Equally Outraged, A Guest Post by Sven Eberlein

By Sven Eberlein

Well said yesterday, Pam. As FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We’re all our sisters’ and brothers keepers, and anyone who says that they’ve earned everything they have all by themselves is living a complete fantasy. I think that a lot of people who are in the Tea Party movement have legitimate gripes, but it’s misdirected. It’s the big greedy banks, corporations and their political tools in the Republican Party who ravaged this country during eight years of Bush/Cheney deregulations, cronyism and wars of choice that have wrecked this country.

You should really ask your brother why he didn’t speak up when BushCo ran up the biggest deficit in history, legalized torture and cut taxes for the richest of the rich. Where was the Tea Party when our sons and daughters died in Iraq, one of the biggest and most expensive misadventures ever undertaken by a U.S. Government. Where were they when Bush Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson bailed out his former employer with our tax money?

You see, I understand the anger, but it’s utterly disingenuous to direct all that outrage at President Obama and his administration who’ve had to spend the last 20 months trying to clean up the incredible mess left behind by the robber barons of the Bush administration.

For all the hyperventilating shouts of socialism I would tell Tea Partiers to take a trip to some of the social democracies in Western Europe and see how well off regular middle class folks are over there, not just a few rich people. Having basic needs like health care or education taken care of prevents so much unnecessary suffering and in fact makes people so much more productive. I could go on and on.

Anyway, I love the U.S. and so much of its great spirit and creativity, but I’m just puzzled sometimes at how shortsighted, and frankly, ignorant, people can be here. I guess we all create our own realities, and you certainly have a right to believe whatever you want. The freedom of religion certainly applies to political philosophy as well, and it’s part of what makes this country great that people can believe whatever they want. But you cannot make up your own facts and expect us to just swallow it. Your brother’s favorite Tea Party candidate wants to deport all illegal aliens, but is your brother willing to pay double and triple for his food when there’s no more cheap labor to do the backbreaking farm work that no American is willing to do anymore? What does it say about us as human beings when we’re deporting children who were raised and have gone to school in this country to places they’ve never set foot in and have no relatives or families to come back to?

Again, I understand the outrage, but I don’t buy what the Tea Party is selling. It’s confused. It’s simplistic. And worst of all, it’s heartless. I prefer channeling my frustration with the political system into doing constructive work and helping to build this country and each other up rather than screaming and complaining. I for one think Barack Obama has done an amazing job considering the incessant and almost irrational opposition he has faced from people and politicians who want nothing but to tear him apart. As Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Sorry for this rant, but sometimes we just have to speak our minds.

The Tea Party, Alien Invasions and Miracles

A friend came by today and we visited for half an hour or so. I love him, but we look at the world through two lenses about as different as they could be. It is funny because while he’s been listening and reading online about a second, impending revolutionary war, I have been writing about making peace with ourselves and others and about us humans acknowledging we are all God’s children, equal in our Creator’s eyes and, for that reason alone, deserving of equal respect. While he’s been reading about possible alien invasions, I have been reading about great beings who are coming from higher realms to our aid. We did agree that whatever it is that is happening around the world (with governments and businesses failing) has a higher purpose and that some kind of change is coming.

But what change will it be? Will it be fear-based or love-based? If most of us give in to fear, it will get ugly out there. My friend believes if Tea Party candidates are not elected in November, rioting will start. At this point, I believe the solutions to our problems probably are not going to come from a government that is already imploding on itself. Though I can’t fathom the amounts of money borrowed by our government, I am certain it was done in an attempt to save our economic system and the government, and to stop the talk of collapse, revolution and armed resistance. I was thinking of my 12th grade history teacher while making oatmeal tonight, the teacher who taught us that Hitler got his toehold in Germany during an economic depression. That same teacher explained that after the war, every country involved measured the destruction of life and infrastructure and vowed, ‘Never again!’

My friend sides with the Republican candidate in our state on every issue. Basically, shut down the federal government, including the EPA, Social Security and the Department of Education. Stop unreasonable taxation, which tends to be an issue for the well-to-do more than for the working poor. The Republican candidate says, ‘No mercy,’ for people like me who break and can no longer work and others who have no education and end up homeless. Her beliefs are born of her own status; she cannot even see those who are hurting and hungry and homeless. She simply doesn’t care. Would she have the ‘least of these’ used in experiments, jailed, or killed? That is what Hitler did. Has he been reborn in our world, waiting for the rising sense of rage to reach a climax?

I admit, I believed President Obama would lead our country out of the quagmire created by President Bush, but doing the best he can with polarized political parties hasn’t been effective. My friend believes the election of a black man as president has brought about the separatist attitudes of some Americans. Really? Still? Will racism never die? If there is another planet where people are not judged by the color of their skin, or lifestyle or religion, I want to go. I believe the profound problems of our country (created by a white president, by the way) were already too far-reaching. I will grant I could be wrong about my beliefs, but I am not wrong about following my heart.

My heart says, The time for war is over. The time for peace is now. The time for rage has become the time to be healed. The time for suspicion and name-calling is old and rotten; the time for mutual respect is born. Our Creator made our universe, including the world we occupy and gave life to everything upon it. We humans are not doing so well on our own. We need an intervention on a level that is far beyond anything we know now or can imagine. We need miracles and I, for one, am expecting them.