Break the Chain of Self-Recrimination, A Guest Post from Lytske

Urantia, May 21, 2012
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson about Holding On”

Received by Lytske

The Beloved One: “Many mortals suffer in silence from low self-esteem. For others it is more in the open. It will be helpful for Me to shore you up, and assure you that these feelings will become redundant in the times to come. The Father in heaven has decreed that the times for renewal have begun, and this counts for everyone. No one is excluded from these times of self-correction. The Father prefers for you to live, rather than to just hold on. Our deceptively simple little lessons harbor many kernels of truth and guidance, which serve as ‘way-showers’ on the road to perfection, which is the purpose and goal of your existence. I desire that these lessons are to be published. These little gems can be read at random, being received one day at a time, to go forth to nourish and strengthen a day at a time.

“Such patterns of holding on, which are no longer useful to you, are best placed in the past, were they rightfully belong, so they don’t continue to poison your mind, encumber you and cramp your life-style. The zest for living is the most prized gift you can give yourself, and when you feel your spirits sagging, turn within to the Stillness and ask for My help. My help is freely available, but hardly anyone knows how to ask and take Me up on My offer. This needs to change, and is very easily done when you flex your faith and trust muscles. Yes, place your faith and trust in Me, so these muscles will grow stronger and will serve you well to overcome your mental handicaps, some of which were placed there from infancy on by your significant others, who were likewise laboring under the same mental handicaps.

“Please break this chain of self-abuse, and free yourselves from the limiting back-talk of your minds. It is no longer necessary to berate yourself. Everybody makes mistakes, but this is how humans learn. These mistakes shall serve you well as lessons by which to progress. Each day is another opportunity for start afresh. There really is no need to bring your old worn-out habits of thought into a fresh new present. Learn to live more consciously, so you can nip these unproductive thoughts about yourself or others in the bud. Please remember to hug yourself once a day and then know too, that I am embracing you, also. This is truly worthy of remembering, because you are all beloved children of the Most High God.

“Self-limiting thoughts are most unproductive and so are those old patterns you are hanging on to. Each day is to be enjoyed as the first day of a new beginning. The old has served to get you to where you are now. Don’t look back lest you fall into the pit of self-recrimination, for this habit is very destructive of your peace of mind – a boulder placed on the path to soul-growth. Let’s rejoice for this is the day the Lord has made with all its potentials and possibilities. Greet each day filled with the expectation that it is going to be a good one. Come to Me first in a mode of anticipation and allow Me to lift your spirits to were they belong, in the groove of an attitude of gratitude, which makes the whole day flow smoother. Try this and see how you like it when life flows smoother because you involve Me in it. Follow this train of thought and soon there will be a new habit in place, more helpful and hopeful to you as the old ‘holding on patterns’ of the past fade away.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.

40-Days to Real Forgiveness, My Story Using J. Everett Irion’s Wisdom

Forgiveness. Jeez, what a subject. The deeper the shock of betrayal, the more we need to experience and process our pain—and the more we need to forgive. But forgiveness is hard. After years of therapy, I know that forgiveness is strongly recommended for our own healing, but it goes against who we are and what happened: “You hurt me. You broke my heart and I will never recover!”

Though I had read the November/December 2007 issue of Edgar Cayce’s Venture Inward magazine when it arrived, I had forgotten its contents. I pulled it out of a stack one day and opened to an article called The 40-Day Forgiveness Prayer By J. Everett Irion. “Hmmm,” I thought. “Forty days? That’s gotta be a serious forgiveness prayer. Could this work?”

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Signs of Our Times

I posted the video, The Quickening, yesterday (below this entry) after having watched only the first third of it and did not write an introduction. I should have and this is it.

The film is about the coming shift in consciousness; its producers (Awakening As One) align themselves with Carl Calleman’s view that the Mayan calendar end-date is October 28, 2011—not Dec. 21, 2012. The video can be summed up as a one-and-one-quarter-hour wakeup call that explores the history of the world through the steps of the Mayan pyramid/time capsule, which can be viewed as a record of humankind’s preordained invitation to spiritual evolution.

