Thank You, Divine Child, for Coming to Earth

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I’ve been thinking of Jesus Christ, a true being of peace—regardless of our inability to understand His heart, or our non-acceptance of His message of Loving without judgment or conditions, or the contention among the one-God faiths, or our fault-finding with religious practices different from our own. Nothing separates us humans from each other like the death-grip we have on our religious and political ideologies!

Many of us are now celebrating the birth of a baby who was born 2000 years ago, to show us how much we are loved by our Creator and how to love Him in return. Christ taught that to make peace, we have to get off our high horses and love and respect each other because—no matter our country of birth, our culture or color, or gender or social status—we all come with divine souls on missions of Love: to honor the Divine first, then our world and each other, and even our enemies. Especially our enemies, for as long as we see others as ‘enemies,’ there will be no peace.

Care and connect, Jesus said. Make peace. Listen with your Higher Self. War begets war. Forgive. You are a light of God. Act like it. The divine map is within all of us, but we can and we do ignore it. We can’t arm-twist someone else into a loving, forgiving, peaceful state of being, but we can lead them there through our example. “You go first,” doesn’t work in this case.

Every year at this time, something magical ‘is in the air.’ The image of a divine child born in a barn, over whom angels hover and before whom kings bow, causes us to remember that there is something truly beautiful beyond this mundane, racing, world of angry madness we live in. We are so much more than a species of worker bees, goers, takers, warriors, hoarders, genders, or even bodies.

We are beings of light who drop into a material world to attend school. We are here to learn and grow, to love and share, to care and heal. We are here to forgive and show others how to do the same. We are meant to evolve together, to turn and make sure that every hand is held, that we’re moving together as one, into a remembered awareness of Who made us, of our heritage, of the Home we come from and will return to, should we so desire—and live like we mean it.

It’s not easy to remember we are divine children. Some among us would like us not to remember and are working really hard at suppressing this conversation. But we will remember. It’s like throwing off an old, wet, moldy, smelly wool blanket. We may not want to touch it and it may be kind of heavy, but not so heavy that we can’t throw it off—and throw it off we will. It is our destiny, no matter how long it takes.

The Man of Real Peace

Head of Christ

Hoffman’s Head of Christ

When I think of Jesus Christ, what I know in my heart is all mixed up with pomp and history, wars and wars of words. The gentle man of peace, the direct-speaking man with no belongings, the man whose gaze and voice and touch healed us, what does He think of our world?

When I read news stories of those who sacrifice their lives for another, I experience awe. Years ago in our town, a woman jumped instinctively to save her family dog and was killed by a train. My young sons were so upset, “Don’t you ever do anything like that!” I try to imagine what her children felt. I can’t; it’s beyond my understanding.

And that’s how it feels to me with Jesus Christ. How did that happen again? A Great Being of Light chose to take on a coarse body like ours and lived and worked like us, to try to get through to us? “Your Father understands everything—look to Him for help in this life. Your Father’s love for you cannot be measured. With every beat of your heart and every breath you take, He is with you. Earth is not your home; follow me and I will show you the way.”

Earth is not our home? Hold on a minute! Let’s not get carried away. I’ve got stuff, gold, position, respect. I’ve got power; I say jump and people jump. I’ve got family, goals, responsibilities, people to see, places to go, things to do. I can’t follow You right now; I promise to check in at the end, though. Promise.

I often wonder if we aren’t characters on a stage, a darn good mock-up, but still a mock-up, and if enough of us realized it, we’d be like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show and break through the fake sky to the real one. I think that’s why the Man of Peace was born—so we could find what’s real. And that’s probably why He was killed, too.

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The Beautiful Glowing Man

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May the Spirit of Love bless you and yours in 2016.

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P.S. — This is how I think of the great and loving Being of Jesus, the Christ:

God, he was beautiful. His skin almost glowed; his features were perfectly symmetrical. It was impossible to look into his eyes without your heart skipping a beat. Was he a magician? Some thought so, because he looked into their souls and they felt it, a measuring of sorts. “Who are you?” his eyes asked. “What is important to you? How have you lived?”

He was a teacher of Life–of the things of permanence. Oh, he loved his family, even had a profession and friends, but only a small group really wanted to be with him. He was from another world and sometimes things got spooky, like when he read their minds. It took courage to stay with him, and a desire to see beyond what we humans experience in our bodies.

