5 thoughts on “Silence is a State of Mind, a Guest Post by Michael Brine

  1. Bless your heart Pam. Thanks for putting this out there. Love as always – Michael.

  2. Beautiful poem….exquisite feeling that I make time to experience too seldom. Thanks for sharing, Pam. Thank you for putting this into words for all of us, Michael.

  3. Ps – Kim, I’d like to make a suggestion if I may. Go to a website that has a list of some of my writings <www.missionignition.net/btb\. and then scroll down past my bio etc. to that list The first ones you'll see are 3 on a man I had the honour of working with in 1961/62 – Major Tudor Pole. Click on the first of that 3 and read. I feel it will capture you. Let me know. Michael.

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