The Essence of Life

I was struck by the beauty of the night sky last night. I wondered how anyone could believe that all life, us, the world, our galaxy, the universe, was not fashioned by some magnificent being, some creative force. And, no matter what we humans do to each other and our planet, the Creator must be a force of good because only goodness can radiate such beauty in the face of humanity’s destructive, egocentric actions. As I have aged, I see beauty everywhere: the sky, a tree, a leaf, a dragonfly or a rock, birds and other critters. Beauty is everywhere because it is the essence of all living things on Earth.

And children, even in apartments where their lives are full of stress, play, laugh and learn the fine art of negotiation. Boys will be boys and say things like, “My light saber has more power than yours,” and in response: “It does not! I challenge you to a sword fight!” I’ve watched their plastic-sword fights, which are usually quite short because something else soon catches their attention. I have seen girls with their heads together. “I can’t believe she talked to him!”, plotting some sort of payback. Sometimes kids would say hi and come along for part of my walk. They told me about themselves, what was on their minds and I tried to offer a  kind word or two. Our own beauty is in learning who we are and why we are here. Our inner beauty is always present, waiting only for us to knock on its door.

I thought about our Creator (Him/ Her/ Spirit/ Light Within) as I looked at the sky last night and wondered how He/She feels when our hearts swell with love for Him/Her. Having endlessly broadcast Love in our direction, it’s got to be pretty wonderful when it’s finally returned. There really are only two ways to live, two worlds, and we get to choose: See the beauty and feel the Love, or separate and feel the pain and struggle. We, on this planet, are the sheep who got lost and who the Master comes after so that not even one beloved lamb is lost.

Our Perception of Reality and What is Real May Be Two Different Things

Beauty in ASky 1999I was thinking this morning about grandparents, my mom specifically, and all the practicalities and bits of wisdom she has taught to her grandkids. My mom still works, so her availability is not about hours in the day. It’s about knowing that life is so short and that the effect of sharing tender moments of connection will help her beloveds carry on through life’s tough spots after she is gone. And all of us are blessed to take those very same memories of connection to the other side.

The difference between action and experience is like the difference between our perception of what appears to be the real world and what is the real world. While we’re caught up in it we can’t see the bigger picture, but with some time and hard-knocks we begin to understand: There is more here than meets the eye. There is an entire universe of happenings, micro-atoms vibrating at differing rates of speed, creating other dimensions of experience. Most of these worlds are invisible to us because we’re vibrating at the speed of Earth. But even on Earth, we can make shifts in our awareness and see beyond our mundane world. And that is the point: We’re here to grow so that we may again live in the Light.

I believe it was Edgar Cayce who said that we humans ‘fell’ from the Light and that we’re currently living in a period of God’s Great Rescue of children who moved away from creating within the Whole to creating our own spaces. Creating is fun—dazzlingly so!—but some of us created dark spaces and wow, can we ever see that darkness reflected on Earth. Dominance is the ultimate goal in dark spaces, but even there the joke is on the ‘dominant.’ The only real power is Love. Dominance is a false, empty state that can be undone by one touch of unconditional Love. If this weren’t true, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin L. King, Jr. would not have succeeded in their efforts to bring light and Love to our world to heal abhorrent imbalances.

The real world is hidden--in plain sight.

The real world is hidden–in plain sight.

We don’t have to fall for the fake world. We don’t have to rush through life. We can slow down and ask to see Truth—what is it within us prompting us always to go within, look deeply, to smile, serve, Love and heal? We are dual beings with light selves and shadow selves. We need to ask why our shadow selves receive so much of our attention and energy and what we can do to change this. Why? It is our destiny.

We’re living in a relatively brief moment of time of great endings and beginnings, when doors and windows from a dark, craggy mountain to a lighter way of being have been thrown open for us. Of course, we don’t have to pass through them now. We are beloved children of God with the right to live however we want. We can maneuver and fight and suffer for hundreds, thousands, more lifetimes if we want to. Or we can choose growth, self-compassion and peace and take a door or jump through a window—into the light of Love. It is time, wouldn’t you agree?

