True Power

There is so much we don’t know about life, including, and perhaps most importantly, that we really are all children of the Light. To us, the light is the sun; the moon is our light at night. But what if, as our bodies are physical symbols of our souls, the sun and the moon are physical symbols of the Light of Love, the force that animates the universe?

Is it crazy to wonder if the sun and the moon are great beings that make light for the great being that shelters, clothes, waters and feeds us–our dear Earth Mother? With all the advances in science, there is still so much we don’t know about the cause of all that exists and our relationship with the cause. How many of us remember to be grateful that the sun continues to shine every day, or give thanks for our nourishment that comes from the Earth? We would very quickly starve without our motherly source of food. If ever a mother gave unconditional love, it is Mother Earth, but how much poison can the Earth’s body–the soil, water and air–absorb before our planet can no longer function in the way God meant her to?

When my mother was a child, two of her older brothers went off to World War II. She and the rest of her siblings worked the farm with their parents. I don’t in any way envy them their outhouse or that there was no running water, which meant they hauled in, heated and shared the same bath water. But I do envy their sturdiness, their connection to the land, their ability to produce from it what they needed to survive. They were bonded in the truest sense of the word and back then, they knew from whence their sustenance came (it wasn’t the grocery store), and they gave thanks for the light that spurred everything to grow.

I once heard a teacher say it’s important to take children to live concerts so they can see where music comes from. The same thing could apply to electricity and running water. We’ve had them for so long now, we forget they are generated/corralled and carried to us from somewhere else. It’s no great mystery to us—we just flip the switch and turn on the faucet. I forget to be grateful for them every day. How about you?

War, on the other hand, represents the dark forces, and the misuse by those in power of the dedication and lives of the honorable, hard-working men and women on the front lines. Greed is of the dark forces. Power is a mighty call away from the Light, but this kind of power is also an illusion. It’s not real because everything comes from God and everything belongs to God. We own nothing that is of the physical world; if we did, we could take it with us when we leave these bodies behind. True power is the Force as in “May the Force be with you,” and the old saying, “God gives and God takes away,” has never been more true.

Even now the “financial masters” brainstorm, devise, toss and turn, grasp, and manipulate to prop up that which cannot be propped. Balance is not about how much profit any individual can make (or steal). A true economy is built by those providing genuine services and products of quality, and by the business owner showing gratitude in meaningful ways to their customers, their employees and to earth for her resources and inspiration.

This is a powerful way to honor our Creator.


3 thoughts on “True Power

  1. I’m starting to read through your earlier entries. Very true statements on war. In my World Politics class I ditched the traditional textbook years ago because I decided to really get people thinking about what the reality of the suffering in the world. We get into the Rwanda genocide, read Chris Hedges’ “War is a Force that Gives us Meaning,” look at real poverty in the third world. It’s heartening that young Americans, otherwise focused on consumption and their own concerns, become really shocked by this, saying they never imagined that such things happened in the world.

    Also, I always thought one reason Star Wars was so successful — surprisingly so — is that the idea of the “force” resonated at a subconscious level with people. Lucas studied mythologies of the ancient world to write this, so perhaps that helped him tap something.

  2. Just as a plant will reach for the light of the sun, so does the soul yearn for the light/love of God. It’s such a deep yearning that nothing else can satisfy and in the process of fulfilling that need, many err and fill their emptiness with wealth, power, drugs, etc. Humility, an attitude of gratitude, love, compassion are tools of the ‘force’. When the mass consciousness gets its fill of hatred, greed, negativity as such, war is the result. One way of combating this is to let your light shine. Be that instrument of God’s love. A small candle can dispel the darkness, whereas the darkness cannot put out the light since it’s the absence of light that creates the darkness. Let’s just brighten the day by letting our light shine.

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