The Old Ways Are Crumbling

Sistine trunk posterI know we all got up this morning and went about our responsibilities, like getting ready for work and/or the kids off to school, with all that these morning rituals entail. We have a lot on our minds, especially those of us who didn’t get ready for work because we don’t have jobs to go to. It’s important to remember that we’re all in this life together, with our home, Mother Earth; and that we are all God’s children, playing a role in a great Cosmic Story.

We humans are due. We need to expand our awareness of that which is beyond our own minds and lives, of how we were created, and of all that we can see through the eyes of the Hubble telescope and beyond. We need to see the filaments of light that connect our souls to God, to each other and to Mother Earth and all life residing on her.

I was thinking of trees and all they do for us, beyond fiercely pedaling to clean the air; providing wood for our homes, furniture and other needs; and providing shade from the heat. They are like older siblings who protect us. We sit under them to read and write and enjoy a picnic. There is less crime where trees are planted together. They are our strong and sure earth-angels, beings of Love anchored into the earth, their roots connecting all around the world, helping to hold Love here. I hope someday that we can all see the light that emanates from them.

We live in a time when the old ways are dying out and new ways are born. We’re accustomed to small-mindedness and competition and greed gone mad, and to the degradation of Mother Earth and of us—but this madness is a deception, a distortion of God’s plan for us and our world and, as it has no foundation in what is real, it is crumbling. Change is hard for almost everyone, but when these corrupt systems collapse, what is born will take our breath away. We will fall to our knees, trembling in awe that we are children of a loving God.

A Precipice and Changes in Consciousness, a Guest Submission from Michael Brine

From Michael Brine

Dear Readers,

woman at precipiceI have attached three selections from the book, Through the Looking Glass, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, Part Two. I hope they will help you to better understand the times in which we live.

“Humanity sits poised at a precipice; in front of us is an undeterminable pathway, behind us is the shell of a decaying age. We are at the crossroads of our experience; already actions, as well as thinking processes, are being set which will determine the nature of a new and extraordinary destiny. Our survival as a thinking species and, as well, all living things upon the Earth, now hangs in the mercy of the Winds of Change . . . winds that no longer blow quiet warnings; rather they carry with them a somewhat foreboding message and always deliver a swift altering of our contrived reality through extremely volatile occurrences.

The Division Bell has rung and marks and denotes the polarities of consciousness as we experience conflicts within ourselves, our thoughts, moral values and the everyday dealing with a society that seems to suffer from a total absence of value and ethics. Society as a whole is drawn into the spin, created of a controlled media.”

“Disease and Pharmaceutical/Allopathic Medical Corruption: Many corrupt corporate demigods, who have plundered an unsuspecting world, sometimes defenseless third world populations, have created an entire generation of peoples addicted to their chemical dependencies, “Drugs for Health,” thus enslaving them, creating predictable life spans.

Finally, a quote from the section: “History Rewritten: Human Evolution and Starseed Movement: There will be a series of explorations revealing our true relation to those who come from the stars. At first these discoveries will be opposed by organized religions who will then embrace them in the face of proven scientific evidence. This will cause a further breaking down in the influence of traditional religious doctrines. The revealing of ancient documents and artifacts will be proof that the Nazarene’s influence upon mankind was far more involved and known amongst the world’s people than previously perceived.”

My intent with this column is to get us thinking outside the proverbial “Box” we have been conditioned to believe, by presenting the thoughts of those who I have learned to respect. Whether or not you choose to consider these ideas is your choice, of course.

Comments are certainly welcome, including critics, either here or at my e-mail address:  Other writings  by and materials from Michael Brine maybe viewed and here at:

Thank you. Be well.

Michael Brine

Are Those Thoughts Yours?

Highlights from the Arcturian Group at

“Life issues are personal depending upon the lessons chosen to be learned in this lifetime, but they are also general in the sense of a world consciousness of ignorance. In ignorance you have allowed your minds to accept any old impersonal beliefs floating around in the universal consciousness. Every belief anyone has ever had is floating about for you to accept or reject.

Most believe that when they have a thought, it is theirs. This is not true and this knowledge is a tool for you to start rejecting all you do not wish to be a part of your consciousness. It wasn’t all that long ago that man accepted the belief that the world was flat, but evolved beyond that. This is what you must do with every old third-dimensional belief that comes your way wanting entrance to your belief system.

