Without materialism man could not have become free

This post from The Great Rudolf Steiner Quotes site answers the questions: Why do we come to Earth? How did we gain our individual natures? Rudolf Steiner had the ability to look into the spiritual world and he reported his findings during his lifetime.

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

At the primeval time of his development man had not only the two states he now has, of sleeping and waking and between these a chaotic dreamy state; there was then a, third state, in which reality was present. This was not merely a state of dreaming, for in it man was able, although his consciousness was damped down, to see pictures and to learn by them, for these pictures were true to spiritual reality.

Now, as we know, in order that man should develop the full Earth-consciousness, this method of perception had to be withdrawn. If it had persisted, man would never have gained his freedom, he could not have become free if he had not been subjected to all the dangers, arguments and temptations of materialism; but he has to find his way back again to the Spiritual world, and must now be able to grasp it in…

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