Life was hard, but he wouldn’t listen to rants. He talked about love and forgiveness, healing and wholeness. “Let me show you,” he’d say, and they’d sit together around a fire and listen to his stories. He seemed to be asking them to ignore their problems, to live and think in a whole new way, to express thanks to God for everything, even their suffering. That’s when people stomped off. “I will not!” they’d shout. “If God loved us, these things wouldn’t happen!”

“This world,” he would say with a sweep of his arm, “is not the real world. This is only a play, created by your desires and thoughts. Only those aligned with this world are born here, for we are what we think, what we believe. How could you be born elsewhere when this is what you believe?”

“Close your eyes for a moment.” He spoke and stories unfolded in their minds’ eyes. “Love and peace are gifts of your Father in Heaven. Once you open your minds and hearts to His gifts, you will go and share them with others and they will do the same. My great Love for all of you is now your Love to spread. My work to heal the warring within you and in the world is now your work. In this way, the world will one day be healed of war.”

“The world will be healed of war?” a man said, astonished. “That’s impossible!”

“Divine Love is irresistible, as is my Father’s invitation to come Home. Your hearts long for this more than any other desire and they are being made anew, changing the light in the world. Does this answer your question?” he asked.

“It is an answer, but I’m not sure I believe it.”

“Stay with me,” the beautiful, glowing man said, smiling, “and you will see it.”

In the Company of Holy Week

The greatest story, on so many levels

The greatest story, on so many levels

The Christian Holy Week, I am reminded, begins on Sunday, March 29th, with Palm Sunday. We will remember that Jesus Christ rode through the gate of Jerusalem on a white donkey, to ecstatic crowds littering his path with palm branches. According to Rudolf Steiner, a spiritual-world researcher, Christ knew their cries weren’t real, that in a few days they’d call for his death. They were caught in the moments, not grounded enough to understand what was happening. Of course, even Christ’s disciples didn’t know what was happening then, so how could the rest of us?

The next day, Monday, he stopped by the Temple and the Christ reminded the merchants that God’s house was not created to build businesses. Rudolf Steiner writes that this made a lot of powerful men angry so that, when he returns to town on Tuesday, members of every group he offended are waiting with their trick questions. He answers them strongly, and then shares a story and they begin to understand it—they are going to kill him. Tuesday night, his stories to the disciples become more than stories. They can see the great dividing line being drawn among humanity: Some will serve the light, others the darkness. They begin to understand how much he needs them to carry Cosmic Love into the future.

Wednesday night, he has dinner with his closest friends. Mary Magdalene washes his feet with oil and her long hair. On some level, she knows who He is and what is coming. Thursday night, Jerusalem is quiet as all head indoors to prepare for Friday’s Passover celebration with family members. Like everyone else, Christ Jesus enters a quiet room, with the disciples, his closest relatives–in Spirit. They will have their last meal with him that night, though they know it not. Continue reading

Man with a Plan

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

God, he was beautiful. Nobody talked about auras, but his skin almost glowed. His features were perfectly symmetrical. It was impossible to look into his eyes without your heart skipping a beat. Was he a magician? Some thought so because he looked into their souls and they felt it, a measuring of sorts. “Who are you?” his eyes asked. “How have you lived? Do you know your Father?”

He was a teacher of Life, with a capital L—the important stuff. Oh, he loved his family, even had a profession and friends, but only a few wanted to hang with him. He was from another world and sometimes things got spooky, like when he knew what they were thinking. It took courage to stay with him, and a desire to see beyond what they could see with their physical eyes.

Life was hard, but he didn’t seem to care. He wouldn’t listen to their rants and he kept talking about love and forgiveness, beauty and joy. “Let me show you,” he’d say, and they’d sit together in a circle around a fire and listen to his stories. He seemed to be asking them to ignore the problems they had, to live and think in a whole new way, to express thanks to God for everything, even their suffering. Someone always stomped off when he talked of giving thanks for their suffering. “I will not!” they’d shout. “If God loved us, these things wouldn’t happen!”

“This world,” he would say with a sweep of his arm, “is not the real world. This is only a play, created by all of your thoughts. Only those who believe in this world are born here, for we are what we think, what we believe. How could you be born elsewhere when this is what you believe?”

“Close your eyes for a moment,” he’d say. He told them stories, which unfolded in their minds’ eyes. “Love and peace are gifts of your Father. Once you open your minds and hearts to what I am showing you, you will go and show others and they will go and show others. My work is your work. This is how the world will be healed of war.”

“The world will be healed of war?” one man asked, astonished. “How is that possible?”