Your intuition is guiding you to choose truth, and although at present the outer appearances may be very difficult for you, always let your first step be the recognition that you can never be separate from your divinity. You can never in life or death, sickness or health, rich or poor, be separated from that which you are! Rest in that dear ones, and let that be your very first action; then
proceed to take the human footsteps necessary for the particular task at hand…This is how you change and move beyond the old and outgrown belief system. The only heaven or hell there is, is what you create for yourself through your state of consciousness.

Meditation is important because it opens the door to your Higher Self. It says: “I am ready. Show me the way.” Paraphrasing Edgar Cayce: “Meditation is like riding up in an elevator and as the doors open at each floor you see interesting activity
taking place. Those who choose to stay and get involved in the activities of each floor will never get to the top.”

Dear ones, it is time to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. Many think because they read books, have taken or even teach classes, and understand spiritual principles that they have arrived. Knowledge is simply the first step. You must live it. It then unfolds into that which is new and higher and not known on earth yet. We would like to add that the Earth will soon experience a major energy shift. Be prepared and ready for change.”

For a whole lot more on 2012, Ascension, Spirituality and Social Justice, see:

Breathed Into Being

I was falling asleep today, thinking of my own wild experiences with my dark side and those of family and friends. What stands out to me now is that growing spiritually for human beings happens very similarly: Whatever and wherever we push, for or against, is what will eventually bring us to our knees. We tend to feel superior, motivated, brilliant, proud–until we fall. Only then can we see the lies and exaggerations of our dark selves. We are humbled.

When we are born as children of the Light, we are also gifted our egos so that we may live as individuals with free wills, who make personal decisions. When we center on our individuality and lose awareness that we are all One with the universe and each other, we take a walk on the dark side. From the darkness we push and push, only to come up empty-hearted, our darkened egos gleefully manipulating from the sidelines.

It is Love that brings us back to our centers, to ourselves. Love is an irresistible force—no matter how long it takes, we will all eventually rise up from our knees to be unconditionally loved. Perhaps that is what this moment in time is all about. We begin this year or next a new 26,000 year cycle and I’m throwing my vote in with those who believe a mass shift in consciousness is taking place. If we so choose, we will move into a lighter dimension where love and creativity rule. I’ve wondered if this shift will happen only if we’re still living, or maybe only if we’ve crossed over to the spirit-world, but it probably doesn’t matter. All souls who choose the light, choose the light.

Those who don’t choose the light at this time will do so from another time and place. It is our purpose and destiny, because we are all children of Love.

Signs of the Times

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Courtesy of

When one age ends and another begins, when everything is in flux, when Mother Earth is actively making her own adjustments, should we be thinking of ourselves and what we want? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself.

We each come to Earth with a mission—do you know yours? It’s likely that all of us have an assignment related to these changing times, whether it’s creating a new, healing technology or becoming a peace ambassador.

Another question: Is our planet a great being who gave herself for us to have a home? This one I can answer: Yes, and when we lost that knowing, we lost love and respect for our Great Sustainer.

Isn’t it odd that we long for beautiful, quiet places, yet we methodically destroy them to take what we want, like minerals or oil or to dig giant holes to build tall buildings? We do these things to create wealth by fulfilling personal desires—desires that eventually drag us down, leaving us muddled and feeling empty, as we pretend we’ve had no part in poisoning our home planet. Love, simplicity, connection and the beauty of nature—not stacks of gold—fill us with warmth and joy.

I wonder what all that digging feels like to our Earth Mother. What does it feel like to her when we test nuclear bombs, or when we drop them on our ‘enemies,’ her other children? What does it feel like to our Earth Mother, who freely gives all that grows to us, to be divided into plots of land that we believe we own? Is this funny to her, or does she ‘shake her head’ and wonder what has led her children so far astray?

I wonder if the damage we’ve done to the health of Mother Earth and to ourselves is too vast for us to make the repairs. Is she shaking, blustering, flooding, and burning to make necessary corrections herself?

If we let go of our fears of the unknown and of the future, we can answer these questions for ourselves. We can realize that we chose to be here on Earth right now to make a leap in consciousness with Mother Earth, fully aware that this opportunity may not come around again for a very long period of time.

Godspeed to you and yours.

