Dreaming with Barn Owl

Barn Owl picture, courtesy of seaworld.org

Barn Owl picture, courtesy of seaworld.org

I dreamt recently of people from my past, trying to pry into family matters, looking for stuff they could gossip about while pretending to want to help. (I feel like I just took a paragraph from a Jane Austen novel.) 🙂

Then the dream switched and a brood of beautiful orange and white barn owls had clustered together in a tree. One kept turning and looking at me, trying to send me a message. So of course, when I woke up, I went to my three ‘animal-friend’ books. Very interesting, indeed, in light of me feeling a need to do a home cleansing. I felt better after the recent cleansing with the much needed assistance of Raven, but my daughter still sensed she was being watched and felt something brush up against her in our kitchen a few days ago, in the same spot a pendulum I once used to check earth energy, went crazy, suddenly twirling like a helicopter propeller. More work to do—must go deeper.

Barn Owl picture courtesy of naturepickoftheday

Barn Owl picture courtesy of naturepickoftheday

Anyway, about the barn owl, from ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES by Steven D. Farmer: “Life is short, treat every day as precious; let your heart be open to love; do a house clearing or blessing to free up lost spirits that need to move on; take a silent retreat; you are entering into period of abundance; you need adaptability and ingenuity in all dealings; when needing help, call sincerely to the spirits of your ancestors and they will help.”

From ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews: “The owl is a symbol of the feminine, the moon, the night, the bird of magic and darkness within, of prophecy and wisdom. Owls are able to sense and hear what is not being said, what is hidden in the shadows. The barn owl is called the ghost owl and its medicine can connect you to old haunts and spirits of properties that may still be lingering about. It can help develop spirit contact and hearing of the inner voice, clairaudience. It can help extract secrets. For your own success, keep silent and go about your business.”

From MEDICINE CARDS by Jamie Sams and David Carson: “Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white. Owl is oftentimes associated with sorcerers and witches. Owl can see what others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom. If you have pulled the Owl card, you are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. Owl is befriending you in seeing the total truth. Owl can bring you messages through dreams and meditation. Pay attention to signals and omens.”

So, I’m left with some pondering:  White magic must be based on Love. What is dark magic? Is it our angry, envious, stormy thoughts? I don’t think so, though they do add to the dark force. Dark magic must be sending dark projections toward someone on purpose, with some sort of ceremony. I am definitely not using dark magic against anyone or anything. Is dark magic being used against me? I really don’t know. My heart has grown weak in this apartment. Is there a spirit here that is related to my health? That still needs to go? Can I do the cleansing/blessing myself or do I need help? What do the people from my past in the same dream represent? Surely prying and gossip are not dark magic. I have some intuiting to do! Any intuitions from anyone reading this?

My thanks to my friends, the beautiful barn owls, with the heart-shaped faces, who visited me in a dream to help me see the truth.

Successful Cleansing at Last: https://notesalongthepath.com/2014/01/14/cleansing-myself-and-my-home-with-divine-forgiveness/


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  1. Pam….Maybe try a little meditation, where you think of the people from your past with who you have negative connections, then visualize the cord that connects you to each of them, one at a time, and then visualize yourself cutting the cord with a knife of white light?? After each one, visualize the cord breaking and see yourself spreading a healing balm on your solar plexus. Lots of love…Kim

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