The Fake World is a Pretty Good Actor


black stalks in gold skyWe draw lines on maps and buy and sell land and buildings, but we can’t take anything from this world when we cross into the spiritual world. Who really owns the planet? It’s not any of us, no matter who we are. This planet, its land, its riches, all assets, all the monies, are actually owned by the Higher Power. Life is the greatest, most compassionate of gifts, and everything we see is loaned for our use, to be productive and successful in our efforts to live a meaningful life.

None of us are innocent, but we are, to some degree, pawns in a big, secretive game played by wealthy men. Is there anything we can do to break free? Yes, but we have some hard habits to break. We can turn off our TVs more, get outdoors and appreciate Mother Earth. We can tell our children what advertisements are: manipulations of our desires for stuff—and that we don’t have to buy into all the clamor. We can put away our e-devices for an hour every day and share the time with others.

We can stop obsessing about media reports on this or that happening. (What would the media do if we ignored them and created our own stories?) The entertainment media cater to what they think we want to hear; and, worse, the “news” media filter and slant the news to their points of view. Do we know the truth about anything?

We can and should quiet the chatter of our own minds and get in touch with who we are and why we are here. We can teach our children that all people are equal, and that acts of kindness link us to the pool of Universal Love. We can volunteer and show them how to make a real difference in our communities.

We need to forge our own paths and make our own life-truths, and get in touch with our souls, for this connects us to God, the Source of answers to all personal and world problems. Every problem comes with its own spiritual solution, but we have to be quiet, open, and reflective to be aware of it.

Energy gathers around us, and the way we feel joins us with energy of the same kind. There aren’t any answers in muck-flinging, but there sure are in the beams of light. When we lift the veil, we see the invaluable heart connections linking all of life and that everything else pales in significance.


2 thoughts on “The Fake World is a Pretty Good Actor

  1. Yes — and I find with my kids, ages 6 and 3, the consumer mentality is already gripping them. Recently they spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what hot wheels car they wanted to buy (as I refused to buy the more expensive toys). They were very excited about something new! When we got home we played outside for awhile, and when they came in they had forgotten about the cars that seem so important. They are still in my dresser drawer. I am now fighting hard to help them not slip into the consumer mentality and to have the kind of values you refer to. That is really the only way we as a society will develop a more satisfying and sustainable lifestyle.

  2. Scott,
    You are so right about developing a more satisfying and sustainable lifestyle. Regarding raising our children with these values–I wish I had known back then what I know now.
    Before I got sick, I was able to pay for my children to attend Catholic School. Afterward, we became dependent on Tuition Assistance and the kindness of others who often came to our rescue for one reason or another.
    But my sense of inadequacy grew because my kids went to school with many children who had EVERYTHING. I could never have provided anything close to what these children had, but I borrowed against the equity in our home to try to provide, on occasion, the basics of the new cool stuff.
    If I had known then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have changed that. Being immersed in the wealthy people environment can make you feel less valuable than them when you have so much less–I was hoping to help my kids not feel that way. But I would have approached it all with a different philosophy–of what toll producing all the stuff takes from the planet, and on the “better angels” of our own natures.
    I noticed over and over the same thing you already have, that most of the “toys” had no real value to my kids. There was the initial excitement–then into the toy box. Until we got to cell phones and I-Pods, that is. Those they hold onto with iron grips!
    I am proud of today’s younger people and of parents like you who are teaching children about the costs of materialism. But I wouldn’t make it into a fight–I’d make it into stories that move their hearts. That way you can reach through all the clutter of the world and they, in turn, will not rebel, but reach out to others. That’s how we’ll change this world, hologram or not, one heart at a time. Thanks for all your input and wisdom.

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