The Essence of Life

I was struck by the beauty of the night sky last night. I wondered how anyone could believe that all life, us, the world, our galaxy, the universe, was not fashioned by some magnificent being, some creative force. And, no matter what we humans do to each other and our planet, the Creator must be a force of good because only goodness can radiate such beauty in the face of humanity’s destructive, egocentric actions. As I have aged, I see beauty everywhere: the sky, a tree, a leaf, a dragonfly or a rock, birds and other critters. Beauty is everywhere because it is the essence of all living things on Earth.

And children, even in apartments where their lives are full of stress, play, laugh and learn the fine art of negotiation. Boys will be boys and say things like, “My light saber has more power than yours,” and in response: “It does not! I challenge you to a sword fight!” I’ve watched their plastic-sword fights, which are usually quite short because something else soon catches their attention. I have seen girls with their heads together. “I can’t believe she talked to him!”, plotting some sort of payback. Sometimes kids would say hi and come along for part of my walk. They told me about themselves, what was on their minds and I tried to offer a  kind word or two. Our own beauty is in learning who we are and why we are here. Our inner beauty is always present, waiting only for us to knock on its door.

I thought about our Creator (Him/ Her/ Spirit/ Light Within) as I looked at the sky last night and wondered how He/She feels when our hearts swell with love for Him/Her. Having endlessly broadcast Love in our direction, it’s got to be pretty wonderful when it’s finally returned. There really are only two ways to live, two worlds, and we get to choose: See the beauty and feel the Love, or separate and feel the pain and struggle. We, on this planet, are the sheep who got lost and who the Master comes after so that not even one beloved lamb is lost.

Life Internal and Life External, A Guest Post from the 11:11 Progress Group

Chicago, US of A, March 9, 2011
Teacher Prolotheos
“The Life Within”
Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “It is easy to see what is ‘out there.’ It requires no special training. Two good eyes is all you need. It is considerably more difficult to perceive life within. Humans tend to be so preoccupied with ‘the external’ that most are unable to alter that mind-set and look within. They become markedly materialistic, incapable of noticing the small and still voice of his or her Spirit Self. Human beings must strive and survive in the jungle of the external world, but real life is not ‘out there,’ but rather within you all.

“Many women and men on Urantia today are intellectual giants, political geniuses, super-skilled artists, but within they remain spiritual dwarfs, and don’t know how to balance their external lives with their internal needs.  Your life within is not too different from the physical one.  Like your physical body, your soul had a birth, when your cosmic self started to live in your mid-mind.  Like your physical body, your soul needs to be nourished, so it can grow into a mature spiritual self. Soul nutrition comes from the practice of Goodness, sponsoring Truth, and the appreciation of Beauty.  Helping those in need, sticking by the truth, and promoting and appreciating beauty and harmony is what feeds your soul with spiritual delicasies.

“Your life within is connected to your life external, but sometimes, it needs your undivided attention. To strengthen your intellect you acquire more knowledge; to develop your physical muscles you must do your exercises.  Similarly, to develop your soul you meditate. Meditation, or stillness, helps you to become familiar with the needs of your soul. Meditation expands your spiritual perception, starting with the Spirit of God in you, as well as the many spiritual beings around you — beings like me, eager to contact you and promote your spiritual growth.

“Your external life’s one and only purpose is the development of your soul.  You might live your earthly existence without paying attention to your soul and, perhaps, still have a ‘happy’ material life. However, at the end of your terrestrial stay you would reach the Mansion Worlds with a badly undernourished soul.

“In summary there are two dimensions to terrestrial life: life internal and life external. Strive to obtain or to regain a balance between the two. Prioritizing your spiritual life will bring greater meaning and satisfaction to your earthly existence. I am Prolotheos, your friend of always. Call on me; for I am just a thought away.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22


Beyond Our Reality

Beyond the edges of our reality, there exists a breathtaking world of beauty and light. Whatever we can imagine about our Creator, Spirit, Love, Truth, angels, and healing, falls far short of what is. When all who long for the Light are blessed to see this world, we will fall to our knees, unable to speak, eyes wide with awe, tears of joy streaming down our faces. We will understand the purpose of the heart-pain of our lives, both from hurting others and being hurt. It will all be washed away by the noble spirit of forgiveness; it will be as if the pain never was. We are graduating from a dense place for mule-headed people to a place lit by love and peace and understanding. It is the next step of our evolution as a species. I am past ready; how about you?


What is Beauty?

Blessed with Natural Beauty

Thank you for the extra good wishes sent my way in the last few days. My computer miraculosly is working and my body is coming along.:)

Several years ago I saw a show on television (Nat Geo or PBS?) about human beauty—beautiful faces and bodies. By combining different features on the computer, they came up with the ‘perfect’ faces for a female and a male, as rated by other people. Halle Berry had the ideal female face, a perfectly balanced facial symmetry. I forgot who the male star was; one of People Magazine’s most handsome men, I think. Other researchers have found that women with hourglass figures are more attractive to men, a subconscious  acknowledgement of higher levels of female, reproductive hormones.

If you search the word beauty, a whole bunch of links come up that have to do with cosmetics, hair products and other things we can use to make ourselves appear more beautiful than we are. This world is an illusory world–what is real is love and compassion–and the use of make-up makes us into even more of an illusion. How many times in stories are beautifully made-up people shown to be vain and cruel, who never think before they speak and when they speak only dark thoughts are born? I think it’s far better just to be who we are and let the chips fall where they may.

Physical beauty does count in our world, though. Better-looking students get better grades. Beautiful people get more attention from their doctors, and lighter sentences from judges than their not-so-attractive cohorts. Beautiful people earn more money than average-looking people, who earn more money than those rated low in physical attractiveness. So what are people who aren’t model-material supposed to do?

Take heart! The physical beauty and good health of youth will not last long unless some inner beauty is also brought to bear, and a homely person becomes beautiful over his or her lifetime by being sensitive, kind and tender with other people, and by using intelligence and creativity to make the world a better place. People who consider themselves average or homely may feel less valuable than their peers and may be tempted to give up on themselves and life, but each of us is gifted in some way, whether it’s our ability to be gracious, our personality, our integrity, charisma or intelligence–and we’re meant to let our light shine, wherever it may lie within us. We are souls who’ve taken on temporary bodies to learn how to live from the heart. We may have plain features, but we get to decide whether we’ll turn them into a smile or a frown.