The Mystery of Life and: Is Our Country Breaking?

How can any of us lose loved ones and the rest of us not understand? It is so much a part of all of us, the coming of the new little ones and the passing-on of our elders, of all of us at one time or another, some lives short and some lives long. In one door and out the other, or is it the same door? I wonder if it could be and I wish we knew.

Life here is so temporary and we all ache to understand more, to know the truth: How was the universe made? Are we made from star dust–dirt? Are we more than bodies? Why do we come and go? It truly is all a great mystery, a great cosmic stage on which we appear–to try and figure it all out? To try and figure ourselves out, or maybe figure out God, or how we fit together?

Compared to when I was 30 and certain of so many things, I feel like I’ve gone backwards, understanding less every day. I long to know why we humans fight so much, why the loudest voice wins—wins what?—and why has our country taken the direction it has? Hate, separation, racism, fear, destruction of people’s lives?

Do we really care only about ourselves, our own families—that’s it? Does it matter what race or gender or party-card we signed when our country could be lost? I think we need to open our minds and hearts, to say we’re sorry for all the separating-BS and that we’re ready now to work on solutions together.

Or is this moment in time not about solutions and agreement? Is it about a breaking, a breaking of our country, of us? Breaking cannot be more painful, but it comes also with tremendous potential for personal and spiritual growth. There is a bigger picture and a process at work—something is happening. We can all feel it. It’s in the air and water and gasoline and in our food. It’s in the stress levels of the people around us. It’s everywhere.

In breaking, the fake stuff that meant so much is seen for what it is. The significant shines in the light. If we mean to be a part of the bigger picture, now would be a very good time to commit to the highest good for all.

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Join the Love Army at The Dream Corp. Van Jones is right: bringing Americans back together is not a political matter. It’s a matter of values. What is truly valuable? It’s not stuff. It’s life itself and having family and friends to share it with. It’s being willing to see what all humans have in common; and allowing for our differences. It’s making a positive difference in our communities. It’s expressing kindness and understanding; and being willing to agree to disagree, without violence. It’s looking beyond the surface into the soul, from where what is beautiful in you and me shines.

For more about Van Jones, go to Van Jones interview.

The Path to Peace: You Are As Important As I Am

handshakeThere is a path to peace—first to peace within, and that leads to peace between people and nations. It is a well-lit road, yet the least traveled because on it we must expand our understanding to include the views of others, intuiting that they are as important as we are. It means respecting all of life, because our Creator made this world and all living things.

Whenever you see political candidates and our representatives in Washington, D.C. talking with a smirk or a look of superiority on their faces, know that they are not genuine, that they care more about themselves and their viewpoints than they do the American people. And when people in power make racist and sexist comments, know that they are full of a pride that will tear our country apart if we don’t ourselves stand for brotherhood.

We will not experience peace as long as we continue to elect men who boast about themselves and their ideas and manipulate our country to increase their holdings. Honest peacemaking generates consensus through truth, which is a broad picture that respects all citizens as equal. It is not time to travel backwards and further separate. It is time to raise our consciousness and work for the best life possible for ourselves and others, people who are in truth, our brothers and sisters.

Born to Dream, to Live

GardenerWhat does your version of a dream life look like? My personal dreams include having a home again, the best environmentally-sound home I could create, with lots of windows, an office for writing and an art room where we could spill everything and it would be okay. I’d love to live in a quiet setting, with trees and wildflowers all around.

But I’ve always dreamed of a world at peace, and in these later years, I’ve prayed we would find a way of living that includes a good life for everyone, by which I mean, access to affordable and quality housing, health care, and education: K-tech school or college. Without these basics, life is a tough struggle and any joy we might be able to drum up is smothered by fear and anxiety. That’s not the way we are meant to live.

Supportive neighborhoods would be encouraged if homes were built around a ‘town square’ idea with fruit trees everywhere, and community gardens, where neighbors could become friends. I know our problems are complicated, but if we walked in others’ shoes for just a little while and our hearts and minds changed, we’d see that we’re really all the same souls planted here in human bodies to grow beyond our own little worlds.

