Five Ways to Start the New Year Right

MellowClean Well Just Before January 1st

I know several people who give their homes a good scrubbing a few days before New Year’s Day. Makes sense to set the foundation for the next year on a clean note, doesn’t it?

It’s also good to clear as much clutter as possible; clutter stops the flow of good energy. You can change your furniture around, or rearrange your collectibles to change the way energy flows in your home. Bring in fresh flowers or bowls of fruit for your dining table on January 1, signifying abundance in the new year.

Set Your Intentions

New Year’s Day is the best day to set your intentions for the new year with a prayer or affirmation. It’s good to speak in only a positive manner on January 1st, of your hopes, dreams and goals. Leave the past, negativity and sorrows behind for the day.

I found this prayer, I Call Upon the Divine, online a couple years ago. I loved it, modified and used it for myself, without, unfortunately, writing down the author’s name—but I’d like to share it here. (If you know the author of this prayer, please contact me with the web address and I will link it to this post.)

This is only an example of one prayer, in which the word “Divine” covers all divine beings. (You can substitute “Divine” with the word you use for God.) Choose your prayer and stand in the center of your home early New Year’s Day and speak it aloud:

I call upon the Divine!
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Love
and with Divine Wisdom.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Understanding
and with Divine Compassion.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Harmony
and with Divine Joy.
I ask that you bless this home with Divine Protection.
I ask you to bless all who enter our home,
especially those who join our family in the coming year.
May the blessings of all Divine beings be with us.
Thank you to the Great Loving Center of the Universe
for your Love and Blessings.


Golden Pothos 2House Plants for Good Luck

House plants said to bring blessings to our homes, thus making great gifts, include the Dwarf Banana, Golden Pothos, Goosefoot, Peace Lily, Pepperomia, Jade, Purple African Violets, Rosemary and Bamboo plants (with an uneven number of stalks).

Open Your Windows

On New Year’s Eve or Day, burn incense, such as sage, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, peppermint or sweet grass. Then open all your windows, even if it’s cold, just for a moment, affirming that as the fresh air enters your home, the incense carries out the old, stale air and vibes.

To Keep a Peaceful Home in the New Year

Be willing to look at your thoughts and actions in the new year. Accept responsibility for what you say and do. Recognize your part in the problems of your life.

Wish everyone well, especially your ‘enemies,’ for love is the only way to make them into friends. Bless them wholly and without hesitation. Repeat to yourself, “God bless us, everyone,” until you mean it. You might want to check out the powerful 40-Day Forgiveness Prayer, which can change your life. As Gandhi said, ‘Be the person you want others to be.’

If you have plans to start the new year right, please share them with us in a comment below. Thanks! And a blessed and happy new year to all!

Dreaming with Barn Owl

Barn Owl picture, courtesy of

Barn Owl picture, courtesy of

I dreamt recently of people from my past, trying to pry into family matters, looking for stuff they could gossip about while pretending to want to help. (I feel like I just took a paragraph from a Jane Austen novel.) 🙂

Then the dream switched and a brood of beautiful orange and white barn owls had clustered together in a tree. One kept turning and looking at me, trying to send me a message. So of course, when I woke up, I went to my three ‘animal-friend’ books. Very interesting, indeed, in light of me feeling a need to do a home cleansing. I felt better after the recent cleansing with the much needed assistance of Raven, but my daughter still sensed she was being watched and felt something brush up against her in our kitchen a few days ago, in the same spot a pendulum I once used to check earth energy, went crazy, suddenly twirling like a helicopter propeller. More work to do—must go deeper.

Barn Owl picture courtesy of naturepickoftheday

Barn Owl picture courtesy of naturepickoftheday

Anyway, about the barn owl, from ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES by Steven D. Farmer: “Life is short, treat every day as precious; let your heart be open to love; do a house clearing or blessing to free up lost spirits that need to move on; take a silent retreat; you are entering into period of abundance; you need adaptability and ingenuity in all dealings; when needing help, call sincerely to the spirits of your ancestors and they will help.”

From ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews: “The owl is a symbol of the feminine, the moon, the night, the bird of magic and darkness within, of prophecy and wisdom. Owls are able to sense and hear what is not being said, what is hidden in the shadows. The barn owl is called the ghost owl and its medicine can connect you to old haunts and spirits of properties that may still be lingering about. It can help develop spirit contact and hearing of the inner voice, clairaudience. It can help extract secrets. For your own success, keep silent and go about your business.”

From MEDICINE CARDS by Jamie Sams and David Carson: “Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white. Owl is oftentimes associated with sorcerers and witches. Owl can see what others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom. If you have pulled the Owl card, you are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. Owl is befriending you in seeing the total truth. Owl can bring you messages through dreams and meditation. Pay attention to signals and omens.”

So, I’m left with some pondering:  White magic must be based on Love. What is dark magic? Is it our angry, envious, stormy thoughts? I don’t think so, though they do add to the dark force. Dark magic must be sending dark projections toward someone on purpose, with some sort of ceremony. I am definitely not using dark magic against anyone or anything. Is dark magic being used against me? I really don’t know. My heart has grown weak in this apartment. Is there a spirit here that is related to my health? That still needs to go? Can I do the cleansing/blessing myself or do I need help? What do the people from my past in the same dream represent? Surely prying and gossip are not dark magic. I have some intuiting to do! Any intuitions from anyone reading this?

My thanks to my friends, the beautiful barn owls, with the heart-shaped faces, who visited me in a dream to help me see the truth.

Successful Cleansing at Last:

Cleansing Myself and My Home with Forgiveness

"Forgiveness" written in sandThis is a story of healing, myself and my home, of the presence of an ill-intentioned spirit. It is a follow up to my home cleansing stories, in which smudging to clear negative energy was insufficient. The healing came at last with an experience of grace, forgiveness, compassion and deep understanding.

On November 20, I wrote about a home cleansing for which I had carefully prepared and then attempted. I was unable to keep the sage smudge-stick burning, even when holding it directly in the flame of a candle (which, according to the laws of nature is impossible–fire beats dried plants every time!) but the cleansing did have some effect. Later that day, I was out and saw an extraordinary raven  and realized the spirit of Raven had come to help empower and carry my ‘prayer-smoke’ to the heavens.

On the morning of 12/1/2013, I dreamed of friends from the past prying into my life for gossip-like purposes. Then the dream switched to a cluster of beautiful orange and white barn owls resting in a tree and one of them was trying to communicate with me. One message was, “Life is short; every day is precious; open your heart to love.” Another was, “Do a home cleansing to free up lost spirits.” I had felt somewhat better since the cleansing, but my daughter felt something brush up against her in the kitchen, where I had also sensed an unfriendly presence. Another owl-message was, “Owl is associated with magic, both black and white. Owl will help you intuit the truth.”

A friend suggested I sit quietly, tune into each person from my past associated with ‘hurt’ and psychically sever the cords. I had used this ‘disconnection’ technique before, with some success. The night after the barn-owl dream, I decided to sit quietly and do so. I began by trying to light my Jesus Christ candle (made with aromatherapy oils used in his time and to anoint his body). It snuffed out and I lit it again. I put a ‘Songs of Mary’ CD into my computer and it would not start. I ejected it several times and it finally played. I held a quartz crystal in my hand to connect to our Earth Mother and slowed my breathing. I began to choke and cough and could not stop. When I thought, “That’s fine. I’ll cough all night because I’m going to sit here until I can quiet myself and proceed,” the choking came to an end.

My breathing settled and I asked Universal Christ to be with me and protect me and those I love. I asked to connect with our Earth Mother and our Divine Mother. I asked All My Relations (my friends from nature), the Ascended Masters, especially Paramahansa Yogananda, Archangel Michael and Saint Benedict to be with me. I then asked to see the cords that connect me with the people and painful situations from my past. Their names and faces began to come to me. I was overcome with all the pain, mine and theirs, and tears came, in rivers.

