The Mystery of Life and: Is Our Country Breaking?

How can any of us lose loved ones and the rest of us not understand? It is so much a part of all of us, the coming of the new little ones and the passing-on of our elders, of all of us at one time or another, some lives short and some lives long. In one door and out the other, or is it the same door? I wonder if it could be and I wish we knew.

Life here is so temporary and we all ache to understand more, to know the truth: How was the universe made? Are we made from star dust–dirt? Are we more than bodies? Why do we come and go? It truly is all a great mystery, a great cosmic stage on which we appear–to try and figure it all out? To try and figure ourselves out, or maybe figure out God, or how we fit together?

Compared to when I was 30 and certain of so many things, I feel like I’ve gone backwards, understanding less every day. I long to know why we humans fight so much, why the loudest voice wins—wins what?—and why has our country taken the direction it has? Hate, separation, racism, fear, destruction of people’s lives?

Do we really care only about ourselves, our own families—that’s it? Does it matter what race or gender or party-card we signed when our country could be lost? I think we need to open our minds and hearts, to say we’re sorry for all the separating-BS and that we’re ready now to work on solutions together.

Or is this moment in time not about solutions and agreement? Is it about a breaking, a breaking of our country, of us? Breaking cannot be more painful, but it comes also with tremendous potential for personal and spiritual growth. There is a bigger picture and a process at work—something is happening. We can all feel it. It’s in the air and water and gasoline and in our food. It’s in the stress levels of the people around us. It’s everywhere.

In breaking, the fake stuff that meant so much is seen for what it is. The significant shines in the light. If we mean to be a part of the bigger picture, now would be a very good time to commit to the highest good for all.

Transforming Fear, a Guest Post by Sharie, Spirit Teacher

Dearest Pam,

A Course In Miracles teaches that there are only two ways of seeing in this world.  Through the eyestransformation of fear of Love which is God or through the eyes of the ego which is fear. What you call dark forces, I would call ego misperception. Since God is only Love and God is all there is, anything that is not of God cannot really exist. Yes, it looks and feels real and can be very distracting when we are experiencing it, but if we remember that it isn’t God and therefore is only a harmless illusion we can take our power back and choose to see this through God’s eyes.  When we look at everything with God and lift up all fear and darkness to Him, He then can shine His light into the darkness and show us it is nothing.

Remember no matter how it looks, no matter how it feels, no matter how it manifests itself, in your body or in your life, IT IS NOT GOD.  If it were God you would be peaceful and filled with love.  God is only Love and God is all there is. And so when you call it names like a dark force, or when you see dark faces coming at you, you must believe that whatever this is, it cannot harm you and it cannot interfere with God’s Love that lights you from within. If you can, smile gently at the faces and ask silently, “How can I help you?”  Then lift them up to God so He can make the correction from fear into Love.  Since you are clearly a visually sensitive person, visualize light around the faces and then visualize them fade into the light and disappear.  And then visualize something beautiful like a garden or a rainbow or whatever you find beautiful in this world, a snowy mountain top, a green park with children playing on the playground.  You are a writer with a wonderful eye for beauty so choose your place or space and see that instead of the darkness.

The ego is simply a mistaken thought system that we made up to separate ourselves from God. It didn’t work, of course, because we do not have the power or the ability to separate ourselves from our Source, but we can certainly believe that we have.  What you are experiencing right now is either your own ego energy trying to distract you or the ego energy of others or a combination of both. I always believe that the fear is mine and in that way I know I made it up and so I can let it go. It often gets so strong that I am tempted to think it is separate from me and outside of me, but I remind myself that there is nothing outside of my mind because I am God’s Creation and there is nothing outside of the Mind of God. Either way, you have the power to choose God in this and free yourself of this experience. GOD’s LOVE IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL THAN FEAR.

A Course In Miracles teaches that the only way to weaken ego’s hold on us is to look at it and calmly say, “Oh, there it is again. Fear is back. So what’s new?” and then surrender it.  What I do after I remind myself that it isn’t real is to ask God to help me see this through His eyes.  Then I can smile gently and let it go.  Sometimes it hangs on for a while after I have surrendered it, but then it fades and disappears into love. Of course it will come back and I will have to repeat the process.  We must understand that we have accumulated a lot of fear in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.  We aren’t going to eliminate it without some work.  But at least now we can recognize it as harmless and an illusion and choose God each time that fear arises.

