When We Get Past This . . .

I never had a problem with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I figure God created the whole universe, so whether He or She made us to evolve from animals, or we were simply planted here one day, or we were created through some mysterious process currently unknown to us, doesn’t seem to matter so much. Whatever our Creator’s plan is, I’m certain it’s much more expansive than anything we can grasp, at least for now.

There’s still so much that both science and religion don’t know, and I think it’s far more honest to acknowledge this and say, “You know, we really don’t understand how this (or that) happened. Everything’s a theory at this point.” If any of us ever do stumble upon ‘the truth,’ it will probably be the physicists. Even now, they’ve discovered we consist of vibrating atoms that are made up of mostly empty space. Isn’t that cool? Is the empty space where our souls reside? I don’t know, but why not tell our school children the truth and encourage them to (ad)venture forth and discover?

I think we’re spiritual beings with the potential for insights and powers so wonderful that the next hundred years of discoveries could boggle our minds–if we can plow through the current wave of darkness sweeping over America. It’s as if a heavy dark blanket is smothering our country, pressing the ‘heart’ out of us. We need to remember: It is only a dark blanket. It is nothing compared to the Light emanating toward us from the heavens, inspiring the sparks of light residing in our souls.

When we get past this, we will look back at world history, at egomania and war and shake our heads, because we have mostly lived like animals, with ‘survival of the fittest’ our credo. In our future, I can see a planet where the hopes and dreams of a woman holding her sick child somewhere in Africa are as important to me as mine are. I mean, why am I more important than her? Why are you? Why should her child not have a safe environment, a decent home, clean water and good food to grow a healthy mind and body?

Maybe ‘survival of the fittest’ was a reaction to this darkness, but we’ve nearly destroyed our beautiful world in so living. Our future is ripe with possibility to transcend the mess we’ve made, to make the next evolutionary leap. We probably still won’t know everything (that would be boring, anyway), but maybe we’ll work out how to get along, how to make sure every soul has a loving environment, a family and friends, access to education, health care and meaningful work. Maybe our condition won’t be measured by our material wealth, but by our spiritual wealth. Now that’s a dream of the heart worth focusing on.

The Mystery of Life and: Is Our Country Breaking?

How can any of us lose loved ones and the rest of us not understand? It is so much a part of all of us, the coming of the new little ones and the passing-on of our elders, of all of us at one time or another, some lives short and some lives long. In one door and out the other, or is it the same door? I wonder if it could be and I wish we knew.

Life here is so temporary and we all ache to understand more, to know the truth: How was the universe made? Are we made from star dust–dirt? Are we more than bodies? Why do we come and go? It truly is all a great mystery, a great cosmic stage on which we appear–to try and figure it all out? To try and figure ourselves out, or maybe figure out God, or how we fit together?

Compared to when I was 30 and certain of so many things, I feel like I’ve gone backwards, understanding less every day. I long to know why we humans fight so much, why the loudest voice wins—wins what?—and why has our country taken the direction it has? Hate, separation, racism, fear, destruction of people’s lives?

Do we really care only about ourselves, our own families—that’s it? Does it matter what race or gender or party-card we signed when our country could be lost? I think we need to open our minds and hearts, to say we’re sorry for all the separating-BS and that we’re ready now to work on solutions together.

Or is this moment in time not about solutions and agreement? Is it about a breaking, a breaking of our country, of us? Breaking cannot be more painful, but it comes also with tremendous potential for personal and spiritual growth. There is a bigger picture and a process at work—something is happening. We can all feel it. It’s in the air and water and gasoline and in our food. It’s in the stress levels of the people around us. It’s everywhere.

In breaking, the fake stuff that meant so much is seen for what it is. The significant shines in the light. If we mean to be a part of the bigger picture, now would be a very good time to commit to the highest good for all.

Breathing Out Fear

When I first began to meditate, back in the dinosaur days, I would breathe in love and breathe out hate. It wasn’t long before I realized I didn’t have a lot of hate stored up, and later that hate is not the opposite of love—fear is. It wasn’t the occasional fear that I experienced, like if someone had pointed a gun at me. It was the over-riding conviction that something bad is always coming. At the fear-realization, I began to breathe out fear. To this day, 34 years later, I am still breathing out remnants of fears, which I ask be dissolved. I don’t want to leave any of it stored anywhere inside my mind or body.

The worst part of a problem with fear is that whatever is most on our minds is what we attract to ourselves, and fear provides the ultimate in self-fulfilling prophecies. Fear feeds on our energy, our life-force, and the more it feeds, the greater our fears and the less energy we have to deal with them. Make most any group of people afraid in any situation, odds are it will turn deadly, because fear brings out the worst in us. What the fear-monster wants more than anything is power over us and to control our behavior. And with our modern instant-access news reporting, the barrage of fear-inducing events never stops. I’m trying to remember, is fear one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? No, I think it’s in charge of them.

Letting go of old fears while not buying into new fears (recognizing fear as the enemy) is a good approach to finding a life worth living. The possibilities for a good life are always there, even for damaged people like I was. It’s a lot of work, but why should any of us settle for a life lived in the darkness? We can choose to become better people and to take life one day at a time, forgiving ourselves when we slip. And maybe we shouldn’t watch the news. Maybe in order to heal, we need some time for ourselves without any more of the incessant, unsettling input. What would they do if we stopped reading, listening to or watching the news? I wonder . . .

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