Who Built the Pyramids and Why, Based on the Hopi Creation Story, a New YouTube Video from Tom Mills

Tom Mills Pic for YouTube videoTom Mills has recently released a video on YouTube called, Who Built the Pyramids and Why, Based on the Hopi Creation Story. The Hopi Creation Story tells us who built the pyramids and why, how the pyramids and many of the unexplained sites around the world relate to global warming, our melting polar ice caps and what their purpose was in the past.
Tom says the Hopi Creation Story is reinforced on murals painted around the world, many located on ancient pyramids and large stone monuments. He has written two interesting books, THE BOOK OF TRUTH and STONEHENGE IF THIS WAS EAST, linking the Hopi story with Egypt and other locations. They are available at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/thebookoftruth.
The Hopi Creation Story tells of the Creator and family members navigating the universe, coming across Earth, which was wobbling too much to be habitable. Huge stones (pyramids and stone monuments) were placed on Earth in different areas of the world, at different times, to balance it so that life could be created or maintained. The Hopis tell of the Creator’s willingness to return to Earth six times, to repopulate the world, after great endings caused by fire, ice and flood. We are living in the fourth world now, which Tom says is nearing its end, when the Orion star cluster comes into contact with the constellation of the Bull.
One of the most interesting ideas on the video is that the imbalance of our wobbling world was measured by the Creator as the weight of a feather. Tom suggests that if we understood the Hopi story, we would be busy building huge stone monuments, for balance, again. Says Tom, “The Earth is in a delicate balance and in our human hands.”
Tom mentions THE BOOK OF THE HOPI in the video. This image and description are COURTESY OF: http://books.google.com/
Book of the Hopi
In this strange and wonderful book, thirty elders of the ancient Hopi tribe of Northern Arizona — a people who regard themselves as the first inhabitants of America — freely reveal the Hopi worldview for the first time in written form. The Hopi kept this view a secret for countless centuries, and anthropologists have long struggled to understand it. Now they record their myths and legends, and the meaning of their religious rituals and ceremonies, as a gift to future generations. Here is a reassertion of a rhythm of life we have disastrously tried to ignore and instincts we have tragically repressed; and a reminder that we must attune ourselves to the need for inner change if we are to avert a cataclysmic rupture  between our minds and hearts.

Exact Location of the Hall of Records Based on the Hopi Indian Creation Story, A Guest Post by Thomas O. Mills

By Thomas O. Mills
email: tmills1870@aol.com

Before I lived on the Hopi Indian Reservation, I had always been told there were only two options as to where we came from or how we were created on Earth. One option was that a Spiritual Being created all of us from a white man and white woman, and the other was that we crawled out of the sea or evolved over many years of evolution.

After living with the Hopi for four years, I now believe we have a third option and if the Hopi are correct, this is the fourth time the Creator has tried to populate this planet. I believe there is a location, a Hall of Records, where he documented this information for us, using murals, text, and statues.

It is the Hopi belief that the Creator was traveling through space when he found Earth wobbling in space. He instructed his Nephew and the Nephew’s Female companion to stabilize the planet, to create all four races of mankind: black, yellow, red, and white; to distribute them around the planet and provide guardians to each race to teach them language, traits, customs, and religion.

The Nephew and his Female companion were to stay here on Earth to get the job done. They needed a place to stay, tools to do the job, and a labor force. It is my belief that the location where this happened is the pyramid complex in Egypt. I
think many of the temples located around the complex actually form the outline(hieroglyphic) of the Nephew, his Female companion, and the Newborn, or the Embryo, they created.

If I am correct, the Nephew’s tomb has already been found; he was buried in four gold coffins in a room full of treasures. The Female companion’s tomb, who the Hopi call Spider-Woman, has never been found. I believe when it is, it will contain the hall of records or the knowledge from the past. Edgar Cayce predicted the chamber would be
located beneath the right front paw of the Sphinx. Now we have a reason to look.

Please see the illustration below. To read more from Thomas O. Mills on this subject, go to: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/thebookoftruth