? I always want to make sense of everything and this doesn’t make sense. The Bible refers to some people who lived for a thousand years and that’s amazing now, but we have to ask, ‘Why did we devolve to living less than a hundred years?’ Is it all the warring? We couldn’t stop pillaging and killing, so our DNA rewrote itself for shorter lifetimes? Does that make sense? Continue reading

Seeking, We Find

I’ve been down with a cold that left, but then roared back as the flu and to make things worse, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been sleeping a lot or lying on my couch, looking out the window at the two large, protective pines and my ash tree friend, Sistine, bare to the branches now, except for about ten thousand seed clusters. I don’t know if it’s possible to start an ash tree from the seeds, but I’ve gathered some and if I ever land somewhere where I can plant trees, I’m going to try.

I was thinking about personal/impersonal questions this morning: Who are we to the Creator of all life? And how are we supposed to learn the answer? How do we have a personal relationship with God if there are millions of universes? (There likely are, because once the creating ball was rolling, how would it be stopped? “Let’s see; I’ll keep creating until the edge of . . . what?” There are no edges.) And think about it: If we’re so important to God that he comes to Earth to show us the way Home, it’s also likely that other ‘people’ exist on some of the billions of planets out there and that they are important to God, too.

I wonder if any of them struggle as much as we do with making peace, not war, including other people in our circles of love versus counting them as enemies. Why is it so easy to say, “God loves me, but not you.” Or, “I don’t care who I use or hurt on my climb to success.” Why is owning the most land and stuff so important that it trumps everyone and everything else? (And, according to many Native Indian tribes, the earth, the water, the land, and its plenty, belong to the Creator, not us. That is true spirituality.)

Will our instinct to ‘grab up’ eventually attract other warrior-beings to Earth who will fight us for our planet’s resources? Or, will we make a group shift in consciousness—a new, expansive way of being, knowing that everything we need has always been available to us (and everyone else) and always will be? Food has been sent from ‘the Heavens’ before. With a conscious relationship with our Creator/Creating, perhaps we, ourselves, will create from ‘the air’ what we really need to live.

We have soul-connections with God, however we see Him or Her, however never-ending the universe is, but we have to slow down and ask these important questions, “Who am I? Where do I come from? And why am I here?” Seeking, we find.

The Tea Party, Alien Invasions and Miracles

A friend came by today and we visited for half an hour or so. I love him, but we look at the world through two lenses about as different as they could be. It is funny because while he’s been listening and reading online about a second, impending revolutionary war, I have been writing about making peace with ourselves and others and about us humans acknowledging we are all God’s children, equal in our Creator’s eyes and, for that reason alone, deserving of equal respect. While he’s been reading about possible alien invasions, I have been reading about great beings who are coming from higher realms to our aid. We did agree that whatever it is that is happening around the world (with governments and businesses failing) has a higher purpose and that some kind of change is coming.

But what change will it be? Will it be fear-based or love-based? If most of us give in to fear, it will get ugly out there. My friend believes if Tea Party candidates are not elected in November, rioting will start. At this point, I believe the solutions to our problems probably are not going to come from a government that is already imploding on itself. Though I can’t fathom the amounts of money borrowed by our government, I am certain it was done in an attempt to save our economic system and the government, and to stop the talk of collapse, revolution and armed resistance. I was thinking of my 12th grade history teacher while making oatmeal tonight, the teacher who taught us that Hitler got his toehold in Germany during an economic depression. That same teacher explained that after the war, every country involved measured the destruction of life and infrastructure and vowed, ‘Never again!’

My friend sides with the Republican candidate in our state on every issue. Basically, shut down the federal government, including the EPA, Social Security and the Department of Education. Stop unreasonable taxation, which tends to be an issue for the well-to-do more than for the working poor. The Republican candidate says, ‘No mercy,’ for people like me who break and can no longer work and others who have no education and end up homeless. Her beliefs are born of her own status; she cannot even see those who are hurting and hungry and homeless. She simply doesn’t care. Would she have the ‘least of these’ used in experiments, jailed, or killed? That is what Hitler did. Has he been reborn in our world, waiting for the rising sense of rage to reach a climax?

I admit, I believed President Obama would lead our country out of the quagmire created by President Bush, but doing the best he can with polarized political parties hasn’t been effective. My friend believes the election of a black man as president has brought about the separatist attitudes of some Americans. Really? Still? Will racism never die? If there is another planet where people are not judged by the color of their skin, or lifestyle or religion, I want to go. I believe the profound problems of our country (created by a white president, by the way) were already too far-reaching. I will grant I could be wrong about my beliefs, but I am not wrong about following my heart.

