Creating an eBook Linked Table of Contents in Word at Smashwords

Linked TOC ArtI just published an ebook through Smashwords and had quite the time following the directions for creating a Table of Contents (sorry, Mark), even though I carefully read the Smashwords Styleguide. (I did try to cheat and use a paragraph indent and space between the paragraphs–I like the look–but the Meatgrinder caught me. I’m so ashamed.)

So, I looked elsewhere online and found some instructions that, combined with some from Smashwords, allowed me to figure out how to do it properly and easily in WORD. (I’m assuming this, since my book wasn’t kicked back due to TOC problems. My Table of Contents passed the EPUB and NCX checks the first time!) I’m sharing these steps because it’s way less confusing. I hope they work for you, too.

To create the TOC takes several steps. (Please note, I have put some pre-TOC notes below these directions.) Continue reading