Commerce That’s Good for the Earth, People and Business, a Guest Post by Sven Eberlein

Note: Something is in the air! Things are changing! Ever wonder what it would be like if corporations did business in ways that were better for the earth, people and for profits? Here is exciting, must-read news from Sven Eberlein at World of Words:

On Blogging, from An Expert, a Guest Post by Sven Eberlein

A World of Words: Ruminations from
the Spaces Between Soil and Soul

I recently postedWhat I’ve Learned About Blogging,’ and received a great comment from a blogging friend and tech expert, Sven Eberlein, at A World of Words. He gives a lot of helpful information for bloggers and I thought many of us would be interested:

“WordPress is such a great tool. Thanks for all the great advice on both the tech and content end, Pam. And for those who want to have even more freedom in designing their own blogs and websites I recommend I was a bit confused at first about the difference, but basically is great if you just need a free site with all the basic functionalities, whereas is run through a host of your choice (for which you have to pay a monthly fee) but it allows you to add all kinds of plugins like slide shows or video pages. For example, my personal blog A World of Words I run on because it’s really all about the content and doesn’t need any bells and whistles, whereas my Tuber Creations site is run on, which allows a lot more tweaking and personalizing.

Once you have it set up, works exactly the way works, with dashboard, pages, posts etc. You can pretty much do it through any host site, but if you don’t have a current one there are a few that WordPress recommends that even have a one-click auto install, so you don’t need any technical knowhow. Check it out here:

And even if you’re going with a host site that doesn’t have an auto install, it’s a fairly straight-forward process described here:

Once you get through the setup for the first time and start to explore some of the themes and their offers it’s like a whole new world opens up to you. You’ve basically become a web designer. In fact, a lot of websites you see out there these days are run on the platform, even major ones. One of the big advantages is that they’re really in tune with all the search engines–you don’t have to worry about any fancy codes; just put in the right content and your site will be recognized.

This is enough to get anyone started, and there’s tons more info out there on the internet on how to do it. For those who get stuck and might need a little help with it, my services are available at:

“If You’re Reading This, You Are Probably On a Computer,” A Guest Post from Sven Eberlein

I actually saw one of the TV programs Sven Eberlein refers to in his latest post (at World of Words) about the dumping of electronic/gadget leftovers in foreign, poor countries, where the air, water, earth and the people are poisoned by the hazardous wastes the products are made with. (If we Americans didn’t have the EPA, they’d dump their products here–but somewhere far away from their own wealthy neighborhoods.)

If I had to learn of all the dirty-profit-tricks played on the world by electronic manufacturers and other corporate-greeders all at once, I’d start to cry and never stop. But, a little bit at a time I can do. Click on the link below–with this information we can help today to make the world a better place.

Equally Outraged, A Guest Post by Sven Eberlein

By Sven Eberlein

Well said yesterday, Pam. As FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We’re all our sisters’ and brothers keepers, and anyone who says that they’ve earned everything they have all by themselves is living a complete fantasy. I think that a lot of people who are in the Tea Party movement have legitimate gripes, but it’s misdirected. It’s the big greedy banks, corporations and their political tools in the Republican Party who ravaged this country during eight years of Bush/Cheney deregulations, cronyism and wars of choice that have wrecked this country.

You should really ask your brother why he didn’t speak up when BushCo ran up the biggest deficit in history, legalized torture and cut taxes for the richest of the rich. Where was the Tea Party when our sons and daughters died in Iraq, one of the biggest and most expensive misadventures ever undertaken by a U.S. Government. Where were they when Bush Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson bailed out his former employer with our tax money?

You see, I understand the anger, but it’s utterly disingenuous to direct all that outrage at President Obama and his administration who’ve had to spend the last 20 months trying to clean up the incredible mess left behind by the robber barons of the Bush administration.

For all the hyperventilating shouts of socialism I would tell Tea Partiers to take a trip to some of the social democracies in Western Europe and see how well off regular middle class folks are over there, not just a few rich people. Having basic needs like health care or education taken care of prevents so much unnecessary suffering and in fact makes people so much more productive. I could go on and on.

Anyway, I love the U.S. and so much of its great spirit and creativity, but I’m just puzzled sometimes at how shortsighted, and frankly, ignorant, people can be here. I guess we all create our own realities, and you certainly have a right to believe whatever you want. The freedom of religion certainly applies to political philosophy as well, and it’s part of what makes this country great that people can believe whatever they want. But you cannot make up your own facts and expect us to just swallow it. Your brother’s favorite Tea Party candidate wants to deport all illegal aliens, but is your brother willing to pay double and triple for his food when there’s no more cheap labor to do the backbreaking farm work that no American is willing to do anymore? What does it say about us as human beings when we’re deporting children who were raised and have gone to school in this country to places they’ve never set foot in and have no relatives or families to come back to?

Again, I understand the outrage, but I don’t buy what the Tea Party is selling. It’s confused. It’s simplistic. And worst of all, it’s heartless. I prefer channeling my frustration with the political system into doing constructive work and helping to build this country and each other up rather than screaming and complaining. I for one think Barack Obama has done an amazing job considering the incessant and almost irrational opposition he has faced from people and politicians who want nothing but to tear him apart. As Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Sorry for this rant, but sometimes we just have to speak our minds.