THRIVE: The Most Important Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Picture from the website, Thrive–the Movie,

I’ve just spent the last two hours, thirteen minutes and three seconds watching a free movie streaming online. Never have I taken such a journey from inspiration to despair (caused by overarching domination) to solutions, grounded in peace and harmony, for us and our world . I tell you there is no more important act you can make than to stop, sit and watch THRIVE, The Movie, at with as many others as possible. It answers so many questions we humans have they’re too numerous to list here. Forward the link to the movie to your friends. Post it on social media sites. Send it in an email. Now is the time to stand up for our lives.

Restoring Balance and Harmony Benefits Women and Men, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

A Guest Post from Michael Brine:

woman and childWhat is “God?”

What God is can best be described as the collectiveness of mankind, whether seen or unseen, and in the virtue of mankind’s existence, God, through that description, is unconditional and open-ended Love – because in the realisation of what God is is the realisation of what we are – that we are God and we always have been. That we are not evil or corrupt in our souls, as we have been taught. That we are really divine in our souls and with that learning – that profoundness of learning – it allows us the vision, the hope, the desire to become all that we can be, which is unlimited probability. That gets us out of the harshness of our own creations and gives us hope.

It teaches us how to love!

~Author unknown

Quoted from Servers of the Divine Plan on Male/Female Imbalance:

“It is evident that there has been an extreme patriarchal imbalance upon Earth for a very long time. The innate creative and intuitive qualities of the feminine spirit have been long-feared by distorted male perception, and as a result women have been repressed, dominated and persecuted throughout history. In order to bring equilibrium in a world that has known so much control by the male force, the majority of Server-souls upon Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies. As agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the  patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women AND men. During the time leading up to the Great Transition, however, and since male authority is still presently the controlling power, female Servers will continue to experience something of the anguish of the collective persecution endured by so many women over the ages. Nonetheless, they are assured that their long awaited time of liberation and victory is today at hand.”

From Michael Brine:

I fully realise that some of the material I present in my columns may cause some readers to feel uncomfortable – even annoyed. It is not done to annoy but to suggest that perhaps there are other ways to view life. The world is passing through very disturbing times and much of this disturbance is being caused by severe religious differences. These differences are mostly caused by some of the more extreme followers of the three Abraham based religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I imagine that the persons who originally gave of their wisdom those many years ago must be shaking their collective heads in great sadness when they witness how men have so corrupted their simple teachings such as, “Love ye one another,” and “Judge not.” Sadly, judgment would seem to have become a constant in all three.

Let me leave it at that – but I ask you to think about it.

Be well,

Michael Brine

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From “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene,” Commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup

I’m reading THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE, translation from the Coptic*, and commentary, by Jean-Yves Leloup. Mary Magdalene’s testament to the words of Christ was one the men of the early Catholic Church excluded from the Bible. (She was a woman.) Some of the dried parchment papers of her text are missing; thus, her witness account is incomplete and Leloup’s book is not long. It is powerful, however. The author’s insightful commentary, as you will see below, tends to ‘bring one up short.’ Books that help us understand both how far we are from oneness with God/Love, yet how much potential we have to become so, should be in everyone’s library.

Of note, it was a pope long ago who labeled Mary Magdalene a prostitute; this portrayal of her is written nowhere in the Bible, and the Catholic Church officially retracted this inaccuracy years ago. Leloup considers it possible that  the meaning of Mary Magdalene being ‘healed of seven demons,’ is an account of when Jesus Christ brought Mary Magdalene’s seven chakras** into alignment, as they were created to be, when a human becomes one with the Divine. Regardless, the two were obviously close, as she is the first person he speaks to after His resurrection.