When we are on a spiritual path, ego gets a bit more persistent.  It understands that we are releasing our attachment to fear and that makes it more fearful. Without fear the ego cannot exist. It will try to keep our attention and the more we turn to God, the more it wants us to see it instead. But now we can see the ego’s persistence as a good thing, because every time fear arises we are given another opportunity to see what pushes our buttons and where our weaknesses lie. It is only when we are willing to look directly at the fear, understand it is nothing and then surrender it that we can ever be free of it.

Remember, there are only calls for love and extensions of love.  A call for love is any brother or sister who is experiencing fear in any form.  And if a brother or sister calls for love, it is our function to extend love and as we extend love to another so do we offer it to ourselves.  As I offer these words to you, so am I choosing to see my fears another way as well.  And thank you for reminding me of what God is teaching us every moment, we are here to be happy and peaceful and joyous and loving.  We have no other purpose because that is how God created us.  Together let us extend love to the faces and the fear you experience.  We are the light of the world and twisted faces and dark forces cannot interfere with that.  The laws of God transcend the laws of the world and the laws of dark forces. Now our Love has washed away all fear. God’s Light has shined away all dark forces.

Now, envision yourself as healthy and strong in mind and body. Feel what perfect health would be like and allow yourself to experience the joy of perfect health.  Do this any time you think of it and be sure to do this at night before you fall asleep and again in the morning when you awaken.

REMEMBER: FEAR IS NOT REAL!  ONLY GOD IS REAL!  I CHOOSE GOD NOW AND IN ALL THINGS.  And then simply be grateful. Let gratitude flow over you like syrup over pancakes, like sunshine over shadow, like crystal spring water over rocks, like Love from a healed heart.

Love always,

You Create Your Future, a Guest Post from the 11:11 Progress Group

Alabama USA
December 16, 2010
Received by Oscar

Teacher: “There is a lot of uncertainty in these times due to economic concerns. These are the moments some use to take advantage of the fear in their fellows, and attempt to foster more fear with fatalistic forecasts in order to strengthen their control. Many of you follow the news closely and observe how everything seems to be getting worst.

“You should know that you are the masters of your destiny. It is you who can decide what next will happen in this world. You are the ones who can create your future today. The decisions of the past — your collective decisions — have brought you here. Will you keep thinking the same thoughts and employing the same methods expecting different results?

“In a society as globalized as the present society on Urantia, the mistakes are no longer just the responsibility of a few leaders. Many countries have democratic systems to varying degrees. Many leaders of the most powerful nations are elected by the majorities in their respective countries. It is the duty of every citizen to be informed about the policies and the way of thinking of the leaders they are voting for, since through their being elected they decide the course of action they are supporting, and they are creating the world that will meet future generations.

“This is only the first step, but one that is often ignored by those who don’t take the time to inform themselves, and later blame their governments for the policies implemented — policies which they supported with their votes. The next and more important step is the internal progress — spiritual elevation — where each individual attempts to be better through the intelligent adoration of the Celestial Father and through the progressive communion with the presence of the Father in the heart and mind of each individual. This is the true engine that will move progress of civilization to heights not yet conceived in this world, when the government of men will move aside to install the government of God on Earth, because every human being would have reached self-mastery, self-governance, and will be motivated to serve their fellows by the spontaneous love that overflows each heart. On that day all problems will disappear.

“The solution to the problems of today, the complex problems festering in this sphere, depend only on a personal decision of each person in this world, or a significant majority. When a human being decides to search for the Father within, and therefore starts to become the best he or she can be, a new step forward is made towards the age of Light and Life in this world. This is the task facing each one of you today to improve the world you live in. Make your decision.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.