Will the destructive corruption of America’s corporations and government collapse in on itself? Is the U.S. bankrupt? I don’t know, of course, but what if these old self-centered, greedy ways of being did end? Surely, there would be trauma for all of us, but what if a new way of existing, where every person was an equally honored member of society, grew out of the ashes? It would be the beginning of a new world, and what a world that would be!

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THRIVE: The Most Important Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Picture from the website, Thrive–the Movie,

I’ve just spent the last two hours, thirteen minutes and three seconds watching a free movie streaming online. Never have I taken such a journey from inspiration to despair (caused by overarching domination) to solutions, grounded in peace and harmony, for us and our world . I tell you there is no more important act you can make than to stop, sit and watch THRIVE, The Movie, at with as many others as possible. It answers so many questions we humans have they’re too numerous to list here. Forward the link to the movie to your friends. Post it on social media sites. Send it in an email. Now is the time to stand up for our lives.

A Place Where All People Flourish

EqualityI was thinking recently about government and economic systems, such as capitalism, socialism and fascism. The problem is that all of them (and the others from our history books) often begin on poor foundations, built by men who are looking after mainly their own purposes.

A system where all people flourish has yet to be implemented on our world. In a system created for the health of all life, the government and economy are linked in positive ways, with the government formed to provide education (preschool through college or tech school) and health and wellness care (from birth to death), using non-profit methods and standards. The government would also regulate the fields of enterprise that need policing—including those industries that can collapse an economy by cheating; or ruin the air, water and soil by disregard for life; or destroy the lives of others with the mantra, ‘success at any cost;’ and monitor food quality so that it nourishes us, not makes us sick. I’m sure there are other areas I am unaware of, due to lack of education.

Houses don’t have to be mansions for the folks living in them to be happy. Builders of quality and healthy housing could follow, for example, the Habitat for Humanity model. Perhaps this type of government / economic cooperation could stimulate the creation of eco-cities that are built for the environment and the people living in them. Imagine that!

All else could fall to inspiration and the marketplace. What do you say on this subject?

Restoring Balance and Harmony Benefits Women and Men, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

A Guest Post from Michael Brine:

woman and childWhat is “God?”

What God is can best be described as the collectiveness of mankind, whether seen or unseen, and in the virtue of mankind’s existence, God, through that description, is unconditional and open-ended Love – because in the realisation of what God is is the realisation of what we are – that we are God and we always have been. That we are not evil or corrupt in our souls, as we have been taught. That we are really divine in our souls and with that learning – that profoundness of learning – it allows us the vision, the hope, the desire to become all that we can be, which is unlimited probability. That gets us out of the harshness of our own creations and gives us hope.

It teaches us how to love!

~Author unknown

Quoted from Servers of the Divine Plan on Male/Female Imbalance:

“It is evident that there has been an extreme patriarchal imbalance upon Earth for a very long time. The innate creative and intuitive qualities of the feminine spirit have been long-feared by distorted male perception, and as a result women have been repressed, dominated and persecuted throughout history. In order to bring equilibrium in a world that has known so much control by the male force, the majority of Server-souls upon Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies. As agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the  patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women AND men. During the time leading up to the Great Transition, however, and since male authority is still presently the controlling power, female Servers will continue to experience something of the anguish of the collective persecution endured by so many women over the ages. Nonetheless, they are assured that their long awaited time of liberation and victory is today at hand.”

From Michael Brine:

I fully realise that some of the material I present in my columns may cause some readers to feel uncomfortable – even annoyed. It is not done to annoy but to suggest that perhaps there are other ways to view life. The world is passing through very disturbing times and much of this disturbance is being caused by severe religious differences. These differences are mostly caused by some of the more extreme followers of the three Abraham based religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I imagine that the persons who originally gave of their wisdom those many years ago must be shaking their collective heads in great sadness when they witness how men have so corrupted their simple teachings such as, “Love ye one another,” and “Judge not.” Sadly, judgment would seem to have become a constant in all three.

Let me leave it at that – but I ask you to think about it.