A Pipe Ceremony and Blessings for the New Year, A Guest Post by Kim P of Afternoon Storm

A beautiful ceremony to say goodbye to the old year and bless the new one, from my friend, Kim P., of the blog, Afternoon Storm. Thanks, Kim!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Every year at our home we do a little pipe ceremony just before 12:00 on New Year’s Eve. Often it is just my hubby and I, but sometimes our two kids (who are 19 and 22 now) have joined in. I use my pipe to create sacred space and we light a candle. Then we do four rounds of prayers.

The first is to identify the “things” we want to let go of from the old year.

In the second round of prayers, we each speak the names of the new patterns, beliefs or relationships that we would like to bring into our lives.

With the third round, we say the names of people we know or love to whom we want to send loving energy.

With the fourth round, we say prayers for the planet. It feels like a really good way to end the year and welcome in the new year.

The Power of Prayer, a Guest Post from Oscar, the 11:11 Progress Group

Prayer art “Today there are a lot of people in this world who are working for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven. Few among them enjoy the fame and glory of being considered among ‘the great men and women of history’. However, those who work tirelessly, and their motivation does not lie in their being accepted by the masses, achieve great spiritual progress for themselves. Those who live the Will of the Father are contributing to the creation of the realities that His will desires to create.

“Some of you believe that you need to be in a position of greater influence in order to be able to guide others towards better goals. Let me tell you that the best way to appeal to the human soul is through the presence of the Thought Adjuster. Focus your intent directly on the hearts of those you wish to influence. Let your Thought Adjuster be the one that establishes contact with the divine presence in others, expressing your wishes with the highest measure of truth, beauty, and goodness. Every effort you make in this fashion will never be wasted.

Remember the power of prayer, because through the circuit of the Father you can reach any creature in the universe, even if this connection may not be direct, or even conscious, for any of the parties involved. God is present inside you – in each and every one of you – and through His presence in you, you can reach any other personal being in existence.

“How do you think our Father works in this world? Does He show up at United Nations meetings to tell you what you need to do? The Father speaks directly to the hearts and the minds of His creatures. Then, it is up to them to decide what path they will take. In this world, you can likewise work in this fashion, with your love for your peers, and your desire to create a better world through prayer.

“All of you who work in your respective communities, and circles of influence, know that you are not impotent when the time comes to promote the changes you want to see in this world. Live the very change you wish to see, and project your love and your positive energy to those who lead you – the ones you have elected to express your collective decisions. Work with your hands, but remember that your prayers and your love can reach all the way to Paradise itself, and know that you have the support and the power of the Creator Father of all beings and things.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. • 11:11 Store

Ah, Ha! Raven was at My Home Cleansing and Carried My Prayers in the Smoke to the Heavens

Courtesy of J. R. Compton

Courtesy of J. R. Compton

I posted earlier today (see below) about cleansing the energy of my apartment-home on Saturday, using a sage/cedar smudge stick to send, within the smoke, my hopes and prayers for light to ‘the heavens.’ I had some problems with carrying out the process, but because I had seriously prepared for what became ceremony to me, my home and other blocks, apparently, were cleared due to the compassion of the Divine. I learned a lot in a few days about sincerity, heart and grace.

I was out today when I saw a truly magnificent creature-being. It was a raven, large even by raven standards. It appeared completely smooth, like all the shining blue-black feathers had become one. It had a light beak and an amazing wing span.  I don’t think anyone could have seen it without being a bit awe-struck. It was almost like it was more than a bird; there was something about it, something magical. I have posted a picture of a raven here, but it does no justice to the creature-being I met today.

Sometimes I see critters but forget about them by the time I’m home. I probably, unless I suffer some form of dementia in my old age, will never forget the raven I saw today. I wish you could have seen it, too. I got home and reached for the books that would tell me what raven’s messages are and I’d like to share them with you. Messages from creatures who reach out to us humans are usually very interesting.

First, I read the pages on raven from Jamie Sams’ MEDICINE CARDS book. The following are her teachings, but I have summarized quite a bit.  “The Great Mystery existed before everything else. The Great Spirit emerged from the Great Mystery. Raven is their messenger, of energy that remains unformed in the dark void. Raven indicates a shift in consciousness, the right to experience a little more of life’s magic, the magic of changes that originate in the void. It is an awakening.