The Ups and Downs of Life

Some people thrive on change but most of us, especially the fixed astrological signs, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, the last being my sun sign, aren’t too sure about change. All humans are born, we live and we die. Our children grow up and move on with their lives. We can lose our jobs with only an hour’s notice. Friends come and go and sometimes we become separated from family members. There are pretty tough losses due to disease, weather disasters and war. There’s not much we can do about life changing, but we don’t have to like it, right?:)

Life can be scary and depressing unless we learn how to live with the universal laws that say, “When one door closes, another opens,” and, “There is a reason for everything–if you are patient, you will understand,” and, “Be thankful for what you do have, because the emotions of fear, anger and envy only make things worse. In order to solve the problem of ‘lack,’ we must first be grateful for what we do have.”

The most important universal law of all is that the Spirit of our Creator lives within us as our souls and is, therefore, always with us. If we are willing to admit we’re seeing our situations through the eyes of upset and that we don’t know everything, we can put ourselves in a better frame of mind. From there we can pray to the God we love, or ask our guardian angels to be with us, to guide us. We can find and attend a church we enjoy, spend quiet time in nature, or seek counseling. We can learn about education opportunities. First, though, we must believe that life offers good things for us.

This type of change is growth and for most of us, it doesn’t come in a flash of insight, though I knew one man whose life changed that way. We live, we make our poor choices and learn that, “Oops! That didn’t turn out very well. What can I do differently?” By accepting the laws that we create how we live and what happens to us through our thoughts and actions, and knowing we can change how we live if we choose to do so, and that as we forgive ourselves and others the past is left in the past, we are renewed. We march forward, expecting all the good that life offers, which is simply waiting for us to open that door and walk through it.

Fear is a Handicap, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

In 2004 I wrote the material (below the poem) to a friend with whom I was having an exchange. In 2006 it was later published on a website who had asked permission to use it. I have decided that perhaps the time has come to give it a wider audience given the times we are living through. Also, may the wisdom of the poetry of Baha’u’llah touch your heart. Enjoy! M. B.

“Oh Son of Spirit!

I created thee rich, why doest thou

Bring thyself down to poverty?

Noble I made thee, wherewith dost

Thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of

Knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou

Enlightenment from anyone beside me? Out of

The clay of love I moulded thee, why doest thou busy

Thyself with another? Turn thy sight onto thyself,

That thou mayest find Me standing within thee,

Mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.”


There are many voices out there as you are aware. It remains I feel, for each of us to use our intuition as to what we are drawn to explore and indeed listen to. Personally, I have for years felt that we have been seeded from other star systems and that our different races represent the particular star system we may have come from. I do, however, feel there is a different story for the indigenous peoples of the earth, but I am not sure exactly how, for they are very much more in tune with this planet than are us ‘others.’

Getting out of the “Box” of our conditioning is the first big step. Once we have done that it remains for us to look around at this new unfolding landscape (as we rub our eyes and get used to this new light) and see/feel what we are drawn to explore and pursue.

As you well know, we have been ‘ruled’ by fear and it is this that has controlled us over millennia by forces that have not operated in our best collective interests. (Religions have done it very effectively through ‘judgmental’ motifs, et al.) Who the ‘controllers’ are behind the scenes is a matter of speculation. There are ‘takes’ on this and I’m sure you’ve heard them. Again, intuition here is the best guide – at least for me. It is, however, very important not to get caught up in any fear motif for this only muddies the waters.

Awareness is one thing and throwing light on a negative situation is very valid to help inform – but never get caught up in acting out of fear itself. Indeed this whole epoch we are traversing through is an incredible time of discovery about who we really are. While we may see desolation and tragedy taking place everywhere around us, it is perhaps a prelude to a new unfolding discovery about our very existence and what it is all about! You cannot build a new structure on a crumbling foundation —so the ‘old’ must be exposed and removed to allow for the new growth. I feel that is what is taking place as we move through these disturbing times and most importantly – for me at least – is that we have the support of our Star family at this exceptional time with the codicil, of course, of non-interference unless we collectively ask them to. I suggest that the amazing Crop Circles are coming from the concerned beings who surround us. They come in Love.

