Book Review, “STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST,” and A New Idea to Save the Melting Polar Ice Caps

Note: This is a book review of Thomas O. Mills’ book, STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST, from the Chairman of the Manataka American Indian Council, who, after reading the book, was inspired with a new idea to correct the melting of our polar ice caps. It is, indeed, a very interesting letter to other members of the Manataka Council Fire and I share it here with you, hoping to generate more interest in Tom’s thoughtful book and Chairman Michael Burton’s fascinating idea.

By Michael “Eye of Eagle Feather” Burton

Manataka Council Fire

Dear Beloved sisters and brothers,

Thank You to those who are contributing their monetary and volunteer support for the sacred site…the outpouring of contributions has enabled us to clean and prepare the site and prepare a new garden.  Our initial plan is to plant heirloom species of corn, squash and beans. We are about to get a permit for water lines, though we have not planted due to the rains…maybe this weekend!!!

sTONEHENGE If this was EastToday, I write about a book Lee Standing Bear gave to me, written by Thomas O. Mills entitled “Stonehenge ~ If this was East.” In this publication, Tom Mills explains the Stonehenge site and many ancient mystery sites around the globe, using the Hopi creation history passed to us through thousands of years of oral tradition. It simply shows, when these sites were created ‘East’ was radically different, and they were perfect astronomical computers during their time. Current knowledge grossly underestimates their age and can’t figure out why they aren’t precisely aligned with the heavens today.

The axis we turn on would have to shift significantly for these things to line up. It makes sense and when taken as a whole, with all sites considered and realigned with the ancient axis points, they are a testament to a message from the past, built in such a way that NO ONE COULD ALTER THEM THROUGH TIME. It was that important! Continue reading

Little Boy Asks, “Do the Animals Die When We Eat Them?”

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Tarlton on Wikimedia

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Tarlton on Wikimedia

From the mouths of babes:

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Transforming Fear, a Guest Post by Sharie, Spirit Teacher

Dearest Pam,

A Course In Miracles teaches that there are only two ways of seeing in this world.  Through the eyestransformation of fear of Love which is God or through the eyes of the ego which is fear. What you call dark forces, I would call ego misperception. Since God is only Love and God is all there is, anything that is not of God cannot really exist. Yes, it looks and feels real and can be very distracting when we are experiencing it, but if we remember that it isn’t God and therefore is only a harmless illusion we can take our power back and choose to see this through God’s eyes.  When we look at everything with God and lift up all fear and darkness to Him, He then can shine His light into the darkness and show us it is nothing.

Remember no matter how it looks, no matter how it feels, no matter how it manifests itself, in your body or in your life, IT IS NOT GOD.  If it were God you would be peaceful and filled with love.  God is only Love and God is all there is. And so when you call it names like a dark force, or when you see dark faces coming at you, you must believe that whatever this is, it cannot harm you and it cannot interfere with God’s Love that lights you from within. If you can, smile gently at the faces and ask silently, “How can I help you?”  Then lift them up to God so He can make the correction from fear into Love.  Since you are clearly a visually sensitive person, visualize light around the faces and then visualize them fade into the light and disappear.  And then visualize something beautiful like a garden or a rainbow or whatever you find beautiful in this world, a snowy mountain top, a green park with children playing on the playground.  You are a writer with a wonderful eye for beauty so choose your place or space and see that instead of the darkness.

The ego is simply a mistaken thought system that we made up to separate ourselves from God. It didn’t work, of course, because we do not have the power or the ability to separate ourselves from our Source, but we can certainly believe that we have.  What you are experiencing right now is either your own ego energy trying to distract you or the ego energy of others or a combination of both. I always believe that the fear is mine and in that way I know I made it up and so I can let it go. It often gets so strong that I am tempted to think it is separate from me and outside of me, but I remind myself that there is nothing outside of my mind because I am God’s Creation and there is nothing outside of the Mind of God. Either way, you have the power to choose God in this and free yourself of this experience. GOD’s LOVE IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL THAN FEAR.