Be well,

Michael Brine

If you wish to comment my e-mail address is: wild.brine621@gmail com.  Other writings of mine may be accessed at:

Play Your Own Peace Pipe

Peace pipeIn researching some events of WWII, I have realized that a person could spend a lifetime of study on WWII and never get to everything that happened. The extent of Hitler’s plotting, planning and destruction is truly stunning. How is it possible that one man, one man!, could lead to the destruction of over 13,000,000 lives and countless homes, buildings—entire cities—around the world? I’ve concluded that just as Jesus Christ took on a human body to show us Love and Light, the anti-Christ took on a body as Adolf Hitler, for the opposite reasons. Study the sheer scope of Hitler’s relentless, marching, pounding, darkness-machine that destroyed everything in its path from 1939-1945, and you’ll agree with me.

Their power was spiritual power: Christ as God become man because He loves us; and the Anti-Christ using a human body to destroy what God loves: life, humankind, the Earth, beauty, family, sharing, joy, community, truth. Interestingly, Hitler’s Nazi party was born of the Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, established by a German occultist group called The Thule Society. Their focus was on the origins of the Aryan race in Thule, the capital of ancient Hyperborea, a land mass lost to time in the extreme north, near Iceland. Some believe their occult (the realm of secret, supernatural phenomena) force was the power behind the Anti-Christ as Hitler. It is possible that Hitler might have taken all of the Earth for himself, turning the entire world into a place of darkness and fear, if Christ had not come before Him enabling humankind to stand in the face of this utter evil. So many sacrificed so much to stop Hitler.

Does God allow evil to spread? In the sense that we each choose what Force we will serve, yes, God does. But He (and/or She) did not leave us on our own. Our souls carry seeds of Light. We are here to learn how to become beings of Light. Perhaps these facts are what bother the dark force the most: Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of his own life for the Earth and for the success of all life upon her; and that God’s seed of Love lives within each of us as our souls.

Let us never forget that people allowed themselves to be manipulated by Hitler’s message of a war between races, in which the superior would exterminate the inferior. He spread anti-Semitism (anti-wealth), yet he established a totalitarian state in which no one but he and his cohorts stole/gained wealth and power. He spread anti-religion (God, Love, Peace) and was intolerant of anything different than his ‘perfect’ race of people. Perfection is achieved only in total Oneness with God, reflecting compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and healing. Wherever you are, whenever you are able, be a peacemaker. In so doing, we light one more candle from God’s world of Love.

Holidays for the Working Poor

Love HealsI was thinking this morning about the holidays and the working-poor. People working at the minimum wage put in forty hours a week for about $300 in gross wages. Other people find it repugnant that those working for $7.50 per hour apply for food stamps or Medicaid. They say things like, “Change how you think, man and create greater income! Get an education, for God’s sake. Get off the government dole. You are draining the government.”

I agree that life cannot change for the better unless we believe it can. But confidence is in short supply for those raised in poverty, or who were chronically abused as children, or who didn’t make it through high school. We call them drop-outs, but many were passed to the next grade without fully comprehending the last, and by the time they got to high school, they knew they weren’t getting it. Their reading and math skills weren’t up to par. They were lost in science and geography. It is a particularly degrading type of suffering to sit somewhere every day believing you are not smart enough or good enough to take your place in the world.

The working poor often lacked emotional support, too, and do not have the basic life skills, and therefore the confidence, needed to ‘think and grow rich,’ or to attend technical school or college. And where in the world do you get the money to pay for an education if you did not learn what you needed to in grades K-12? No scholarships available for someone who has a hard time filling out a job application. So off to a minimum wage job they go, with the well-to-do often thinking, “You made your bed. Sleep in it.” But all aspects of our economic and political systems are interwoven. If you are well-to-do, I ask you, “What have you done to create or support this system of slave-labor? What can you do to repair it?”

We don’t think about the cost of rent, or food or toilet paper and laundry soap when we have good-paying careers. But we sure think about it when we are working for $7 or $8 an hour. Minimum wages do not cover these basic needs in America. Minimum wage workers are slave-laborers. They will never better themselves, or see their hopes and dreams come alive, because they cannot under these conditions.

