Have Faith in Your Life and Yourself, A Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

Have faith in your life and faith in yourself. There is nothing to fear. A way will be made for you, but first, you must make a clear decision and act upon it. For faith is not enough.

 Faith must be followed by activity. It is not enough to know of events; one must take action to help the internal dreams to be manifested into physical reality.

Within us all lies the seeds to our destruction, but also within each heart, lies the seeds to one’s reconstruction as a human being–from one driven by fear to one driven by love. It is each person’s responsibility to live in a way that nurtures and supports the good within. It takes effort to weed a garden so the plants grow healthy and strong.

 There are no techniques or devices or systems that will lead one to one’s deliverance from human suffering. This has been a misunderstanding for many thousands of years. Only through right action will one evolve into a true human being. Change one’s behavior by living in a way that enriches and supports a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Be responsible and part of the human community and have no concern for all the false ones who teach fear and lack of concern for their fellow humans. Live by example. Give your love freely. For, in freedom is grown a loving and kind heart.

Do not despair for yourself or others. You will have just what you need, just when you need it. All future events cannot and will not be revealed. It is best just to accept what life has to offer to you and join with the Creator in creating a world that is better suited for kind-hearted, loving human beings. For as long as the dishonest and hate-filled ones rule, life in this world will always be filled with sadness and disappointment.

©  M.N. Hopkins

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Connection, Compassion and Love, A Guest Post By Michael Brine, Mike Hopkins and Maggie

As difficult as the news is every day, as much as the media has a need to keep us informed of dark, depressing matters, there is equal goodness all around us. (I know that a good deal of us have suffered losses that can only be measured in tears, and that the pain can linger. When enough time has passed, we take little steps back into life, working up the courage to take a swing at living again. I guess that’s the point–that we all know what loss is and yet, most of us get through it and carry on anyway. Really, what are our alternatives?)

Here my amazing online friends share here their tender stories of connection, compassion and love, for wherever there is union and healing, there is Love. We must all remember our own stories of care and goodness, both given and received, and we must share them, for they are needed now. We must share our stories until they become a Love-tsunami more powerful than any of the physical kind. The miracle of being alive now is the miracle of healing. We are all called to share great Love and oneness with each other and All That Is. We are called!

Here is a correspondence between Mike Hopkins, Michael Brine and Maggie. Continue reading

See Change as an Opportunity, a Guest Post from Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

See change as an opportunity, rather than as a hardship to bear.

You have all brought upon yourselves these natural and unnatural disasters. It is now time to take responsibility and act in a mature and self-reliant manner.

There are those who believe that science or technology will light the way of tomorrow. These are tools to be used to gather and store information, so you can see where there is a great need in your world for the development of Man.

For in our haste to develop new technologies, new industries, new devices with which to develop and manufacture material goods, Man has forgotten to cultivate his own inner world, his own inner strength and wisdom.

Now, there are many weak and delusional souls who propose to know the way, but they do nothing more than project their own ills out onto the world. For Man must begin to develop his emotional balance and think in new ways: No longer a predator, a hunter-gatherer of information that is used to produce income to further his own material development at the expense of all other creatures on our planet.

For the time has come for Man to begin to use his mind and imagination to solve his emotional and psychological problems, which have resulted in an outer landscape as scarred and distorted as the inner landscape of Man.

Few will hear the call. Few are called and even fewer will accept a new way.

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I Pledge Allegiance to Mother Earth, by Mike Hopkins

By Mike Hopkins

Note: Beautiful, Mike! I make the pledge. How about you, dear reader?

The Day of the Prophet is Over, A Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

By M. N. Hopkins

The day of the Prophet is over. Now is the time for all to be a professor of truth.

Now is the time to trust in your own inherent goodness and strength.

No years of study are required; no classes or seminars needed; no gurus are necessary.

For you are your own greatest guru. Yes, yourSelf is the great revealer of Light.

YourSelf, the infuser of great spiritual strength and stamina. Non other.

The day of the Prophet is over. Now, is the time for all to be a professor of truth.

Now, is the time to trust in your own inherent goodness and strength.

Now is the time to listen to your own Inner Voice. 

Now is a time of great liberation. 

Freedom arrives with the dawn. 

Freedom arrives with the coming of the Light.