The main point of the video is that death and destruction, the end of the material world as we know it, long predicted by native cultures, is looming because a large percentage of us humans are stuck in materiality and will not move out of the false world of materiality into the oneness of spiritual unity until faced with our own death—perhaps not until we witness us destroying ourselves and the world in a nuclear WWIII. Therefore, the coming destruction of the material reality is the will of Spirit/God/Creator, a final invitation to join with Light and Love, to live a life not just about ourselves, but of service to Spirit and to others.

The Quickening depicts two ways of experiencing the next months: living with fear, in negativity and hate; or rising from the flames with a strong faith born of a spirit-based perspective, with hearts full of love and gratitude that Truth will, at last, be known. Those who choose unity, the producers report, will experience the destruction of this false reality with grace and ease. Others will live more like rabid animals, searching for food, for example, killing and stealing from whoever is in their way. The filmmakers recommend leaving large cities for the forests and mountains but remind us, also, that we are each exactly where we are supposed to be and if we cannot leave a city, we can connect with Mother Earth by thinking of water, a tree, or the earth under our feet.

To me, the most important point of the film is one that still echoes from the messages of Jesus Christ: Judge not lest ye be judged. The film suggests that the United Nations could call for (after severe destruction by natural disasters and terrorists, nuclear war and the appearance of fake or real alien beings) a one-world government, with a false leader who, for the price of obedience and subservience, will provide for our material needs. Some will accept these terms and others will rise against the one-world system, but it will be those who remain centered in spirituality, in oneness with the Divine Plan/Christ Consciousness, who light the way to healing by forgiveness of everything, offering love and acceptance to all who will accept it. During this period, we may each be asked to face the results of our own imbalances and errors—to see the seeds of darkness within ourselves, not just in others. This experience of humility will lead to oneness if we are willing to let go of our current warring mentality.

Also important are dates in August and September. During the period August 18-September 5, 2011, the filmmakers say a terrorist attack that could collapse the economy could happen, causing another depression and perhaps lead to WWIII.  The Hopi Indians have a prophecy that four celestial bodies will become visible in the ‘end times.’ Two Brothers (who had a hand in Creation), one the guardian of the north pole and the other the guardian of the south pole, will appear in the sky to return the earth to her natural rotation, counter-clockwise. The Blue Star Kachina will arrive and last, the Red Star Kachina, the Purifier. The makers of The Quickening state that the comet Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina and that when we can see the Blue Star, we will know that change is upon us. They also refer to the comets Honda and Levi.

Significantly, when Elenin was in some kind of alignment with earth on Feb. 23, 2010, there was a major earthquake in Chile; on Sept. 4, 2010, there was a large earthquake in New Zealand; and on Mar. 11, 2011, the catastrophic earthquake and resulting tsunami occurred in Japan. Elenin will be aligned with earth again on Sept. 26th and Oct. 16-17thth of this year. During this period we could see an orchestrated alien invasion, three days of darkness (which will come to an end–remain faithful) and more huge earthquakes. The filmmakers also report that on Nov. 3, 2011, earth will pass through the tail of Elenin. (Here is a link to NASA about Elenin, which states that the comet will have no effect on earthlings and there is no other celestial body, i.e. the Red Star Kachina, following it that threatens earth. Here is a link re: Elenin from

I’m posting this introduction to the video because the greed and self-possession of the powerful, which threatens to destroy our world and way of life (that is yet lacking for so many) could lead to our total annihilation. These men are out of control; we Americans, and others, have bought into their plans and Mother Nature and the Great Spirit are, at the very least, shaking us out of our stupor. Some people believe a peaceful, spiritual shift in consciousness is coming. I don’t know, of course, what will happen, but it is our obligation at this moment in time to discuss and consider the possibilities.

Love Your Enemies, Quoted from Paramahansa Yogananda

I am reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, as we humans read all holy books—slowly and while in a contemplative mood. In this two-book set he shares, in depth, his Eastern wisdom as it relates to the verses of the New Testament.

I am quoting several paragraphs below from his discourse on John 1:29-34, in which he writes about the most important of all subjects: the power of love over evil–and Jesus’ role in God’s great plan:

P.Y. writes that Jesus, “was not the arrogant power of a tyrannical crusader out to destroy evil by force. Rather he came…to offer himself as a sacrifice to exemplify the supreme power of love. If God used his omnipotence to punish man, it would be impossible for a mere mortal to exercise independent judgment and thus learn and grow by his mistakes. The karmic law works whereby man punishes himself proportionate to his misdeeds, while at the same time God uses love to encourage discriminative right behavior and to awaken in the human spirit the higher soul qualities of God’s image within the true Self.