While out shopping this year, let us realize that the person at the check-out counter may have children at home who won’t receive a toy this Christmas or who are sick or need dental care, but her minimum wages don’t stretch beyond rent, utilities, food and gas—if that. Let us remember that under our facades, we are all the same, with the same physical, emotional and spiritual needs. No one deserves to be a slave and there are far too many in this country, where one percent of the population owns forty percent of the wealth, and the bottom eighty percent own seven percent of the wealth.

Every soul was made by Great Love with hopes, dreams and purpose. My prayer for this season of Heart is that the very wealthy realize they truly don’t need that much and that they can make a real difference in others’ lives by supporting pathways to counseling, tutoring, dental care, higher education or technical school training, and low-cost loans for cars and homes. Let compassion overtake you and be fulfilled by the knowledge that you created enough wealth to bring hope where there is none; and that you have the power to target your aid in ways that truly can change the course of your fellow Americans’ lives.

Can Love Overcome Greed?

My experiences this past week have made me think about karma and Love. Did I have to be ‘pressed down’ by darkness because of accumulated karmic debts that had to be paid? The ceremonial, cleansing smudge stick I used would not burn for me, even when I set it directly in the flames of a candle. A great gift was given and Raven carried my prayers in the smoke to Father Sun and we were blessed with Light. Why? Was my karmic period over? Are there forces that oppose people who love the world and humankind and I received a divine intervention because I do? Wearing writers down is a good way to affect the flow of loving communiqués.

Are some people immune to dark forces and if so, why? Like Mother Teresa, they remain steady in the face of man’s brutal inhumanity to man, knowing they can do only small things to help, but that they can do them with great love. My mom works for a man whose daughter has been living in Namibia for two years. In its Constitution is written, “The State shall actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people by adopting international policies aimed at the following: maintenance of ecosystems, essential ecological processes, and biological diversity of Namibia, and utilisation of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future.” She’s coming home for the holidays but she’s going back because she loves the people and the country and wants to help.

The answer is Love, isn’t it? People in far away countries who are withheld shelter, food and water by soldiers of dictators or corporate marauders and their war machines cannot stand against them alone. I do understand that we are souls stationed in temporary bodies, that we are ‘playing roles’ on earth’s stage—but should you or I sit by in our comfortable homes while so many others hurt so much in so many places in the world?

And what about the people in America who struggle without hope? I joined them in these last years, unable to buy basic groceries and household goods that we need because the disability benefits I live on from 1997 are no match for today’s prices. I had always wondered what it felt like to go to bed hungry—now I know. But I’m an adult who has extra weight to burn (and I have). I’m not a young child, thin, with nothing extra to give to a body trying to grow. I’m not a parent working for $8.00 an hour ($16,640 per year, before taxes) trying to raise a family.

I keep hearing the debate that if businesses pay a ‘living wage,’ they would have to charge more for their goods and services, which would only cause the poor to suffer more. BULL SHIT. I don’t know anything about economic systems other than systems do exist where every person has access to education and gainful employment to have healthy shelter, food, water and other necessities. Where do those economic systems work? Everywhere greed is checked.

How can millions of dollars for a year of work not be enough? How high do stock dividends have to be, to be enough? Is not half a million dollars per year enough, or a million, or two or four or seven million? The top five percent of people in America have taken so much in profits, millions, billions of dollars, many average Americans are going hungry. And living in poorly built housing in dangerous neighborhoods, with no hopes and dreams for a future. They came to Earth with hopes and dreams via their souls; they just can’t do anything about them because they are ‘pressed down’ by dark circumstances.

When I saw the above picture on Facebook (courtesy of School of Thoughts), I thought, “This makes me think demons rule this world.” Maybe they do. I don’t think we can fight demons; they have accumulated lots of money and power using and hurting others. They are forces to be reckoned with. The only answer is peaceful uprising, holding hands by the millions, marching and singing, “The Grinch’s heart is two sizes too small, but when we love him, his heart will grow tall.” If we don’t stand together, I truly don’t know what is going to happen to Americans, and people all over the world, who are slaves to dark forces.

Do you know any of these slaves? If you’re out of your home, look around you. Research ‘poverty line,’ ‘the gap between the rich and middle america,’ or ‘the gap between the rich and the poor.’ Look up ‘the effects of a lack of education,’ or ‘the effects of having no hope for the future.’ You know this is going on. Will you tell the truth?

