The Essence of Life

I was struck by the beauty of the night sky last night. I wondered how anyone could believe that all life, us, the world, our galaxy, the universe, was not fashioned by some magnificent being, some creative force. And, no matter what we humans do to each other and our planet, the Creator must be a force of good because only goodness can radiate such beauty in the face of humanity’s destructive, egocentric actions. As I have aged, I see beauty everywhere: the sky, a tree, a leaf, a dragonfly or a rock, birds and other critters. Beauty is everywhere because it is the essence of all living things on Earth.

And children, even in apartments where their lives are full of stress, play, laugh and learn the fine art of negotiation. Boys will be boys and say things like, “My light saber has more power than yours,” and in response: “It does not! I challenge you to a sword fight!” I’ve watched their plastic-sword fights, which are usually quite short because something else soon catches their attention. I have seen girls with their heads together. “I can’t believe she talked to him!”, plotting some sort of payback. Sometimes kids would say hi and come along for part of my walk. They told me about themselves, what was on their minds and I tried to offer a  kind word or two. Our own beauty is in learning who we are and why we are here. Our inner beauty is always present, waiting only for us to knock on its door.

I thought about our Creator (Him/ Her/ Spirit/ Light Within) as I looked at the sky last night and wondered how He/She feels when our hearts swell with love for Him/Her. Having endlessly broadcast Love in our direction, it’s got to be pretty wonderful when it’s finally returned. There really are only two ways to live, two worlds, and we get to choose: See the beauty and feel the Love, or separate and feel the pain and struggle. We, on this planet, are the sheep who got lost and who the Master comes after so that not even one beloved lamb is lost.

We Sleep-Walk, Strive, Battle and Resist our Own Truths

Two GorillasInside of each of us exists two beings, both powerful and both seeded with the potential to bring about the end of the other. This has made for some great stories about battles that take place because good and evil live within us. The most potent of these stories stir the inner Spirit, as when sweet and unassuming beings, like Frodo the Hobbit, throw themselves wholly into the quest to save the world from the destructive madness of the monstrous, pounding armies of beings like Sauron, the Dark Lord. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy in England around the world wars. I have often wondered if Frodo is a symbol for Jesus and Sauron for Hitler.

How do we humans ultimately choose which fork in the road to take? Is it a million small decisions made over a thousand lifetimes that ferry us at last either to hopelessness and a pit of despair, or into light and the joy of belonging? Is it fair that we must live with the consequences of our choices? In our many lifetimes, we have all been master and slave, criminal and judge, this or that color and race, healer and diseased, wealthy and poor–so that we may ‘walk in another’s shoes.’ Deep within, we know this. We also know everything that we’ve ever done and thought, though we must choose to see it. Thus, between lives, we request the circumstances that will stimulate remembrance and spiritual growth, personally ‘writing’ the pathways of each of our stories or lifetimes.

Why do we do this? We are spiritual beings who fell from the light who have been given some time and space to ‘go Home.’ Between lives, there is nothing more important than getting Home. But here, in these bodies full of desires, with our strong minds, we struggle. If we’re successful, we struggle with ego and the ‘number-one’ fixation. If we’re not, we struggle to survive. Forgetting that we are sons and daughters of the Loving Force that created everything in the universe, we sleep-walk, strive, battle and resist our own truths.

Is this all there is? Near-endless cycles of self-centered decisions and never-ending suffering? Is there no other way? Is group healing possible? Is there a fall-back clause tucked away in the divine manual of Universal Law that would allow for heavenly intervention to end all of our self-inflicted, painful karma?

Would it take a certain percentage of us saying, “Yes to Love!” to allow the rest to come? How would that work? We all have free will, so we likely can’t be swooped up in a love-wave. We would each have to choose. “Given the opportunity to end your suffering,” we might be asked, “would you choose to again become one with God/Love/Universe, to exist and create within the Whole, or do you choose to live in separation?”

If this was possible, what would your answer be?