“Jesus exemplified God’s love in a rare expression of spiritual magnanimity: the willing oblation of his own life. By sacrificing himself for the spiritual welfare of others, a savior who is empowered by God to do so can expiate the sins of others. Jesus, a world savior, took on himself not only the karmic debt of his disciples but also the sin of the masses by allowing himself to be crucified.”

Jesus offered himself as, “an exemplar of the consummate power of love over evil, wisdom over ignorance, forgiveness over vengefulness, light over darkness.

“Jesus’ sacrifice was, primarily, to exemplify for all time the power of spiritual force over ignorance and brute force. He showed that the power of love could conquer the Roman Empire, with which all its might could not suppress his philosophy. His reign has outlasted
that of all warrior conquerors, based on the divine edict: “Love your enemies.”

Love your enemies. This, whether they know it or not, is the calling of the world’s young people (but old souls) who have entered this world now, as a college grad said on the news a few nights ago “to stop the hate.” Thanks be to God, Creator, Love, Universe, Great Mystery.

We Are the Answer, a Guest Post from Sharie, Spirit Teacher

Today, tomorrow and Christmas Eve I hope to share Christmas messages full of Love. “Tis the season when the world opens the door once more to the Spirit of Holy Days. Sharie (whose Native Indian name, if she had one, would be Blessing Woman) gave her permission to share this message from her blog, Sending Joy. It will inspire you for weeks to come–I promise. (I’m tuned into these things.) May you be blessed in this holiday season and forever and ever while we’re at it. Amen.

By Sharie, Spirit Teacher
Sending Joy

We are the awe we feel at a glorious sunset or a star filled night.  We are the beauty of a lovely garden, or a snow filled woods. Not the garden or the woods, but the beauty which is a feeling that lives inside us. We are the heart of a lovely song, the picture in the frame, the pinnacle of every fear-filled mountain we’ve ever had to climb. We are the joy in an unguarded moment when something passes over us that surpasses understanding.

We are the deep happiness we feel when we get it, even for an instant, that God is alive and well and no matter how it looks, all is right with the world. We are a holy instant when time stands still and space is limitless and we can see through the fear, the pain, the doubts, the darkness to a place of light and delight, and then, with great relief, feel all our burdens lifted from us. We are weightless.  We are ageless.  We are the kindness in a moment when we connect with someone unexpectedly and feel compassion and empathy. We are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to us. We are a blessing who can bless.  We are a savior who can save.  We are a healed healer. We are the answer to every question. The question to every answer. We are every lesson learned.

Where Does Peace Come From?

When I was young, I believed if enough of us marched for world peace, peace would happen—ha ha, right? Now I know it takes something more than marching or even thinking about peace. Peace is the natural state of our souls and between lives, we know this. We may have something like a vague recollection once reborn on Earth, but it’s very hard to give up our positions and our desires; peace pretty much always takes a back seat.

Peace begins within, the old saying goes. That means peace is so important to us, we’re willing to understand what ‘within’ means. We’re ready to know, where does peace come from? How is it implemented? We’re also willing to hear others’ needs because theirs are as important to us as our own.

In every situation, at least one person must be able to see the path to peace, to rise above finger-pointing and a desire for revenge. That’s a big one. It’s natural on Earth to want control and payback, but it’s not the natural state of our souls. Our souls love, forgive and serve.

So, I dedicate my Christmas peace collage to the beautiful man, the Prince of Peace, who was conceived through a miracle over two-thousand years ago, born to reconcile us with our Creator. How are we doing?

Surprise Communication

My daughter returned Wednesday night from a four-day spiritual retreat called Kairos, with other students from her Catholic high school. (Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment to say or do the right thing.) Neither parents nor students were given much information about the trip; all were asked to trust in the experience and the care of the adults in charge. Monday night, parents were invited to a short prayer service for the success of the retreat and seven or eight students who had previously attended called the retreat a life-changing experience in one way or another. It sounds magical, I thought. I wonder what happens there and if it will happen for Katie.

