Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be . . . Let It Be

I once was a master of hyper-vigilant self criticism. After years of therapy, I could see how twisted my thinking was and that I would never have a relationship with a loving God (Him/Her, Love, the Universe, the Light within) unless I learned to ‘Let It Be,’ as the Beatles so wisely sang.

Letting things be just as they are applies to our way of seeing and our behavior. It doesn’t mean (at least to me) that we stand by and watch several kids beat up another one, or an adult hurt a child. We apply ‘let it be’ to ourselves by:

  • Forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes so that we can grow beyond them
  • Truly forgiving those who have hurt us so we no longer carry the chains of pain
  • Accepting our spouses and children just as they are (I mean day-to-day stuff, not in abusive or dangerous circumstances) because we have neither the ability nor the right to make them into who we want them to be. Through loving acceptance inspired communication begins and lives are changed–otherwise we’re only stirring the pot.
  • Ditto with accepting situations that bother us—only through acceptance can inspired solutions come to us. If not, we add to the ‘bad vibes’ of the problem, thus making everything worse. I guess the most important question is:  Do we gain some kind of satisfaction or importance from the ‘stirring the pot,’ or do we really want our lives to get better?

It takes commitment to apply compassion to ourselves and to others. Truly we live in a world of problems, problems that appear to be escalating. So many of us are suffering now, why not practice kindness? We become one big family when we’re kind to one another, and who among us doesn’t need to be loved? Wherever you are, spread Love and change the world.