THRIVE: The Most Important Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Picture from the website, Thrive–the Movie,

I’ve just spent the last two hours, thirteen minutes and three seconds watching a free movie streaming online. Never have I taken such a journey from inspiration to despair (caused by overarching domination) to solutions, grounded in peace and harmony, for us and our world . I tell you there is no more important act you can make than to stop, sit and watch THRIVE, The Movie, at with as many others as possible. It answers so many questions we humans have they’re too numerous to list here. Forward the link to the movie to your friends. Post it on social media sites. Send it in an email. Now is the time to stand up for our lives.

4 thoughts on “THRIVE: The Most Important Movie I’ve Ever Seen

  1. This is an excellent presentation and shows so much of the ‘garbage’ behind the scenes. It also deals with more positive things such as the Crop Circle phenomena and the presence of our Off Worlder friends. In this respect I’ve had my own experiences as you know Pam.

    What it does not deal with, through no fault of its author, is that in the end it is the cyclic nature of the Universe, which includes Gaia, over which we have no control, of course, except to use our awareness of this and its major effects expected in this time frame we are moving through. It is this that the Mayans knew as do other Indigineous peoples such as the Hopi.

    We are about to move through a major transition and all life on this planet will be affected. It is not the end of the world as some would have us believe. It is moving between ages – from the Piscian to the Aquarian – and at the moment we are in between the two. This is the time of “Cleansing” I have mentioned before because you cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation.

    My thoughts anyway in response to this otherwise excellent presentation.

    • Well, it can be safely said that we live in VERY interesting times, whatever happens. This movie describes the evil intentions of the darkness so well that I felt overwhelmed for that part of the movie. Then they went on to what we can do and the power in collective love. Truly, it’s the most powerful movie I’ve ever seen. Thank you. 🙂

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