And the Darkness Rejoices

Forces are at work that would have us destroy each other and thus, ourselves. We don’t have to do so.

Destroy Others Destroy Self


4 thoughts on “And the Darkness Rejoices

  1. Hello, in these troubling times, I wanted to share with you a video that might offer a positive perspective. Steven Pinker is a professor with Yale, I think, or maybe Harvard. His video is about how the world is actually getting better and better. Enjoy.

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks very much for your comment. I don’t see a link to the video you mention. Do you have the link?
      And, yes, the whole point is that we humans evolve–not devolve–but as the force of Light shines the way upward, the forces of darkness press down with all they have to keep us at war with each other. Until every person in our world feels safe and has access to food, water, housing, education, culture and community, we can’t see the path to goodness and Light, the way of evolution.

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