Basil Bug Repellent, a Guest Tip from Mike Hopkins


Mike Hopkins found this tip at http://www.stepintomygreenworld.com
Basil Bug Repellent

Says Mike: I have first hand experience with using Basil Oil to repel wasps who had been looking to make a home on our balcony. I sprinkled a few drops in the area where they were landing and they took off in flight.  They came back a few days later and I refreshed the drops and after that they decided our balcony wasn’t a good place for them to build their nest that summer.

Courtesy of: Stranger in a Strange Land 

Faith or Fear?

By M.N. Hopkins

This inspirational poem was written by Mike Hopkins in 1998, before a lecture. He included it in a series of inspirational writings that were published in 2002. He put it into poetic form and republished it recently on his blog, http://mnhopkins.blogspot.se.


fear-or-faithFaith renews

Faith restores 

Faith opens the doorway to one’s heart 

And one’s freedom from fear 

For where there is faith 

There is love, 

And where there is love

Fear cannot exist. 


Go in faith 

And you open a gateway 

To a new kind of living. 


That many have dreamed about 

For countless centuries

Return to the Now, a Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

Boy MeditatingBy Mike Hopkins

Prepare. Yes, prepare for the days ahead. Days of trials in fire and renewal of the Earth by waters rising.

Hard days, some might say, difficult days. All we will say is necessary days if Mankind is to continue on the path of evolution or evolvement into half human, half God.

Mans’ destiny from the beginning of time. Now, soon to be fulfilled in human time.
Man has chosen this although the ego will say not.

Man was once the ruler of ego and lived amongst all creatures both seen and unseen. Then a separation occurred and Man forgot what he truly was and why he had come into this existence known as being human.
Now, the time of remembrance draws near.

Man will once again recall what he really is and why he has chosen to incarnate into human form.
Balance will return again to Man. A balance you call between Heaven and Earth. A balance we just call, “our natural state of being”.

A madness has overtaken the human form but as with all illness, health returns when left to its’ own natural course.
Illness can be seen as nothing more than a non-alignment with Nature and the Soul or what can also be called the Self.

Some call it a higher Self, some call it ones’ higher nature, some call it the best part of ones’ humanity, we just call it oneself.
If seen from our point of view, a Self at play creating a life story. If seen from yours, a being struggling to survive in a harsh world.

It is all a matter of perspective. You look forward, we look back and where we meet is the eternal Now of Creation.
From the Now, past and future co-exist together with no division or separation.

The Now is the great revealer and equalizer.
The Now is both the seeds of possibility as well as the fruits of your labors here on Earth.

The Now is the quickest, safest and shortest route to ones’ Glory.
Being in the Now opens countless doors of opportunity as well as countless possibilities of being and doing.

Christ lived in the Now and brought forth great possibility as well as opportunity for Mankind to develop and evolve into something greater than yourselves.

Christ lived in the Now and great healings occurred. Healing is born in the Now.

A healthy past can be returned to and at the same time, a healthy future can be entered into.

Love returns in the Now.

Life returns in the Now.

All that one is, has been, and ever will be, returns and meets in the Now and this is why being in the Now brings about miracles of healing or miracles of change within the human organism.

Your psychologies are based upon dwelling on or digging into the past. This is why it is an ineffective system that often does more harm than good. Not that the practitioners are not well intended, but when did good intentions alone, without real knowledge and skills, ever bring about great internal changes in the human psyche?

If they rather brought their patients to the Now, then miracles would occur and a true healing of both body and mind would occur.

It’s the same with medical science. Rather than treat a person by looking at what is occurring now in a body, the practitioners look at past histories and family genetics which is not the place to look if healing is to occur.

This will change in time. Man will again remember knowledge that was long forgotten yet still resides in the Now. Mankind will also remember knowledge developed far into what you call the future and bring this back to the Now.

So, now perhaps you understand if not consciously, than unconsciously, the power of the Now. If Mankind began to access knowledge from the Now, then great progress would be made in all the sciences. Man would and will discover or uncover knowledge that is always available since past and future occur simultaneously within the Now of Creation.

So, now do you understand the power of the Now?

Now, for a moment we live in the Now.



Some Say the End is Near, A Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

Some say that the end is near.

The end of what?

