When We Get Past This . . .

I never had a problem with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I figure God created the whole universe, so whether He or She made us to evolve from animals, or we were simply planted here one day, or we were created through some mysterious process currently unknown to us, doesn’t seem to matter so much. Whatever our Creator’s plan is, I’m certain it’s much more expansive than anything we can grasp, at least for now.

There’s still so much that both science and religion don’t know, and I think it’s far more honest to acknowledge this and say, “You know, we really don’t understand how this (or that) happened. Everything’s a theory at this point.” If any of us ever do stumble upon ‘the truth,’ it will probably be the physicists. Even now, they’ve discovered we consist of vibrating atoms that are made up of mostly empty space. Isn’t that cool? Is the empty space where our souls reside? I don’t know, but why not tell our school children the truth and encourage them to (ad)venture forth and discover?

I think we’re spiritual beings with the potential for insights and powers so wonderful that the next hundred years of discoveries could boggle our minds–if we can plow through the current wave of darkness sweeping over America. It’s as if a heavy dark blanket is smothering our country, pressing the ‘heart’ out of us. We need to remember: It is only a dark blanket. It is nothing compared to the Light emanating toward us from the heavens, inspiring the sparks of light residing in our souls.

When we get past this, we will look back at world history, at egomania and war and shake our heads, because we have mostly lived like animals, with ‘survival of the fittest’ our credo. In our future, I can see a planet where the hopes and dreams of a woman holding her sick child somewhere in Africa are as important to me as mine are. I mean, why am I more important than her? Why are you? Why should her child not have a safe environment, a decent home, clean water and good food to grow a healthy mind and body?

Maybe ‘survival of the fittest’ was a reaction to this darkness, but we’ve nearly destroyed our beautiful world in so living. Our future is ripe with possibility to transcend the mess we’ve made, to make the next evolutionary leap. We probably still won’t know everything (that would be boring, anyway), but maybe we’ll work out how to get along, how to make sure every soul has a loving environment, a family and friends, access to education, health care and meaningful work. Maybe our condition won’t be measured by our material wealth, but by our spiritual wealth. Now that’s a dream of the heart worth focusing on.

To Turn Around and Look Up

yellow flower  blue sky hdrEvery breath we take is a gift, a gift granted and monitored by a Force so inexplicably generous and kind, we can’t even imagine it. Every moment in the here-and-now is a gift so grand, it cannot be measured. We move about in our lives: We go to bed and rise, we work and play, love and fear, we try to be good or try to be bad–whatever—but we are ill equipped to fully realize the grace we’ve been given.

Even when we give thanks to God for our lives, really meaning it, it is a small thing in relationship to the gift. We are like characters in a play, in which we struggle with not knowing who we are, where we come from, or how the heck we got here. And life itself seems to suck up the very time we are given for seeking our answers. We can’t even get enough sleep.

There is more, though, hidden beyond a window with the shade pulled down. We notice it every so often because a very bright light pours in from around the shade’s edges. Sometimes we decide we’re going over there to check it out, but the phone rings, or our eldest shoves her brother off the top bunk, or our report is due at 7:30 sharp and if we know what’s good for us, we’ll get it done!

Thus is life. It’s busy. But it is meant to be more. When things get really hard, we need to know that God is with us. We may feel lost in the crowd, but our Creator holds each of us in the palm of His hand. All we have to do is turn around and look up. God is always with us, ever present, never absent, but because He gave us the power to choose our own path, we have to ask for help. Sometimes the problems are bigger than us, the losses too great, and we simply have to let the shade up.

Grandfather, Tell Me About Spirit, Short Fiction by Pam Bickell

Grandfather“Grandfather, tell me about Spirit,” the young boy with jet black hair asked.

“What is it you wish to know, grandson?”

“How do we know Spirit is with us?”

“Close your eyes, grandson,” the old man with long white hair said. “Breathe deeply and focus on the sounds of nature. What do you hear?”

“I hear birds, blue jays squawking and some chickadees singing.”

“What else do you hear?”

“Nothing—“ the boy said.

“Breathe deeply. Quiet your mind. Listen again. Can you hear the wind in the leaves?”

“I can! But I didn’t hear it before.” He opened his eyes.