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Tug of War

I settled, again, into a funk a while back, feeling old and cranky and lost. Posting for 365 days (from June 2009 through June 2010) kept me focused and more peaceful, though if you had read them all, you’d have seen where I sank into pride or judging others or wrote while in bad mood. Even so, feeling called to the computer to write for a spiritual purpose released inner joy and I felt connected to my higher-self. I generally meditated before writing but often had trouble quieting my ‘monkey mind’ to listen for Love. In spite of the difficulties, because of an inner push and commitment and sincerity, the healing words came–for me and perhaps for someone else who happened upon Notes Along the Path.

After the year, I stopped writing for a while and was surprised at how quickly I lost the awareness of joy. So, I gave myself permission to come back to the computer whenever I needed to. Ever since then, I’ve been writing here and there and, interestingly (to me anyway), on those focused, centered-in-my-heart days, I feel better, more like I can cope with all that’s going on. On the un-centered days, the funk sneaks up on me. Apparently writing about God = Love = Higher Self = Compassion is now necessary for me. Is it because I feel a primary obligation to meditate on those days? (I must also ask, after all these years of meditating, admittedly on and off, why don’t I meditate every day? I suspect it has, as always, to do with not wanting to see the ‘stuff’ that is exposed.)  

 The word ‘reconciliation’ came to me this morning. If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll see definitions like:

  1. The end of conflict or renewal of friendly relations;
  2. The making of two or more apparently conflicting things compatible;
  3. The sacrament of penance in the Catholic Church whereby a person’s sins are absolved through confession and penance.

I love the second one: ‘The making of two or more apparently conflicting things compatible.’ This one fits with my lower-self/higher-self tug of war and does give me hope. Eventually it will all be reconciled. I will give up self-pity and fall into the soft arms of God’s Love, made whole at last.

A Powerful Knowing

My friend, Sharie, from Sending Joy, a WordPress blog, made a comment recently on my post, ‘A Simple Life in a New World.’ At her blog, Sharie teaches how to focus on Love and Light and leave all the rest behind. I’d like to share here her comment; the sentences in italics deeply touched me:

“Pam Dear, we need to believe in everything because all things are possible. The so-called miracles of this world, like your son’s magic tooth, are really nothing compared to the power of God that is working constantly in and through us in a place beyond this world. I would tell our brother who doesn’t believe in the power of visualization that he needs to have a little more faith … in himself. We can look and easily see all the destruction and the violence and scarcity and pain and suffering here. Those things are easy to see because they make a lot of noise and are very distracting. And they’re in the news a lot, presented in the most dramatic way possible.

But the peace and joy and capacity for true healing that lives within us is very quiet and so we don’t always remember to look for it. We just need to pay a little more attention to the real miracles and less attention to the chaos. It’s all in where we choose to focus our minds. On the flowers—or the weeds. On the destruction—or on the love that arises from it. Thank you for all your thought provoking posts. Love you, Sharie”

“The so-called miracles of this world, like your son’s magic tooth, are really nothing compared to the power of God that is working constantly in and through us in a place beyond this world.” Powerful words, powerful knowing. Sharie and I both started our blogs in June, 2009, and soon found each other. I write about my spiritual journey with mostly personal reflections. Sharie is like a ship, strong and sure, riding waves of Light from the Love-place beyond this world, the place her heart-mind is ever focused. I hope you’ll stop by her blog,, especially when you’re feeling fearful or overwhelmed. Every time Sharie posts, she uses different words to assure us our chaotic world is not the real world, and all we need do to experience love and healing is turn our eyes toward the Light and say, “I see you, Lord of Love. I am here.”

On a personal note, we’re having our family Thanksgiving dinner this weekend because this is when we can all be together. Both my sons will be here from out of town and I am so happy! My brother’s daughter and her children were here last weekend for a reconciliation that happened. I’m taking a moment to express my gratitude for a loving family that had quite a way to go, and made the journey, is making the journey, with the grace of Love.

Recycling and the Great Cosmic Being

Here is a picture of my “Recycle” sign and can, soon to be lined with compostable bags.









My inner-prompting to recycle again, spurred on by a magazine article,  even though the apartments I live in don’t offer the service, has led me on a mind-trip, one I have not enjoyed. Bottles of products I use, like the Clorox kitchen cleaner or the bathroom air freshener, and other things like drain cleaners and furniture polish and many more (think of all the products you use) have paraded through my mind like a line of wild party-goers, some even sticking their tongues out at me. (Yes, I do know I have ‘quite an imagination.’)