A Course In Miracles teaches that the only way to weaken ego’s hold on us is to look at it and calmly say, “Oh, there it is again. Fear is back. So what’s new?” and then surrender it.  What I do after I remind myself that it isn’t real is to ask God to help me see this through His eyes.  Then I can smile gently and let it go.  Sometimes it hangs on for a while after I have surrendered it, but then it fades and disappears into love. Of course it will come back and I will have to repeat the process.  We must understand that we have accumulated a lot of fear in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.  We aren’t going to eliminate it without some work.  But at least now we can recognize it as harmless and an illusion and choose God each time that fear arises.

When we are on a spiritual path, ego gets a bit more persistent.  It understands that we are releasing our attachment to fear and that makes it more fearful. Without fear the ego cannot exist. It will try to keep our attention and the more we turn to God, the more it wants us to see it instead. But now we can see the ego’s persistence as a good thing, because every time fear arises we are given another opportunity to see what pushes our buttons and where our weaknesses lie. It is only when we are willing to look directly at the fear, understand it is nothing and then surrender it that we can ever be free of it.

Remember, there are only calls for love and extensions of love.  A call for love is any brother or sister who is experiencing fear in any form.  And if a brother or sister calls for love, it is our function to extend love and as we extend love to another so do we offer it to ourselves.  As I offer these words to you, so am I choosing to see my fears another way as well.  And thank you for reminding me of what God is teaching us every moment, we are here to be happy and peaceful and joyous and loving.  We have no other purpose because that is how God created us.  Together let us extend love to the faces and the fear you experience.  We are the light of the world and twisted faces and dark forces cannot interfere with that.  The laws of God transcend the laws of the world and the laws of dark forces. Now our Love has washed away all fear. God’s Light has shined away all dark forces.

Now, envision yourself as healthy and strong in mind and body. Feel what perfect health would be like and allow yourself to experience the joy of perfect health.  Do this any time you think of it and be sure to do this at night before you fall asleep and again in the morning when you awaken.

REMEMBER: FEAR IS NOT REAL!  ONLY GOD IS REAL!  I CHOOSE GOD NOW AND IN ALL THINGS.  And then simply be grateful. Let gratitude flow over you like syrup over pancakes, like sunshine over shadow, like crystal spring water over rocks, like Love from a healed heart.

Love always,

Restoring Balance and Harmony Benefits Women and Men, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

A Guest Post from Michael Brine:

woman and childWhat is “God?”

What God is can best be described as the collectiveness of mankind, whether seen or unseen, and in the virtue of mankind’s existence, God, through that description, is unconditional and open-ended Love – because in the realisation of what God is is the realisation of what we are – that we are God and we always have been. That we are not evil or corrupt in our souls, as we have been taught. That we are really divine in our souls and with that learning – that profoundness of learning – it allows us the vision, the hope, the desire to become all that we can be, which is unlimited probability. That gets us out of the harshness of our own creations and gives us hope.

It teaches us how to love!

~Author unknown

Quoted from Servers of the Divine Plan on Male/Female Imbalance:

“It is evident that there has been an extreme patriarchal imbalance upon Earth for a very long time. The innate creative and intuitive qualities of the feminine spirit have been long-feared by distorted male perception, and as a result women have been repressed, dominated and persecuted throughout history. In order to bring equilibrium in a world that has known so much control by the male force, the majority of Server-souls upon Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies. As agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the  patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women AND men. During the time leading up to the Great Transition, however, and since male authority is still presently the controlling power, female Servers will continue to experience something of the anguish of the collective persecution endured by so many women over the ages. Nonetheless, they are assured that their long awaited time of liberation and victory is today at hand.”

From Michael Brine:

I fully realise that some of the material I present in my columns may cause some readers to feel uncomfortable – even annoyed. It is not done to annoy but to suggest that perhaps there are other ways to view life. The world is passing through very disturbing times and much of this disturbance is being caused by severe religious differences. These differences are mostly caused by some of the more extreme followers of the three Abraham based religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I imagine that the persons who originally gave of their wisdom those many years ago must be shaking their collective heads in great sadness when they witness how men have so corrupted their simple teachings such as, “Love ye one another,” and “Judge not.” Sadly, judgment would seem to have become a constant in all three.