“You weren’t listening with your Spirit ears, grandson. You are made of Spirit; all living things are. To know Spirit is with us, we must use our Spirit heart and our Spirit eyes and our Spirit ears. Now, close your eyes again. Listen with your Spirit ears. What do you hear?”

“I hear more birds singing. I hear a whitetail moving somewhere behind us! I hear a jack rabbit. Grandfather, I think I hear some ants crawling. That’s impossible!” The boy’s eyes flew open.

Grandfather chuckled. “Nothing is impossible, grandson. With Spirit, everything is connected. We are connected to the deer, the rabbits and the ants and they are connected to us. Now, close your eyes again,” the old man said. “Grow quiet; breathe very deeply. When I touch your forehead, slowly open your eyes. Do not be surprised by what you see. This is what Spirit looks like.” Grandfather touched the boy’s forehead and he slowly opened his eyes. His jaw dropped and he looked at Grandfather.

“It’s light! Everything is made of light!” He looked down at his body. “I’m made of light! How did you do that, grandfather?”

“No one can see the light unless they want to see it. Over time and with practice at quieting our minds, we become one with all of life and we can see the Spirit in everything. I have shown you this so that you will know Spirit is everywhere, in all things, at all times. You are never alone.” Grandfather touched the boy’s forehead again and he could no longer see the light in everything. “Now it is your time to quiet your mind, your time to see Spirit in everything.”

“Grandfather?” the boy asked, touching the old man’s knee.

“Yes, grandson?”

“How can I thank you?”

“See, over there,” he said, nodding his head.

“The wood pile?” the boy asked.

“Yes. You can thank me by stacking those logs in the woodshed.”

“All right, grandfather,” the boy said, shaking his head. “You got me again!” They both laughed and the boy ran off.

“Thank you, Great Spirit. It is time for an old man to nap,” he said, smiling to himself.

Is the Freedom to Do Really Free?

Questioning WizardOne day when he was in high school, my middle son and I were discussing life, behaviors and effects. I had said something about the free will given us by our Creator and he said, “But, mom, how can it be free will when whatever we do comes back on us?” I had to laugh and said, “Ahhh, you’ve jumped right to the crux of the matter.”

And he had. Is the right, the power, to create whatever we want really free? It is and it isn’t. It is in the sense that we can do whatever we want while on Earth. It isn’t in that our actions have results. When we like the results, we experience satisfaction, perhaps even joy. When we don’t like the results, we might shake our fists at the sky, thinking, “You’re not the boss of me! I’m in charge here and I want what I want!”

Cursing our Creator isn’t an answer. It doesn’t ease our frustrations or solve our problems. We humans are a product of a universe made by Love and all of life is ruled by Love’s universal laws, such as: Life is a journey of small steps by which we gain wisdom; we can think about the past or worry about the future, but we can only live, grow and make changes right now; and, of course, the law of free will: We can use our free will to do good or cause harm. We can act from compassion and the wisdom we’ve gained from our living; or act out of envy, fear, greed or ego mania—and the results are opposite of each other.

Why? Everything has a level of density and vibration, differing levels of pulsing masses. Dark, pounding vibrations cannot merge with dancing light. Each fits with matter like itself. If we have been plotting revenge or using or hurting others to get what we want, we’re immersed in dark vibrations and what happens to us will be of dark vibrations. If we have been feeling the urge to make peace with someone or make amends, to give or share, to make a difference or show compassion, we are in and will experience vibrations of light. One state of being is natural to our souls, our God-sparks; the other is not and we suffer.

Apparently, we humans have been made in such a way that we, our souls, are eternal, but we can only grow beyond our ‘fall to Earth’ while in physical (Earth) bodies. Maybe that makes sense. If we were beings of light who chose to become physical beings to experiment with creative powers, it makes sense that we must work our way Home from the place we chose to do our own thing. Thus, we incarnate again and again to finally become whole, growing back into oneness with the divine, with each other and with all of life.

Our Perception of Reality and What is Real May Be Two Different Things

Beauty in ASky 1999I was thinking this morning about grandparents, my mom specifically, and all the practicalities and bits of wisdom she has taught to her grandkids. My mom still works, so her availability is not about hours in the day. It’s about knowing that life is so short and that the effect of sharing tender moments of connection will help her beloveds carry on through life’s tough spots after she is gone. And all of us are blessed to take those very same memories of connection to the other side.

