Weather-Engineering, Worldwide Drought and ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theories’

I am going home for a family reunion next week to a community in which the sky is regularly filled with white chemical streaks. I hadn’t heard much about “Chemtrails Conspiracy Theories” when, years ago, curious about the white streaks in the sky, I emailed a local TV reporter and asked if she knew why white planes flew back and forth across the valley leaving spray-trails behind them. She responded that those were emissions from planes taking off from the airport. I wrote back, “But these planes don’t leave the area; they just crisscross the valley, spray and then disappear.” She said she would check on it. Of course, I never heard back from her.

For some reason, even though media personnel are also breathing in the chemicals and toxins being sprayed over our communities and around the world, media employees don’t acknowledge, or are not allowed to acknowledge, the fact that these planes are poisoning our air and water and earth–poisoning us.

A Typical Spray Pattern, Courtesy of

A Typical Spray Pattern, Courtesy of

I just watched a weather-engineering video from Dane Wigington of and it is alarming. The evidence regarding weather-engineering, or geo-engineering, presented in this film is staggering. Watch it for yourself. The 200 or so people who control everything that happens to the world (including in the U.S., where ‘we’re happy as long as we can watch our sports and Walmart is open’) are changing the weather with these chemicals and toxins. They are causing life-destroying DROUGHTS.  They can now manipulate the spread of toxins emitted in one area, to other areas. Their goal is to make the planet uninhabitable and those like you and me who don’t have underground, fully-stocked-for-a-hundred-years, weaponized castles are not going to make it. To these ‘great ones,’ we are no more than pain-in-the-ass bugs.

Dane Wigington is a courageous and sincere man who points out that these controllers use the terms ‘weather’ and ‘climate change’ to condition us to expect changes in the weather. Carbon emissions, right? We all know about them. Wigington says the earth could survive if we reduced the carbon emissions created by human manufacturing–but that the earth cannot survive the weather-engineering-spraying. (He shows clips from children’s video that have chemical trails in the sky, to condition our children. NASA has a chart on its website calling the chemical sprays clouds.) When the controller-groups/scientists/ agencies/governments are asked about this spraying of chemicals around the world, which we all can see, they refer us back to ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theories,’ which is what they want us to read. THEY DO NOT WANT US TO SEARCH FOR ‘WEATHER ENGINEERING’ or ‘GEO-ENGINEERING.’

His is not a science-fiction movie, yet we watch Wigington’s presentation of the evidence (and the important movie linked below called “Look Up”), shake our heads, and then go about our business. We don’t really believe what he says–even though we can SEE the streaks in the sky and know about the alarming numbers of our children with autism or asthma and we with COPD who are getting sicker by the day, and the hundreds of plant/insect/bird, etc. species that are dying off every day. This cannot be real because no one would really do this to other human beings, right? We, the 99%, would not do this to other human beings. (The people piloting the chemical-planes likely believe that what they are spraying is to counter the drought.) They, however, that infinitesimally small number of controllers would, can, and are doing this to us.

Do you know how important the ozone layer is? Do you know how damaged it already is? What will you do when food becomes less and less available? How are your home gardens and plants doing this year? Are you having a harder time growing them? I am. Did you ever suspect, like parents in Africa, that you would have to watch your children starve, knowing there is nothing you can do because the world has died?

Wigington says there is not much time left, but there is still a little time. We must organize locally, write letters, create petitions and protest, bringing the subject to the forefront–getting it in the local news again and again until there is nothing the media can do but pick up our stories. We must stand up for ourselves and the future of all life on our planet. Will you watch these videos? Here is a map of weather-geo-enigineering Meet Up groups already organized. Will you join a group in your area? Will you organize one?

For information about the climate-engineering movie, ‘Look Up’, go to To subscribe to their newsletter, go to To buy a copy of ‘Look Up’, go to

If you find yourself doubting what I’ve written here, I am begging you to watch Wigington’s video. It’s so much evidence, it’s almost too much–but it’s not. It may be just enough to make us get up off of our couches and fight for our right to survive, to live, and to grow as our Creator meant us to, on this beautiful planet and our home, Earth.


6 thoughts on “Weather-Engineering, Worldwide Drought and ‘Chemtrail Conspiracy Theories’

    • Hi Rachel, Well, I thought he said they had prepared places to live where they wouldn’t be dependent upon the planet’s resources (bunkers, storage, etc). Did you watch the video and hear anything about this?

      • No, sorry, I thought I’d be lazy and ask you. I’ve looked at some articles about chemtrails and that’s the biggest thing I don’t get. They can’t keep this stuff from affecting the places they live, and their friends and families all over the world. And why do people who have multiple fabulous houses on different continents want to live in bunkers? There’ve got to be simpler ways to kill off billions of people.

        • He calls them psychopaths on the video. He says they aren’t like normal people–it’s about having control over the whole world, like what Hitler wanted to do. I guess the places they’ve created to survive in aren’t bunkers in the normal sense of the word. Think about it; they can place their homes near water and with their money, they can build mansions underground with filtering systems that would work even on salt water. Apparently they’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. Wigington says the first ‘weather experiments’ began in the 60s and he calls what they’re doing ‘slow genocide.’ (It’s out-front but sneaky.) We won’t die all at once, but eventually, we’ll all be gone. He quotes Einstein as saying mankind can only survive for four years after the last bees die… I agree that it doesn’t make sense to normal people. But please watch the video–it’s worth it and you will be stunned by what’s going on.

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