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What If Fear is Only a Part of the Process? A Guest Post from Sharie at Sending Joy

Sharie, Your post applies to nearly everyone on the planet and is so helpful. May I share it at my blog, too? Love you, Pam

Hello Pam Dear, Another perspective on fear. We get so overwhelmed and trapped by our fears that we forget it’s just a thought or a judgment and more often than not, not a very accurate one at that. Please do share this post on your site or any others that you feel might be helpful. Thank you! Love you, Sharie/Sending Joy


“I will smile in Fear’s face today.”

Sometimes it seems that fear has a mind of its own. We know we want to be happy and at peace but fear just won’t let us. It wraps its claw-like fingers around our heart and squeezes the breath right out of our lungs. Or its dark shadow silently stalks us all day, staying at the peripheral of our mind until the night when all is quiet. Then it leaps out at us with crazy thoughts of this and that. We try to fill our minds with loving affirmations and busy thoughts that feel more productive. We may try to pray, or meditate, but our brain is churning with doubt and confusion. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming and we just cry out for help or yell at God for letting this happen to us. After all, we work so hard trying to be a good person, how is it possible that we can be in such pain?

But perhaps this fear isn’t such a bad thing. What if it is simply part of the process of our healing and really something helpful if we just stop fighting it?  What if we just stand back and allow it?  Feel the tension in our shoulders, the tightness in our chest. Can we unclench our fists and simply look at the panic thoughts and let the sad and angry tears flow free? It isn’t easy to face the fear with a calm and quiet mind and an open heart. In fact it can be terrifying because it feels like the end of our peace forever. But we know it isn’t. We’ve had these insanity attacks before. We know they come and go. They must be part of the journey of allowing us to heal from our past.

So now, let’s just watch our fear and see what it does. See how it fades more quickly with no resistance? See how clearly we can see God’s loving Light fill up the dark space where fear, just moments before, felt so powerful and real? See how our tears of sadness quietly become tears of gratitude and joy?

What a relief to know that no matter how it looks or how it feels, fear is not real. Only God is. And God is only Love. Now, we understand, if we’re not at peace, we’re simply making a mistake. It’s not our job to correct the mistake, it’s our job to stop fighting it so God can shine His Light into our mind and heart and make the corrections for us. He does this by showing us the truth of who we are.

Will fear come back? Most likely. The ego doesn’t give up easily. But now we know the answer, let it come.  Sure it’s scary, but so what?  Scary isn’t the end of the world. If we can accept that and smile through the pain, even better. Our smile tells us it’s not so serious as we thought and opens up the channel for God’s healing Power. Now, we can get back into our right minds, our loving prayers and quiet meditations which help to weaken our fear muscle and strengthen our joy muscle. Fear is just a thought and so is Love. God gave us the power to choose which teacher we will follow, which thought we want to listen to.

One thing is for certain, if we choose to be at war with fear or try to hide from it, we only make it stronger. The only way to dispel it is to accept, allow and surrender it to God.

Rising Above Fear

A little seed, when Loved, grows into a beautiful tree.

It’s been forever that we humans (on Earth, anyway) have been taught by churches, their holy books and well-meaning others concerned with our probable damnation, that the price of our sins is eternal burning in a place called Hell. This fear-inspired belief seems to permeate our very cells—we know we’re bad people and, if held at gunpoint (or on our deathbeds), we can come up with a long list of our (major) sins and our (minor) mistakes. I lost my health and confidence to overriding guilt and shame, but I do have some hard-earned insight on this subject.

I hope I’ve got this right—that Jewish people don’t believe in heaven or hell. Their bible, the Torah, became the Old Testament of our bible, but it’s not crippling to them because it was written to teach people how to live in the here and now. I suppose guilt and shame can still separate Jews from their religion for a time, but I don’t think they fear eternal damnation. They decide to do better and carry on. This feels really life-affirming to me.

Buddhists don’t believe in heaven or hell, either. Spiritual enlightenment is the goal for this lifetime and is achieved by a strong commitment to right-living as taught by Gautama Buddha. They believe in karma (reaping what we sow) as a teacher, and that we live multiple lifetimes until the decision is made to give up our desires, along with our suffering, to become one in consciousness with All That Is.

