Mistakes, then Unconditional Love

We Are Never Abandoned

There are so many mistakes to be made as a human, from little ones to the big life-errors that make us cringe and wonder if God loves us when we think of them. But, doesn’t it seem likely that our omniscient Creator knows our weaknesses and likely errors before we are born?

We come into this physical world to live, to make choices, to experience and to grow in wisdom. We are not born to separate farther from our Creator.

I think of God as unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. No matter how far we sink into the muck, we will not be separated from God unless we consciously choose to be. Very few walk that path.

The hard part for us humans is believing that God knows us, cares deeply and understands not only us, but all that happens in our world due to mankind’s actions. We are asked, when ready, to become God’s hands, God’s feet and God’s heart, to help heal this country and world.

We’ve been taught many untruths about life and the mistakes we make. Know that God is Love, forever an invitation–the invitation–to love and be loved. Someday we will fathom the gift that God’s love is and our tears of sorrow and regret will be transformed into tears of joy.


8 thoughts on “Mistakes, then Unconditional Love

  1. Just saw an interview with nuns, young and old, on the Oprah Show. Many joined the order because they found they wanted more from life than what the world had to offer in money, prestige, power and material wealth. I didn’t realize that the habits they wear symbolize wedding dresses, as they are wedded to Jesus. As one nun put it, when she screws up in the relationship, she KNOWS it’s her–breaks a vow, for instance.
    How would it be if we were wedded to pure, uncnditional love? I don’t think those nuns are missing out on anything.

    • You know, I think an awful lot of us are really tired of struggling. Wedded to pure, unconditional love sounds pretty darn good. Thank you for sharing about the nuns. Love, Pam

  2. Well, Pam, do you think it’s too late for us?
    I remember that whenever I broke up with someone, I was going to go away and become a nun, and you all laughed at me, and rightly so, although I’m sure we had been nuns, together, in a past life.

    • Wow, I hadn’t thought of becoming a nun! I’m pretty sure, though, they don’t want people who are not practicing Catholics and who sleep most of the time, never rested enough to perform her duties.:) And I don’t think they’ll let John in, either, so, yeah, it’s not looking too good for us!

  3. You are correct we can never be separated from God for we are of God and God is of us. The only separation from God is the separation that we allow our ego mind to construct which in turn becomes the source of all our ills. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. God is with us always. The only thing that separates us from Him are our minds. Our minds are of this world but our spirits are one with God. We can only feel Him if we go above our minds. 🙂

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