Global Warming Needs Urgent Response Now, A Guest Post by Tom Mills

By Tom Mills Scientists are using the shifting of Earth’s poles to measure climate change The breaking news in my mind should be, “CLIMATE CHANGE HAS CAUSED THE EARTH’S POLES TO SHIFT.” A NewScientist article from Dec. 13, 2013, notes that in one year Greenland has lost 250 gigatonnes of ice, mountain glaciers have lost […]

Who Built the Pyramids and Why, Based on the Hopi Creation Story, a New YouTube Video from Tom Mills

Tom Mills has recently released a video on YouTube called, Who Built the Pyramids and Why, Based on the Hopi Creation Story. The Hopi Creation Story tells us who built the pyramids and why, how the pyramids and many of the unexplained sites around the world relate to global warming, our melting polar ice caps and […]

The Spirit Helper, an old Cheyenne Indian Prayer, a Guest Post from Tom Mills

It’s good to remember every now and then that we are never alone: “When you are alone, or troubled, or need a helping hand Close your eyes and think of me and speak my name out loud And I will come. Look for me in the sky of a summer day, Listen for the sound […]

Who’s That Knocking At My Door? a Guest Post by Thomas O. Mills

A heartfelt, powerful post from Tom Mills: By Thomas O. Mills Email: A few mornings ago, I was having my first cup of coffee and reading my newspaper when the doorbell sounded. There stood two women, about my age–old–smiling and holding out a booklet for me to consider. They wanted to talk to me […]

How Can We Help the Hopi People? A Guest Post by Thomas O. Mills

The only location where I know that a stone tablet has been protected for thousands of years by a guardian is in a small town in Ethiopia, Africa, south of the pyramids, called Axum. It is housed in a small chapel called the Ark of the Covenant Church.

Egyptian Murals Seen From the Perspective of the Hopi Creation Story, A Guest Post by Thomas O. Mills

It is the Hopi belief that we are in the fourth world or time. The Creator has had to come back to Earth and help populate (Create) the planet after three global catastrophes. The first world was destroyed by fire, the second by ice and the third by a flood of biblical proportions.

Exact Location of the Hall of Records Based on the Hopi Indian Creation Story, A Guest Post by Thomas O. Mills

By Thomas O. Mills email: Before I lived on the Hopi Indian Reservation, I had always been told there were only two options as to where we came from or how we were created on Earth. One option was that a Spiritual Being created all of us from a white man and white woman, and the […]

Book Review, “STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST,” and A New Idea to Save the Melting Polar Ice Caps

Note: This is a book review of Thomas O. Mills’ book, STONEHENGE, IF THIS WAS EAST, from the Chairman of the Manataka American Indian Council, who, after reading the book, was inspired with a new idea to correct the melting of our polar ice caps. It is, indeed, a very interesting letter to other members of the Manataka […]