Raven is the guardian of in absentia healing. Raven guides us to wellness from the Great Mystery and the Field of Plenty. Raven is the patron and courier of energy flow, of messages sent with smoke. We can perform loving, healing ceremonies for others and ask Raven to carry the messages to the Great Mystery. Raven may also bring messages to us from the Great Mystery. Signs will be synchronistic. Will we accept this gift from the Great Spirit and create light from the void?”

If you read my post below, you will see the problems I had with smoking the smudge stick. I can’t help but think it was Raven who intervened and carried my request for cleansing to the Great Mystery, because I wasn’t getting the job done. What an awesome gift it is to know this.

Summarized from ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES by Steven D. Farmer:  “Raven signals magic is in the air. Something special is about to happen. Watch for powerful dreams or visions, which may be prophetic. Be very clear at this time about your intentions regarding undertakings and relationships, because that is what will manifest now.

Raven says we are shape-shifting into more confident, powerful, spiritually based people. Now is the time to let go and grow. Watch for synchronistic events and appreciate them. Don’t try to figure them out, though.”

Summarized from ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews: “Ravens are the messengers of the great spiritual realm. They can shape-shift and have an aura about them like the coyote—both the fool and the wise one. Raven can teach us the languages of other animals. They are playful, fast, smart and wary; thus they are not easy prey. Raven teaches how to stir the magic of life without fear. They have a strong creative life force, teaching how to work spiritual laws on the physical plane. Raven links our will and intentions with magic. Go into the dark and bring forth light.”

Another bit of understanding and grace added to a pretty powerful weekend. Thank you to Raven for your much-needed assistance and to all Divine Beings who watch over me, my family and friends, and our spiritual progress. And thank you, reader-writer person, for stopping by today.

A Home Cleansing that Came with Miracles

I performed a home cleansing or blessing on Saturday, to the best of my ability. The apartment was not spit shined, but I cleaned all day Friday, on and off as I could, a bit in the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining area, mopping with ammonia. I even washed the walls in the laundry room, a dark little room with a stackable washer and dryer, that has a creepy space behind the w/d that I can’t get to. C’est la vie! I cleared clutter, dusted, and vacuumed, upstairs and down.

My Offering and Helpers

My Cleansing Prayers 11.16  2I made an offering in a pink, for Divine Love, watercolor collage, with dried carnation petals and ash leaves (from my tree-friend, Sistine). I placed a picture of a painting of Jesus by a beautiful statue of Mary and Jesus, with a smaller statue of a woman holding a toddler with two young children standing on either side of her, representing me and my children. I taped a picture of my mom when she was young to our symbolic statue so that she would be included in the blessing.

I took holy books off the shelf, the Bible, Paramahansa Yogananda’s The Second Coming of Christ, ‘A Revelatory Commentary on the Original Teachings of Jesus,’
(Eastern wisdom on awakening Christ within) and Jamie Sams’ Sacred Path Cards (which is the book I’ve used the most. She writes of deep Native Indian spirituality, in which everything boils down to walking-our-talk on a road of Truth.)  I haven’t read them fully and perhaps it was hypocritical of me to put them on the table, but to me they represent records of humankind’s attempts to know God/Love/Great Mystery and what that means for us.

I also placed on the table my Jesus candle, made with the same oils used in his time; the talking stick I recently made calling on Universal Christ and the Spirit Keepers of the North, East, South and West; my paper/pictures version of a Medicine Wheel; a clear globe with an archangel, thinking of Archangel Michael; a branch from Sistine, my ash tree friend (from a recent tree-trimming); a stone from a mountain in Sedona, AZ that helps to strengthen male energy in females, a gift to me; pictures of my three children as babies; a near-baseball-sized, mostly round stone that represents to me the strength of the Earth; and some gifts from family and friends that represent their love. I have a Catholic medallion upstairs depicting St. Benedict, who is a kick-ass banisher of evil and laid a piece of paper about him on the table. I used a smudge stick made of cedar and sage, which is cleansing and purifying, which I lighted to make the smoke that carries prayers from this realm to the holy realm. I added a bell to start and end the ceremony.  I knew we had some sort of problem and had never performed a ritual like this, so I wanted to call on all the help I could.

