Our Suspicions Are Nearing Absurdity

I’ve decided to avoid any political debates or news reports about the coming elections. I mean, why bother? Politicians, pundits, lobbyists and expert-journalists are already so sure of their stances, there’s no room for hearing, for learning something new or learning from someone else. (You’re not listening if you’re thinking about what you’re going to say as soon as your opponent stops speaking.) A mindset of conservative vs. liberal is strongly in place and not just in America. But we Americans are really good at it–aren’t we?–so certain of ourselves and our opinions.

There was a time when people knew how to be civil, how to cooperate, how to care about everyone, how to respect others and how not to be so suspicious of the ‘other side.’ A friend of mine, a Christian conservative, believes that his difficulties are happening because God is making him stronger. People who have work and health insurance may have sold their souls, or some variation of this, to keep their jobs. In times of his personal prosperity, he is blessed by God; those who are suffering then should have been paying better attention to God’s laws. This is no way to live, so certain of our own convictions that we throw everyone else to the gutter, unwilling to see our own reflections in them.

Our opinions, our suspicions, are nearing the point of absurdity. The truth is, we are all so caught up in survival and/or acquiring and we spend so much time thinking about what is important to us, we can’t see the picture that is larger than ourselves. There are other people in the world!–each a child of God/Love/Great Spirit, each and every one loved by God, deserving respect for that reason alone. We are sisters and brothers, made from the same gene pool, cut from the same cloth, with only surface- variations like the color of our skin. We are created to embrace each other, to heal each other, to support each other. We are created for peace and togetherness but we have forgotten. Will any of our leaders hear the stories of our lives? Not in the current mindset, no, they won’t.

Earth: The Ultimate Testing Ground

We humans are complicated beings. We aren’t born, live and die like so many life forms of the animal, insect and plant kingdoms—we think and feel, have personal viewpoints and opinions about everything. We are two halves of a whole, one light and one dark, which means we have two possible outlooks going at all times. One part of us is connected, courageous and compassionate, while the other is separate, fearful and selfish. It is easy to see why we struggle so much.

I mentioned recently that I may never know the answer to my question, “Why are we born in physical bodies to grow closer to our Creator, a non-physical, spiritual being?” I received my answer last week: Earth is the ultimate testing ground for us and our shadow selves—how will we use our free will? We can do whatever we want to do. We can climb the high road or take the low road. We can give or we can take, use or misuse, shine our inner light or not.

Our shadow-selves, our whiny, wormy Gollum-selves are sneaky. We can believe we’re solidly planted on a spiritual path–for years–only to come across yet another layer of wants or beliefs that are running, dodging and looking for cover, hoping our higher selves won’t see them. (We can’t hide, nor do we need to, from our higher selves.)

No matter how many times our ‘Gollum’ side gets the best of us, we stand and straighten, shake it off, and remember that we are also like the loving, selfless hobbit, ‘Frodo,’ the other half of us who gets the job of ‘knowing ourselves’ done. The complete answer to my question (above) is: Earth is the ultimate testing ground for us and our shadow selves—how will we use our free will? And, as we live and learn, we grow into the tremendous potential of our true selves and find our purpose for being.