Anyway, as the book has ‘brought me up short’ in every section, I thought I’d quote this paragraph and perhaps share the experience:

“Happy are those who are able to remain sensitive to the misery and suffering of others. The future belongs to the pure and gentle, not to the rigid purists of all our fundamentalism. If the latter have the purity of angels, they also have the pride of demons, like all grand and petty inquisitors who shed blood in the name of purity, religious faith, traditional values, or race. The greatest crimes against humanity are always committed in the name of goodness and the need to preserve integrity and purity. We have yet to fully appreciate the danger and delusion of purity without mercy.”
~Jean-Yves Leloup

Succinctly and powerfully said, don’t you think?

*English translation by Joseph Rowe
**Circular, spinning points of spiritual energy in our bodies, arranged from the top of our heads to the base of our spines

On Suffering With Dignity, a Guest Post from Marvin Shaw

Quoted from THE PARADOX OF INTENTION by Marvin C. Shaw, about Victor Frankl and his school of depth psychology called Logotherapy, Shaw writes:

“The simple fact is, in some situations one cannot do one’s
work and enjoy one’s life, but one can still suffer well.”

I find this an especially powerful teaching, regarding my attitude toward my illness and isolation from life. The truth is, I’ve experienced true joy in my life and feel greatly blessed by Love. It is my shadow-self that whines, which shames me in a deep way knowing that Victor Frankl spent three years in Nazi concentation camps. What great teachers these men are!

On the Feminine Role in the New World, Quoted from the book: “Servers of the Divine Plan”

“This book is dedicated to all those intrepid souls who have sacrificed their exalted spiritual freedom in voluntary service to humanity and planet earth at this time of greatest need.”

Quoted from: Servers of the Divine Plan, Pg. 49

“It is evident that there has been an extreme patriarchal imbalance upon Earth for a very long time. The innate creative and intuitive qualities of the feminine spirit have been long-feared by distorted male perception, and as a result women have been repressed, dominated and persecuted throughout history. In order to bring equilibrium in a world that has known so much control by the male force, the majority of Server-souls upon Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies. AS agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women AND men. During the time leading up to the Great Transition, however, and since male authority is still presently the controlling global power, female Servers will continue to experience something of the anguish of the collective persecution endured by so many women over the ages. Nonetheless, they are assured that their long awaited time of liberation and victory is today at hand.”




Our Suspicions Are Nearing Absurdity

I’ve decided to avoid any political debates or news reports about the coming elections. I mean, why bother? Politicians, pundits, lobbyists and expert-journalists are already so sure of their stances, there’s no room for hearing, for learning something new or learning from someone else. (You’re not listening if you’re thinking about what you’re going to say as soon as your opponent stops speaking.) A mindset of conservative vs. liberal is strongly in place and not just in America. But we Americans are really good at it–aren’t we?–so certain of ourselves and our opinions.

There was a time when people knew how to be civil, how to cooperate, how to care about everyone, how to respect others and how not to be so suspicious of the ‘other side.’ A friend of mine, a Christian conservative, believes that his difficulties are happening because God is making him stronger. People who have work and health insurance may have sold their souls, or some variation of this, to keep their jobs. In times of his personal prosperity, he is blessed by God; those who are suffering then should have been paying better attention to God’s laws. This is no way to live, so certain of our own convictions that we throw everyone else to the gutter, unwilling to see our own reflections in them.

Our opinions, our suspicions, are nearing the point of absurdity. The truth is, we are all so caught up in survival and/or acquiring and we spend so much time thinking about what is important to us, we can’t see the picture that is larger than ourselves. There are other people in the world!–each a child of God/Love/Great Spirit, each and every one loved by God, deserving respect for that reason alone. We are sisters and brothers, made from the same gene pool, cut from the same cloth, with only surface- variations like the color of our skin. We are created to embrace each other, to heal each other, to support each other. We are created for peace and togetherness but we have forgotten. Will any of our leaders hear the stories of our lives? Not in the current mindset, no, they won’t.

Love and the Holy Days

Life is so fascinating—here we are in these physical bodies running around town like crazy, working, shopping, trying not to drop. Then, there’s the spirit of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza (and other holidays too, I’m sure) which we hope will transport us to a quiet, inner place of joy, secure in the knowledge that we are far more than frantic minds and bodies on the go.