I didn’t take my sleep meds Friday night and stayed up most of the night, ready to get up, shower, and at sunrise, 6:16 a.m., begin the ceremony in the quiet of early morn. I looked up 616 in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 and it says:  “Look only at possibilities and not at material illusions. You are powerful and can overcome any situation with a positive mindset.”  I added those words to my collage offering. I opened all the windows in the house so that anything that might have been inside could leave. I asked for my helpers to be with me, expressed my gratitude, lit the Jesus candle and the sage/cedar smudging stick so that I could waft the smoke throughout the house, stating our needs and sending our prayers to Father Sky (or Father Sun, as he is called by different traditions).


There were several problems, however. I made my offering, the collage, with love and then thought it was beautiful, and in so thinking, triggered my ego. I sat to breathe quietly and meditate at around 6:00, but my heart felt like it would pound out of my chest and I felt like some force was actively opposing me. Eventually, my heart slowed, but never to its normal rate. The cedar/sage smudge stick wouldn’t stay lit. I must have gone back six or seven times to relight it. Eventually, I carried the burning candle with me, holding the dried wood and herbs into the flame almost constantly so it would smoke, which you would think would set it on fire. Even this barely kept it going. This was discouraging, but I had smudged myself to bring the cleansing smoke into my heart and mind, and walked throughout the house in this awkward relighting process, saying my prayers and speaking our needs. I gave thanks when I was finished and apologized for my inability to humbly and properly perform the ceremony.

It really hit home afterward how unable I was to ‘walk my talk.’ I reflected on this for the whole day, in a strange space, some sort of limbo. How could the ceremony have worked with me so off balance? What did it mean that the smudge stick of dried herbs and wood wouldn’t stay lighted? I was not insincere in that I needed help; just unable to so show up in a humble, balanced, peaceful space. I left the cedar/sage stick out and thought I would walk it through the next morning again, in a better space, I hoped, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

But as the day passed, I noticed that our home felt better. Could that be? Was it the love of all the beings whose symbols/totems I had assembled at the table, in spite of me? Was our home healed because for the first time in my life I worked very hard to prepare for the ceremony? And I was given a sign. There is a man who lives in these apartments along with two other mentally disabled men, who live with a caretaker. This man loudly speaks to himself, is gangly in an unusual way, never looks me in the eye and always spits when he sees me.

I saw him walking on the other side of the pool and just did not want to be spit at, but I heard in my mind, “Too bad,” and Roxie pulled me in his direction. He walked toward us, excitedly gesturing and speaking to Roxie, then admonishing her not to jump on him, but he did not spit at me.  First time in the almost 2-1/2 years we’ve lived here. Then, and I was totally blown away, he looked me in the eyes. His are green, small, hard-looking eyes, but he looked into mine, acknowledging me as a person, and then went on his way. Wow, I thought. Something really has shifted. Something really has shifted!

The more time that passed at home, the better the place felt. All of my helpers had come to my aid, even though I was unable to center myself beforehand. Angel number 616 said I was powerful and could overcome anything with a positive mindset. I was ego-centered instead and unbalanced by a strongly pounding heart that didn’t settle during the process. My hard work and intent apparently connected me to the divine and because of Love, they came through for me. I guess I won’t be taking up energy-cleansing as a profession, though. 🙂

Later that night, preparing some photo collages for my children, from babies to age 21, I was struck by the overwhelming sense of how blessed my life has been. I have always felt like a worm; I gave my will to people to be used however they wanted to do so; I often ignored the laws of the universe; I became chronically ill and have pouted about if for over 15 years, while stressing the whole time about how hard it is to live on disability benefits—and there I sat, awash in the blessings of my life, tears streaming down my face. I am loved and I do know, at last, what love is. It is all-encompassing and everything that happens is a gift of the soul. I could go now, cross over to the other side in peace, because of those few moments of insight. I was freed by it, able to see the bigger purpose of the conditions of my life and how blessed I truly am. I was touched by God, whatever His or Her holy name. What an offering to me! It has all been quite the experience.