There is Always a Way

PathwayWhen something is needed, or it is right, there is always a way.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years, apparently more slowly than most people, 🙂 , is that in living out our lives, there is always a way. After I contracted viral meningitis in 1997 and could no longer work, my mind shriveled. I could only see what I couldn’t do, or couldn’t have. What powerful instruments our minds are! Whatever we ‘order’ from the universe, the universe is happy to serve up.

So I can relate to parents who can’t buy Christmas gifts for their young children this year. I know how much this hurts. Yes, the ‘system’ is skewed and yes, Yes!, the minimum wage must be raised significantly, but we mustn’t forget that above and beyond this mundane world, there is a universal, amazing organization in place: Love—spilling over.

And Love knows all the hopes of our hearts and will provide them, will find a way, if we will only open our minds. I can’t fathom how this works but somehow, every single one of us is connected to the flow of Love and, whenever we make an opening, Love pours in, in whatever form we need. It could be in guiding us to an organization that provides gifts for kids at Christmas, or to a working car that we can afford—big things to us are such little things to the universe of Love—or in my case, teaching me how to stretch my dollars.

Cost of Groceries

I used to be mad a lot about ‘lack’ and when we’re mad, solutions can’t get in. Desperate about the cost of groceries, I was literally steered one day to the beans and rice aisle, two items which cost far less than many other foods. I have learned to make some pretty tasty meals and wrap them in corn tortillas. The combination is filling and healthier than a lot of other products available for higher prices, especially if you add fresh garlic and use brown rice.

More Tea from the Bags

I drink a lot of tea and used to make it with one tea bag per up. I saw a woman on TV who said she got five cups of tea from each tea bag. I snorted. The most I could get was two and the second was weak. Well, apparently Ms. Grouchy stepped aside for a few minutes one day and the idea popped into my head to boil water in a small pot with the tea bag in the water, not hanging in my cup. The result? Two cups of strong tea! Then I thought I’d try it with a bigger pot: five cups of strong tea. Eventually I tried boiling one tea bag in the pot I use for spaghetti and, sure enough, one tea bag made ten or more cups of strong tea. I had complained for years about how expensive tea is when you drink it like I do. My mind had only to open.

Garlic, Vinegar and Honey

garlicOne of the best Love-gifts I ever received was a booklet called Garlic, Vinegar and Honey, published by MicroMags.  It is filled with effective natural remedies and there it sat for years, squeezed between books on a shelf. Then, stressed about the cost of allergy medications, I was drawn to it. Inside was a recipe to use tea, vinegar and honey as an allergy remedy. Honey is not cheap, but this treatment is way less expensive than the medications at the store. The directions say to put two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey in one cup of black tea. Are you wrinkling your nose? Don’t—it’s tasty. Almost addictive, even. I need three cups spread over the day on my bad allergy days, but it works. And it’s not a chemical whipped up in a lab.

The booklet also gives recipes for using garlic for healing. I had read about a First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt I think, who took a couple cloves of garlic every day with honey and never got sick. Whenever I felt a bug coming on, I chopped up several cloves (which releases the infection-fighting element), covered it in honey and swallowed it down. I repeated this several times for a couple of days and it killed the bugs, but it was hard every time for me to choke it down.

Then, I read the garlic tea recipe in the booklet. It says to put on one cup of water to boil, while mincing three cloves of garlic. Remove the water, add the garlic pieces, cover and steep for ten minutes. Strain out the garlic and drink the water. Surprisingly, it tastes kind of like potato water. If an infection comes on fast and hard, I use more garlic per cup and, wow, is it effective (and easy to take). I don’t know how well garlic tea would work if you’re already sick, but it is powerful as a preventative and when using it at the first sign of infection. With garlic tea, most of us can truly say, ‘No more colds and maybe even flus.’

My point is, my little problems that were big problems to me could’ve all been solved much earlier had I been willing to let go of being mad and simply opened my mind to solutions. It is a totally different way of experiencing life. With open minds and hearts, whatever we really need is provided to us, sometimes in unusual or unexpected ways, as the Universe answers our calls. It really is that simple. It’s called trust in God, trust in our Higher Power, trust in the Divine. Love truly is the almighty force.

