Five Ways to Start the New Year Right

MellowClean Well Just Before January 1st

I know several people who give their homes a good scrubbing a few days before New Year’s Day. Makes sense to set the foundation for the next year on a clean note, doesn’t it?

It’s also good to clear as much clutter as possible; clutter stops the flow of good energy. You can change your furniture around, or rearrange your collectibles to change the way energy flows in your home. Bring in fresh flowers or bowls of fruit for your dining table on January 1, signifying abundance in the new year.

Set Your Intentions

New Year’s Day is the best day to set your intentions for the new year with a prayer or affirmation. It’s good to speak in only a positive manner on January 1st, of your hopes, dreams and goals. Leave the past, negativity and sorrows behind for the day.

I found this prayer, I Call Upon the Divine, online a couple years ago. I loved it, modified and used it for myself, without, unfortunately, writing down the author’s name—but I’d like to share it here. (If you know the author of this prayer, please contact me with the web address and I will link it to this post.)

This is only an example of one prayer, in which the word “Divine” covers all divine beings. (You can substitute “Divine” with the word you use for God.) Choose your prayer and stand in the center of your home early New Year’s Day and speak it aloud:

I call upon the Divine!
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Love
and with Divine Wisdom.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Understanding
and with Divine Compassion.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Harmony
and with Divine Joy.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Protection.
I ask you to bless all who enter our home,
especially those who join our family in the coming year.
May the blessings of all Divine beings be with us.
Thank you to the Great Loving Center of the Universe
for your Love and Blessings.


Golden Pothos 2House Plants for Good Luck

House plants said to bring blessings to our homes, thus making great gifts, include the Dwarf Banana, Golden Pothos, Goosefoot, Peace Lily, Pepperomia, Jade, Purple African Violets, Rosemary and Bamboo plants (with an uneven number of stalks).

Open Your Windows

On New Year’s Eve or Day, burn incense, such as sage, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, peppermint or sweet grass. Then open all your windows, even if it’s cold, just for a moment, affirming that as the fresh air enters your home, the incense carries out the old, stale air and vibes.

To Keep a Peaceful Home in the New Year

Be willing to look at your thoughts and actions in the new year. Accept responsibility for what you say and do. Recognize your part in the problems of your life.

Wish everyone well, especially your ‘enemies,’ for love is the only way to make them into friends. Bless them wholly and without hesitation. Repeat to yourself, “God bless us, everyone,” until you mean it. You might want to check out the powerful 40-Day Forgiveness Prayer, which can change your life. As Gandhi said, ‘Be the person you want others to be.’

If you have plans to start the new year right, please share them with us in a comment below. Thanks! And a blessed and happy new year to all!

What is Your Intention?

Love or Destruction?

I was thinking about intention today, about what a difference it makes in life. Then I thought, “It’s the difference. It’s the root of every thought, every action and every outcome.” I remember the talk in the 60s and 70s about intention in business and being clear about the purpose of any company we might establish. “Will we sell a service or product?” was an important question but deeper yet was, “What matters most to me? Quality? Profit? Employees? Repeat customers?” Today we might add, “How will my business affect the health of my customers and the planet?”

Have you seen the commercials on TV, in which food manufacturers suggest there is nothing wrong with ingesting high fructose corn syrup in moderation? Research has shown that high fructose corn syrup can’t be processed by our digestive systems and the more we eat packaged foods, the harder it is on the other organs of our body, especially the liver. But high fructose corn syrup is cheaper to use than sugar and it became the darling of processed food manufacturers in 1988 which, I believe, is the year obesity levels in the U.S. began to rise. Check the labels on the foods you buy for high fructose corn syrup–it is in everything and it is impossible to ingest it in moderation, unless we drop all packaged foods from our diet or buy only from organic/health-oriented companies–which brings me back to intention.

Have you created a business built around profit or service? Does what you do damage other people and the planet, or does what you do aid and heal? Profit as a sole motive for business throws off the foundation of the company and all else that springs from it. The company and its employees will find themselves constantly playing ‘cover-up,’ like the high fructose corn syrup ads talking of moderation, when they well know what it does to the human body at the levels the average American consumes.

Intention is the root of the problem in the banking and investment industries. It’s the problem with health care, an entire field that should be standardized into non-profit organizations. I’m not saying that people can’t make good salaries—I’m saying take profit-making, shareholders, out of the picture and we will make significant progress in solving the problem of the out-of-control costs of health care in America.

I wish we had a magic wand that would separate organizations and companies by intention. Wouldn’t that be interesting?