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Birthing a New World

I’m on the mailing list of The Shift Network an organization that, “aims to empower a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity. Now is the time for an upgrade to our planetary operating system. If you are part of this Shift, please join us as we create events, programs, and activities that help us evolve! The Shift Network was founded and launched its first event in February of 2010.”

A big moment is coming for humanity: the tail end of a 26,000 year cycle which, according to ancient Mayan calendars, will wrap up on 12/21/12. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a facilitator at the Network, spoke about the importance of the next 21 months and asked us to realize that though it appears the world is in crisis, we are actually experiencing the birth of a new culture of goodness, which will build upon those things that are already working, and create new ways of being and living that include caring about and respecting all people, creatures and our planet.

Yesterday I participated in TSN’s inspiring online Activation Day, the official launch of the gathering of visionaries, evolutionaries, change leaders and heart-centered humans for Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift. This event, “was a launching pad for the tens of thousands of co-creative collaborations that will follow, which will hopefully include [us]. In order “to make the Shift in time on a planetary scale, we need to have a way to activate the giving of the greatest gifts of the maximum number of people. Every group, culture, field and faith will be needed to converge and give their very best gifts to this birthing process in order to wake up together and avoid catastrophic breakdowns. We can make the Shift in time,” says Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network.   

Dec. 22nd, 2012, is Day One of the next 26,000 year cycle and is an, “auspicious moment for a profound experience because it’s the start of a long era — it’s an opportunity to name and enact the beginning of a new cycle of human development, complete with new intentions.” The Shift Network is calling 12/22/12 Birth Day, “a catalytic shift point for entering a new era.”

Hubbard stated that we are all genetically coded to make shifts in consciousness and that we each have a vocation of destiny, and by participating in whatever ways we can, we will discover what we were born to do with joy and creativity. She invites us to evolve by choice, not by chance. For more information or to learn about training programs to become a facilitator, go the

Mutual Respect is Long Overdue

Mutual RespectHave you noticed that in disasters, people don’t ask about your political party before they pull you out of a burning car, or if you’re a Christian before they stand for hours in front of your home adding sandbags to a wall, trying to push back an overflowing river?

None of those things matter in emergencies, because we are down to bare-bones: I give my energy to your energy to help save your life, your child, your home, whatever, I am here. Somehow, when things go really bad, we move to another level of consciousness, or communication. The situation is clear and so are we: We know what needs to be done. The worst disasters bring out the best in us. Isn’t that really something?

It shouldn’t be so hard to take the next evolutionary step, should it? Imagine this: “I respect you as a fellow human being. I respect that your views may be different from mine, and that they are valid to you. I haven’t walked in your shoes to understand why you feel the way you do, so, please, let’s talk. I acknowledge that I don’t know everything and that I have much to learn. Let’s see what we can work out together.”

What a step forward that would be, eh?

On Group Consciousness

What is group-consciousness? It is an awareness within each person of the other group members, and of the whole. It can be developed in well-run companies with an eye on more than the bottom line. It can be seen in churches and non-profit organizations where self-centered behavior is set aside, though this is not so easy to do. (If we observe our own thoughts for ten minutes, which is also much easier said than done, we soon realize we are each the center of our own universe.)

Why is awareness beyond our personal selves important? It is an antidote for the problems of our world. Alone, we add static to life. Together, we make peace in our world. It’s difficult enough within a marriage to set aside what we want long enough to hear what’s important to our partner—so how will we ever arrive at the understanding that people different from us are as valuable to the whole human race as we are?

It’s in the process of getting to know each other. Every person’s life, no matter his skin color, is an important story. All people, no matter their religions, hurt at times. Every person, regardless of her level of education, has dreams and hopes. Every person is loved unconditionally by our Creator.

What can we do about group-consciousness today? Banish fear and reach out and say hello and Happy Holidays. Smile. Help someone with something. Meet others and hear what they’re saying, in a class, a community center, even at a party. The more we listen, the more listening spreads, because listening affirms our value and once any of us realizes how truly valuable we are, it’s not long until we realize we’re all valuable.

Time to Take a Bath

I’m Ready to Grow

If you look around online, there is some talk about the ‘new energies’ that will wash over (some say, bombard) us between now and the last months of 2012. The old ways, the old energies are being cleansed or removed to make way for a new, cooperative, compassionate world of people who respect all others and Mother Earth.

