ABOUT Notes and Seek Find Be Light

After a tough stretch, and on my 57th birthday, the realization of how much our Creator loves all of us really hit home, right in my heart. Replacing my guilt and doubts was a profound inner awareness that this Great Being of Light heals in such a way that what is dark, and our memories of the darkness, are literally burned away by the light. The dark beings chasing us in our dreams are not monsters from stories—they are us, our shadow selves or dark sides. Fear keeps us from turning around, but fear is a liar, in truth, no more than a hologram. Eventually, we will all turn around and see that we are so much more than what fear would have us believe. We are children of a Great Being of Light who awaits our outstretched arms and our call, “Papa! Mama!”

My life journey is weaved throughout the posts at this blog, Notes Along the Path, many of them written about what I have gleaned from my learning experiences. Within me, too, were stirrings about the nature of Higher Love; and a drive to serve something greater than myself, even before I became chronically ill. Maybe these matters of the higher heart, some effective hard-knocks lessons, and a healing by a Divine hand combined to create an opening for me to listen for my Higher self and write. My first post at this blog, Notes Along the Path, was in June, 2009; I published the book-of-postsSeek Find Be Light, electronically in April of 2013, I guess because leaving love letters behind is important. 🙂

Though I believe the messages in the posts are a gift of a loving Creator, I know that just because I have written, “God is Love,” doesn’t make it so. Yet the only words I hear, as I continue on my quest and regularly discover more layers of yucky stuff within, are about how much I am loved by God—of how much you, we, are all loved. The Light from which we came knows exactly who we are, both the light and the dark of us, before we are born on Earth. God longs for us to move closer to Him/Her, but loves us without measuring the distance. Earth is our school and God made us and this school. What is mysterious or unknown to us is known and understood in the divine realm. Our job is to accept the invitation from Home.

Over time, my spiritual ideals have become inclusive and nonjudgmental, for what could be a more significant and personal decision than what we believe about who we are and how we got here? At Notes Along the Path, as a great East/West guru lovingly refers to them, God is our Heavenly Father, our Divine Mother and Jesus Christ, our dear friend. Friend! I often think of God simply as Love, whatever the name or form. Wherever there is Love, there also is its Source.

I have found that the slightest movement toward our higher hearts opens doors. I believe this happens because we are all meant to become messengers of Love. Who knows? Maybe you, too, will soon be writing ‘God is Love’ online or on sticky notes or in a book. We humans sorely need many more compassionate and comforting love letters. All I know for sure is, Love calls to all of us and we must climb, and when we fall, get up and climb again. This is life on Earth. If we can remain focused on Love and compassion, and finding forgiveness and peace, no matter what happens, we will join hearts and make the journey together, whether it is in our changing world or on the other side.

God bless us, every one.

Pam Bickell