Let me leave it at that – but I ask you to think about it.

Be well,

Michael Brine

If you wish to comment my e-mail address is: wild.brine621@gmail com.  Other writings of mine may be accessed at:

Biodegradable, Plastic 13-Gallon Trash Bags!

I may be the last person who wanted to locate biodegradable kitchen trash bags to find them, but I Garbage Bags Picdid and they’re only about ten cents a bag more than the ones I bought at grocery stores. My daughter and I live on a small budget, but we talked about it and decided this is something we can and should make a priority. Some grocery stores offer garbage bags made from recycled products, but I hadn’t found any that are also biodegradable. Have you noticed that most grocery stores have a bin inside the entrance where you can drop off plastic bags for recycling? What a big step this is!

It is sad that much of the trash we Americans make sits, if not forever, for a very long time inside plastic garbage bags in landfills. Mother Nature tries to make soil from our garbage, but she can’t break down some of the plastics. I found the plastic, biodegradable bags at, whose offices are located in Chicago—American made! The bags degrade because they’re made with an ingredient that starts the process.

Before my renewed awareness of recycling, I wanted strong garbage bags and there are tons of them, but I want to do better now. I want strong enough and biodegradable. (I did consider trash-can-sized paper bags, which are certainly the best option, but they were all too expensive for us.) I will see if the compostable plastic bags are strong enough, and will report my experiences here


We humans are “indispensable to the wholeness of being,” quoted from Richard Leviton

Ever wonder if you matter? Of if you, specifically, make a difference for our world?

Richard LevitonPlease enjoy this quote from THE IMAGINATION OF PENTECOST: Rudolf Steiner & Contemporary Spirituality by Richard Leviton:

“In [Rudolf] Steiner’s theory of knowledge, the human, in the act of knowing, of attaining knowledge, actually participates in the creation of the world, contributing something indispensable to the wholeness of being. Cognition [of supersensible worlds] is world generative and through the pure moral impulses it produces, it is equally world restorative.”

Paraphrased from THE COURSE OF MY LIFE by Rudolf Steiner, pages 239-241

Some links to Richard Leviton:

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Global Warming Needs Urgent Response Now, A Guest Post by Tom Mills

NORWAY: A crying face is revealed in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. A melting glacier has amazingly taken on the form of a face - worryingly resembling Mother Nature in tears at the state of our planet. The stunning image shocked onlookers who felt the vivid pattern in the melting glacier looked like teary-eyed nature staring straight at them in a foreboding manner. 'Tears' in the natural sculpture were created by a waterfall of glacial water falling from one of the face's 'eyes' and painted an alarming picture warning the world about the effects of global warming. Marine photographer and environmental lecturer Michael Nolan captured the disturbing pictures while on an annual icy voyage to observe the glacier and surrounding wildlife on July 16.  PHOTOGRAPH BY SPECIALIST STOCK / BARCROFT MEDIA LTD UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 Australasian & Pacific Rim Office, Melbourne. E T +613 9510 3188 or +613 9510 0688 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 997 1133 889 W

NORWAY: A crying face is revealed in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. A melting glacier has amazingly taken on the form of a face – worryingly resembling Mother Nature in tears at the state of our planet. The stunning image shocked onlookers who felt the vivid pattern in the melting glacier looked like teary-eyed nature staring straight at them in a foreboding manner. ‘Tears’ in the natural sculpture were created by a waterfall of glacial water falling from one of the face’s ‘eyes’ and painted an alarming picture warning the world about the effects of global warming. Marine photographer and environmental lecturer Michael Nolan captured the disturbing pictures while on an annual icy voyage to observe the glacier and surrounding wildlife on July 16. PHOTOGRAPH BY SPECIALIST STOCK / BARCROFT MEDIA LTD UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 Australasian & Pacific Rim Office, Melbourne. E T +613 9510 3188 or +613 9510 0688 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 997 1133 889 W

By Tom Mills

Scientists are using the shifting of Earth’s poles to measure climate change

The breaking news in my mind should be, “CLIMATE CHANGE HAS CAUSED THE EARTH’S POLES TO SHIFT.”