Is it just Christians who keep a running tab of our sins and a fear of the afterlife—because we humans are unable to be perfect? I’m not certain—there may be people of other faiths who do the same—but I am sure that fear turns us away from God/Christ/Love/Great Mystery/the Higher Self and what is the point of that, when we’re born here to connect with our creator? Fear destroys us; knowing we are Loved heals us. To rise above my own fears, I chose Love, moving inch by inch, until Love flooded my heart and invited me to forgive myself and all others. It took me nearly all of my life to get here and I still sink into dark places, but now there’s the extended hand of Love that says, “Here, let me help you up.”

Buzz Off, Fear!

Is our world a projected world?

A couple of days ago, I woke up from a sci-fi dream, or at least with a story in my head. We humans lived in a fake, projected world—like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show—and some of us began to suspect that things were ‘off’ and banded together to figure out what was going on. The world, as it turned out, was a projection, like in a movie theater where the guy sits up in his booth caretaking the film and we see a beam of light shining from there to the movie screen. The projected world had been created by greedy guys who had taken over the real world to have control of the planet, minus problems caused by the billions of lesser-than-them people.

I wondered about the dream during the day and finally thought, “No one could pull that off.” But later, I thought, “But what if the idea is true? What if we live in a reality created solely by our thoughts, which are, sadly, fear-filled and those thoughts hold us in a fear-dimension? What if there is a love-dimension and our job is to somehow cross from fear into the world of light? What if catastrophes are generated in our world so there’s no chance we will believe in goodness and “change the channel,” so to speak?”

Who knows? This may or may not be true, but just in case, let us see good happening, for goodness is everywhere there is a heart of compassion, forgiveness and love. Just in case, let’s be stubborn and say, “No! I’m not afraid! I’m not gonna take it anymore! Buzz off, fear.” Fear’s been slapping us around for a long time, but its days are numbered. Let’s acknowledge how much we humans have in common and join hands like the sweet Whos of Whoville whose love is so great the Grinch, whose heart is two sizes too small, is healed. Love is both the journey and the remedy.

The Tea Party, Alien Invasions and Miracles

A friend came by today and we visited for half an hour or so. I love him, but we look at the world through two lenses about as different as they could be. It is funny because while he’s been listening and reading online about a second, impending revolutionary war, I have been writing about making peace with ourselves and others and about us humans acknowledging we are all God’s children, equal in our Creator’s eyes and, for that reason alone, deserving of equal respect. While he’s been reading about possible alien invasions, I have been reading about great beings who are coming from higher realms to our aid. We did agree that whatever it is that is happening around the world (with governments and businesses failing) has a higher purpose and that some kind of change is coming.

But what change will it be? Will it be fear-based or love-based? If most of us give in to fear, it will get ugly out there. My friend believes if Tea Party candidates are not elected in November, rioting will start. At this point, I believe the solutions to our problems probably are not going to come from a government that is already imploding on itself. Though I can’t fathom the amounts of money borrowed by our government, I am certain it was done in an attempt to save our economic system and the government, and to stop the talk of collapse, revolution and armed resistance. I was thinking of my 12th grade history teacher while making oatmeal tonight, the teacher who taught us that Hitler got his toehold in Germany during an economic depression. That same teacher explained that after the war, every country involved measured the destruction of life and infrastructure and vowed, ‘Never again!’

My friend sides with the Republican candidate in our state on every issue. Basically, shut down the federal government, including the EPA, Social Security and the Department of Education. Stop unreasonable taxation, which tends to be an issue for the well-to-do more than for the working poor. The Republican candidate says, ‘No mercy,’ for people like me who break and can no longer work and others who have no education and end up homeless. Her beliefs are born of her own status; she cannot even see those who are hurting and hungry and homeless. She simply doesn’t care. Would she have the ‘least of these’ used in experiments, jailed, or killed? That is what Hitler did. Has he been reborn in our world, waiting for the rising sense of rage to reach a climax?

I admit, I believed President Obama would lead our country out of the quagmire created by President Bush, but doing the best he can with polarized political parties hasn’t been effective. My friend believes the election of a black man as president has brought about the separatist attitudes of some Americans. Really? Still? Will racism never die? If there is another planet where people are not judged by the color of their skin, or lifestyle or religion, I want to go. I believe the profound problems of our country (created by a white president, by the way) were already too far-reaching. I will grant I could be wrong about my beliefs, but I am not wrong about following my heart.