I thought of the Earth and all the garbage we humans create, especially us Americans because we mostly don’t think about the Earth, and was overwhelmed. I remembered a news report about the State of California trucking massive amounts of garbage to our state and paying us to dump it here. “It’s impossible,” I thought. “It’s too late. Plastic is God to manufacturers and retailers and it never breaks down. What can we, or Mother Earth, do?”

Then, when I was meditating this morning, I saw a picture in my mind. It was an immense Being of Light and we humans were on its skin and wherever a whole bunch of us gathered it was as though a disease was spreading, making dark holes in the skin. Then I heard a great belly laugh and everywhere we and the disease had spread was absorbed by waves of Light from the Being’s body. I heard in my mind, “When the shift in consciousness happens, your Mother will be healed by the Light she holds within herself.” Ever ready with yet another question, I asked, “So it doesn’t matter what we do? I don’t need to care about the Earth?”

“Inaccurate assumption,” I heard in my mind. “The actions of those who care about the Earth and other people, are helping to bring about the shift in consciousness. Do what you can, each of you, and you will share, and share in, the gifts of Love. It is never too late to care.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it, that it’s never too late to care? We can all do little things, like joining those who recycle the plastic, glass and cardboard they use, and don’t let the water run needlessly, and turn the lights off when we leave a room. According to the Great Being of Light, what we do, matters. We need not feel overwhelmed. Instead, let us share our gratitude with all of life, secure in the knowledge that the effect of our caring actions is Love.

Note: Compostible kitchen garbage bags are available at

Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be . . . Let It Be

I once was a master of hyper-vigilant self criticism. After years of therapy, I could see how twisted my thinking was and that I would never have a relationship with a loving God (Him/Her, Love, the Universe, the Light within) unless I learned to ‘Let It Be,’ as the Beatles so wisely sang.

Letting things be just as they are applies to our way of seeing and our behavior. It doesn’t mean (at least to me) that we stand by and watch several kids beat up another one, or an adult hurt a child. We apply ‘let it be’ to ourselves by:

  • Forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes so that we can grow beyond them
  • Truly forgiving those who have hurt us so we no longer carry the chains of pain
  • Accepting our spouses and children just as they are (I mean day-to-day stuff, not in abusive or dangerous circumstances) because we have neither the ability nor the right to make them into who we want them to be. Through loving acceptance inspired communication begins and lives are changed–otherwise we’re only stirring the pot.
  • Ditto with accepting situations that bother us—only through acceptance can inspired solutions come to us. If not, we add to the ‘bad vibes’ of the problem, thus making everything worse. I guess the most important question is:  Do we gain some kind of satisfaction or importance from the ‘stirring the pot,’ or do we really want our lives to get better?

It takes commitment to apply compassion to ourselves and to others. Truly we live in a world of problems, problems that appear to be escalating. So many of us are suffering now, why not practice kindness? We become one big family when we’re kind to one another, and who among us doesn’t need to be loved? Wherever you are, spread Love and change the world.

Stuck in An Elevator? Good!

Life is so much more, and so much more complicated than we can begin to imagine when we’re young. Whatever we’re certain of at twenty will be replaced by some surprises at thirty and downright questioning at forty. At fifty the pieces of the puzzle begin to come back together; the landscape is rich with experience and wisdom is growing.

Nearing sixty, I am aware that my old, crabby opinions are, in most cases, judgments of others. Judging means my vision is tunnel-like and me-centric. It means I’m not walking in others’ shoes, not understanding the trials of their lives, not loving them in the way all-forgiving Love asks of us.

Understanding—compassion–has something to do with effort. If we were stranded in an elevator for a few hours with any person we dislike and if we began to share our stories, we’d exit the elevator with a new awareness and a different connection.

The question is, “Do we have to get stuck in an elevator to gain this understanding?”

On Receptivity and Faith

I was thinking last night: What makes me so certain of the things I write here, like ‘God is Love,’ and ‘All are loved,’ and ‘Forgiveness is second only to Love,’ and so on? How do I know if these are true? I don’t, really. All I know is, in a receptive state of mind, with a sincere need to know there is something more and something higher than me—higher than our human lives and problems—I arrive at the keyboard with my heart in a ‘ready’ state, and I type. And Love comes through my fingers. (At least, I think that’s what happens.)

