Born to Dream, to Live

GardenerWhat does your version of a dream life look like? My personal dreams include having a home again, the best environmentally-sound home I could create, with lots of windows, an office for writing and an art room where we could spill everything and it would be okay. I’d love to live in a quiet setting, with trees and wildflowers all around.

But I’ve always dreamed of a world at peace, and in these later years, I’ve prayed we would find a way of living that includes a good life for everyone, by which I mean, access to affordable and quality housing, health care, and education: K-tech school or college. Without these basics, life is a tough struggle and any joy we might be able to drum up is smothered by fear and anxiety. That’s not the way we are meant to live.

Supportive neighborhoods would be encouraged if homes were built around a ‘town square’ idea with fruit trees everywhere, and community gardens, where neighbors could become friends. I know our problems are complicated, but if we walked in others’ shoes for just a little while and our hearts and minds changed, we’d see that we’re really all the same souls planted here in human bodies to grow beyond our own little worlds.

Will the destructive corruption of America’s corporations and government collapse in on itself? Is the U.S. bankrupt? I don’t know, of course, but what if these old self-centered, greedy ways of being did end? Surely, there would be trauma for all of us, but what if a new way of existing, where every person was an equally honored member of society, grew out of the ashes? It would be the beginning of a new world, and what a world that would be!

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2 thoughts on “Born to Dream, to Live

  1. To a great extent, we do create our own world, our own universe. What we have today is what we’ve been busy creating – like it or not. And what we get is what our souls need in order to grow spiritually. We won’t experience peace til we have it in our hearts. Maybe peace isn’t the calm from the storm, but the calm within the storm.
    I always enjoyed singing the song “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, let there be peace on earth the peace that was meant to be, with God as our Father, brothers all are we, let me live with my brother in perfect harmony”, etc.

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