Years ago, in Sedona, Arizona, friends and I stopped at a shop that took pictures of human auras with a special camera. (I think of auras as the energy that imbues and surrounds living things, which can be perceived as colors by people who are psychically sensitive.) We all thought it would be fun to see what our auras looked like and shared our photos afterward. I can’t remember everyone’s colors anymore but I think my picture was mostly red and green.

My point is, we are energy that, in a healthy person, radiates several feet beyond our bodies. Our energy fields reflect the thoughts we consistently think, our moods, everything really, including our experiences of the sacred. I think we love the holy days because, for a time, they invite us to a place within that is beyond our humdrum lives. They allow us to see there is more to us than meets the eye–that we are spiritual beings who carry on after our bodies die. (I once read that our life force (our souls?) weighs three ounces, which seems so insubstantial, doesn’t it, for living beings?) When we respect others and celebrate holy days together, our energy fields mix and Love catches the winds circling the globe, just like Santa Claus.

Surprise Communication

My daughter returned Wednesday night from a four-day spiritual retreat called Kairos, with other students from her Catholic high school. (Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment to say or do the right thing.) Neither parents nor students were given much information about the trip; all were asked to trust in the experience and the care of the adults in charge. Monday night, parents were invited to a short prayer service for the success of the retreat and seven or eight students who had previously attended called the retreat a life-changing experience in one way or another. It sounds magical, I thought. I wonder what happens there and if it will happen for Katie.

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On Group Consciousness

What is group-consciousness? It is an awareness within each person of the other group members, and of the whole. It can be developed in well-run companies with an eye on more than the bottom line. It can be seen in churches and non-profit organizations where self-centered behavior is set aside, though this is not so easy to do. (If we observe our own thoughts for ten minutes, which is also much easier said than done, we soon realize we are each the center of our own universe.)

Why is awareness beyond our personal selves important? It is an antidote for the problems of our world. Alone, we add static to life. Together, we make peace in our world. It’s difficult enough within a marriage to set aside what we want long enough to hear what’s important to our partner—so how will we ever arrive at the understanding that people different from us are as valuable to the whole human race as we are?

It’s in the process of getting to know each other. Every person’s life, no matter his skin color, is an important story. All people, no matter their religions, hurt at times. Every person, regardless of her level of education, has dreams and hopes. Every person is loved unconditionally by our Creator.

What can we do about group-consciousness today? Banish fear and reach out and say hello and Happy Holidays. Smile. Help someone with something. Meet others and hear what they’re saying, in a class, a community center, even at a party. The more we listen, the more listening spreads, because listening affirms our value and once any of us realizes how truly valuable we are, it’s not long until we realize we’re all valuable.

“If You’re Reading This, You Are Probably On a Computer,” A Guest Post from Sven Eberlein

I actually saw one of the TV programs Sven Eberlein refers to in his latest post (at World of Words) about the dumping of electronic/gadget leftovers in foreign, poor countries, where the air, water, earth and the people are poisoned by the hazardous wastes the products are made with. (If we Americans didn’t have the EPA, they’d dump their products here–but somewhere far away from their own wealthy neighborhoods.)

If I had to learn of all the dirty-profit-tricks played on the world by electronic manufacturers and other corporate-greeders all at once, I’d start to cry and never stop. But, a little bit at a time I can do. Click on the link below–with this information we can help today to make the world a better place.

Before Us Stand Two Portals, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no person could have dreamed would have come their way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!”                                           Goethe

Humanity has moved into a critical time period. Before us stand two portals. We have a choice. One is to repeat the mindset of the past several thousand years, and thus keep digging an ever deepening grave – OR – to embark on a new and exciting adventure into as yet, largely unchartered waters. The choice is ours – as a species – as individuals.

