Fear Is a Liar

fear maskFear is my old buddy. We’ve been together a long time. All of this life and from before that, I’m sure. Fear of loss, fear of judgment, fear of my dark side. Fear of wrong living and karma–that’s a big one. How I envy those people who live with gusto and confidence!

How does fear become our boss? It’s sneaky, relentlessly worming itself into our minds, our outlooks. It’s a liar, but it’s such a good liar. All those possible scenarios! And fear is a good boxer. Punch to the eye, “Ow!” The gut, “Ow!” Kick in the ribs when we’re down: “Told you so.”

Fear grabs hold and feeds on itself. Little fears grow into mountains that cast big shadows over life. The only answer I’ve found: Turn on the lights. Not just the lights, but the Light. Call on your Higher Power: “Let me see. Show me the way.” In the movies, the character becomes a hero when he finds his courage. “Steady, now. Look up. Fear exists only in your mind–it’s an emotion. It’s not real. Walk right on through those shadows. Yes, like that. Very good. See? You’re already on the other side.”

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3 thoughts on “Fear Is a Liar

  1. So your new buddy is actually courage?
    Good! Congratulations! Living in fear is boring and sad. So how can you call it living then, right?!

  2. Well, courage is not familiar like a buddy yet, but I’m taking the first steps. And you’re absolutely right–living in fear is not living. Go new me!

  3. Seeing fear as a shadow is perfect and walking right through the shadow is the way to heal. As we lift those shadows up to God and let Him shine is light upon them, all darkness disappears. You are so wise, Dear One. Thank you for your healing thoughts. Love and Peace, Sharie

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