The Path to Peace: You Are As Important As I Am

handshakeThere is a path to peace—first to peace within, and that leads to peace between people and nations. It is a well-lit road, yet the least traveled because on it we must expand our understanding to include the views of others, intuiting that they are as important as we are. It means respecting all of life, because our Creator made this world and all living things.

Whenever you see political candidates and our representatives in Washington, D.C. talking with a smirk or a look of superiority on their faces, know that they are not genuine, that they care more about themselves and their viewpoints than they do the American people. And when people in power make racist and sexist comments, know that they are full of a pride that will tear our country apart if we don’t ourselves stand for brotherhood.

We will not experience peace as long as we continue to elect men who boast about themselves and their ideas and manipulate our country to increase their holdings. Honest peacemaking generates consensus through truth, which is a broad picture that respects all citizens as equal. It is not time to travel backwards and further separate. It is time to raise our consciousness and work for the best life possible for ourselves and others, people who are in truth, our brothers and sisters.


2 thoughts on “The Path to Peace: You Are As Important As I Am

  1. In order for us to truly experience and witness trust manifest across this earth of OURS we need to allow those lines on a map that divide us, called ‘countries,’ disappear.

    When, after WW2 the United Nations was formed it gave a real hope to the peoples of the world that at last, perhaps, after the incredible ‘evils’ witnessed in that war, that there was real hope, that indeed we were united in our hopes for a better and kinder world.

    Those reading this now know the sad answer to those forlorn hopes that have never materialsed. Indeed, what we hopefully called the “United Nations” has devolved into what would be now more aptly called the “Divided Nations.”

    Sad. So very sad. We gave ourselves hope only to be betrayed by those “set in authority over us” despite the genuine efforts made by a few.

    Until we can reach a point of complete trust and get rid of those lines on a map – as well as the imbalance between men and women – and, the negative attitude sadly displayed by those three Abrahim based religiones – Islam, Judism and Christianity – peace in our time will be at best, elusive.

    It would seem to be well past time for a true Awakening to now take place on this earth – oportunities have been sadly missed – and it may well be that nature will have to do it for us.

    Hhhmmm – Hold on to your hats. I feel that we are in for a real ride. The Mayans and others saw it coming. It is now time for a real “cleansing” – for the toilet bowl is now full and it is about to be well and truly flushed! Watch and wait. Michael

    • It is so very sad, Michael, that we’ve come to this. Mother Earth does seem to be making a point. Perhaps it is with her that the peacemaking will begin and we will honor our home as she deserves. We do all need to wake-up to inclusion, cooperation and compassion.

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