I can see, as can we all, that our ‘ways of doing business’ are long overdue for cleansing. Yesterday when I made the collage posted below, I had a terrible feeling that the oil was going to spread around the world, damaging the entire Earth, our food supplies, our water. Everything is connected; who knows what else it can do? I hope I’m wrong—but greed may have finally done itself in, along with life as we know it.

Except for indigenous peoples and small communities far away from development who may not know what is happening in the U.S., Europe, and other areas of the world, we’re ready for change—good, healthy, loving change. Men smoking cigars in wood paneled rooms stuffed with leather furniture and fine collectors’ art are trying to solve the problems they’ve created—not for us or Mother Earth, only so they don’t lose their places on ‘top of the heap.’ “The world can go to hell,” they say, “as long as we’re the head honchos.” How many times does humanity have to destroy itself to learn what is important in life?

There may be an ‘energy surge’ around this summer solstice, June 20th-22nd. If you do feel strange, tense, wiped out, anything intensely different from normal, stay home. Rest, breathe deeply, drink lots of water—just take it easy. If you experience powerful waves of emotion or painful memories, breathe slowly and deeply through the experience and let it all go. Communicate to the universe, “I’m ready to grow now, ready to be who I was meant to be when I chose life on Earth.” And none of us knows the number of our days, but it seems more of us are crossing into the afterlife at this time. If you feel this happening, have a prayer ready, look for the Light and go in that direction. Why? Because you are LOVED. We suffer because of what we think, feel and do, but that is not, and never was, what is meant to be.

Living a Life of Meaning

What makes life worth living? On the surface it appears to be financial savvy and success, gaining and wielding power, owning exclusive homes and cars and shoes ‘to die for’–living, in essence, above the masses. We might now suspect that what looked so good before is actually diseased. Nobody with a heart could do to the American people what these finance people have done.

What goes on inside those walls of ‘success’? Are values such as honesty and compassion practiced? Is there a loving, happy marriage? Are the parents connected through their hearts to their children? Have the children been raised to serve others, to make a positive difference in the world? Are company employees valued, encouraged to be creative, and respected? In many cases, the answer is no.

It is all about the foundation. We are not born to cheat people, to ruin lives, to claw and shred others’ souls on our way to the top–we are born to live with ‘heart,’ with love and forgiveness, courage and empathy. We are born to find the high road, the way to that which is beyond our little selves. We are born to expand our consciousness in such a way that we become beings of light, illuminating the path so that all may see.


No matter who we are, toward which side of the political pendulum we swing, what religion or non-religion we practice, or how many things we own or don’t own, we humans all have the same inner questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What do I value? Do my thoughts and actions matter? How have I spent my life?

These are important questions and the answers don’t come so quickly and time goes really, really fast. It twirls and whirls and grabs us up, eyeballs bouncing in our heads, and we have no idea who we are or where we are going. I recently watched the 40th anniversary documentary, Woodstock Nation. That fantastical musical-moment took place in August, 1969, when 400,000 young people gathered for three days in a farmer’s field in Bethel, New York. (Poor farmer.) I did not attend–it was the summer before my senior year in high school and I lived out West, but it will always, in my mind, represent my generation of young people. I was 17 and all these years later, it seems like it was yesterday. I am at the same place my elders once were: Where did the time go?

Life is more filled-out and free when we are kids; it is not so easy for time to get a hold on us then. Enter high school and it begins to sneak up on us–and we start believing time is important. Sometime during college, most people get serious. Today our calendars are set in cables buried across countries and in ocean floors and time is not kidding. “You’re mine,” it says, rubbing its bony, numbered fingers together, cackling. The faster it taps its fingers, the faster we run–unless we opt out.

I have seen enough to say: Live now. Live your life. Follow your heart. Don’t become or do what somebody else tells you to be or do–be who you are, do what makes you tingle all over and gives you joy, for there is no other way to know yourself. How will we answer those deepest of questions if we never learn who we really are?

For sure, we are more than bodies. For sure, we are more than time’s puppets. For sure, we are more than the number of years we spend on Earth. We must reach deeper and higher into the quiet, and mean it. From there the answers will come, shifts in consciousness will be made, and when life begins anew we will not be time slaves. We will be free. Not free from our responsibilities, but alive to each moment, functioning at our very best, at-one with the Light, changing lives and circumstances wherever we are. This is our calling.