Lessons of a Profound Dream

This dream has stayed with me since the night it came twenty-three years ago:

I was standing in a classroom at one of the chalkboards. I was trying to draw myself with a piece of chalk but no matter how hard I tried, the best I could do was a stick figure. Then the dream flipped.

I was one of several soldiers standing in a small circle, pushing Jesus Christ back and forth between them. When he fell, the soldiers laughed and picked him up enough to push him across or back down again. He was covered in blood. I could smell wine on myself and the others. Two men steadied him on his knees and another handed me the crown of thorns, shouting, “Hail to the king!” We all laughed as I pushed the thorns into his head.

This woke me up. I was hysterical, sobbing. It was a long time before I could sleep again.

When I did, I was back in the classroom at another chalkboard, chalk in hand. A ray of light broke through the ceiling and shined onto my hand. As the light and I sketched together, a luminous body made of swirling colors not of this world began to form, feet first and upward to the head. It was beautiful and took my breath away. I woke up again.

What were the messages of this profound dream?

1)      Yes, we can obtain what we want from life, but the best we’ll do on our own is not even a shadow of what can be when working in partnership with the Light of God.

2)      No matter what we’ve done, God has already forgiven us.

3)      Our highest, true potential and purpose lie dormant until we open our hearts to work with Higher Love.

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