We’re Meant to Be More and Do More Than Work

HummingbirdOh, how all living things, all beings, and our planet (which is still trying to nourish all of life) need us.

Most of us are pretty busy, especially today’s parents and children, but all of us have responsibilities, at the very least to earn a living wage (not that this is easy to do for many Americans). We’re meant, however, to be more and do more than just work.

We come to Earth to grow into our best selves, to know with certainty that when our last physical day comes, we Loved in the ways we could and made a difference in others’ lives. We learn eventually to steer ourselves toward heart-fulfilling works, finding a place or cause where we can volunteer, making contact with our Higher Natures so that we may walk through life leaving a trail of compassionate acts behind us. I see more people like this almost every day. There is something in the air, a love-spirit sweeping over our world, catching us in whatever ways it can, through even the tiniest cracks in the tiniest softening spots of our hearts.

There is a force working against us, though. The darkness around our world and in some people in power has taken center stage. Ruthlessly gaining power and wealth are actions intended to weaken Goodness and destroy life. The more a person craves for himself, the more he must focus on acquisition, and that means stepping on (or worse) whoever happens to be in his way. Whenever you shake your head and ask, “Have they no heart?”, know that though some people are simply caught up in themselves, many are likely doing what they’re doing on purpose, in service of the forces of destruction. They have lost touch with their souls.

Whenever we are kind, whenever we stop our own rushing minds long enough to see another person or creature in need and do something to help, we are acting on behalf of Goodness and countering the dark forces. In this way, we really can make a difference. In fact, with the imbalance of power and the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the wealthy and those who are struggling to live on low wages, it may be the only way we can make a difference—yet these acts of kindness are of immeasurable value to the force of Goodness. Let us do what we came here to do and show others that Higher Love is not only real, it lives within each of us and we can tap it whenever we decide to do so. May the presence of the force of Love within you shine brightly in our world.


9 thoughts on “We’re Meant to Be More and Do More Than Work

  1. As one who is already working too hard, I can completely appreciate this! I am doing all I can to follow God’s will and be used in ways where I can serve others. God has prepared wonderful works for all of us. That is our real work 🙂

    • You are so right, Joe. Even if our army is small, it’s growing every day and we’re making such a difference. Thank you for all you do and for your comment. God bless. Pam B

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