My heart says, The time for war is over. The time for peace is now. The time for rage has become the time to be healed. The time for suspicion and name-calling is old and rotten; the time for mutual respect is born. Our Creator made our universe, including the world we occupy and gave life to everything upon it. We humans are not doing so well on our own. We need an intervention on a level that is far beyond anything we know now or can imagine. We need miracles and I, for one, am expecting them.

What I’ve Learned After Almost a Year

I am closing in on the end of my one-year commitment to, hopefully, post something daily that is meaningful to fellow sojourners who stop by NAtP. I realized this morning that I have done my very best, and also that many of the posts have been for me–to see myself more clearly. In other words, I have been writing about what I need to do myself: transform fear, judging and criticizing into Love.

I have also learned that, yes, I am pretty aware of my own negative thoughts, but that some dark parts of me are deeply buried and I am still uneasy about looking at these things. I need to meditate more to identify and follow those threads to their source; then observe them, without fear, and let them go, as Sharie at Sending Joy teaches. Truly, Sharie’s spirit name must be Blessing Woman. One of the very best things about becoming a member of the blogging community is meeting remarkable, capable and caring people online.

When I was younger I wanted to ‘revisit’ my previous lives to better understand myself. I ordered astrology and numerology charts for that same reason, yet they contained very little that surprised me. Well, reading about the depth of my ‘psychic’ abilities did surprise me, because I have suppressed that aspect of my nature. I don’t want to know my future or anyone else’s future, period. I have gone for a couple of tarot card readings and the news was bad, at least as I measure things: illness, death of loved ones, confusion around men in my life, an unwillingness to be open and serve a higher purpose. Some things do manage to sneak into my dreams and they are always really helpful, so it doesn’t make sense to suppress that part of myself, does it? I once dreamed that I was a member of an Intergalactic Space Council (too much Star Trek?) and they finally decided they had to go on without me. I think I may have arrived at the last second, but I was definitely not jumping in with both feet.

I recently read online somewhere that not only do we each choose our parents before being born, we choose the circumstances of our lives specifically to stimulate our need to ‘know ourselves.’ I have believed this for many years, but it is empowering to realize that none of us are victims–we are souls planning before our physical births for the type of growth that brings us closer to the truth: We are not evil, or criminal or self-centered, even if we act in those ways. We are children of God and as such, we are love and joy and compassion. We are all on the same journey of self-discovery. Let us be kinder to each other, to acknowledge our souls within, and lend a hand or two along the way. This caring is high on the list of what we are meant to do.

We Are Not Our Fears

Standing Tall

Ah, fear. . .don’t you just want to grab fear by the neck and throttle it? I do. I want to make a fear-punching bag, drop in a list of my major fears and go at it. Punch! Kick! Slam! (They say exercise helps relieve stress, right?) And to think in my younger years I thought of myself as a pacifist. Well, I was, until I had my children and then all bets were off. Don’t mess with any mama bear and her cubs.I still long for peace; there just doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it, except take my spiritual commitment seriously. If our fears and desires for a healthy environment were effective, BP (British Petroleum) would have already plugged their manmade, undersea oil gusher, but they can’t or won’t do it. (I thought bringing giant oil tankers to the gulf to soak up the oil already in the ocean was the best idea yet. No takers, though. Too much trouble?) I hope to live to see the end of negativity and a time when all of us humans, wherever we are, live side-by-side as neighbors who care about each other, who watch out for each other’s children and elders; who’ve received quality educations, have equal opportunities and safe homes to love, with access to healthy food and water. I can’t think of one good reason we all shouldn’t have those things. Can you?