The difference between action and experience is like the difference between our perception of what appears to be the real world and what is the real world. While we’re caught up in it we can’t see the bigger picture, but with some time and hard-knocks we begin to understand: There is more here than meets the eye. There is an entire universe of happenings, micro-atoms vibrating at differing rates of speed, creating other dimensions of experience. Most of these worlds are invisible to us because we’re vibrating at the speed of Earth. But even on Earth, we can make shifts in our awareness and see beyond our mundane world. And that is the point: We’re here to grow so that we may again live in the Light.

I believe it was Edgar Cayce who said that we humans ‘fell’ from the Light and that we’re currently living in a period of God’s Great Rescue of children who moved away from creating within the Whole to creating our own spaces. Creating is fun—dazzlingly so!—but some of us created dark spaces and wow, can we ever see that darkness reflected on Earth. Dominance is the ultimate goal in dark spaces, but even there the joke is on the ‘dominant.’ The only real power is Love. Dominance is a false, empty state that can be undone by one touch of unconditional Love. If this weren’t true, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin L. King, Jr. would not have succeeded in their efforts to bring light and Love to our world to heal abhorrent imbalances.

The real world is hidden--in plain sight.

The real world is hidden–in plain sight.

We don’t have to fall for the fake world. We don’t have to rush through life. We can slow down and ask to see Truth—what is it within us prompting us always to go within, look deeply, to smile, serve, Love and heal? We are dual beings with light selves and shadow selves. We need to ask why our shadow selves receive so much of our attention and energy and what we can do to change this. Why? It is our destiny.

We’re living in a relatively brief moment of time of great endings and beginnings, when doors and windows from a dark, craggy mountain to a lighter way of being have been thrown open for us. Of course, we don’t have to pass through them now. We are beloved children of God with the right to live however we want. We can maneuver and fight and suffer for hundreds, thousands, more lifetimes if we want to. Or we can choose growth, self-compassion and peace and take a door or jump through a window—into the light of Love. It is time, wouldn’t you agree?

I’d Rather Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven

I was thinking this morning about the most important things in life. What are they? We have so little time to become wise, to know by the end, what is valuable and what is not. Being financially successful is of great importance on our world, but if we’ve taken something that isn’t ours, or hurt or used other people along the way, our success will be seen differently on the other side.

In a contemplative mood, we may be shown a parade of the people we have hurt, but if this doesn’t happen while we are still active, we see them before we draw our last breath. Is seeing what we’ve done important? Yes; the turning points of our lives, whether “good” or “bad,” are seared into our souls. We don’t forget then, and when we are born the next time, we do better. The purpose of our lives is to connect with each other and beyond, to help each other from our shining souls, which are seeds of Love given us from the Great Loving Being at the center of the universe.

Love is important: love of life, love of family and friends—but what is love? Does love transcend our personal lives? Love made the universe and Love made us. Why? And if Love made everything, why is there so much darkness in our world? I think of us Earthlings as those who rejected Love in some way, the souls who chose, “My Way,” over the “Way of Love.” We are strong in our nature of wanting to be the boss: “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven,” or “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.” Is being the boss why we’re here, though? Being responsible for ourselves is half the reason. The other half is to un-reject Love, to choose the way Home, the place of joy, of being Light, and of oneness with All That Is.


You Create Your Future, a Guest Post from the 11:11 Progress Group

Alabama USA
December 16, 2010
Received by Oscar

Teacher: “There is a lot of uncertainty in these times due to economic concerns. These are the moments some use to take advantage of the fear in their fellows, and attempt to foster more fear with fatalistic forecasts in order to strengthen their control. Many of you follow the news closely and observe how everything seems to be getting worst.

“You should know that you are the masters of your destiny. It is you who can decide what next will happen in this world. You are the ones who can create your future today. The decisions of the past — your collective decisions — have brought you here. Will you keep thinking the same thoughts and employing the same methods expecting different results?