Aliens, Conspiracies, Cabals and Consciousness

Some say the Aurora Borealis is light from the sun that shines from inside the Earth.

Some say the Aurora Borealis is light from the sun that shines from inside the Earth.

The Greater Picture is the most interesting website I’ve ever seen. It talks of alien civilizations, their technologies we could use, criminal cabals, collective consciousness and the Gods of universes. Fascinating is an understatement.

Thanks to Vince Gatien for sending me the link to The Greater Picture. The material below is from their home page:

“Okay, so you’re saying that in principle you’re open to other ideas. Let’s put that to the test straight away 😉

Below are 10 theses. Please have a read through.

1. The universe is swarming with life, and many alien civilizations are millions of years ahead of us in their technological and spiritual development.
2. Alien visitors have been coming to Earth longer than humans have been living here, but a universal law dictates that a lower civilization should be left alone.
3. Some higher technology, like free energy, anti-gravity techniques and vibrational techniques that cure diseases or make matter unsteady, are also known on Earth. But this is kept secret.
4. The most powerful people in the world form a criminal cabal that practices devil-worship and is actively abusing the people, keeping them ignorant, frightening them and poisoning them.
5. Our Earth is about 700 billion years old. She is, like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside and is (also) inhabited on the inside. Because of the centrifugal force of the Earth’s rotation she annually grows a few inches, making the continents drift apart.
6. Everything is made by, and is part of, the Creator who experiences itself through countless different forms of life and universes. Each universe has at least one God who co-created that universe and manages it.
7. All matter is light-energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and this is why matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. All knowledge, thoughts and intentions on a planet together form the collective consciousness. Our society is a reflection of our collective consciousness.
8. Modern man is the result of genetical experiments performed a long time ago by a negative alien race on the indigenous people in the south of Africa. The adjustments in their DNA made us slavish, prone to diseases and they limited our consciousness.
9. The soul of a human being passes through hundreds of lifetimes in which it experiences all aspects of life and the moral spectrum, making it develop spiritually. In between, souls reside in heaven, where they evaluate completed lives and plan new lives, with the help of their guides.
10. All life is moving in cycles of different lengths. Currently, Earth is in a process that’s called Ascension, in which a cycle of duality is coming to an end and an harmonious era begins in a higher dimension.

So…what do you think? Interesting theses, or impossible nonsense? In case of the latter, you might want to consider carrying on browsing the net, because these are the contents of this site!:) And these theses are all true. No, not kidding, we’re serious.”

Need Hope? ‘Peel and Toss,’ An Inspiring Guest Post from Sharie at Sending Joy

By Sharie, Sending Joy

“I will shine my light with God today.”

Love is the center of the Universe. We have packed a lot of stuff around it and so we can’t always see the center very well. Together let’s start peeling off the excess that hides the truth from us. That fight we had with our spouse, peel it away. That moment we yelled at our child, peel that off right now. Let’s go find the child and give him/her a hug and say I’m sorry, then throw the moment in the trash. The time we felt worthless when someone insulted us. Peel it off and look at it. Can’t we see that wasn’t us they were talking about, but only a reflection of how they saw themselves? Well that’s a relief. Now we can throw it in the trash and wish them well.

Then there’s that worrisome moment when we listened to the news and heard how bad the world is. That hopeless, helpless feeling. How is it helpful for us to hang onto that? Peel it off. Bless the world and send it healing love and throw the bad news in the trash knowing there has to be a better way, a Higher Power that can heal even the worst devastation. There has to be hope.

A beloved friend or family member in dire straits is enough to distract us from our peace. Peel that off, ask the Universe how we can help and lift our loved one up to God for healing. One by one let’s clear the junk away. Obsessions over food, drugs and alcohol. Fear from the past and fear of the future. Peel and toss!

