A Place Where All People Flourish

EqualityI was thinking recently about government and economic systems, such as capitalism, socialism and fascism. The problem is that all of them (and the others from our history books) often begin on poor foundations, built by men who are looking after mainly their own purposes.

A system where all people flourish has yet to be implemented on our world. In a system created for the health of all life, the government and economy are linked in positive ways, with the government formed to provide education (preschool through college or tech school) and health and wellness care (from birth to death), using non-profit methods and standards. The government would also regulate the fields of enterprise that need policing—including those industries that can collapse an economy by cheating; or ruin the air, water and soil by disregard for life; or destroy the lives of others with the mantra, ‘success at any cost;’ and monitor food quality so that it nourishes us, not makes us sick. I’m sure there are other areas I am unaware of, due to lack of education.

Houses don’t have to be mansions for the folks living in them to be happy. Builders of quality and healthy housing could follow, for example, the Habitat for Humanity model. Perhaps this type of government / economic cooperation could stimulate the creation of eco-cities that are built for the environment and the people living in them. Imagine that!

All else could fall to inspiration and the marketplace. What do you say on this subject?