The past is laid out before us, to this moment in time, to reflect on with all its horrors and tragedies – a past in which we have given our power away to those who would take it for their own misguided motives and behaviour. In our blindness we have sadly contributed to it, in most cases out of ignorance. We have blindly followed the cultural conditioning we have been raised in, as were our parents and their parents, back into the mists of darker times. Ignorance breeds ignorance.  

I have heard a wise teacher suggest that our misguided behaviours will keep repeating until the ‘penny’ drops and we raise up from the dead and see a new but distant Light beckoning to us—and until we find the courage to walk forward and accept it as real. As we begin to bathe in this Light’s enfolding embrace, as we link our hands with others who have also heard the ‘Call,’ and have removed the blindfolds from the deadness of our fear – the fears will no longer control us!

“Out, out brief candle – life is but a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage – and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”  Shakespeare

Sir Francis Bacon, actually, wrote those words about five hundred years ago. Has anything changed? Must we wait until we remove this ‘mortal coil’? Or can we wake up now and see the graveyards we have allowed to be dug in our combined pasts and have the courage to say, “Enough!”  We deserve better – and certainly our children do.If all of us joined hands and reflected on the world we would like to live in, maybe we could make it happen.

No – NO! No ‘what ifs’! Visualize it! Let go of that controlling emotion called fear. We deserve better, but only we can make it happen. The road of Love is the strongest and surest road to walk on. We don’t need to compete with each other for our existence. We need to see and appreciate that by working in concert and not competing, by sharing our efforts as in a very real community of people, we can leave the darkness of the past and begin to dance and sing as we wake up in a new world of our combined creation. This can be a global effort. Let not “lines on a map” divide us. There are many already around the world working in and with different organizations who have the vision. If more and more embrace this vision then the magical tipping point will be reached and it WILL happen!

When it does, it will be the biggest “WOW” we have ever experienced. SO – Let the Dance begin! A dance in which men and women will join hands as equals. Dance, dance, dance the night away and throw our cares to the wind – embracing the dawning of this, OUR New Day.

It WILL happen. It MUST happen, or we will sink into a bottomless grave of our own making. If that should happen there will be a sickening silence across the land – the candle snuffed and life as we know it will disappear into the thickening shadows extending into an endless night – a night we will have largely created by allowing ourselves to be controlled by negative forces – forces that have been controlling us throughout this past age of darkness through fear. Rulers have done it – religions have done it. God – that creative force of the Universe – is Love. This Love has no judgments used to control us – IT simply IS! So be it.

You may be interested in participating in the Global Intention Experiment planned by the New Reality Transmission organization, “a fulltime international team of physicists and mathematicians…where consciousness interacts with geometry at the quantum scale to create everything that we define as reality. On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality. The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history.”

Other articles by Michael Brine can be accessed at <>
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The Tea Party, Alien Invasions and Miracles

A friend came by today and we visited for half an hour or so. I love him, but we look at the world through two lenses about as different as they could be. It is funny because while he’s been listening and reading online about a second, impending revolutionary war, I have been writing about making peace with ourselves and others and about us humans acknowledging we are all God’s children, equal in our Creator’s eyes and, for that reason alone, deserving of equal respect. While he’s been reading about possible alien invasions, I have been reading about great beings who are coming from higher realms to our aid. We did agree that whatever it is that is happening around the world (with governments and businesses failing) has a higher purpose and that some kind of change is coming.

But what change will it be? Will it be fear-based or love-based? If most of us give in to fear, it will get ugly out there. My friend believes if Tea Party candidates are not elected in November, rioting will start. At this point, I believe the solutions to our problems probably are not going to come from a government that is already imploding on itself. Though I can’t fathom the amounts of money borrowed by our government, I am certain it was done in an attempt to save our economic system and the government, and to stop the talk of collapse, revolution and armed resistance. I was thinking of my 12th grade history teacher while making oatmeal tonight, the teacher who taught us that Hitler got his toehold in Germany during an economic depression. That same teacher explained that after the war, every country involved measured the destruction of life and infrastructure and vowed, ‘Never again!’