From “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene,” Commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup

I’m reading THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE, translation from the Coptic*, and commentary, by Jean-Yves Leloup. Mary Magdalene’s testament to the words of Christ was one the men of the early Catholic Church excluded from the Bible. (She was a woman.) Some of the dried parchment papers of her text are missing; thus, her witness account is incomplete and Leloup’s book is not long. It is powerful, however. The author’s insightful commentary, as you will see below, tends to ‘bring one up short.’ Books that help us understand both how far we are from oneness with God/Love, yet how much potential we have to become so, should be in everyone’s library.

Of note, it was a pope long ago who labeled Mary Magdalene a prostitute; this portrayal of her is written nowhere in the Bible, and the Catholic Church officially retracted this inaccuracy years ago. Leloup considers it possible that  the meaning of Mary Magdalene being ‘healed of seven demons,’ is an account of when Jesus Christ brought Mary Magdalene’s seven chakras** into alignment, as they were created to be, when a human becomes one with the Divine. Regardless, the two were obviously close, as she is the first person he speaks to after His resurrection.

Anyway, as the book has ‘brought me up short’ in every section, I thought I’d quote this paragraph and perhaps share the experience:

“Happy are those who are able to remain sensitive to the misery and suffering of others. The future belongs to the pure and gentle, not to the rigid purists of all our fundamentalism. If the latter have the purity of angels, they also have the pride of demons, like all grand and petty inquisitors who shed blood in the name of purity, religious faith, traditional values, or race. The greatest crimes against humanity are always committed in the name of goodness and the need to preserve integrity and purity. We have yet to fully appreciate the danger and delusion of purity without mercy.”
~Jean-Yves Leloup

Succinctly and powerfully said, don’t you think?

*English translation by Joseph Rowe
**Circular, spinning points of spiritual energy in our bodies, arranged from the top of our heads to the base of our spines

Beyond Cruel and Unusual Punishment to Homelessness and Hunger

Photo courtesy of All American Patriots

Last night, on PBS, I watched one segment of a series on the history of England. In a central area, archaeologists led town residents in the methods of proper digs. They found mostly pottery but a few other items, too, from the periods of Roman, French and Viking domination of the English people. There’s a lot of misery in the history of England, including periods when the people were hard-ridden slaves. I hope they were also able to enjoy love in their families and camaraderie with fellow townspeople—some of the potential goodness of being human—but I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I’ve recently watched some shows that trace the ancestry of people/celebrities and several came from slave or slave-owning families. I knew the white masters raped the women but I didn’t know they did it to increase the numbers of their slaves. Gotta stay focused on that almighty dollar!

I’ve been working on my young-adult fantasy novel. My niece read it and gave me some great ideas to give the story more substance, to make it whole. I have a Fantasy Reference guide from Writer’s Digest Books and, of course, it includes information from the medieval periods in England. The section on punishments is truly appalling: amputation of limbs, beheading, blinding, boiling in oil, branding, disemboweling, flogging, strangulation, crippling by cutting the hamstrings, hanging, impaling, use of an iron boot which had openings for pounding wood into people’s feet, pillory (chaining to pillars so that passersby could ridicule, abuse and rape), pulley (disjointing of all four limbs), and, of course, the rack (for being stretched apart). I read them to my daughter (who has moved in until the fall semester begins) and she said, “Well, mom, we don’t commit those crimes so none of that would’ve happened to us.” My brain is a bit addled and later I wished I’d said what I felt—that’s really not the point!

Fast-forward to America now—we don’t do those types of things to each other anymore (though our white ancestors, arriving on the shores of this land of incredible beauty and glorious open spaces, did terrible things they gloss over, to get rid of the native people who already lived on this continent). Today, our spirits may be broken by the everlasting maneuvers of the greedy; some of us are even homeless now—but the tortures listed above are considered ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. (Now I know where that phrase came from.) Some of those tortures still occur in other parts of the world and you have to wonder: Where does that level of cruelty come from? If I was the god of us, I might give up. “Okay,” I might say, “we have to work on those design flaws. Let’s flood, burn or shake them off the planet and start over.”