What’s that we see up ahead? Is that a Light? Did we hear laughter? Was that a jolt of joy we felt? Come on, let work’s faster. Peel and toss. Peel and toss. Peel and toss. Ahhh! Look! It’s the center of the Universe at last! It’s wondrous! And so restful. There is perfect balance here with everything and everyone in harmony. We are amazed to discover that not only is the center of the Universe filled with Love, but we are the Love that lives at the center of the Universe.

What was that dark and dingy place we peeled away? Who cares? It’s over. And now it’s time to live. Now it’s time to shine our light with God’s and really live.

Thank you, Sharie.

Beyond Our 3-D World

I once heard a physicist (I think) say, “The whole universe exists within each of us.” I know from our day-to-day perspectives that sounds crazy, but I don’t think it is. We, our physical bodies and our energetic bodies surrounding us, are made of every substance and non-substance in the universe. We are linked to the universe through our souls and that makes me think the whole universe is within us. Think of those sci-fi stories about parallel earths or other dimensions. There’s a whole lot we don’t know. A WHOLE lot.

We tend to get stuck in the physical, to focus on life in our 3-D world—but there is a great world of adventure out there—and within, too—to be explored. I loved the TV show Quantum Leap. The people who jumped through the wormholes had a handheld device that could open and close the holes between parallel planets or other time periods, but they always had to leave after so many hours. Sometimes people stole the device and sometimes they ended up in worlds with T-Rex’s. My favorite episodes were the ones that answered questions like, ‘What if the Allies hadn’t won WWII? Or what if Joseph McCarthy had been allowed free reign in the 1950s?’

Those shows were thoughtful reminders of how easy it is for crazed-with-power people to dominate a country or a world. If we are going to honor the freedoms granted all citizens by our U.S. Constitution, we must stand and face the bullies. Not only are we all equal in the eyes of the law, we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator. We live in troubled times on a troubled planet, but if enough of us seek peace, understanding and forgiveness, we will change our Earth into paradise.

Wake-Up Calls

We live on Earth, a physical world, and we are brought up learning how to function in a physical world. We discover how to walk and talk, to learn, go to school and work, build families, and live for as long as we can. We learn about life and death, and death can be scary if we don’t remember the soul-side while we are here. Some people don’t believe our souls are eternal or that there is an afterlife. Whenever I read that, I always wonder, ‘What’s the difference, then, between a live body and a dead body?’

When I was meditating about today’s sentence (when my head’s not so foggy, I remember to ask for a sentence to start). I heard, “You humans don’t know what you think you know. You think you’ve made great progress, but you don’t know even ten percent of what is. The rest is unknown.”

I remember how absolutely certain I was about everything in my twenties. From then on, it seemed I became more uncertain every day. This isn’t a physical world and we’re not physical, either? We are energy, the world is energy, the universe is energy? There are likely dimensions beyond our third-dimensional world, and we may be living in parallel worlds while we are in this world? I have always loved sci-fi; maybe it is not so crazy after all. Maybe those writers are ‘tuning in’ somehow to what we can’t see or understand due to the limited use of our untapped senses. And, what is that number—five percent of the mind used, the rest untapped?

The unraveling of my presumptions was a big change for me. Though appearance is of the utmost of importance in our society, we really can’t ‘judge a book by its cover.’ Whether it is race or religion or gender or age, we are all the same on the inside. Of course our environments affect us and we all have prejudices of one kind or another, but they’re not true. Our body shapes and colors, our IQs, our convictions, are such a tiny percentage of all that is, of all that we are, they are not even a blip on the reality-scale. What we think we know, we don’t.

A hand extended, a comforting hug, a listening heart and we begin to understand, to see the truths of the other person. We humans tend to banish our judgments in emergencies, but like to hold onto them day-to-day. Maybe that is why we’ve had so many Mother Earth wake-up calls of late; we are stuck in opinion and judgment, in races and classes, all of which are untrue measures of a man or a woman. We are so much more and are capable of so much more, but first we have to tear down the walls of judgment so we can honor our Creator, and each other, and His/Her gifts of love and truth that live inside every single one of us, waiting to blossom.