Is not eternity never ending?

Perhaps one might say that the end of false rule

and false rulers is near.

The end of misidentification of what is truly important

in life and living within human community.

An end to dependencies upon others.

A new start of depending on ones’ Self for

strength, for support, for guidance.

An end of misdirection.

A start of directing ones’ intent upon strength and wisdom rather than the words and misdeeds of others.

Yes, it is You who will save you.

Not others.

For others are other than the Source of your inspiration.

Your Source of inspiration resides within yourSelf.

Your Self that is connected to both Heaven and Earth.

That gains strength and support from these Sources of inspiration.

Turn your focus away from others to supply your needs.

This is a form of theft and one that is so common among humankind.

A theft of energy.

A misalignment and misdirection.

For, there is nothing to take from another.

All resides within your Self.

All strength, all courage, all wisdom and all love.

All is Self- contained and easy to access when one changes ones’ focus from the other to oneself.

Much of your conflicts, your pain and your misunderstandings stem from this misalignment with Self.

Self is content.

Self is secure.

Self is aware of the dangers and limitations of being in human form while at the same time accepting life as it is within human community.

Self seeks knowledge and understanding.

Self seeks wisdom.

Self seeks Itself.

Self is the creator and the created.

Self works in unison with the Will of Heaven as well as the Will of the Mother.

Self nourishes and enriches.

Self completes.

Align yourself with Self and see the change that will occur.

Bring balance back into your being.

Respect and revere both Heaven and Earth as All That There Is.

You will come back to your natural state of being.

You will see balance return to your body and mind.

Emotions will flow uninterrupted and run their course.

Health and vitality will return to the human body organism.

Your senses shall be keener yet calmly in use.

Your heart will beat with the rhythm of the Earth and balance will return to all systems both inner and outer reflections of your human mind.

Life will return and as It does a new way of living will evolve quickly upon your planet.

Ride out the storm and the calm of its’ passing will establish itself within your being.

Let go of the pain, the irritations, and the frustrations of your misaligned past living and embrace your new found way of living.

Feel joy return and feel the goodness with yourself.

Be not afraid to accept the truth of these words.

Let go and let Goodness surround you and fill you with Its’ strength and certainty in your everyday living.

No longer a burden to those around you or near to you, but supporting yourself and bathing in the knowing that you have arrived at a crossroad, a choice, a new possibility and a new way of living in human community.

Know this to be true.

And so will it be.

M.N. Hopkins

Awaken to the Truth of Man: You are Good, A Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

Message from December 11, 2011
By Mike Hopkins
BLOG: Stranger in a Strange Land

This is a time of a great awakening to the truth of Man.
No longer will a few hide easily in the dark shadows and direct the affairs of Man.
For many have heard and answered the call to service and will not accept the slavery offered by the few, but will seek the fruits of their own labours upon this Earth.
A great collapse is in order and will pave the way for a new way of living within human community.  A sharing of food and resources and more than this, an opening of heart to heart which will further facilitate an opening in the communal heart of Man.
It has been centuries since Mankind has been connected one to the other.  This is the ache that has persisted due to not only the arrogance of Man, but to the acceptance of false values imposed upon the natural order.
The illusion was created long ago and has been maintained by a few of dark determination.  Soon, their reign ends and begins the reign again of Man upon the Earth.
Man again free from the yokes of tyranny imposed in an unnatural manner.  Now, the images of old will be shattered and men and women will come back to their own good senses and live again in shared community.
Heart links to heart and flows begin with small groups as well as large groups.  Love and kindness again reign upon the Lands and the Lands will be free to co-operate one with the other just as the individual will co-operate one with the other.
This is a dream no longer, but a budding reality.  A great renewal occurs and not just of a few, but of the many.  No longer deceived and lead astray.  Now lead by the heart’s intentions as well as the heart’s delight.
Now, a call has been answered and many can now hear the truth as it shows it’s glowing smile.  A truth that says, “Mankind is glorious beyond words and a creator of such things of beauty.”
Now, accept your goodness and let that goodness join with that of others and as more connect to their inherent goodness, more will be connected to the Goodness from which all on your Earth vibrates with.
This Goodness will free you and help you to enter into new forms of human community in which all have worth and all are allowed to express their own inherent talents, abilities, and gifts to be shared.
It is in the sharing that Mankind will be healed and awakened from the illusions of today.
Share your voices, share your hands, share your hearts delight and reason and love will again flourish upon the Lands.
Listen to the sounds of silence and be healed.  Open a gateway to your hearts dreams and be free of this artificial reality created by the few, but allowed by the many.
Feel love and feel loved again.
Be at peace and thrive upon your planet.