I never lose self-awareness. I always know where I am and what I am doing at the keyboard, but it seems this writing is beyond what I personally know. Because I love God (Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, the Universe, Savior, Peacemaker, Love Within—by whatever name God is called) and I have been sick since 1997, I believe this writing is a gift to me, a way for me to feel I am helping in some small manner, of getting to be a stitch on the universal love-quilt, so to speak.

We, as individuals, however, should always arrive at our own ‘beliefs,’ and though having an open, compassionate mind is a very good thing and we may be touched by this or that article or book, or receive divine-love at church or in a forest, we have to form our own faith and operate from our own consciences. And faith-building takes a lifetime, much of it coming after the tests, the broken hearts and the losses.

I remember being 26 and becoming a Catholic. I was so happy because I could feel people praying in Catholic churches; I seemed to fit there. But I ended up having a great deal of difficulty with the pedophile-priests and the church transferring them from one parish to another. I also believe the abundance of the Catholic Church in Rome should not be hoarded; I believe it should be spent on giving a hand up to those whose needs are great, all around the world, with healing in mind and nothing asked in return.

So, I separated myself from the church. I love Jesus Christ, the God-man who came and taught us to be peacemakers (and we didn’t get it), but I do not accept or endorse the radical-right teachings of so many organizations now on display, nor can I in good conscience submit to the authority of a man in Rome who is human, just like the rest of us. I believe God loves all of us, from the pope to feminists, to gays, to immigrants, to pagans and to the sad, toothless, hungry, homeless men who live and die in alleyways.

Anyway, I guess I wanted to say that what I write here could be more for me than anyone else. If something I write doesn’t feel right to you, you know what to do; ignore it or let it go. Follow the path that feels right in your heart, that you know is Love, that answers your important meaning-of-life questions. At least we can agree—right?—that Love is the answer at the heart of every spiritual search. If we all get to the Love-place within, at least if we try to feel compassion, gratitude and forgiveness, our world will be okay.

A Master’s Great Love

Paramahansa Yogananda in 1924, Photo Courtesy of Self Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles

One definition of enlightenment is: the realization of spiritual or religious understanding, or, especially in Buddhism, the state attained when the cycle of reincarnation ends and human desire and suffering are transcended. When I was in my 20s, a member of a spiritual group, meditating every day, I figured it wouldn’t be too long before I became ‘enlightened.’ Oh, my. You’re probably laughing at me—or, as my daughter says, you’re laughing with me, right?

I was recently reading from Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda’s telling of his journey to enlightenment and becoming a spiritual master, guru to many people around the world who personally knew him before he died in 1952, and to who-knows-how-many more persons he visits from the spiritual realms. (He was often visited by enlightened masters, including Jesus Christ, while alive and tells these stories in his autobiography.) He recounts being a baby, frustrated by visions of his past lives and wanting to talk with his mother and others about them, but he couldn’t yet speak. I read his book the first time in my mid-20s and couldn’t stop thinking about his story for years. Ultimately, it was his friendship with God that caused me to consider God my friend, too.

The qualities of a spiritual master include becoming a being of light who chooses to stay on Earth only to love and guide spiritual seekers, for nothing else of the world holds any interest for them. As a young man, P. Yogananda met a master, Swami Pranabananda, who could be in two places at one time—wherever his body was and also with a disciple in need. What a great love this is, this choosing not to go to the Divine–perhaps their last longing–but staying to serve others. Ultimately, it is the masters’ deep and abiding love for the Creator that brings about the final at-one-ment.

For more information about Paramahansa Yogananda, contact the organization he established, the Self Realization Fellowship,  in Los Angeles, Ca, before his passing. For an unforgettable summer read, you can pick up his autobiography at nearly every bookstore.

The Cyclic Factor, a Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

Let me ‘entertain’ you for a bit as I present to you this controversial issue of the cyclic nature of the world we live in, as well as the entire universe we are very much a part of.

We are all aware of the four seasons – right? Then there is the cyclic element of our lives, being born, maturing and dying. You also know, for instance, that rabbits are on a seven year cycle – right? What else is obvious to us earthlings? Let me see – oh yes, the moon – women are very aware of that cycle, of course – which also affects the tides of the world’s oceans. Then we have the astrological awareness of the movement of the stars within certain cyclic factors. Am I making headway?