My heart says, The time for war is over. The time for peace is now. The time for rage has become the time to be healed. The time for suspicion and name-calling is old and rotten; the time for mutual respect is born. Our Creator made our universe, including the world we occupy and gave life to everything upon it. We humans are not doing so well on our own. We need an intervention on a level that is far beyond anything we know now or can imagine. We need miracles and I, for one, am expecting them.

To Love We Hold

I was thinking about history and war this night, probably because my mom and I talked about it Saturday night. Why is war so much a part of human existence? Her father served in World War I. Her husband, my father, served in World War II, as did her brothers. I don’t think anyone in our family served in Korea, but my sons’ father served in the Vietnam War. In the National Guard, he was also on standby during the first Iraq war. This ‘war story’ is a familiar one in many American families.

But we also suffer through little wars in our homes because we believe that, as parents or grandparents, or the oldest sibling, the smartest child or perhaps the most athletic–whatever our stance–we stand above other family members, which isn’t true. God/Love created us as equals, to share our experience-wisdom, not to reign as all powerful. Then there are the tensions between races of people who share cities, or between political parties or religions and we never stop, do we? Years ago in a discussion with my brother about the right to bear arms, at last he asked me, “Are you saying that if someone broke into your home and attacked your children that you wouldn’t fight for them, protect them, or shoot the criminal if you had a gun?”

I had to admit I would fight for my children and I’ve thought about that a lot ever since. Guns cannot answer the question at the heart of our problems: How do oppressors become oppressors? We humans are so perplexed about our own core-beings, our essence of Love, that most of us find ourselves endlessly juggling for position and belongings, at home and at work. Even when asleep, we see what it is we most want and want to do.

There is something to be said about what we call evil: It exists in the world because it exists within us. Evil is a harsh word we don’t normally apply to ourselves, so what is it? I believe it is the purposeful willingness to be separate from our true selves, our spark of God, with the intention of doing or getting what we want, which for those at the top of the heap is likely power. But let’s give ‘evil’ a sliding scale from one to ten. At one, we are probably only confused and feel envious of others for who they are or what they have; at five we have answered an invitation from greed or rage that affects our thoughts and behavior. At ten, we meet true evil: the people and creatures of horror movies, perhaps peering into the deranged mind of the serial killer. (This is one time when nobody wants to be a ten.)

It serves no purpose to judge others for what lives also in us. Purpose is served when we plant our feet on the path toward love and compassion, for ourselves and others, where the path into the light is so bright, there is no night. But it is a journey we cannot make alone; we must connect with Love within and when we do, Love heals our wounded hearts and psyches, and guides us to others who struggle and rejoice along the same paths we do. We are never alone and there is always hope. Even though our bodies die, the Love within us can never die, will never die. To Love we look, we hold and we grow.

Can you Dance—Between the Ages? A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who are hungry and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Humanity sits poised at a precipice; in front of us is an undeterminable pathway, behind us is the shell of a decaying age. We are at the crossroads of our experience; already actions, as well as thinking processes are being set which will determine the nature of a new and extraordinary destiny. Our survival as a thinking species and, as well all living things upon the Earth, now hangs in the mercy of the Winds of Change—Winds that no longer blow quiet warnings; rather they carry with them a somewhat foreboding message and always deliver a swift altering of our contrived reality through extremely volatile occurrences.”
Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

We have arrived on this Planet at a point of transition between two Ages. We are in the process of leaving the dark age we have just moved through, over nearly the last 6000 years – referred to by some as the Yuga cycle – and into a more enlightened Age. It is this transition that the Mayan Calendar, the Hopis and other indigenous peoples are aware of that has so many concerned as to the meaning of it all. It is not a single date, as in December 21st, 2012, focused on by so much of the mass media with its gloom and doom scenarios.

These are the closing days of the past cycle and what we are seeing (and indeed will see more of) is what has been referred to as a “Cleansing” period. Putting it bluntly – getting rid of the garbage we have accumulated over the past 6000 years – since the time of the earliest Egyptian Pharaohs. The immediate months to come will be difficult and unsettling, to say the least as this ‘Cleansing’ takes place. We will all indeed need to be strong in our resolve to see it through. It won’t be easy.

