The Guiding Light Within, A Guest Post from the 11:11 Progress Group

Note: I subscribe to the messages of the 11:11 Progress Group. I have found the messages of ‘Lytske’ meaningful and inspiring, so I’m posting this information about his book, which is now available on Kindle. Wish I had one! 🙂

To All and for all Kindle enthusiasts:

The book of the best of Lytske’s 11:11 Celestial Messages, The Guiding Light WithinWayshower to Spirituality, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

It is here. text&ie=UTF8&qid=1336272294&sr=1-1

From the Receiver of these precious messages:
In bringing these valuable lessons to the people, I wish to remain anonymous. It is my way of saying, “I took notation, and that is all. The messages in this book came from the Fragment of God that indwells me, and who knows all matters better than does the mere mortal that I am.”

From the Editor of The Guiding Light Within:
Sheer persistence allowed this receiver of messages to hear from Midwayers and Angels, Machiventa Melchizedek, Jesus of Nazareth, Mother Spirit — and after much training to attain near perfect Stillness – the Indwelling Spirit. This truly is a major achievement.

From a long-time reader of Lytske’s messages:
…what reward awaits the receiver/writer of these treasured messages! What great gift to the Son of Man to publish this 11:11 work! May HE know my name, I pray, for my passing these gems onto friends and family. Yours – June.

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God bless…
George Barnard.

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.

Tug of War

I settled, again, into a funk a while back, feeling old and cranky and lost. Posting for 365 days (from June 2009 through June 2010) kept me focused and more peaceful, though if you had read them all, you’d have seen where I sank into pride or judging others or wrote while in bad mood. Even so, feeling called to the computer to write for a spiritual purpose released inner joy and I felt connected to my higher-self. I generally meditated before writing but often had trouble quieting my ‘monkey mind’ to listen for Love. In spite of the difficulties, because of an inner push and commitment and sincerity, the healing words came–for me and perhaps for someone else who happened upon Notes Along the Path.

After the year, I stopped writing for a while and was surprised at how quickly I lost the awareness of joy. So, I gave myself permission to come back to the computer whenever I needed to. Ever since then, I’ve been writing here and there and, interestingly (to me anyway), on those focused, centered-in-my-heart days, I feel better, more like I can cope with all that’s going on. On the un-centered days, the funk sneaks up on me. Apparently writing about God = Love = Higher Self = Compassion is now necessary for me. Is it because I feel a primary obligation to meditate on those days? (I must also ask, after all these years of meditating, admittedly on and off, why don’t I meditate every day? I suspect it has, as always, to do with not wanting to see the ‘stuff’ that is exposed.)  

 The word ‘reconciliation’ came to me this morning. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll see definitions like:

  1. The end of conflict or renewal of friendly relations;
  2. The making of two or more apparently conflicting things compatible;
  3. The sacrament of penance in the Catholic Church whereby a person’s sins are absolved through confession and penance.

I love the second one: ‘The making of two or more apparently conflicting things compatible.’ This one fits with my lower-self/higher-self tug of war and does give me hope. Eventually it will all be reconciled. I will give up self-pity and fall into the soft arms of God’s Love, made whole at last.