Now, you are asking, “Where is he going with this?” Good – glad you asked ‘cause I am going into deeper waters – so put on your bathing suit and pay attention!

Some of what I will be saying I have written before, but stay with me as we need these building blocks as we go into these deeper waters. Right – so, follow me.

A major cycle that is affecting us is the approximate 26,000 year cycle of what is referred to as the “Procession of the Equinoxes.” This grand cycle is once again concluding right now – in our time. This is what the ancient Mayans were aware of, as also the Kali Yuga of the Hindus, the Hopi and other indigenous peoples around the earth. One of the big questions is, ‘Has it happened before?’ The answer is probably yes.

Ever heard of Atlantis? Lemuria? These, too, were civilisations about whom there are whisperings from the past, which some have heard. How valid are these ‘whisperings?’ Well, to a large extent it depends on your openness and level of acceptance. At least, have a good level of curiosity. Here’s what I know – or to be fair, ‘feel’ I know.

Let us look at the similarity between structures one can observe on two different continents separated by a large ocean – the Atlantic. In Egypt we have the pyramids. In Central America we have the Mayan Temples. The question arises, “Could there have been a common link?” These two cultures had no direct contact and were certainly far apart geographically. The Atlantic Ocean lay between them – and that is exactly my point!

There is strong evidence to suggest that there was a continent referred to as Atlantis where the Atlantic Ocean is now. To many it is considered just a myth. However, if one chooses to be more open, there is evidence that would support this ‘myth.’ One is what appears to be building structures in evidence on the ocean floor. Another is that the Greek philosopher, Plato, referred to “that land that ONCE lay beyond” what we now call the Straits of Gibraltar. Some South American indigenous peoples refer to it also. This is not hard proof but it is suggestive. Then there is the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida where planes and ships have disappeared off the radar without explanation, and never heard from again.

Now, what I have heard – and you’ll have to trust me on this – is that Atlantis was comprised of two main land masses. They lived in harmony for many hundreds of years until tensions rose between them. Sound familiar? This ultimately ended in all out war. It seems that at the time people we would likely refer to today as mystics, advised their followers that nature was about to react and these lands would be destroyed. Those followers in the northern area migrated to the land mass we now know as Africa, and the southern followers quietly moved to what is now known as South America. The ‘storm’ hit and Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves.

It is difficult to prove this, of course. However, my mother remembered being a young girl in Atlantis and watching a ‘parade’ of sorts with her parents. When challenged about this she said, “There is a difference one can feel between a dream and an experience.” I can also attest to that. So can many of you, I am sure. 

Then there is the rumour of another civilisation that existed where the Pacific Ocean now lays called “Lemuria!” That was well before Atlantis – indeed, likely at least a full cycle before.

The point of all this is to reiterate and to try and demonstrate that cycles are a fact and affect all life everywhere. We are now facing critical population pressures, and increasing global disruptions as conflicts are seen to be escalating: Global financial systems being greatly pressured to the limit, and food supplies are being disrupted through more weather anomalies—all this at the same time we seemingly have arrived at the ending of a 26,000 year Grand Cycle. Can we ignore all this as “nonsense?” Or, consider that “some of this may be true, but probably not in our time.” Or, we can stick our collective heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. Remember the old saying: “There’s never smoke without fire.”

I realise that these concepts can be a bit challenging but that’s what I do! We need to be challenged and to reconsider some of the ways we have been conditioned to think. We also need to question the often unthinking and narrow minded directions we are led to accept, often by those who have selfish, hidden agendas.

For all of us today the big question is, “If this IS true, what can we do about it?” Well, if you feel that you may be heading into a storm, you’d likely tie the roof down, have some kerosene lamps in case the power goes out, and, make sure you have some food stored away, and plenty of matches.

Then there is always the opportunity to connect with those who share your thinking and work together as a community. It might just work. It might also begin to lay the foundation of a new way for us to live together on this Earth, and when the storm passes and we begin to pick up the pieces of our lives, we may move on to create a happier future.

Perhaps. Perhaps we will have learned from our past mistakes or, as a wise teacher once said, “There is no such thing as a mistake – only unrealized wisdom.” Hhhhmmmm–Perhaps.

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