“In a society as globalized as the present society on Urantia, the mistakes are no longer just the responsibility of a few leaders. Many countries have democratic systems to varying degrees. Many leaders of the most powerful nations are elected by the majorities in their respective countries. It is the duty of every citizen to be informed about the policies and the way of thinking of the leaders they are voting for, since through their being elected they decide the course of action they are supporting, and they are creating the world that will meet future generations.

“This is only the first step, but one that is often ignored by those who don’t take the time to inform themselves, and later blame their governments for the policies implemented — policies which they supported with their votes. The next and more important step is the internal progress — spiritual elevation — where each individual attempts to be better through the intelligent adoration of the Celestial Father and through the progressive communion with the presence of the Father in the heart and mind of each individual. This is the true engine that will move progress of civilization to heights not yet conceived in this world, when the government of men will move aside to install the government of God on Earth, because every human being would have reached self-mastery, self-governance, and will be motivated to serve their fellows by the spontaneous love that overflows each heart. On that day all problems will disappear.

“The solution to the problems of today, the complex problems festering in this sphere, depend only on a personal decision of each person in this world, or a significant majority. When a human being decides to search for the Father within, and therefore starts to become the best he or she can be, a new step forward is made towards the age of Light and Life in this world. This is the task facing each one of you today to improve the world you live in. Make your decision.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


Your Part in the Great Cosmic Story

If you knew you had an important part to play in the unfolding world drama, would you change anything about the way you live? What if you (all that you thought, felt and did) were the last person who tipped the scales in one direction or another? This is how important we each are, how important you are.

It is true we are individuals with free will, but we are also child-souls of the Force that created the universe and that means we are an integral part of something much, much larger than ourselves. Isn’t this an amazing story? What better part could we have? Earth holds her position in space for us, providing us with food and water and shelter and awe-inspiring beauty that reflects our Creator. Our sun is placed so that we neither freeze nor burn. The moon lights our nights, whispering her secrets to those who will listen for the sacred magic in our world.

We are made of light and darkness. What does this mean? It means our journeys are a mixed bag of light and darkness and that, until we ask, we will stumble and fall a lot. Is the waking world the real world? Is the dream world of sleep the real world? Is the real world a place we cannot see because we are caught up in this story?

We each need to find out, because history bears witness that we’ve been warring, even animal-like people. A lot. We are more than war, or self-centered monsters who must have our own way. We are child-souls of the Universe, and we each have an important part to play in bringing peace to our lives and to our planet. Why not seek the truth? Why not get along with others? Why not care? Why not love?

The Urge to Merge

Before we embark on a spiritual journey, it’s very easy to feel like we’re stuck, spinning out of control. There is a veil between us and the Light and if we never get to the point where we need answers, we’re distraught and feel abandoned. Why the veil? Good question; I think it has something to do with our free-will status. We choose to live in the separate state of being until we decide we want—we need—to merge. But, merge with what or whom?

I think of each of us as two beings, one personality-based, a Little Self; and one our Divine spark, a Higher Self. Our Little Selves desire, demand and spend their energy figuring out how to get what they want. Our Higher Selves see far beyond me-me-me and seek the embrace of the Divine, however we are nudged. We each have a pathway to the Light, specifically designed for us. That’s why non-acceptance of another’s life or spiritual path is Little Self behavior—how we return to the Light is between each of us and God (Love/Universe/Great Spirit/Goddess/ Allah.)

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How Do We Let Go of Love?

With all the commotion over 2012 and what could happen, I’ve written here many times about what’s important in life, the life lessons, the quality of life, the length of a life. What has value when we’re considering the end of one 26,000-year cycle and the beginning of another? Is it time? Time spent together with loved ones, yes. Time spent living, connecting, creating–yes. But what if a life is cut short at age five or 15 or even 44? What is the meaning of these early departures?

I was thinking about these questions last night as I was falling asleep, wondering what will be hardest for me when I go. Definitely letting go of my children, family and friends. There is love deep, and multiplied by some factor, with every new person who joins our circle. How do we let go of love?

