Dominance or Cooperation? Male or Female?

brazilian-jiu-jitsu-2052806_1920Quick, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the Male God or the Female Goddess? If we were to ask a mythological male god, he might thunder, “Why I did, of course! Through my power, all was created.” The goddess might smile and say, “Isn’t he funny? Without Love, there would be no creation.”

There may have been a time when matriarchal energy guided our planet, but we have been, without question, ruled by a patriarchal system for thousands of years. Feminine energy isn’t aggressive and doesn’t crave land, power, or riches, and is not willing to go to war over such things. In many organizations, men still lead and women must follow. Equal pay for equal work might exist at minimum wage jobs, but it does not exist in many white-collar professions. In fact, most of those positions are held by men.

Many women around the world still must cover their bodies, even their faces in some countries. In modern societies, we women have burned our bras and removed much of our clothing–most likely a reaction to male rule–but this has only added to the confusion and fear. Young women think, “Look at me. Let him resist this!” He can’t resist, but he probably won’t stay long after the sex.

Our country is a mess—the world is a mess. War and power grabbing are not the answers. Dominance incites rebellion and ultimately fails. Even though the U.S. president says so, the value of a man should not be measured by what he has accumulated, the power he wields or his sexual prowess. Women should not be measured by their beauty and feminine wiles. All human beings have both masculine and feminine energies within and wholeness is found together, in balance.

To save ourselves, to save our Earth Mother, we must balance the prevailing dominating energy with cooperative energy, logic with nurture, aggression with love, independence with interdependence. What would that world look like? It would be loving, peaceful, healing, respectful. People wouldn’t feel so lost and lonely, and men and women wouldn’t be so afraid of each other. The truth is, male and female, we need each other.

Beyond the matters of sexual preference and procreation, it’s clear that if only men existed, it wouldn’t be long before you’d have warred yourselves to death. And, we women? For the most part, we’d be lonely and unfulfilled, longing for our other halves and children. We need you guys to open your hearts and expand your thought processes. It’s time for us to work together–to find balance, to find the deeper meaning in living, and to give thanks for our lives and for each other.


One thought on “Dominance or Cooperation? Male or Female?

  1. Women are the Keepers of the Earth. Women are currently healing themselves and relationships between women so that we may show men the way to heal, help them heal.

    Father Son penetrated the darkness to bring life. The womb of women, the womb of Earth is the darkness, was the darkness. Women hold the space for life. I believe that is our design.

    This belief system comes from a Shamanic lineage of the Twisted Hair Elders of Turtle Island.


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