Biodegradable, Plastic 13-Gallon Trash Bags!

I may be the last person who wanted to locate biodegradable kitchen trash bags to find them, but I Garbage Bags Picdid and they’re only about ten cents a bag more than the ones I bought at grocery stores. My daughter and I live on a small budget, but we talked about it and decided this is something we can and should make a priority. Some grocery stores offer garbage bags made from recycled products, but I hadn’t found any that are also biodegradable. Have you noticed that most grocery stores have a bin inside the entrance where you can drop off plastic bags for recycling? What a big step this is!

It is sad that much of the trash we Americans make sits, if not forever, for a very long time inside plastic garbage bags in landfills. Mother Nature tries to make soil from our garbage, but she can’t break down some of the plastics. I found the plastic, biodegradable bags at, whose offices are located in Chicago—American made! The bags degrade because they’re made with an ingredient that starts the process.

Before my renewed awareness of recycling, I wanted strong garbage bags and there are tons of them, but I want to do better now. I want strong enough and biodegradable. (I did consider trash-can-sized paper bags, which are certainly the best option, but they were all too expensive for us.) I will see if the compostable plastic bags are strong enough, and will report my experiences here