A NewScientist article from Dec. 13, 2013, notes that in one year Greenland has lost 250 gigatonnes of ice, mountain glaciers have lost 194 gigatonnes of ice, and Antarctica has lost 180 gigatonnes of ice.

A gigatonne equals 1,000,000,000 tons.

We can debate what causes global warming and climate change, whoʼs at fault, how many jobs will be lost, how much money it will take to fix the problem, and point fingers at each other all day long.

The truth is, our small planet has lost at least 624 gigatonnes of ice in the last year.  The loss of this weight has caused the location of Earth’s poles to move.  Not the magnetic poles — but the actual location of the poles.  If we lose another 624 gigatonnes of ice this year, how far will the poles move?  How many gigatonnes of ice are there?  How many more gigatonnes can we afford to lose before the earth’s rotation and delicate balance is in real trouble?

The movement of the poles has changed the flow of the jet stream.  The change in the jet stream has caused rain, snow, wind and storm patterns to change.  This change causes floods in some areas and droughts in others, temperature swings, seasons to change.  All of these changes affect our food supply, plant cycles, our drinking water, our civilization. All this ice turning into water causes sea levels to rise, islands to sink, cloud and rain patterns to change.

With warmer ocean temperatures we can expect stronger hurricanes, tsunamis, higher tides, and fish populations dying or moving to cooler water located at the poles.  These changes will effect millions of people now, and many more in the future, worldwide.

The only debate we should be having at this time is: Where and how soon will the meeting between the most powerful and creative minds from all countries, all people, all around the planet, come together to find a solution and correct the problem? I would like to bring a few of my Hopi friends. Wars, power, money–none of this might matter in the end.

Thomas O. Mills, Author
The Book of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story
and Stonehenge, If This Was East

From Huntington News Post:


Servers of the Divine Plan, A Guest Post from Michael Brine

From Michael Brine 

I am attaching two quotes today, the first from the Servers of the Divine Plan, called “The Aquarian Passion Play,” 2nd Edition, which was published in 1999. This group was located in the western regions of Australia in the 1990’s but they have disappeared, or perhaps more correctly, departed. Who they really were I’ll leave to you, but their wisdom says it all – at least to me.

Second is a quote from the wise man, Kahlil Gibran. It is not from his book, THE PROPHET, but another of his books which, at the moment, I cannot remember. Almost 79! Enjoy. 🙂

Aquarius“Many Servers who have incarnated primarily to aid in humanity’s transition at this time are just now, today, becoming aware of the close attendance of a vast array of Cosmic Intelligences who are hidden to most, the exalted ranks to which they inherently belong. As vague yet familiar senses begin to form within their minds in accord with a predetermined and revolutionary process of remembrance that is presently being accelerated throughout the world, these Servers are beginning to consciously feel a sense of enormous purpose and urgency in their lives. Their necessarily imposed veil of forgetfulness is being lifted today by unseen hands, and their memories and higher spiritual faculties are returning to them. The Servers are reawakening in preparation for the execution of a grand and noble work, the ramifications of which bear universal significance. They are beginning to recall the purpose of their duty to humanity and to planet Earth, and are remembering that they are an essential part of a vast collective effort, and a tremendously important task, the scope of which stretches back across millions of years and a myriad of past incarnations upon Earth and elsewhere, all geared toward the now imminent and conclusive glory. In their partial remembrance thus far, the Servers are perceiving with great felicity that they are about to realize the grand consummation of a vital phase of the Divine Plan for Earth, the solar system and beyond, the result of which shall cast life-enhancing reverberations throughout the universe –  Past and Future.”