As many will recognise, I have written on this theme before. However, I am bringing it back into focus to also highlight the uselessness of war and hate in any form – whether in our angry thoughts towards another or where we as a country take up arms against another country – for this kind of negativity begets negativity. In saying this I am not suggesting we should not defend ourselves when attacked, as in WWII by Hitler. I am however, pointing the finger, as an example, at Canada’s sad involvement in Afghanistan. Up until we were dragged into this by our southern neighbour’s government at the time —  for its own hidden reasons by the way — we were highly respected by the International Community as Peace Keepers.

Let’s take a wider view of how we have been manipulated as societies and cultures across the world by giving our power away to Patriarchal [male] control during this past Age. What is sadly missing is the presence of the female energy as a balancing element within our cultures and societies. We have been controlled by what I have referred to as ‘little boys’ who haven’t grown up and are still romping in the school yard as bullies. North Korea is a prime example at this time! The Taliban are another sad example and in the latter case, also of how religious extremism – another negative element that has corrupted us over centuries – has produced these little bullies.

The future we are now moving towards must see this imbalance corrected. The concept of Earth as Divine Mother or the Mother Goddess was central to the earliest cultures, far predating the masculine religions that emerged in this passing age. The Greeks gave us the name Gaia for Earth – a feminine noun. It shares the root Ge, with the Earth sciences of Geology and Geography. To the Greeks and other ancients, science and theology were not opposed to each other — just different ways of looking at the one whole. However, and unfortunately, during this passing Age, science and religion became separated – the material versus the ethereal, and our ‘little boys’ got into the act. The rest is a very sad history.

All life — human and indeed all life forms — come from the One source, whatever name you choose to give It. Its message is Love and Compassion. In order for Love and Compassion to become a true reality in the world around us, it has to start with us individually. If, as we have, continue to allow ourselves to be separated from each other by false male inspired ‘teachings’ and these pathetic ‘little boys’ known as ‘rulers,’ the sad results of this, even now, lie depressingly before us.

It is time for us all to wake up and see where we have allowed ourselves to be led. Enough is enough! To realise that by working together in communities, not separated by fences and lines on a map, maybe — just maybe — we can begin to be inspired to join hands with all who share this world with us and create the Dance of Love!

As Teilhard De Chardin wrote,
“Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world, humankind will have discovered fire.”

Thank you for reading this. I have simply put into words what many others are also feeling and expressing across these manmade boundaries of ‘separation.’

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We Are Not Our Fears

Standing Tall

Ah, fear. . .don’t you just want to grab fear by the neck and throttle it? I do. I want to make a fear-punching bag, drop in a list of my major fears and go at it. Punch! Kick! Slam! (They say exercise helps relieve stress, right?) And to think in my younger years I thought of myself as a pacifist. Well, I was, until I had my children and then all bets were off. Don’t mess with any mama bear and her cubs.I still long for peace; there just doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it, except take my spiritual commitment seriously. If our fears and desires for a healthy environment were effective, BP (British Petroleum) would have already plugged their manmade, undersea oil gusher, but they can’t or won’t do it. (I thought bringing giant oil tankers to the gulf to soak up the oil already in the ocean was the best idea yet. No takers, though. Too much trouble?) I hope to live to see the end of negativity and a time when all of us humans, wherever we are, live side-by-side as neighbors who care about each other, who watch out for each other’s children and elders; who’ve received quality educations, have equal opportunities and safe homes to love, with access to healthy food and water. I can’t think of one good reason we all shouldn’t have those things. Can you?

Sorry, I digressed. What is fear? Fear is the other side of love and nearly as powerful. There is just one giant-sized difference: Love is a part of us, seeded in our souls, connecting us to the compassionate energy of the universe. Fear is not a natural part of us; we make it up. In fact we custom design our fears, all on our own. It comes not from our hearts, but from the dark corners of our minds. And fear is a liar, a busybody with a big mouth. Think about it: Is anything you’re afraid of right now, happening right now? Fear is us imagining the worst. If the worst should happen, we move into survival mode, which is not the same as fear. And if that worst thing did happen, wouldn’t you eventually rebuild your life? The qualities of understanding, acceptance and rebuilding are who we are; they are integral parts of us, like shelves to a library. We are NOT fear. Let’s roll up our sleeves, palm some drums and shout, “I am NOT fear and I am not gonna take it anymore!”