My friend sides with the Republican candidate in our state on every issue. Basically, shut down the federal government, including the EPA, Social Security and the Department of Education. Stop unreasonable taxation, which tends to be an issue for the well-to-do more than for the working poor. The Republican candidate says, ‘No mercy,’ for people like me who break and can no longer work and others who have no education and end up homeless. Her beliefs are born of her own status; she cannot even see those who are hurting and hungry and homeless. She simply doesn’t care. Would she have the ‘least of these’ used in experiments, jailed, or killed? That is what Hitler did. Has he been reborn in our world, waiting for the rising sense of rage to reach a climax?

I admit, I believed President Obama would lead our country out of the quagmire created by President Bush, but doing the best he can with polarized political parties hasn’t been effective. My friend believes the election of a black man as president has brought about the separatist attitudes of some Americans. Really? Still? Will racism never die? If there is another planet where people are not judged by the color of their skin, or lifestyle or religion, I want to go. I believe the profound problems of our country (created by a white president, by the way) were already too far-reaching. I will grant I could be wrong about my beliefs, but I am not wrong about following my heart.

My heart says, The time for war is over. The time for peace is now. The time for rage has become the time to be healed. The time for suspicion and name-calling is old and rotten; the time for mutual respect is born. Our Creator made our universe, including the world we occupy and gave life to everything upon it. We humans are not doing so well on our own. We need an intervention on a level that is far beyond anything we know now or can imagine. We need miracles and I, for one, am expecting them.

Profits and Respect

I was thinking this morning about production and how proud I was of us Americans, especially through my twenties. We are an innovative people who tend toward rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Our forebears left Europe and made the dangerous journey to improve their lives; in an uninhabited land they would establish communities with the right to worship as they chose, to speak and write freely, and to bear arms. But an important motive for settling the New World was leaving behind unreasonable taxation–to work, to produce and to keep the profits. That’s an instinct, I believe. Who wants to work hard and give a large portion of his earnings to a tyrant or government?

The first settlers sent back stories of the unending potential of the New World and more Europeans came, by the droves. The motivations of grabbing unclaimed land (the natives believed God/the Great Spirit owned the land) and silver and gold called them like a Siren beckons sailors onto the rocks. Noting the profit-orientation of our country’s foundation, our economic problems caused by unchecked, rampant greed should come as no surprise.

As I grew older, I learned more of the spiritual connection of the indigenous peoples of this bountiful land, to the Great Spirit and to Mother Nature. Their stories, of being murdered, tricked and pushed off the land from which they had earned their livelihoods, is a period of sobering shame in our history. That same profit motive/misusing thread is evident in our second great inhumanity: stealing indigenous peoples from another continent and forcing them into slave-labor in the colonies/first states.

Why not produce, produce, produce/profit, profit, profit? Without balance, profit becomes a dangerous, for others,  incentive. Production without benevolence swamps our connection to our Higher Purpose and to the people we misuse on our frenzied climbs. Our true purpose for being born on Earth is to try our hand at living, to have our intentions tested, to know ourselves and our connection to the Great Spirit. We have so far to go at times it seems any kind of loving change is impossible. Yet the energy of our times is to drop selfishness like a hot potato, to open our eyes to Light and Love and to find ways to live that do not destroy ourselves, others, other forms of life, or our world. We are designed for relationship—with all.

Commonly Accepted Lies


My children and I debated the subject of telling lies as they grew up. I felt bad when I told lies and they thought I was too sensitive about it. “Everyone lies!” my sons said. “Not true,” I answered. “Not everyone lies.” “Yes, mom, they do, for sure on their taxes and other stuff, too. You just don’t know how much people lie.”

There are commonly accepted lies, like when someone calls us and we tell the phone-answerer to say we’re not in. I’m assuming that teens’ lying to their parents is pretty universal. Then there’s calling in sick at work or taking home office supplies. We humans hide the things we buy if a loved one would get mad about it–I definitely prefer to avoid confrontations. Or we may lie to protect another’s feelings. If we find ourselves straying from our current situations we might lie because we feel dishonorable, or because we don’t want to lose what we have. Then, as my sons’ proclaimed, there’s the IRS.