Sorry, I digressed. What is fear? Fear is the other side of love and nearly as powerful. There is just one giant-sized difference: Love is a part of us, seeded in our souls, connecting us to the compassionate energy of the universe. Fear is not a natural part of us; we make it up. In fact we custom design our fears, all on our own. It comes not from our hearts, but from the dark corners of our minds. And fear is a liar, a busybody with a big mouth. Think about it: Is anything you’re afraid of right now, happening right now? Fear is us imagining the worst. If the worst should happen, we move into survival mode, which is not the same as fear. And if that worst thing did happen, wouldn’t you eventually rebuild your life? The qualities of understanding, acceptance and rebuilding are who we are; they are integral parts of us, like shelves to a library. We are NOT fear. Let’s roll up our sleeves, palm some drums and shout, “I am NOT fear and I am not gonna take it anymore!”

Fear or Confidence?

Perhaps we are all at a crossroads now. We are choosing between two mindsets; the first is hopelessness and fear, of Mother Nature’s wrath, government power, religious extremism, failing economies, drug cartels. The list goes on and on. The second mindset (or heart-set is more accurate) is that a Loving Force created the universe, Earth and us, and that we have nothing to fear.

These times remind me of my near heart-stopping fear after each of my children was born. “How can I possibly care for him/her?” I thought. “The world is a crazy place and he/she won’t always be with me! What if they get horribly sick or have a terrible accident? What if they need me and I’m not there?” I was so worried, I would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and run into their rooms, a few seconds before they started crying. After each birth, I had an all night, bone-chilling struggle with fear and, at last, I placed them into God’s hands.

So much ‘undoing’ is happening now that it is frightening to be alive, if we don’t face our fears. My therapist , Denise, called me hyper-vigilant and taught me this way of handling my racing heart:


Breathe slowly and deeply.

Carefully observe my surroundings, naming everything I see.

Ask, “Am I okay right now?” (Do I have a job or a source of income? A roof over my head?  Are my children okay? Food? Transportation? Medical access?)

I had to consciously tackle my fears one-by-one to see that I was okay right now, that we were okay right now. It became clear to me that I could live either with trust and faith in a loving, Higher Force; or choose to live my life filled with fear. It is like a train rolling along on a track that suddenly splits, one direction leading into a sun-filled, peaceful, fertile valley; the other leading through a hard, craggy mountain into a land of dark skies.

We are given the freedom and the power to choose love over fear, mental stability over confusion, peaceful knowing over uncertainty. No matter who we are, no matter how we’ve lived, the Lord of Light wants us to ‘come home’ in our hearts, to find the Love within and ‘hook-up’ with all of life.

Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? I am going now, to read those instructions again. What were they? Oh, that’s right. Stop. Breathe deeply. Observe my surroundings. Ask, “Am I okay right now?” I am? That’s awesome! How about you?

Breathing Out Fear

When I first began to meditate, back in the dinosaur days, I would breathe in love and breathe out hate. It wasn’t long before I realized I didn’t have a lot of hate stored up, and later that hate is not the opposite of love—fear is. It wasn’t the occasional fear that I experienced, like if someone had pointed a gun at me. It was the over-riding conviction that something bad is always coming. At the fear-realization, I began to breathe out fear. To this day, 34 years later, I am still breathing out remnants of fears, which I ask be dissolved. I don’t want to leave any of it stored anywhere inside my mind or body.

The worst part of a problem with fear is that whatever is most on our minds is what we attract to ourselves, and fear provides the ultimate in self-fulfilling prophecies. Fear feeds on our energy, our life-force, and the more it feeds, the greater our fears and the less energy we have to deal with them. Make most any group of people afraid in any situation, odds are it will turn deadly, because fear brings out the worst in us. What the fear-monster wants more than anything is power over us and to control our behavior. And with our modern instant-access news reporting, the barrage of fear-inducing events never stops. I’m trying to remember, is fear one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? No, I think it’s in charge of them.

Letting go of old fears while not buying into new fears (recognizing fear as the enemy) is a good approach to finding a life worth living. The possibilities for a good life are always there, even for damaged people like I was. It’s a lot of work, but why should any of us settle for a life lived in the darkness? We can choose to become better people and to take life one day at a time, forgiving ourselves when we slip. And maybe we shouldn’t watch the news. Maybe in order to heal, we need some time for ourselves without any more of the incessant, unsettling input. What would they do if we stopped reading, listening to or watching the news? I wonder . . .

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