“Love is irresistible and magical. It spreads in waves and when the wave hits, hearts and minds are made anew. Does this answer your question?” he’d ask.

“It is an answer, but I’m not sure I believe it.”

“Stay with me,” the beautiful, glowing man said, smiling. “And you will see it.”

“Come Unto Me”

Come Unto Me

Come Unto Me



















Notice how the old woman is gazing back at the life that she is leaving…

then passes through the veil of death into the open arms of the Savior.

This is how I want to go. 🙂


The “Come Unto Me” bronze sculpture took more than a year to make

its first appearance. Unveiled in the 2000, the original life-sized bronze

monument stands in the grand foyer of the Spilsbury Mortuary in St.

George, Utah.


It has become a scenic attraction, in addition to a comfort to countless

families at a most tender time of their lives.


It portrays the spiritual journey from mortality to immortality: an aged

woman’s body, returning to its prime, and back to the arms of our Savior.


Death is not the end. We all have an eternal destiny, as “Come Unto Me” portrays.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His

only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on

Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16    (KJV)

Play Your Own Peace Pipe

Peace pipeIn researching some events of WWII, I have realized that a person could spend a lifetime of study on WWII and never get to everything that happened. The extent of Hitler’s plotting, planning and destruction is truly stunning. How is it possible that one man, one man!, could lead to the destruction of over 13,000,000 lives and countless homes, buildings—entire cities—around the world? I’ve concluded that just as Jesus Christ took on a human body to show us Love and Light, the anti-Christ took on a body as Adolf Hitler, for the opposite reasons. Study the sheer scope of Hitler’s relentless, marching, pounding, darkness-machine that destroyed everything in its path from 1939-1945, and you’ll agree with me.

Their power was spiritual power: Christ as God become man because He loves us; and the Anti-Christ using a human body to destroy what God loves: life, humankind, the Earth, beauty, family, sharing, joy, community, truth. Interestingly, Hitler’s Nazi party was born of the Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, established by a German occultist group called The Thule Society. Their focus was on the origins of the Aryan race in Thule, the capital of ancient Hyperborea, a land mass lost to time in the extreme north, near Iceland. Some believe their occult (the realm of secret, supernatural phenomena) force was the power behind the Anti-Christ as Hitler. It is possible that Hitler might have taken all of the Earth for himself, turning the entire world into a place of darkness and fear, if Christ had not come before Him enabling humankind to stand in the face of this utter evil. So many sacrificed so much to stop Hitler.

Does God allow evil to spread? In the sense that we each choose what Force we will serve, yes, God does. But He (and/or She) did not leave us on our own. Our souls carry seeds of Light. We are here to learn how to become beings of Light. Perhaps these facts are what bother the dark force the most: Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of his own life for the Earth and for the success of all life upon her; and that God’s seed of Love lives within each of us as our souls.

Let us never forget that people allowed themselves to be manipulated by Hitler’s message of a war between races, in which the superior would exterminate the inferior. He spread anti-Semitism (anti-wealth), yet he established a totalitarian state in which no one but he and his cohorts stole/gained wealth and power. He spread anti-religion (God, Love, Peace) and was intolerant of anything different than his ‘perfect’ race of people. Perfection is achieved only in total Oneness with God, reflecting compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and healing. Wherever you are, whenever you are able, be a peacemaker. In so doing, we light one more candle from God’s world of Love.

Surrendering to Life

Trumpet PlayerI was thinking about Jesus this morning and all the sermons I’ve heard over the years about his purpose for being which, I believe, can be summed up as: ‘He came to show us the way Home.’ He spoke of love and faith and peace and he showed only compassion to those who were ‘not good enough.’

For me, his most powerful example of how to get Home was in surrender. When his peers were repulsed by his teachings, his Father in Heaven asked him to surrender both being a man, a leader, a warrior and being a god who had the power to create food from the air, to tame nature, to heal–even the dead–and to free himself with only a thought. Perhaps our Creator said to the man in him, “Let them do what they will and you will show them how to yield to the Great Divine Plan. Be at peace throughout the ordeal and you will show them how to live.”

Surrendering with grace and equanimity to experiences beyond our control seems the hardest way of all. Why? Because we have all suffered painful losses, we’re grieving and we must grieve to heal. In surrendering to the grief, however, we enter a deep, quiet place within: the only place where healing the pain can occur.

Surrendering to life with grace and equanimity is also the most affirmative path to take, because with acceptance we stop fighting. Though sacrifice and painful losses can be almost too much to bear, the truth is, we all lose people we love, or our jobs or homes or our health. No one is exempt because we come here to grow–back Home. If everything always came up roses, we wouldn’t need God, ever. We would remain apart from the Whole, never knowing the profound bliss of unconditional love, both receiving and giving it. Who was it who said, “Follow your bliss”?  I can’t remember, but let’s start together, right now.

What Does the Birth and Life of Christ Mean Today?

Mary and JesusThis time each year, we Christians celebrate the birth of a child whose divinely-seeded mother was forced out of her town just prior to her son’s birth, and when her time came, she found only a barn. Why? Men of power feared even the thought of a man who would become a king appointed by God. Even those who had been expecting a savior king rejected him, for they knew what they did not want. “We don’t want a king of peace. Give us a king who will fight against this injustice!”

We have always misunderstood ‘God,’ haven’t we? We’re here, caught up in a literal rat race, complaining every day about what is lacking in our lives and in others’ lack of character and their human foibles. Haven’t we all wondered, “How could our country have fallen so far? How could God allow all the evil in the world?” What is evil to you may be different than what is evil to me, but what is evil to God? (Or Goddess? as the case may be.) I suspect it is anything that keeps us separate from our true design—conscious oneness with our Loving Creator, our Loving Natures, our inner Peacemakers.

Spiritual masters have written that the evil within us, our dark sides, may have been a glitch in the free-will design. Others have taught that the evil in the world (domination and war, immeasurably destructive greed, rampant deviancy and cruelty) is necessary. Why? Because when everything ‘comes up roses,’ we don’t seek God—and finding God within ourselves is why we’re here.

Every so often, though, we humans go so far out of control, a divine being comes to Earth to redirect us onto ‘the path Home.’ God became man, Jesus Christ, for just that reason. Isn’t the story of the angels rejoicing above the manger, the three wise kings directed there by a star, the shepherds in the fields, even the nearby animals, all coming to be with him, truly beautiful? What a welcome he received!

But it didn’t last long. I recently read somewhere that when Jesus Christ realized he had failed miserably in his invitation to us for oneness with His Father, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself. And though some don’t believe that ‘he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven,’ I doubt the true spirit of the Christmas/Easter Love Story would still have so much effect on our hearts if he hadn’t.

But, what is the point now? When I think of post-Jesus Christ history, all the crazy dictators and all the warring over land, wealth, power—think of just Hitler and Stalin alone and your jaw drops—what does Jesus Christ mean in this context? How will the message, “My Father loves all of you. To know this, put Him first and then love your neighbor as you do yourself,” ever get through our thick, brick me-first walls? Maybe the answer is now in a tipping-point:

God created us and gave us free will, probably because children of God, made in His (and Her) image with souls, minds and hearts, cannot be God’s children without free will. Certainly, however, God has thought, “Dang it all!” many times since. Maybe when God became a man, for a truly personal experience for everyone, our Creator thought, “That ought to do it!” But more death has been caused in wars over religion than all other motives combined.

It seems now that peace is up to us. We must bring it forth from our God-souls. Something stirs across the Earth—and from within our dear Earth Mother, whose every particle of being reflects divine love. Something is, at last, touching our hearts and minds on a group level. When enough of us tire of the ego-tripping and the fierce competing that crushes our brothers and sisters, we will reach a tipping point and a planetary shift in consciousness will occur. Those who put Love first will turn, take the hand of another who will do the same, and together, we will leave anti-Love and our well-earned karma behind and make the blessed leap Home—together.

Merry Christmas and divine blessings for all in 2014.

Amen OM Aho


Earth-Based Christianity and Messages from Nature

PHOTO COURTESY of atheistnexus.og/birding

PHOTO COURTESY of atheistnexus.og/birding

Four years or so ago I was befriended by two wild red-tailed hawks who lived in the same area I did. They left me three feathers, which I treasure. They flew along above me, landed on fences near where I walked so I could see them up close and they always drew my attention upward with their spine-tingling call. They became my friends. And they changed something inside me, opening a door to the natural world, through which I’ve eagerly run (as fast as a disabled person can run, anyway).  🙂 Their fellowship eventually led me to my friendships with tree spirits this summer, five of whose names were given me: Siri, Ren (meaning lotus or reborn), Ena (kindness, grace), Sistine (chapel) and the young ash, Silvine (forest), who came to me in a dream in an elf-like form and so brightened my world.

