Connection, Compassion and Love, A Guest Post By Michael Brine, Mike Hopkins and Maggie

As difficult as the news is every day, as much as the media has a need to keep us informed of dark, depressing matters, there is equal goodness all around us. (I know that a good deal of us have suffered losses that can only be measured in tears, and that the pain can linger. When enough time has passed, we take little steps back into life, working up the courage to take a swing at living again. I guess that’s the point–that we all know what loss is and yet, most of us get through it and carry on anyway. Really, what are our alternatives?)

Here my amazing online friends share here their tender stories of connection, compassion and love, for wherever there is union and healing, there is Love. We must all remember our own stories of care and goodness, both given and received, and we must share them, for they are needed now. We must share our stories until they become a Love-tsunami more powerful than any of the physical kind. The miracle of being alive now is the miracle of healing. We are all called to share great Love and oneness with each other and All That Is. We are called!

Here is a correspondence between Mike Hopkins, Michael Brine and Maggie.

From Mike Hopkins:

I have been doing heavy duty healing since 1996 when the Light came to me and was there whenever I needed it. It is not a 24-hour illumination. I raise to a higher frequency when I heal and my body cannot maintain this vibe for more than a few hours; perhaps six to eight is the limit. It’s too hard on the human body. Since I have no medical training or knowledge in methods, I have no limitations and believe I can heal anything and pretty much I have (with the Grace of God or Good). I have done very little the last five or six years, though I always have the power when I need it. I have just touched people before since a young age and healed but never thought about it—I was too busy living a normal life and the Light came to me from time to time, but only when I was severely sick and near death or in prayer and meditation, but not at will as it does today.

My friends (Inner Voice) have been telling me for months that soon I would begin to heal in a new way and after a dream, a new way was shown to me and I have tried it. It’s not for everyone. I talked to a friend of many years who was poisoned and having severe neurological problems and was giving up hope and he visited two hours last weekend and by the time he left his tremors had gone and he was calm and without worries. He was also standing up straight for the first time in three years. He even took off his back brace and left my house without it.

His wife came with him on a whim, but I knew ahead she was coming and what I was to do for her and for him. When I am in the flow the info is shown to me. So they got a two-for-one special. 🙂 She is a cancer survivor who I gave a healing to four years ago when she was in the hospital, but have had no contact since. She left without numbness in her feet and legs and no pain in her stomach where the doctors had done bad surgery and she told me this is the first time in four years she was without any of these symptoms. They were both happy and said that they were calm and felt a warmth in their hearts.

He contacted me two days later and said he was still calm and felt stronger in his body. I haven’t heard from her, but this is my way. I just do my business and let people go. Often I don’t hear what happened until years later when or if we cross paths again.

As for the technique—I will not be teaching it. This was given to me to use; perhaps my Inner Teachers are clever. I have done mostly distance healing for the last several years or simply sit and talk to the healee and things just change in
their bodies, emotions, and thinking. Unfortunately, this is hard for some to accept since humans often need a technique or herb or mineral or vitamin to accept a healing. Few can understand or even have any idea of what I do.

It appears that whatever I am doing opens up a flow to and from the Earth and also to and from Heaven as the Light flows into them and healing occurs wherever in the body it is needed. I ask no questions–just do my thing and it goes very fast.

When I will do it again, God or Good only knows, since it’s as if coincidence brings people to me. I do not actively seek out others–actually, I don’t seek them at all. I have always been a reluctant healer and knower of things. Perhaps that is why I was chosen. Life just plays out in a way that leads me to people with severe illness and I have helped give many added years of life.

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From Michael Brine:

Thank you, Mike. I think how one ‘administers’ healing is a very personal thing and it varies from person to person – don’t you think? However, having said that, what comes up for me – and I do healing in my own way as do others – is to recognise the Oneness of us all. More significantly perhaps is that we are all equal life-forms on this planet. The energy that moves through you is the same energy that moves through me or Pam or Magi, a tree – or even a rock. That energy (or Source, if you prefer) is always that same force that maintains life in ALL its forms, including Gaia herself. We are simply a channel for it to pass through – and in healing, we direct it as we intuitively feel to do – and as you are doing.