Soon, I will post some notes I’ve made over the years about home blessings and protection. God bless us, every one, and touch us, please.

Ego-Propelled into the Day

pride 2I cannot share some of the ego-in-control discoveries on my spiritual path because they are deeply personal and very difficult to reveal. Layer after layer exposed with me asking, “Is this truly a part of me? Is this who I am?” My ego, the false me, takes pride in everything. ‘I’m a spiritual person;’ ‘I’m a good mother;’ ‘I’m a writer, getting better every day,’ and on and on and on.

These thoughts are not always front and center; I get a flicker of a feeling here or there and I dig—and there they are, thumbing their noses at me, not a bit unhappy about being exposed, because my ego believes it will always be with me, even driving me at times. At times? Only God sees how much our egos propel us into each day, their feathers fluffed, ever ready to publicly humiliate us if need be. The private humiliation is worse when doors to past lives open and past behaviors are seen.

We can’t really battle our egos or past behaviors; they will always come out on top. The spiritual process truly is about what the great spiritual masters teach: “Observe and let go. Observe and let it pass. Give it no energy. Smile. Get quiet to be  at one with the Light. Persevere; operating from ego is an unnatural state. You are a child of a Great Being of Love.”

Okay, great masters. I’m trusting you on this. Thank you.

Our Need for the Divine Feminine and the Great Dark Cloud, A Guest Post from Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

We have created an unbalanced world because we allow rule by dominant male energy, which so often ignores the nurturing and compassionate energy of feminine energy and the Divine Feminine.We have also given our power to some of the most divisive religions imaginable. By all means, enjoy your own religious/spiritual beliefs but when we attempt to impose these beliefs on others–often creating war in doing so–we cross a line we should not cross. Each soul born on earth is born to choose his or her own walk. We only have to look at the Middle East to see this sad situation at its worst. However, it also exists within our own societies and grows less subtle each day.

Regarding the issue of living in a harmonious word, we also need ask ourselves if it is necessary to kill other life forms to satisfy our appetites. As I leave these ideas with you, I include below an important message from The Aquarian Passion Play.

Thank you ,
Michael Brine

The Planetary Deadline  from The Aquarian Passion Play

“If we could look down from outer space upon the Earth with clairvoyant vision we would see the auric field of the planet as a murky ball of seething mist and fog. We might stand aghast at beholding this great dark cloud of subtle matter, which would evidence itself to be of a density and thickness that indicated not only impenetrability but also those conditions that are unfavourable to life and which make all things appear unclear and distorted.

Thus it would be appreciated that there is a pressing need for change and global decontamination, for preparation for all those upon Earth who would be ready to weather well the approaching purificatory storm and, moreover, who would take advantage of it. The effects of the cumulative and harmful thought-patterns and attitudes of humanity are pervasive worldwide, and are sorely evident today not only in the lives of mankind, but also upon the physical planet.

Man has generally treated the Earth with gross disrespect for far too long. He has regarded his home together with its mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms most carelessly, and has repeatedly demonstrated an attitude of negligence that expresses the erroneous view that the resources of the planet are for his own selfish use and exploitation alone. Humanity, as a whole, has completely overlooked the fact that Mother Earth – Gaia – is a spiritual being, engaged in her own evolutionary development, and lovingly endeavours to provide a perfectly balanced environment for the peaceful and harmonious existence of multifarious life-forms, including human beings.”

Faith or Fear?

By M.N. Hopkins

This inspirational poem was written by Mike Hopkins in 1998, before a lecture. He included it in a series of inspirational writings that were published in 2002. He put it into poetic form and republished it recently on his blog,


fear-or-faithFaith renews

Faith restores 

Faith opens the doorway to one’s heart 

And one’s freedom from fear 

For where there is faith 

There is love, 

And where there is love

Fear cannot exist. 


Go in faith 

And you open a gateway 

To a new kind of living. 


