Let Us Not Despair, but Prepare Ourselves

peace-glassesTo those who try to follow God’s path of peace, to those with non-white skin, to those who are old, ill or disabled, to those who have no access to quality education and struggle to survive, and to those who are gay, or whose religion is other than Christianity: Do not despair. While God loves every soul, He edifies the work of the peacemakers, the embracers, the healers, and the visionaries.

Some Christians have voted and elected a President who embodies the opposite qualities of Christ. I do not know why, but I believe what is happening here mirrors a spiritual war occurring in the Heavens. Perhaps the work we who ‘love the whole’ must now do is a debt to be paid on the road Home. Let us never forget how powerful we are when we stand together and with Christ, who teaches us to trust in Him most when things are the toughest, and to love even those who become our enemies–because war and revenge self-perpetuate. Let us do everything we can to heal the rifts, and to shine light on the truth that we are all children of God and that God is not petty or cruel or segragating.

There is a chance we may all lose loved ones to the ignorance now rampant in our country. Let us not fear loss. Let us be willing to do the necessary inner work to prepare ourselves to go with God, for life here, while of the utmost importance, is always fleeting.

God bless us, every one.


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