In these past years, I’ve grown to understand that all critters, the mammals we love because they’re so much like us, but also birds and reptiles and insects, trees, plants, stones—they’re all our brothers and sisters, literally. We are made from the dust of the earth and so are they. We will return to the dust of the earth and so do they. We are different manifestations of the Love that Mother Earth feels for the life she has participated in creating.

Sistine, my chapel, a great old ash tree

Sistine, my chapel, a great old ash tree

We humans are related to all of life, to all growing things. I didn’t realize this until these last years and I think most people still don’t know. I think we did know long ago, but we forgot. I believe the memories of our past lives, including the many we lived when we were at one with nature, are stored in our spiritual DNA. If that door has not yet been opened by someone, it will be, I hope while I’m still living.

We humans tend to be disrespectful of people different from us, of their religions, politics, gender identities, skin colors, cultures; but we absolutely ignore the truth of the Earth: One form of our Divine Mother is the Earth. A divine being inhabits or is the earth. I believe divine beings inhabit all of the planets in our solar system (if not the universe.) This bestowed divinity outflows from our Creator, whom we call by many different names: God, Love, Christ, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Great Mystery, Goddess—all human attempts to name and understand what is said to be unknowable.

God is the One Who Is, the great, loving being who created/creates everything, all life, including us–each born with the divinely-given right to worship as we choose. We are born with the right to find our own paths to answer our deepest, most meaningful questions, those beyond mere human understanding.

Many religions worship more than one god. I believe we Christians, who worship One God (yet who has three aspects, God, the Father; Christ, the Son and the Holy Spirit), call other manifestations such as the gods of other religions by different names, like Archangels, angels or even saints. After all, if you have said, “Your will is my will, Lord,” and you practice this above all else, asking for nothing other than divine direction, you will, “do things greater than I,” Christ said.

Christ Over Earth  Compressed

A collage I made in 2009

I am a Christian. I am becoming an earth-based Christian. I didn’t consciously ask for this shift, yet on some level I must have.  (Good books on this subject are said to be: JESUS THROUGH PAGAN EYES: BRIDGING NEOPAGAN PERSPECTIVES with a PROGRESSIVE VISION OF CHRIST by Reverend Mark Townsend; and PAGANS AND CHRISTIANS: THE PERSONAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, by Gus Di Zerega. I’d like to read them both.)

I’m trying to understand what is happening to me this way: At Universal Christ’s thought of creation, beauty emerged. Our beautiful world is his thought. Love is his thought. The beauty in us is his thought. I know being a Christian means I am to see Christ’s light inside each person, a soul made of love and, therefore, I am to respect them. Now I am more aware that Christ’s light is Mother Earth–she is the love he gave us to experience physical lives. Some say we fell into physical life and, with our dark sides, we created and became monsters. This is why the light took physical form in great teachers such as Jesus Christ, the Buddha and the Dalai Lama in our world. Surely, this is why Mother Earth is a being of light. Some of us can’t see this because these nature ideas sound like pagan worship, or we are offended by we-are-all-one thoughts and choose not to believe them. “I am in no way like him or her or a rock.” Some of us are too busy and are not looking for love and light, anyway. “Outta my way, or I’ll step on you.”

We know that degradation of the earth, of each other, of life, is human caused by our dark sides. I wonder if the huge black and red Tarantula Hawk wasps who buzzed me all summer, the cockroaches on this property built in a water-gulch they call their own, and flies and mosquitoes are effects of our dark actions? Did our dark selves emerge from love, or did our use of free will twist light into darkness? If light and love are the essence of creation, and I believe they are, how can we and all else be anything other than light and love?

I’m reading Sun Bear’s, DANCING WITH THE WHEEL. He explains how to create a Medicine Wheel, a place for humility, healing and connection with the earth and the Creator. Thirty-six rocks are prayerfully placed on the Earth, some as the outer circle, with rocks inside it dividing it into four quadrants. The Creator stone is placed in the center of the wheel. Seven rocks encircle the Creator stone; they represent Earth Mother, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and the four Clans, or families, one of which each of us belongs to.

PHOTO COURTESY of Barnes and Noble

PHOTO COURTESY of Barnes and Noble

Four Spirit Keepers are included in the outer circle, guarding the four directions, north, east, south and west; and between them lay three stones each, for a total of twelve,  called the Twelve Moons, which we know as the twelve astrological signs. This is the complete outer circle. Three stones are placed inside it from the Creator to each of the four Spirit Keepers and they represent the qualities to which we aspire, according to our quadrant of birth. For example, those on the Spirit Path of the North (three moons or astrological signs) are seeking, living out the processes of Cleansing, Renewal and Purity. We travel around the wheel as we age, learning what life is like for others and the teachings of the Creator. The book is written with tenderness, a sacred, prayerful attitude that respects all of life, and with a lot of practical psychology. I’ve made my own little medicine wheel inside my apartment on paper with images in place of stones.