The worst lies, though, are the ones we tell ourselves. ‘I’ll only eat one cookie or one scoop of ice cream now,’ or ‘I’ll start eating better tomorrow.’ Are we desperate to be with a certain someone or will anyone do? We tell ourselves this person is perfect for us, or that he (or she) will change for us, when deep down we know—there’s an uneasiness—and our friends have told us, ‘You’re gonna be sorry.’

We all have an honesty meter within. My parents took us to the drive-in theater to see Pinocchio when I was little. I remember how I sang along when Jiminy Cricket crooned, “Let your conscience be your guide.” I believe lying has the same effect on us as not managing our financial affairs well: We can’t be trusted with more responsibility until we work through the confusion generated by our desires or slip-ups. After all, growing is our main purpose for being born on Earth.

I guess lying to ourselves is the hardest on us because we’re ignoring our own still, small voices, our consciences. The good thing is, we can’t go on forever disregarding that we are meant to link up with Love and Goodness within and without, and bottom line, we will learn our lessons easily or with great difficulty. None of us would have it any other way.

Could You Live on $6250 Per Year?

I received an email this week from the 11:11 Progress Group  which discusses the importance of our main purpose for existence: Growing closer to God (Creator/Her or Him/Love Within/Universe, however you view God). The writer says all humans have basic needs, which I count as adequate shelter, food, water, love, family and friends. We need no more than the basics he says, and advises it would be far better to let go of our desires for more things and focus on our spiritual lives.

I agree. Though I had to sell our home when I became ill and I was unhappy to move to an apartment, we have adjusted our outlooks. All of our basic needs are met and the tent city of homeless people in our town reminds me daily to feel grateful for what we have. I can’t imagine being homeless: The loss of a sense of safety, access to shelter (think of life without bathrooms alone), regular meals and water, plus health care and self-esteem, could be more than I could bear. And I don’t think I’d last long on concrete for a bed.

The email author goes on to say:

“The real price of these unsatisfied needs is that so many people never even consider the spiritual side of life because their physical suffering caused by their unmet needs prevents them from thinking about something else. How could a child think about spiritual progress when he is afraid for his life? How could a mother search for spiritual peace while watching her children die of hunger? And a life without spiritual growth is a wasted opportunity. It is like not ever really living.”

I have often wondered why so many people in the world go without the basics. Think of how those who have so much could offer a hand up, assisting those in need onto the path to basics, with their influence and wealth. I have also wondered why the vast majority of the wealthy don’t seem to care about people in dire straits. If they think they don’t have enough to share, imagine how it feels to care about others but work for minimum wage. Eight dollars an hour x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks comes to $16,640, before taxes. Could you do it? Would your personal survival struggles harden your heart toward others? (It took me a couple of years to get over a bad case of home-envy.) Did you know that the majority of donations to non-profit organizations are made by people with low-to-moderate incomes?

As I’ve aged, I have come to believe that our real job on Mother Earth is to know ourselves, to know God within. But stuff happens, like losing our jobs and then our homes which, with children, is about as painful as it gets. Poverty in America was defined the other night on the news as four people living on $25,000 a year. Are they kidding? That’s $6250 per person per year. I only have one child at home and we barely scrape by on $25,000 a year (with friends and family helping us when needed). With the rent, utilities, car (1998 Mazda) maintenance, gas and insurance, health insurance, co-pays for doctor appointments and medications, dental care, clothing, glasses, food and household products, dog food and vet care–add in the unexpected and it’s all gone.

I’ve learned a lot from my brush-with-poverty experiences, especially the lessons about gratitude, compassion for others, acceptance, and living in this moment, right now—not daydreaming about a better future. Our basic needs are met. I wish every person’s basic needs were met. Enough said.