That many have dreamed about 

For countless centuries

A Precipice and Changes in Consciousness, a Guest Submission from Michael Brine

From Michael Brine

Dear Readers,

woman at precipiceI have attached three selections from the book, Through the Looking Glass, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, Part Two. I hope they will help you to better understand the times in which we live.

“Humanity sits poised at a precipice; in front of us is an undeterminable pathway, behind us is the shell of a decaying age. We are at the crossroads of our experience; already actions, as well as thinking processes, are being set which will determine the nature of a new and extraordinary destiny. Our survival as a thinking species and, as well, all living things upon the Earth, now hangs in the mercy of the Winds of Change . . . winds that no longer blow quiet warnings; rather they carry with them a somewhat foreboding message and always deliver a swift altering of our contrived reality through extremely volatile occurrences.

The Division Bell has rung and marks and denotes the polarities of consciousness as we experience conflicts within ourselves, our thoughts, moral values and the everyday dealing with a society that seems to suffer from a total absence of value and ethics. Society as a whole is drawn into the spin, created of a controlled media.”

“Disease and Pharmaceutical/Allopathic Medical Corruption: Many corrupt corporate demigods, who have plundered an unsuspecting world, sometimes defenseless third world populations, have created an entire generation of peoples addicted to their chemical dependencies, “Drugs for Health,” thus enslaving them, creating predictable life spans.

Finally, a quote from the section: “History Rewritten: Human Evolution and Starseed Movement: There will be a series of explorations revealing our true relation to those who come from the stars. At first these discoveries will be opposed by organized religions who will then embrace them in the face of proven scientific evidence. This will cause a further breaking down in the influence of traditional religious doctrines. The revealing of ancient documents and artifacts will be proof that the Nazarene’s influence upon mankind was far more involved and known amongst the world’s people than previously perceived.”

My intent with this column is to get us thinking outside the proverbial “Box” we have been conditioned to believe, by presenting the thoughts of those who I have learned to respect. Whether or not you choose to consider these ideas is your choice, of course.

Comments are certainly welcome, including critics, either here or at my e-mail address:  Other writings  by and materials from Michael Brine maybe viewed and here at:

Thank you. Be well.

Michael Brine

Fertile Imagination or Reality?

From Michael Brine

In his book, The Silent Road, by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole, c.1960, he wrote the following as his ‘Forward.’ In view of my more recent revelations relating to Off Worlders (Aliens, if you must!), it seems timely to quote this remarkable man once again, with whom I had the privilege of working, all too briefly, in 1961/62.

Wellesley Tudor Pole circa 1965

Wellesley Tudor Pole circa 1965

“Recognition of the truth or value of the supernatural experiences recorded in this book cannot be communicated by the author to his readers.

Awareness of reality must inevitably be reached interiorly. For this reason I have no desire to bring conviction to those who may regard what I have written as being incredible or the product of a fertile imagination. It is well, however, to remind ourselves occasionally that in almost every field of research the so called fantasies of yesterday often become the facts of today. The horizons of the mind are not fixed: they are expanding ceaselessly. Therefore it is suggested that what I have recorded should be read with a mind free from preconceived ideas or set opinions. The search for Truth is a personal and solitary adventure. All we can do is to share ideas with one another, in the hope that by doing so, the light of understanding may bring us a little nearer to Reality. In the long run it is through silence, and not through speech, that Revelation is received.”

~W.T.P., London, SW1, England, 1960

P.S. – Tudor Pole worked with the King and Churchill during the 2nd WW. It was he who started the Silent Minute in which the whole British Nation would stop at 9:00 each night before the news and send out prayers for peace. After the war, while questioning some of the German Gestapo Officers, one was asked, “Why do you think Germany lost the war?” His reply: “You had something we could not defeat – Your Silent Minute!”


Other sharings and writings by Michael Brine can be found at:

Why Does Evil Exist? A Guest Post from Paramahansa Yogananda

The problem of evil in human lives has always perplexed me. Paramahansa Yogananda writes extensively on, “The Role of Satan in God’s Creation.” I will periodically post more of his East/West teachings here. Quoted from: The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, By Paramahansa Yogananda

“An ideal existence is not impossible, but it is for a different time and realm reserved for those who have graduated from the learning assignments of earth life. For the ordinary man in his present stage of evolution, a life without difficulties would be of little value. No lessons of growth would be learned, no transformations of inflexible natures into Godly consciousness, no compelling incentives to seek and know one’s Maker.”