I guess I’m thinking about all this because I have recently had what I can only call Critter Care Week. I regularly see one red-tailed hawk in the area, but several weeks ago, it flew down through the branches of a pine tree, making quite a ruckus, and right past my head. Now that was an attention grabber! Last week, my daughter went out to go to work, fumbling for her keys and when she looked up, about six or seven feet away, a hawk was standing on top of our car. It startled her because she had never been so close to a large bird. She stood there and finally said, “Well, I have to go to work now.” The bird did not move until she stepped to Two Grasshoppersthe car and instead of taking off into the sky, it flew several yards away, landed on the ground and stared at her. She took its picture. It is the same one I often see. The beings I call critters are trying to communicate with us humans. They want to commune with us and perhaps to warn. Handle the coming change with grace and acceptance. Listen to your intuition. Get off your rear and do something. You’re killing our Mother!

But this week, I have wondered at all the creatures saying hello, coming so close, prompting me to look them up in animal-guides books, since I don’t know what they’re trying to tell me. Grasshoppers, huge red and green ones Lizardhopping toward me and next to me. Lizards are pretty common here, but this week I cannot not see them and it seems like they’re having a baby boom. Some of the newborns have been so tiny, I wanted to pick them up and bring them home. They move away if I get too close, but they don’t run. Then there are the black and yellow butterflies that fly a circle around my head and go on their way. Yesterday, I walked by a large bush and a sparrow was at head height, several feet away, looking at me, so I stopped. I had to smile and wondered why it did not fly off. A clear-white hummingbird fluttered by a moment later and I sensed a, ‘Hello!’



But my biggest surprise came three or four nights ago. Roxie and I were on our last walk of the day, about 10:30 p.m. We turned a corner and walked a short stretch and there on the grass, in the light from the building, was a snake. A striking, shiny snake with black and white stripes. (I looked it up; it was a California King Snake.) The strange part to me later was that I bent toward it. It was so beautiful, I wanted to touch it. I really don’t like snakes and this was not normal behavior for me. It slid away when I moved toward it, and I said, simply, “Thank you for your message.”

HummingbirdSo, I have been thinking. What if a whole bunch of us, millions and millions of us, asked sincerely to know creatures other than ourselves, and learned to hear their messages? What if we all began to dream about them and brought their messages to the world? They are breaking down barriers. They are trying to get through to us. Will we hear them?



  • Here are some short descriptions of the messages of the multiple brothers and sisters who came close this week, inducing awe and joy in me. These descriptions are from ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews; ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES by Stephen D Farmer, Ph.D; and a bit from Sun Bear in DANCING WITH THE WHEEL.

HAWK: An important message is coming. Look at the bigger picture. Hawk awakens our vision and inspires us to find our creative life purpose, as psychic energies rapidly develop. The comments of hawk people are powerful; be careful not to ‘tear others’ heads off.’

GRASSHOPPER:  Listen to your own inner voices and intuition to make uncanny leaps forward. Life becomes difficult when refusing to move.

LIZARD: Perception of subtle movements, physical and ethereal. Helps to dream and to remember them. Blends conscious with subconscious, to dream while awake. Listen to our own intuition.

BUTTERFLY: Live fully in the light after having endured the fear and darkness of the unknown. They are associated with fairies and elves and awaken in us a lightness of spirit and joy in the dance of life.

SPARROW: A symbol of triumph after long suffering. Have we forgotten our self-worth or given up our dignity? Assert our wills and energy and vitality will awaken.

HUMMINGBIRD: Helps to find joy and sweetness in life. Associated with fairies and rainbows. A symbol for achieving that which seems impossible. Helps to open our hearts to draw love into our lives.

SNAKE: A symbol of sexuality, healing, death, rebirth and transformation. Before they shed their skin, their eyes cloud over. As skin sheds, their eyes clear up, and they see the world from an entirely new perspective. Old self dies as new self emerges. Opening to new dimensions and levels of awareness. Dramatic physical or emotional healing coming from an unexpected source.

Wow, what a time it’s been! Messages coming from every direction. They’re all here for us, if we will open our hearts and minds, see them and listen.

