Now is the Time to Awaken

Heart Skeleton KeyI suppose there are times when our specific problems have to take the back seat. We all have them, some, of course, harder to bear than others. I’m not saying our personal problems don’t matter; I’m saying it’s important to remember that in the midst of all our messes, the picture of life on our planet, even the universe, is much broader than we know. A system of Love, life-after-life, and creation is in place for dynamic purposes that are beyond our understanding, partly due to our busy, overwhelmed minds and bodies. That system is a network of light in which we are like tiny fireflies until the need to see the Greater Plan becomes more important than our personal desires.

Life is lived in cycles, up and down, fast and slow, in and out, and if we stand back and observe our past thoughts and actions (as if watching a movie), we understand more about why we are where we are. From a broader perspective, we see how much alike we humans are, and more about what caused that particular effect we either love or hate. We can see why we should forgive ourselves and others for all the ignorance, envy, selfishness, greed, scheming, lying—all the thoughts and actions that keep us separate from our higher selves, each other, and from God, who so lovingly seeds our higher selves with peace-filled knowing.

We humans created the problems on our home planet, the destruction, inequalities and confusion, but we cannot solve them alone. We can, however, at any moment, decide to stop serving our self-centered lower selves and ask to serve the Higher Purpose and make a real difference in the important years to come. A 26,000-year cycle of time is ending right now; a new one is birthing and we’re here (at this very second!) because we asked to live now. Why? Grand opportunity, I believe, a place and time when karma can be changed, even absolved, through service–not to ourselves, but to all of life and the Great Cosmic Story. Doors are opening that have never been opened before, but we won’t see them unless we come to understand what truly has value.

Those doors are former-secret entrances to worlds of possibility, to healing, to wisdom and joy and to magical stories we can write and perhaps even earn our own starring roles in them. Those doors are openings to Sight, when we see that all life is connected by the Light that lives within everything, even us dimwitted humans who now don’t need to belong to a particular church or secret society to pass through one of them. This is a very special time to be alive. Let’s not simply go through the motions of life–let’s take a chance and step into an entirely new world that somehow coexists alongside this one. Now is the time to awaken and you have the key within yourself to do so.

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