Connection, Compassion and Love, A Guest Post By Michael Brine, Mike Hopkins and Maggie

As difficult as the news is every day, as much as the media has a need to keep us informed of dark, depressing matters, there is equal goodness all around us. (I know that a good deal of us have suffered losses that can only be measured in tears, and that the pain can linger. When enough time has passed, we take little steps back into life, working up the courage to take a swing at living again. I guess that’s the point–that we all know what loss is and yet, most of us get through it and carry on anyway. Really, what are our alternatives?)

Here my amazing online friends share here their tender stories of connection, compassion and love, for wherever there is union and healing, there is Love. We must all remember our own stories of care and goodness, both given and received, and we must share them, for they are needed now. We must share our stories until they become a Love-tsunami more powerful than any of the physical kind. The miracle of being alive now is the miracle of healing. We are all called to share great Love and oneness with each other and All That Is. We are called!

Here is a correspondence between Mike Hopkins, Michael Brine and Maggie. Continue reading

Angel-Cats, A Guest Post by Michael Hopkins and Magi

As all animal lovers know, there is much more to our pets than meets the eye— and much more potential for unique relationships and experiences than we may think. My online buddy, Michael Brine, received the fascinating short animal stories below from friends and has shared them with us. May we all recognize our angel-animals for who they are.

Ollie, enjoying the sun

By Michael Hopkins
“I had an interesting experience with my old cat friend, Ollie, at work yesterday.
At break time I often sit on a sofa in the break room with one or more cats that live in the horse stable.  Often it is just old sleepy Ollie–a very old cat with a dull coat who moves slowly in an almost old feeble way. I often think that he will be dying soon.
Yesterday he sat against my left hip on the sofa. I gently petted him or rested my left hand on him or just let him be at my side in peace.
As he sat at my side, I had the thought, “Why don’t we just sit together without any give and take–just in friendship?” The energy between us totally changed; I could feel what I call divine energy where our bodies met. This went on for about 10 minutes and eventually Ollie got up and jumped off the sofa, but in a different way. He walked like a lion on the prowl, alert and full of energy.  He even looked cocky to me.  Also, about five years younger.

Later I reflected on this and thought, “No being superior to the other. No hierarchy. No man as superior, taking dominion over the critters–‘I master–you animal.’  No demands or expectations or competitions–just two together enjoying the moment.
I have not had much liking of cats most of my life. Never liked them at all, except when I was under two or three, when we visited my Aunt K’s and Uncle C’s farm in Tennessee and there were many barn cats running around to play with.  At that time, I loved them all.  This is when I believe I healed a kitten or raised it from the dead and gave my Aunt K an awful fright. 

This work experience with animals has been very good for me.  I have always been fond of dogs and have had good relations with them. I like all three cats that live in the barn, and Ollie is the one I’m closest to. Not only cats, but goats, sheep, rabbits and horses, none of which I have been very fond of during most of my lifetime, but I now genuinely like them all.    

Magi's new, equal, friend

By Magi

Absolutely wonderful story from Michael Hopkins. I have a new cat and have never met anything quite like it in my life. She is totally “equal” and made that clear the first day. She comes and stares intently into my eyes for minutes and minutes at a time, then makes a happy sound and climbs my inside tree, sitting there like the Cheshire cat. 

Some of my most profound experiences have been with cats.  Once a kitten even materialized in an apartment room where no animals were EVER seen. I was at the end of my proverbial rope and fell on the bed sobbing. The kitten literally materialized beside me, staying all night, purring gently. In the morning it had disappeared and I was sober–honestly.  

Another very practical friend, a nurse, had been waiting for a bus when she got off her nightshift in Vancouver years ago. She was alone in the kiosk and a crazy-looking man carrying some sort of metal instrument came down the street towards her. Suddenly a large German Shepherd dog was at her side, snarling and barking. The man ran away. Andrea swore on her life that the dog, which also disappeared, had been one she had owned and loved as a child. Stranger things have happened.

And someone else told me of a nurse who did hospice work in her spare time. One of the women who was near death was a cantankerous character who admitted she had never really loved anyone in her life. The nurse was concerned, having experienced people just about to pass over looking into space joyously and saying, “Oh there’s “… (loved one’s name.)  What would happen to someone who didn’t have a beloved person on the other side? Well just before the lady died, she did indeed sit upright, her face alight, and said, “Oh, there’s Skippie!” Yup, it was a dog she had as a child and had mentioned just once to the nurse.

These stories delight me and prove again that love does “prevail.”

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