Was it a Dream or a Meeting in a Place Between Worlds? a Guest Post by Mike Hopkins

Lokata Sioux Brave courtesy of http://www.theparadisegallery.com/shop

By Mike Hopkins   http://mnhopkins.blogspot.com/  email: mnhopkins@faith-restored.com

I will now share a dream that I had many years ago. It was during a period in which I had very elevated blood pressure and was in an anger that was bordering on rage and had begun to cause me problems in my personal and professional life. I was not so far gone that I lost all concern for myself and decided that it was time to make a change within myself. In sharing this dream experience I hope that you, too, benefit by adding my experience to your own insights regarding the help that can come through our sleep time and filter through into our everyday realities.

In the dream I was a tall and thin Native American Indian of the Great Plains region. I thought of the Lakota Sioux nation, but I’m not sure of this. It was just a feeling that I had after reflecting on the dream.

I believe the time period was at the end of the Indian wars with the whites, perhaps because 1879 sticks in my head when I think about it. I had two eagle feathers in my long dark hair. I was a very angry young man repeating my thoughts over and over to an Elder Native American who was clothed in simple modern clothing. My words were that the whites had stolen our culture and killed all the ones that I loved and destroyed our life way. I remember being part of a final battle against the whites to save our way of life. I also knew that I had died in that battle and all that I honoured and loved was soon to be lost.

I was with a young white, blond-haired woman of European descent who wore a leather hand-worked Indian dress with beautiful beading. The Man told her to go into the house and leave us two to talk. She walked into a very small shack of the type I have seen on reservations in Northern Michigan, but more run down. These are prefab houses that I have seen in photos of such places as the Pine Ridge Reservation in the Plains area back home in the States. The setting looked exactly as it would in modern
time in the Great Plains area of the United States.

The Elder and I sat and talked by a fire or better, I talked. He patiently listened and then got up and said to me, “You talk too much.” He began to dance in a circle, chanting and singing and then white feathers came raining down gently from the sky as I watched in amazement. My anger began to disappear and I was filled with a calm and peace that I had only had brief glances at before this time.

I woke up from the dream and the peace stayed with me. In fact, I had a peace that stayed with me for over six months after the dream. My anger disappeared and I had a very calm, patient, and positive outlook toward myself and others.

At the time of the dream I had known very little of Native American culture. In the years after I began to read literature in this area, the best books being written by T.E. Mails. I read several of his books and this opened my eyes to many of the old cultural
beliefs and traditions of Native American People. The books that touched me the deepest were his Fools Crow and Fools Crow, Wisdom and Power books. It was in these books that I had seen pictures that matched what I saw in my dream and learned that when a Holy Man or Medicine Man gives a healing that sometimes white feathers appear from nowhere and rain down in the area of the ceremony. I also learned that warriors were given eagle feathers as medals to honor them for their courage in battle and that these were worn in the hair in the same fashion that I observed in my dream.

I had also met some Native Americans during my years in New England and gained further insight into certain behaviors that were reflected in my dream. This often happens in my dreams and visions and writings. I am given information or see scenes that I am unfamiliar with and later do research or just happen to find documented information that supports what I had been told or shown many years before.

Another reflection that I had was how the past and future had met in my dream and an old wound from a former incarnation may have been healed by a Holy Man from modern times and that I could receive the benefits in my ‘now.’

Over the years I have often prayed before bedtime and asked for transformational dreams that would change my sour moods or heal an emotional or physical problem of the moment and oftener than not, my attitude or health were greatly improved upon rising the following morning.

In this dream I was transformed and healed overnight by a Medicine Man or Holy Man that I had never met in physical life and the power of the moment has never left my memory. Perhaps you, too, have your own stories to share and already have knowledge of the power and healing that can occur in the dream world, or what I sometimes refer to as that place between worlds.