From “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene,” Commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup

I’m reading THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE, translation from the Coptic*, and commentary, by Jean-Yves Leloup. Mary Magdalene’s testament to the words of Christ was one the men of the early Catholic Church excluded from the Bible. (She was a woman.) Some of the dried parchment papers of her text are missing; thus, her witness account is incomplete and Leloup’s book is not long. It is powerful, however. The author’s insightful commentary, as you will see below, tends to ‘bring one up short.’ Books that help us understand both how far we are from oneness with God/Love, yet how much potential we have to become so, should be in everyone’s library.

Of note, it was a pope long ago who labeled Mary Magdalene a prostitute; this portrayal of her is written nowhere in the Bible, and the Catholic Church officially retracted this inaccuracy years ago. Leloup considers it possible that  the meaning of Mary Magdalene being ‘healed of seven demons,’ is an account of when Jesus Christ brought Mary Magdalene’s seven chakras** into alignment, as they were created to be, when a human becomes one with the Divine. Regardless, the two were obviously close, as she is the first person he speaks to after His resurrection.

Anyway, as the book has ‘brought me up short’ in every section, I thought I’d quote this paragraph and perhaps share the experience:

“Happy are those who are able to remain sensitive to the misery and suffering of others. The future belongs to the pure and gentle, not to the rigid purists of all our fundamentalism. If the latter have the purity of angels, they also have the pride of demons, like all grand and petty inquisitors who shed blood in the name of purity, religious faith, traditional values, or race. The greatest crimes against humanity are always committed in the name of goodness and the need to preserve integrity and purity. We have yet to fully appreciate the danger and delusion of purity without mercy.”
~Jean-Yves Leloup

Succinctly and powerfully said, don’t you think?

*English translation by Joseph Rowe
**Circular, spinning points of spiritual energy in our bodies, arranged from the top of our heads to the base of our spines

Honor Thy Father?

For the last six months or so, beginning with a dream in which a gravelly voice asks me, “How would you like me to spill fatherdaughtersome blood for you?”, I’ve been hounded in my dreams by people who are trying to either tempt, hurt or kill me. At first, they appear to be someone I know and I’m confused by this, but I later realize something about them was ‘off.’ It was some twisted force pretending to be someone I know. It’s been a disconcerting period of struggle. My daughter has just moved back in and when she gets settled, I will do a cleansing of our apartment with prayers, a sage smudging stick, my Jesus Christ candle and a specific prayer to Archangel Michael. (And any other forces of goodness who will help me!) But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about fathers and honoring them.

My pretend (I hope) father has been one of those chasing me and my children in my dreams, bent upon killing us. I’ve been sensing my father’s presence (he died in 1999) for several months now but didn’t understand until recently what he is upset about. (He left my mother and my brothers and I when I was eight or nine. We weren’t close after that, though I was a little girl who loved and missed her dad. There had been trauma in our family and it seemed more peaceful after he left and the older I got, the more I felt detached from him.)

I saw him several times over the years. The meetings were strained but polite, for the most part. I knew he and my mom were how I got here but I hadn’t given much thought to honoring him. I believed he wasn’t emotionally tied to us and that he didn’t really care if we honored him or not, which probably wasn’t too far off the mark. But he does want some appreciation for making a way for me to get here—plus, I let him down when he needed me.

I wrote here in 2010 about a dream in which an angel appeared to me. The angel looked neither male nor female, but I’ll call the small person in white, him. The angel didn’t speak to me; he drew my attention with his eyes, turned and pointed to a wall, which opened. There was another wall and it opened, too. (I know now this meant an opening had been made for a relationship with him but, obvious as it was, I didn’t understand it then.) Through the second opening, I saw my father lying on a cot, weakened, pale, half-gone. I didn’t accept this image of him. He was tall, strong, cocky, handsome. He lived in another state and I forgot the dream and its message.

But my brother, who left at thirteen to live with our father, had been murdered and the grief was literally killing my father. He called everyone, including me, to ask if we had arranged for my brother’s killing. I didn’t see this as a cry for help—I was blown away by the question and just shook my head, saying how crazy he was. A few months after the phone call, the angel appeared. My father needed me and we could have a relationship. Deeply buried at the time was skepticism.