~The Aquarian Passion Play

Kahlil Gibran“I tell you that the children of yesteryear are walking in the funeral of the era which they created for themselves. They are putting a rotting rope that may break soon and cause them to drop into a forgotten abyss. I say that they are living in homes with weak foundations. As the storm blows – and it is about to blow – their homes will fall upon their heads and thus become their tombs. I say that all their thoughts, their sayings, their quarrels, their compositions, their books and all their works are nothing but chains dragging them because they are too weak to pull the load – but the children of tomorrow are the ones called by life, and they follow it with steady steps and heads high. They are the dawn of the new frontiers; no smoke will veil their eyes and no jingle of chains will drown out their voices. They are few in number but the difference is as a grain of wheat and a stack of hay. No one knows them but they know each other. They are like the summits, which can see and hear each other – not the caves, which cannot hear or see. They are the seed dropped by the hand of God in the field, breaking through its pod and waving its sapling leaves before the face of the sun. It shall grow into a mighty tree, its roots in the heart of the Earth and its branches high in the sky.”

~Kahlil Gibran

10 Items That Bring Good Luck to Home, A Guest Post from Sarah Brooks

By Sarah Brooks

green frogDeep within each one of us is a seed and that seed has always, and will forever, exist in our lightest modes of being and bring us a wealth of all things that are good. This enigmatic seed grows in spurts throughout our lifetimes, sometimes making itself very obvious and at other times hiding secretly away in our inmost nooks and crannies. The seed goes by many names, some of them being: fortune, serendipity, goodness, karma, providence, kismet, or advantage, but today, we will call it luck. When we have it, we say that our cup runs over, our stars are aligned, our cards are being dealt the right way and our lives are in order.

We attract it to ourselves by radiating positive energy and therefore drawing in all of the prosperity and riches that the universe can afford us. And because we create the growth of this tiny seed within, we can change it from the inside out with our powers of attraction and repulsion. We can change our luck with something as tiny as a glance at a stranger or something as large as a relocation to a new place that stores the energy of the successful residents who were there before us.

With this power of luck, we determine the channeling courses of our lives. By surrounding ourselves with certain traditional and energetic totems or beacons of good fortune, we can magnetize luck towards us in a force-field of positive energy for ourselves, our families and homes. Consider filling your home with some or all of the following collection of treasures in order to embody the lucky lady or lucky man that you have always dreamed of being:

  1. Luck begins at the front door of the home, which serves as a gatekeeper between you and the world outside, protecting you from intruders and also welcoming in those who are dear to you. Traditional Chinese cultures make a habit of re-painting their front doors red every Chinese New Year in order to keep the energy-stronghold of their homes fresh.
  2. Regardless of whether or not you are a committed or practicing Buddhist, it is always a symbol of good luck to have a statue of Buddha in your home, perhaps under a tree in a pose of meditation.
  3. Dragonflies are known as a lucky animal. Because they are so rare to glimpse in many parts of the world, and so colorful, elegant and light on the wind, it is considered a lucky strike to encounter a dragonfly up close.
  4. Including four leaf clovers for ‘faith, hope, love and luck’ in the art and decoration of your home can add a beautiful element of green, Irish magic.
  5. Ladybugs, with their spots of plenty, are thought to bring great advantage to whomever they appear and in the home or garden are considered very lucky friends to have.
  6. Elephants are considered another animal with strong protective and lucky powers. A wise and ancient animal, elephant totems or statues that are placed near vulnerable parts of the home, such as doors and windows, are said to be a good measure of security for you and your family.
  7. Frogs are another magical creature which are considered lucky. Many people place a statue of a frog on a shrine or altar as a sacred object of joy and positivity.
  8. Lucky stars are not just a thing of nursery rhymes, but are a historical symbol of luck that represents the magnitude of the night universe and the beauty of things as fleeting as shooting stars. When we bring the stars into our homes, either by using a telescope to stargaze, placing star sculptures on our mantlepiece, or hanging a star on our Christmas tree, we embody that magical energy.
  9. In European lore, gnomes placed in the garden bring good luck to the home.
  10. Burning incense in your home not only makes the air smell divine, but the smoke clears any negativity from the air and fills it with light, love, blessings, and luck.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @