We’re Going to Make It, No Matter What

We CanWe live in troubling times and it’s very hard not to be discouraged by our personal difficulties, those of our family members and friends, and by the news. Wars, the horrible status of refugees, terrorism, mass murder, weather disasters, politics and the effects on us of destructive, large-scale greed-frenzies are enough to get anyone down. A lot of us Americans are having trouble sleeping. Even our children are having trouble sleeping.

When life seems to be getting darker, we need to consciously hold ourselves together. We need to decide that we are going to make it, no matter what. Stop and look around you. Take slow, deep breaths. Good questions to ask are, “Am I okay right now?” Be grateful if you are, for life is a treasure that can’t be fully understood until we’re on the other side. Then ask yourself, “Where can I help? What can I do?” Nothing helps us to see the light like making a difference for someone else.

If you’re not okay right now, you may have to look to social and non-profit services which, thank Goodness, are there to help when we fall. Try not to take your anger-stress out on others; they’re already really stressed, too. Practice as much kindness as you can and remember, “This, too, shall pass.” We, because we are strong and caring people created in the image of Love, will come through these times stronger, more ourselves, and our country and the world will be better places because of it.


13 thoughts on “We’re Going to Make It, No Matter What

  1. So many of my family and friends lost money in the market. My husband and I had no money in the market. So many people I know have lost their jobs. My husband and I are retired . Some have lost pensions. We worked for the government. And right now, that’s not giving much security, either. It’s not all bad to have nothing to lose. Our modest co-op is paid for.
    But my heart goes out to so many less fortunate than we are, everywhere, and I keep them in my prayers.
    Although I don’t agree with the large-scale greed frenzies that had taken over this country, I am not crazy about the direction it is going at this time, either. I just keep reminding myself that God still sits on His throne and all is the way it’s supposed to be to bring about the change we are supposed to be experiencing.
    So let’s remember to continue to be kind and have faith.

    • It’s all such a mess, isn’t it? But you’re right, things are the way they are supposed to be to make the wonderful changes that are coming our way. Thank you for always adding so much meaningful input here. Love you.

  2. The trying times we are in have been a great gift to us. Humans still seem to need painful times in order to wake up and begin to see themselves clearly. This is what I see in my work, daily. Many people come to me because they are in transition. What I see is that the key to freedom for each one is to begin to look within, find themselves, their own spirit. Whatever each chooses to believe, this is healing. When each person can look within with love and forgiveness, we can have peace and plenty here on earth. Plus a whole lot more fun too!

  3. So much to think of and so many to hold hope for. I find even one kindness, one smile today, can help me make it to the next – that and gratitude mitigate the stress. Enjoy reading and thinking with you.

    • Thank you, jpenstroke. I appreciate your kind words. If some of us can ride these waves ‘consciously,’ we will light the way for the rest and they will join us because love is irresistible. Thank you for all that you do, for we each makes such a difference in the lives of others. I’ll be over to check out your blog soon.

  4. Count me in on that peace and plenty and a whole lot of more fun.

  5. I had to give a lecture today on the current crisis, what caused it (it’s roots go back to around 1980), and where it’s going (things will get worse before they are better). To the students I had to end with an apology: “In essence my generation has partied the last thirty years and we’re leaving you the bill. Sorry.”

    I think, though, Kris is right. The materialism of the last few decades has really done spiritual and psychological harm to a lot of people. These problems do contain a profound gift, though we have to be willing to recognize it and claim it.

    • One of my friends, a woman I deeply admire, says that love and light grow out of our time in the darkness, if we’ll let it. It’s our job to inspire others to want to do so. What a place you are in, Scott, to give what you do to your students and send them into the world, ready to heal it. I hope I live long enough to see what they do. Thank you.
      Are you going to write a post about the current crisis that began in the 80s?

    • I’m holding you to that, Mike. And I’ll be looking for you out front, charging forward, carrying the flag of consciousness. 🙂

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