My dad has been trying to get his message of pain across the dimension between us. I’ve been hearing on the TV or seeing written the words, “Honor thy father and thy mother.’ Doesn’t it seem fairer to honor my mother who stayed and raised her children, than to honor the person who left? This is how I’ve worked the answer out: I both honor my mother and feel a soul-deep gratitude for all she’s given and gives to us. I am nursing a new sense of honor for the man who got me here and I’ve asked for his forgiveness for not answering his call for help. I hope he can forgive me. I did the best I could at the time, but now I wish I’d accepted that when an angel comes in a dream, it’s time to pay attention.

Lying to Myself

Not So Sweet

Not So Sweet

In a dream this morning, I was at a friend’s house, who was worried. She had cancer, and had learned that her house that was once worth $430,000 was now only worth $30,000. I was there, trying to help her figure out, or understand, how the house, too, had lost so much value. A guru came by. He sat and talked, walked around the house, pointed out the two sparkling pools, and waited to see if we, or even just one of us, would go with him. Neither of us had before I woke up.

In the dream, I was both the sick friend (I have a chronic illness) who lost all her net worth (I have), and the person trying to understand. How could this possibly happen—such extreme loss? The dream reflects my inability to be a wholehearted spiritual seeker because I am so involved in the physical/material world—not what I have, but what I have lost. (We can be attached either way.) Jesus Christ said it is easier for a man to fit through the eye of a needle than to give up his worldly goods. And, it is. It’s hard to have your physical and mental capabilities, and material-world net worth, stripped away while you’re strutting around. I guess me having them stripped away was the only way I would eventually acknowledge the truth. Continue reading

Angel Notes on Easter Weekend

Angel says NoI’m slowly reading Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces by Robert J. Grant. I had a long wait the other day, though, and got to read for a couple hours. One interesting idea from the Cayce readings is that God created all souls to have free will; we all knew then that we were of God and we created in relationship with God.

God’s Number One, Lucifer, began to envy God and started playing around with creation. I guess it was pretty thrilling and he began to move away from God, taking with him souls who wanted the same independence. Some souls didn’t go—they are who we call angels. Some moved away a little but still could feel God. The ones who fell farthest are us, the people of Earth. We are aware of our ‘deal with the devil’ now, aren’t we?

Grant says there is a great debate about whether or not the ‘falling away’ was part of God’s plan. Cayce said it was an unintended error and God wants us all to come home. Apparently, the creatures of mythology (giants, centaurs, etc) were real. They were the bodies created by the first souls who followed Lucifer into darkness. There was no way for them/us to sense God’s light in those bodies, so our human bodies were designed with seven spiritual centers. These can be activated safely through spiritual practices such as meditation, so that we may find our way home. After a while, Jesus Christ came to Earth to experience being human, activate the centers, and show us how to get home, for which he was killed. Many of us are thinking of Him this weekend. Continue reading

We Are Exactly Where We Are Meant To Be

White FeathersIn this life, we set our goals, say our affirmations and bring into our lives what we need and/or what we want. I may not have set big goals in my life, but I did decide to make that sale, finish that design, or submit a certain number of loans to underwriting by the end of the day.

There is more than one quote in the Bible related to achievement that goes something like, “I can do nothing on my own,” or, “Of myself, I am powerless.” Until the viral meningitis in 1997, which was like being flattened by an 18-wheeler, I had not understood what those words meant. When I was truly powerless, they took on a new, imperative meaning.

The weird thing is, we have to do our jobs if we want to keep them. We certainly cannot say, “Sorry, boss, I am powerless;” or, “I was tuned into my Higher Self and had to do that work.” Jesus Christ said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; give to God what is God’s.” Paramahansa Yogananda taught that we find good work (as in, no criminal endeavors), give our best to it every day, and that our efforts will be recognized by God and man. An old saying goes, “Bloom where you’re planted;” it may be the best way to say, ‘We’re unhappy when we don’t give our best.’ Besides, doing a good job right now is the doorway to the next place or stage of our lives.

‘I can do nothing on my own,’ may be irritating to our ego-selves, but without the support of the Universe, we cannot draw even a single breath. Not one breath! Any morning we wake up may be our last. Our acquisitions and desires all go ‘Poof!’ the second we no longer occupy a body. I suppose this is why true leaders throughout time have taught us to open ourselves to Higher Love and to serve, so that when we do go, that is our example, our legacy of Spirit left for others.

When we abandon ourselves to The Whole, knowing that wherever we are guided is exactly where we are meant to be, we also know this guidance carries us to the next place we are meant to be, and so on. In this way, life is much more than success in the eyes of the world. In this way, we are partners with God, the Dao, the Universe, and are participating in life in a truly extraordinary manner.