Mother Earth: A Lost Connection

Physicists know that everything is connected at the sub-atomic level, but they can’t explain why all material things appear to be solid and separate, yet aren’t. It’s kind of the same for People of the Spirit: They may walk through walls or travel to parallel dimensions, but don’t bother with explanations. They have loving, healing work to do.

What if we, and all of matter, are connected at the most fundamental of levels, so that everything I think and do affects you, and everything you think and do affects me? And together, we all affect our home, planet Earth?

pathway.jpgWhen my children were young I remember mopping the kitchen and hallways, then hearing them barge through the door. “Stop!” I shouted. “I just mopped. I need the floors to be clean for just five minutes!” Unless you’re a parent you may not understand, but I’ve often wondered if Mother Earth feels something like that, on a grand scale of course. In my mind’s eye, I see her pedaling like crazy to clean the air, the water, the soil of all the blood we’ve spilled, only now I fear she can’t keep up with what we’ve done. I believe there were ways to ‘modernize’ that didn’t destroy the planet, but I don’t know if it’s too late for a Do-Over. Is it? Does anyone know?

I think we got off the Life-Path when we industrialized. Families had been linked to the earth, to seasonal cycles and rhythms for our livelihoods, and we shared and bartered more with each other then. But the drive for more and better and faster has always been there, hasn’t it? When those among us chose the more/better/faster path, we all wanted the things they had. Who didn’t want indoor plumbing, electricity, heating, a telephone? What family doesn’t want four bedrooms, three baths and a car and laptop for every member of the family? Who doesn’t want designer shoes, an I-Pod and, “Oh, my God!, have you seen Tabitha’s I-Phone?” (That’s what I said after I saw an I-Phone the first time.)

Somewhere along that acquiring-path, though, a connection to what is real was lost. Lost, I pray—not severed—because sometimes we can find things that are lost.

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4 thoughts on “Mother Earth: A Lost Connection

  1. Yes, I definitely believe that we are all connected. One experiences that at-one-ness when devoid of thoughts, judgments and emotions and is in an ‘observation’ mode. The spirit found in every one of us is what connects us. Every thing around us in truth vibrates as our mind creates our ‘material’ universe. Physicists are in the process of trying to discover what this void consists of that holds the universe together and keeps the galaxies in their orbit. It’s the mind that creates the illusion of Apartheid. And, yes, every thing we do affects all of the universe, always.

  2. Anita’s ideas remind me a bit of the Roman philosopher Plotinus (whose thoughts informed a lot of what Augustine later wrote). “The Fabric of the Cosmos” by Brian Greene is a great book about modern physics and quantum mechanics that really shows that the world acts very much like what you and Anita describe; there are also really fascinating theories about the universe (and the brain) being holographic. Modern physics as been moving towards a non-material explanation of reality, even as the western mind fights against that trend.

    • Talk about an interesting time to live in! Holographic is a perfect word, because we all know what it means.
      And just maybe this world is something like that, created by what we all think collectively. Sure would be interesting to know how it all works.

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