For instance, an hour ago my neighbour’s dog was unwell. So, I sat beside her and felt love for her and allowed my hand to pass along her full length (a small dog) feeling the equality that existed between us and harboring the same life energy, and loving her – not as a superior being but as an equal. This for me is right brain connecting with all life in its Oneness. Make sense?

Something to illustrate this will also amuse you. Yesterday I was out at my campsite. When I walk down to the smaller lake there are two ducks there that come over to me and we usually ‘talk.’ I have a special noise that I make when I see them. Anyway, on this occasion I decided to experiment. I focused specifically on my awareness of our Oneness while ‘talking’ to this one duck who came over more quickly than the other on this occasion.

The duck started to quack more excitedly  – so I did – and then he did – so then I started to move a bit more as if I was sort of dancing. When I did this, maintaining my awareness of our connectedness, he really got excited and we just danced and laughed with each other for a couple of minutes, he quacking excitedly as we shared this interaction. It was so illuminating for me that I was on course, as it were, with this understanding – an understanding beyond words. It really is that energy of Love that unites us all, isn’t it? Hhmmm. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that, but it was such a beautiful experience for me. Thank you for letting me share – as if you had a choice! 🙂 Love you guys – as equals – and that’s a hard one for me. Ok, I’ll shut up!

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From Maggie:

This is absolutely wonderful, Michael [Hopkins]. Your healing doesn’t sound to me like it is something one can “teach” and you are wise not to try. My sense is that apparent miracles will continue to occur, just as the “dark” appears to be increasing. Always the balance down here.
And yours is a beautiful story, Michael [Brine]. I’ve focused sometimes on a singletree leaf and sure enough, it will eventually begin to “dance.” Also, I’m sure the “Divine Mother” through my hands kept an old cat alive for months. She would change from something almost crawling on her belly to a spritely animal after a few minutes of “sending” energy without actually touching her. Probably all methods work. It is surely our Intention that is paramount. And our KNOWING that healing is possible in most cases.
Just after I came to Salmon Arm in 1989 I heard the word “Mariel” in my head. Nobody knew what it was but as Fate would have it I was drawn to a book that talked about Cellular Memory Healing. Once the memories (‘samskaras’) are brought to consciousness, the hidden fears, self-sabotaging emotions, etc. no longer exist. It is a truly amazing technique – gentle but powerful. The technique was called Mariel. I phoned the woman who practised it – she lived across the country in Boston – and told her I needed to come and see her to learn about this. When she found out where I lived she laughed and said she was coming nearby, just across the border in the U.S.

Once a woman who was being treated was in a great deal of distress. I went to where another of the group was working with her and immediately saw ants all over her face and body. She was actually turning quite red. When I told her my experience she said “Oh, my God. Two nights ago my 6-year-old son came into my bedroom in the middle of the night yelling, “Mommy, mommy, I dreamed you were covered with ants.” Things like this – and even more dramatic – happened frequently. The Beings also had a wild sense of humour and would manifest extremely funny things for the group.

The Beings that worked with me were totally amazing. One woman who came in the front door on two canes left two hours later, dancing. Writing to you reminds me that I need to “offer myself” again to this technique. I was given the ability to “see” what was locked in cellular memory. Bless you for using your Gifts and thank you both for your stories and the reminders. Much love, Maggie

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  1. Thank you for this! It’s important that we share these experiences, to support one another on the way.


  2. Thank you for sharing these stories of healings. While the healing acts described are beautiful in themselves, they also give me hope. They feed my belief that we can heal the imbalances in the world even when that does not seem possible. In dark times, we need these reminders. Kp

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I read them, KP. I hope more people will share their stories, with you, with me, or someone else. We do need them now. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Greetings to both William & KP:

    You are both very welcome and both very spot on in what you are saying.

    Glad you liked our shared stories of healing.

    Kindest & warmest regards,
    ps: To you also, Pam.

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