Speaking with Crow, Coyote and Hawk

American Crow, courtesy of birdsgallery.net/american-crow

American Crow, courtesy of birdsgallery.net/american-crow

I had an intense ‘nature’ experience when I went home to visit family in December. My mom and I came out of an office building where we had stopped to see a friend. Just as we climbed into the car, what must have been a hundred crows, maybe more, flew toward the reflective building. They were coming toward us from behind, but it seemed like they were also coming toward us from inside the mirrored building. It was like a special effects scene from a movie and struck me deeply. The crows landed on the roof of the building; my mom looked at me and said, “That’s a bad omen.”

I can’t remember exactly what I answered. It was something like, “Not necessarily, mom. Crows represent wisdom, the dark womb of creation and magic. They do bring messages, though. It could be a message.”

I thought later, What a warning it was!

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