Lying to Myself

Not So Sweet

Not So Sweet

In a dream this morning, I was at a friend’s house, who was worried. She had cancer, and had learned that her house that was once worth $430,000 was now only worth $30,000. I was there, trying to help her figure out, or understand, how the house, too, had lost so much value. A guru came by. He sat and talked, walked around the house, pointed out the two sparkling pools, and waited to see if we, or even just one of us, would go with him. Neither of us had before I woke up.

In the dream, I was both the sick friend (I have a chronic illness) who lost all her net worth (I have), and the person trying to understand. How could this possibly happen—such extreme loss? The dream reflects my inability to be a wholehearted spiritual seeker because I am so involved in the physical/material world—not what I have, but what I have lost. (We can be attached either way.) Jesus Christ said it is easier for a man to fit through the eye of a needle than to give up his worldly goods. And, it is. It’s hard to have your physical and mental capabilities, and material-world net worth, stripped away while you’re strutting around. I guess me having them stripped away was the only way I would eventually acknowledge the truth. Continue reading

Was God Ever a Goddess?

I’ve wondered why, if we attend a church service during the day, we see mostly women. This is still true today, when many women also work outside the home. Is it easier for women to have faith that a divine hand is at work in our lives? Perhaps. It surely is easier to connect with the miraculous after two tiny seeds have grown together inside you to become a tiny person who, through another unique process, is specially delivered into our lives and unto the world. Maybe we tap the river of faith because we are generally more intuitive. Maybe the male of our species will become more intuitive as we make the shift in consciousness to a gentler way of expression. Maybe we females will gain more confidence and shift away from victimization and pleading for attention. 


GoddessIs a shift really happening? We find ourselves at the end of a 26,000 year cycle of time and that seems significant. What have we learned in the last 26,000 years? Somewhere along the way, we lost contact with the Divine Feminine and God became He Who Is All That Is, at least on our planet. How did that happen? Did some marauding, power-hungry man lead tens of thousands of soldiers across great continents, destroying temples dedicated to the Divine Mother? Did this marauder grow impatient with the ideas of compassion and cooperation and destroy the records of periods of peace? Did he pound his chest and say, “If there is a god, he’s male! These women had better come to their senses! All that I can see, wherever I am, is mine!” Evidence of God also as feminine is not abundant–though some does exist, enough to say yes, at some point a feminine God was worshipped on Earth and life was generally peaceful. Perhaps when her reign ended, the period of the Old Testament began.

We humans seem to project qualities of ourselves onto God. Is this why the squabbling Greek and Roman gods came to be? Did we make them up, or did they actually exist because the Great God of Love made them, too? To rule us because we had become animal-like war-makers? Who knows? All we can know for certain is that which we find in the quiet place of Love within. If we learn to tap peace, in the silence of the heart, and we spread our knowing, we will make a wonderful 26,000-year-shift into a higher way of being that means there is enough food, water, space, Love and compassion for all of us humans–because dynamic creativity has been unleashed.

An Intro to “Secrets of the Ancient World”

cayce bookI’ve been reading SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by Little and Van Auken. While most of Edgar Cayce’s (the Sleeping Prophet) readings were about healing for those who asked him for help, sometimes in explaining what was going on with them, information came about other subjects such as Creation and the fall from heaven.

While in a trance state, Cayce described the five root races. When spiritual, free-will companions of the Creator grew curious about the rest of creation, they projected themselves into a denser world and became the first root race. The second root race occurred when these fluid beings created humanoid forms, which they occupied.

Over millions of years, these humans lost more of their connection to the Creator and could no longer come and go out of the forms they created. They retained some of their spiritual powers, but used them mostly for selfish reasons. They created ‘things,’ thought-projections in animal/human and plant/human forms, to be their slaves. This period coincides with the origins of Atlantis, about 200,000 B.C. and they were the third root race.

The Intelligence that spoke through Cayce, says that Creation consisted of Continue reading