One at a time, I sent each of them my heartfelt apology for hurting them and asked, if it was possible, for their forgiveness. I wholeheartedly gave my forgiveness to them for the hurt I had felt. In my mind’s eye, light was building within and around me and I felt lighter and lighter as the process continued. Then I felt a surge of power come up from the Earth and powerful beams of light come down through my head, where they joined in my heart. In that moment, I asked that any spirits stuck in the apartment or around me be freed to go into the light. I saw arms reach down and draw a spirit up into the light.

I was stunned. Then a sense of joy swept over me for the being who moved into the light and then for myself, realizing the gift that was given to both of us. We were both freed! I gave thanks to every being of Love who had been with me. It was a Love-army and it took a while.

When the experience was over, I noted that almost two hours had passed. I realized that much healing with people from my past, both living and on the other side, had occurred. I have three people I need to continue to work with for forgiveness, one passed on, two living.

It was a truly beautiful experience, one I guess that could only happen when the time was right, or when I truly desired to know how cleansing and healing occur. In November, I had asked for divine aid, and when I could not keep the sage smudge-stick lit, help came from an unexpected source: Raven. That day was a step in the process: I learned about sincerity, inner preparation, commitment to a higher purpose and opening to ceremony. I received both grace and mercy.

But I had not yet understood that when healing a negative connection—the emotional, mental or spiritual pain of both parties—forgiveness is the washing machine. It is likely that we can psychically sever painful connections using will power, but this has only a temporary effect because the pain will be carried into future lifetimes, into new-old relationships, awaiting the process of forgiveness, the healing of memories and the application of grace and mercy.

A Home Cleansing that Came with Miracles

I performed a home cleansing or blessing on Saturday, to the best of my ability. The apartment was not spit shined, but I cleaned all day Friday, on and off as I could, a bit in the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining area, mopping with ammonia. I even washed the walls in the laundry room, a dark little room with a stackable washer and dryer, that has a creepy space behind the w/d that I can’t get to. C’est la vie! I cleared clutter, dusted, and vacuumed, upstairs and down.

My Offering and Helpers

My Cleansing Prayers 11.16  2I made an offering in a pink, for Divine Love, watercolor collage, with dried carnation petals and ash leaves (from my tree-friend, Sistine). I placed a picture of a painting of Jesus by a beautiful statue of Mary and Jesus, with a smaller statue of a woman holding a toddler with two young children standing on either side of her, representing me and my children. I taped a picture of my mom when she was young to our symbolic statue so that she would be included in the blessing.

I took holy books off the shelf, the Bible, Paramahansa Yogananda’s The Second Coming of Christ, ‘A Revelatory Commentary on the Original Teachings of Jesus,’
(Eastern wisdom on awakening Christ within) and Jamie Sams’ Sacred Path Cards (which is the book I’ve used the most. She writes of deep Native Indian spirituality, in which everything boils down to walking-our-talk on a road of Truth.)  I haven’t read them fully and perhaps it was hypocritical of me to put them on the table, but to me they represent records of humankind’s attempts to know God/Love/Great Mystery and what that means for us.

I also placed on the table my Jesus candle, made with the same oils used in his time; the talking stick I recently made calling on Universal Christ and the Spirit Keepers of the North, East, South and West; my paper/pictures version of a Medicine Wheel; a clear globe with an archangel, thinking of Archangel Michael; a branch from Sistine, my ash tree friend (from a recent tree-trimming); a stone from a mountain in Sedona, AZ that helps to strengthen male energy in females, a gift to me; pictures of my three children as babies; a near-baseball-sized, mostly round stone that represents to me the strength of the Earth; and some gifts from family and friends that represent their love. I have a Catholic medallion upstairs depicting St. Benedict, who is a kick-ass banisher of evil and laid a piece of paper about him on the table. I used a smudge stick made of cedar and sage, which is cleansing and purifying, which I lighted to make the smoke that carries prayers from this realm to the holy realm. I added a bell to start and end the ceremony.  I knew we had some sort of problem and had never performed a ritual like this, so I wanted to call on all the help I could.

I didn’t take my sleep meds Friday night and stayed up most of the night, ready to get up, shower, and at sunrise, 6:16 a.m., begin the ceremony in the quiet of early morn. I looked up 616 in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 and it says:  “Look only at possibilities and not at material illusions. You are powerful and can overcome any situation with a positive mindset.”  I added those words to my collage offering. I opened all the windows in the house so that anything that might have been inside could leave. I asked for my helpers to be with me, expressed my gratitude, lit the Jesus candle and the sage/cedar smudging stick so that I could waft the smoke throughout the house, stating our needs and sending our prayers to Father Sky (or Father Sun, as he is called by different traditions).


There were several problems, however. I made my offering, the collage, with love and then thought it was beautiful, and in so thinking, triggered my ego. I sat to breathe quietly and meditate at around 6:00, but my heart felt like it would pound out of my chest and I felt like some force was actively opposing me. Eventually, my heart slowed, but never to its normal rate. The cedar/sage smudge stick wouldn’t stay lit. I must have gone back six or seven times to relight it. Eventually, I carried the burning candle with me, holding the dried wood and herbs into the flame almost constantly so it would smoke, which you would think would set it on fire. Even this barely kept it going. This was discouraging, but I had smudged myself to bring the cleansing smoke into my heart and mind, and walked throughout the house in this awkward relighting process, saying my prayers and speaking our needs. I gave thanks when I was finished and apologized for my inability to humbly and properly perform the ceremony.

It really hit home afterward how unable I was to ‘walk my talk.’ I reflected on this for the whole day, in a strange space, some sort of limbo. How could the ceremony have worked with me so off balance? What did it mean that the smudge stick of dried herbs and wood wouldn’t stay lighted? I was not insincere in that I needed help; just unable to so show up in a humble, balanced, peaceful space. I left the cedar/sage stick out and thought I would walk it through the next morning again, in a better space, I hoped, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

But as the day passed, I noticed that our home felt better. Could that be? Was it the love of all the beings whose symbols/totems I had assembled at the table, in spite of me? Was our home healed because for the first time in my life I worked very hard to prepare for the ceremony? And I was given a sign. There is a man who lives in these apartments along with two other mentally disabled men, who live with a caretaker. This man loudly speaks to himself, is gangly in an unusual way, never looks me in the eye and always spits when he sees me.

I saw him walking on the other side of the pool and just did not want to be spit at, but I heard in my mind, “Too bad,” and Roxie pulled me in his direction. He walked toward us, excitedly gesturing and speaking to Roxie, then admonishing her not to jump on him, but he did not spit at me.  First time in the almost 2-1/2 years we’ve lived here. Then, and I was totally blown away, he looked me in the eyes. His are green, small, hard-looking eyes, but he looked into mine, acknowledging me as a person, and then went on his way. Wow, I thought. Something really has shifted. Something really has shifted!

The more time that passed at home, the better the place felt. All of my helpers had come to my aid, even though I was unable to center myself beforehand. Angel number 616 said I was powerful and could overcome anything with a positive mindset. I was ego-centered instead and unbalanced by a strongly pounding heart that didn’t settle during the process. My hard work and intent apparently connected me to the divine and because of Love, they came through for me. I guess I won’t be taking up energy-cleansing as a profession, though. 🙂

Later that night, preparing some photo collages for my children, from babies to age 21, I was struck by the overwhelming sense of how blessed my life has been. I have always felt like a worm; I gave my will to people to be used however they wanted to do so; I often ignored the laws of the universe; I became chronically ill and have pouted about if for over 15 years, while stressing the whole time about how hard it is to live on disability benefits—and there I sat, awash in the blessings of my life, tears streaming down my face. I am loved and I do know, at last, what love is. It is all-encompassing and everything that happens is a gift of the soul. I could go now, cross over to the other side in peace, because of those few moments of insight. I was freed by it, able to see the bigger purpose of the conditions of my life and how blessed I truly am. I was touched by God, whatever His or Her holy name. What an offering to me! It has all been quite the experience.

Soon, I will post some notes I’ve made over the years about home blessings and protection. God bless us, every one, and touch us, please.