It’s tempting to wonder if that’s not what’s happening—but I know a bigger picture has been painted by a loving Hand and that we each have chosen the circumstances of our birth places and periods of time to grow as human beings, moving out of the darkness and into the perpetual light; and to grow closer to and be more like our Creator, however we see Him/Her/Holy Spirit/Love.

While we have come quite the distance, we respond to advertisement-excitement for new designs of the latest and greatest stuff like crazed sheep. Like sheep, we’re not aware of what really goes on in Washington, D.C., no matter who is in office or the party that controls Congress. We’re still slaves of greedy ad-swamping manipulators but, hey, we’re not disemboweled or blinded anymore. That is certainly progress, but when do we move to the next, higher level of awareness of ourselves and of others, too? When will we see electronic gadgets, jewelry, fashions as just stuff with no true value? When will we see every person in our country and on the planet as a brother or a sister, deserving of love and respect, health care, education and creative opportunity? When will we finally understand that Mother Earth really is our loving mother?

I still say the greedy manipulators, whether corporate or political, should be banished to an isolated island (with coconut and banana trees) where they can duke it out amongst themselves. Let the rest of us be. Of course, they’re not going to leave on their own. Ever heard of peaceful resistance? You have and they called themselves the Occupy Movement. Who knows? Maybe they will come back and maybe this time we will join them.

On Suffering With Dignity, a Guest Post from Marvin Shaw

Quoted from THE PARADOX OF INTENTION by Marvin C. Shaw, about Victor Frankl and his school of depth psychology called Logotherapy, Shaw writes:

“The simple fact is, in some situations one cannot do one’s
work and enjoy one’s life, but one can still suffer well.”

I find this an especially powerful teaching, regarding my attitude toward my illness and isolation from life. The truth is, I’ve experienced true joy in my life and feel greatly blessed by Love. It is my shadow-self that whines, which shames me in a deep way knowing that Victor Frankl spent three years in Nazi concentation camps. What great teachers these men are!

Is Lying Ever the Right Thing To Do?

How many times have you said, “I’ll try” when asked to do something? I’ve said it many times in my 60 years, whenever:

  • I had no intention of doing it;
  • I didn’t want to do it and probably wouldn’t;
  • I had other priorities and would do it only if I got through them first.

Deep down we know when we say “I’ll try” that we likely won’t do what has been asked of us—and deep down the asker knows it, too. But, “I’ll try” is less confrontational than, “No; I won’t do it,” or “You do it!” It’s a common form of lying, which reminds me of the times I debated with my children over lying. “It’s never right to lie,” I’d say, or “Not everybody lies,” which was my answer to, “Everybody lies, mom.” Looking back, I guess I’d call my “I’ll tries” little white lies.

“I’ll try” is similar to “We’ll see,”—a favorite of parents who are simply too tired or stressed to get into a debate in that moment. I never believed that I was more powerful than my children, so I treated them with the respect I wanted to receive.  Telling them what I believed from my heart almost always helped them to understand why, when I’d said “We’ll see,” I was, in truth, saying no. Of course, there were times when what they wanted was so important to them that they didn’t care about me ‘speaking from the heart.’ The great debates were on!

I’ve learned more about myself and what is valuable from raising my children than even from my spiritual walk. Decisions had to be made ‘on the fly’ with my children, while contemplation draws from the well of Life and Love. Who knows? Maybe they’re equal, but I sure have learned a lot about myself in this life: the good, the bad and the ugly!

I guess my point is that we all make mistakes; we’re human, not perfect. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to hurt other people—it means we should make amends, let the guilt go and move the incident to the ‘Behaviors I Won’t Repeat’ column. If we do repeat hurting our children or other people over and over, or allow ourselves to be verbal or physical punching bags, it’s safe to say that it’s time to spend some time with a therapist to root out the cause of these behaviors. I spent five years with mine and came out of that period with a whole new perspective on myself and my life. It feels good to learn the truth about ourselves, along with some darn good coping skills. Thank you, Denise T—you are an amazing woman.