Fear is a Handicap, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine In 2004 I wrote the material (below the poem) to a friend with whom I was having an exchange. In 2006 it was later published on a website who had asked permission to use it. I have decided that perhaps the time has come to give it a wider audience given the […]

It’s Not About the Money, a Guest Post from Michael Brine, by Linda Schurman

From Michael Brine, Valued Contributor at NAtP wild.brine621@gmail.com “Someday after we have mastered The winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, We shall harness the energies of Love. Then, for the second time in the History of the world, humankind Will have discovered fire.” ~Teilhard de Chardin [1881-1955] A dear astrologer friend of mine, who […]

The Final Freedoms and a Comment by Michael Brine, A Guest Post

To Notes Along the Path’s readers: I recently received an extensive email from Robert Landbeck, email: goliah@gn.apc.org, regarding a book entitled The Final Freedoms; he left this link: http://www.energon.org.uk.  I was struck by the introductory message, but found it intellectually demanding, so I asked my online buddy, Michael Brine, to read it and tell me what […]

The Approaching Storm, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

Here I cannot avoid bringing in the “End Times” factor and the Mayan Calendar synchronicity with all of this. I do not think we can say that this is just a coincidence. It is not! Also, let me add a “P.S.” here. The date for the end of the Mayan Calendar is NOT the 21st of December 2012 as erroneously claimed by the mass media. It is in fact THIS year on the 28th October 2011. The true Maya shamans et al support this, including the Swedish microbiologist and professor who is also a long time student of the Maya – Carl Johan Calleman – who is a recognised expert on this calendar.

Inspiration from Wellesley Tudor Pole, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

There is no doubt that the situation we face at the present moment in this great Armageddon that is being fought out, not only here on earth, but in the spheres around this planet, is indeed of such a serious nature that, unless we can look for salvation and help from spiritual sources, man alone is unable to find a solution to the problem which he has created as a result of evil thinking and acting, and the misuse of freewill right down the centuries.

An Inconvenient Truth, a Guest Post by Michael Brine

In the world that emerges from all this chaos, we will have learned that we need to work in harmony with each other. No lines on a map separating us — but working as communities — no rulers or religions that have so separated us and controlled us, using fear as the poison that has trapped us in our stifling and smothering ‘boxes.’ We can stand tall in the Light, knowing that we are all equally loved and equally lovable, the lion and the lamb lying together in a world we can only dream of at the moment.

Before Us Stand Two Portals, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

It WILL happen. It MUST happen, or we will sink into a bottomless grave of our own making. If that should happen there will be a sickening silence across the land – the candle snuffed and life as we know it will disappear into the thickening shadows extending into an endless night – a night we will have largely created by allowing ourselves to be controlled by negative forces – forces that have been controlling us throughout this past age of darkness through fear. Rulers have done it – religions have done it. God – that creative force of the Universe – is Love.

On the Yukon and Young Women Leaving, by Michael Brine; and Goodbye to the North by Nikki Satira, A Guest Post

From Nikki Satira: If the world knew what it’s like to see a mountain for the first time, we might
just be silent for a little while. And maybe in this silence we might reflect
on the feeling of what it’s like to feel so deeply small and fragile, exhaling
and then sucking back in every single molecule of life with such delicate
refrain. Then it might be humble here. We are not giants and our bones are not
steel – we are dewdrops on dewdrops with entire universes in our reflections,
dancing and rolling on blades of grass until the earth collects us.

Can you Dance—Between the Ages? A Guest Post by Michael Brine

Let’s take a wider view of how we have been manipulated as societies and cultures across the world by giving our power away to Patriarchal [male] control during this past Age. What is sadly missing is the presence of the female energy as a balancing element within our cultures and societies. We have been controlled by what I have referred to as ‘little boys’ who haven’t grown up and are still romping in the school yard as bullies. North Korea is a prime example at this time! The Taliban are another sad example and in the latter case, also of how religious extremism – another negative element that has corrupted us over centuries – has produced these little bullies.

Community: What North America Lacks Most a Guest Post by Michael Brine and Nikki Satira

Whether we — humanity as a whole — will be able to make this transition and recognise that it would be a sensible way to deal with this growing crisis, is sadly doubtful. Our conditioning of mistrust of cultural differences, along with the dividing element of religion (that is growing), will likely stand in the way.