An answer came with a picture. In the center of all is Light and we are filaments of the Light’s radiant garment. Love is there, love made us, and we are woven into this precious fabric. As the garment grows, love spreads through every new strand; maybe where the strands cross is where groups, families are built. I saw that when it is time to let go of our physical bodies and the loves of our lives, we’re not really separating—we’re still connected by the weaving of the love strands. We’re together for a time in our bodies and then as spirit-bodies–which is the source relationship, anyway. I hope I remember this picture when my time comes to go. I will smile because I’m returning up my strand to the Source of Love—and the souls so dear to me are not lost, even for a second. Love is the connector.

Breathed Into Being

I was falling asleep today, thinking of my own wild experiences with my dark side and those of family and friends. What stands out to me now is that growing spiritually for human beings happens very similarly: Whatever and wherever we push, for or against, is what will eventually bring us to our knees. We tend to feel superior, motivated, brilliant, proud–until we fall. Only then can we see the lies and exaggerations of our dark selves. We are humbled.

When we are born as children of the Light, we are also gifted our egos so that we may live as individuals with free wills, who make personal decisions. When we center on our individuality and lose awareness that we are all One with the universe and each other, we take a walk on the dark side. From the darkness we push and push, only to come up empty-hearted, our darkened egos gleefully manipulating from the sidelines.

It is Love that brings us back to our centers, to ourselves. Love is an irresistible force—no matter how long it takes, we will all eventually rise up from our knees to be unconditionally loved. Perhaps that is what this moment in time is all about. We begin this year or next a new 26,000 year cycle and I’m throwing my vote in with those who believe a mass shift in consciousness is taking place. If we so choose, we will move into a lighter dimension where love and creativity rule. I’ve wondered if this shift will happen only if we’re still living, or maybe only if we’ve crossed over to the spirit-world, but it probably doesn’t matter. All souls who choose the light, choose the light.

Those who don’t choose the light at this time will do so from another time and place. It is our purpose and destiny, because we are all children of Love.

Evil is the Absence of Light

I was thinking the other morning of Michael Brine’s comment on the post “A Portal to Higher Places” –that evil is the absence of light. I wondered, ‘What causes the absence of light?’ Then world conquerors popped into my head, Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, Stalin, Hitler, and I thought the absence of light must be about men needing absolute authority over mankind and the land, the water—all of nature. This weakness is why they always fall; they have no respect for other people, the planet and especially our Creator–their Big Target, I suppose.

The strangest thing of all—the really big illusion or lie—is that if men like Moammar Kadafi knew how much they are loved by their Creator and what Love means, what they once had so desired, a grand marble palace, would become to them a rotting outhouse. Ignorance of the Light, which we all have to some degree, can be remedied with a sincere heart.

Madmen, whose cruel hearts contain only a tiny flame of Love, destroy everything in their paths until they declare, ‘There is no Light.’ And they’re right. They destroy the light within themselves and everyone and everything in their way. What a waste.

We Are the Answer, a Guest Post from Sharie, Spirit Teacher

Today, tomorrow and Christmas Eve I hope to share Christmas messages full of Love. “Tis the season when the world opens the door once more to the Spirit of Holy Days. Sharie (whose Native Indian name, if she had one, would be Blessing Woman) gave her permission to share this message from her blog, Sending Joy. It will inspire you for weeks to come–I promise. (I’m tuned into these things.) May you be blessed in this holiday season and forever and ever while we’re at it. Amen.

By Sharie, Spirit Teacher
Sending Joy

We are the awe we feel at a glorious sunset or a star filled night.  We are the beauty of a lovely garden, or a snow filled woods. Not the garden or the woods, but the beauty which is a feeling that lives inside us. We are the heart of a lovely song, the picture in the frame, the pinnacle of every fear-filled mountain we’ve ever had to climb. We are the joy in an unguarded moment when something passes over us that surpasses understanding.

We are the deep happiness we feel when we get it, even for an instant, that God is alive and well and no matter how it looks, all is right with the world. We are a holy instant when time stands still and space is limitless and we can see through the fear, the pain, the doubts, the darkness to a place of light and delight, and then, with great relief, feel all our burdens lifted from us. We are weightless.  We are ageless.  We are the kindness in a moment when we connect with someone unexpectedly and feel compassion and empathy. We are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to us. We are a blessing who can bless.  We are a savior who can save.  We are a healed healer. We are the answer to every question. The question to every answer. We are every lesson learned.